Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sallis' Shiv

Pareto Principle again.

There's another navel-gazing Costello piece, which violates my version of Occam’s Razor (in honor of Roissy, we can call it Sallis’ Shiv): “movement” freakishness should not be multiplied beyond necessity.  To “normies” the idea of racial nationalism itself is weird and freakish.  We have that hurdle to get over.  Why complicate it by adding on superfluous memes (regardless of whether you think they are valid or not) – supernatural obsessions, ethnic fetishism, movie obsessions (e.g., True Romance or Fight Club or the Pesci scene in The Good Shepherd), conspiracy theories, becoming overly crazed about Jews  (not to say that the Jewish Question is not fundamental but one can go too far), excessive interest in racial history or genetics or appearance, fanboy love of The Man on White Horse, sweaty ranting about “The Federal Reserve,” statements about smoking or vaccination that go against all biomedical evidence, gnostic esotericism, Hitler fetishism and other Nutzi obsessions, sexual interests (e.g., yellow fever or promotion of homosexuality or over-the-top homophobic gay-baiting specifically targeted to political enemies in Der Movement), or what have you?  Save your private obsessions for your personal life and do not bring them into racial nationalism and make things more complicated for the rest of us.

Following the Pareto Principle, we should make racial nationalism just as complicated as it needs to be and not more.  With the 20:80 rule – 20% of the core of racialist ideas give us 80% of the value (and virtually all of the real value), and the other 80% is peripheral nonsense that may add 20% of “value” only to the extent it pads the rolls of "activists” with more defectives so as to inflate “movement” numbers and thus make us all look so much more important and impressive (while turning off normal people).