Saturday, February 4, 2017

Odds and Ends, 2/4/17

Several items.

Online comment:

That's funny. When Obama was refusing to enforce immigration laws, and States were threatening to take matters into their own hands (AZ, for example), we were told repeatedly that immigration is the EXCLUSIVE domain of the executive branch, and they have wide authority to do whatever they want. Now that the shoe's on the other foot, it's suddenly illegal, and the judicial branch has to get involved.

Pleasureman right, Roissy wrong (as usual):

You are confusing 50% + 1 thresholds with 100% political affiliation, and protesting with activism. By and large the conservative base is lethargic and unimaginative, and, judging by the tea party, it is not particularly effective or smart when it does get organized.  That's also why a feeble Republican establishment ruled them for so long despite having a long record of failure.

Explain to me how conservatives completely ceded higher education, which is broadly distributed throughout the country.  Looking elsewhere, activism within the business world is entirely driven by liberals--including extreme LGBT activism which preceded sheltering legislation and which conservatives watched win while sitting on their fat asses.  (In a few states they had votes. Then liberals outmanuevered them because slow to learn cons thought a vote was the end of the fight.)

What do conservatives do when they get active?  Retarded s**t like trying to erase evolution from bio textbooks.  This is not an indication that organizing them would yield massive dividends.
Conservatives are good for one thing:  turning out and dutifully voting, which is why liberals focus their attention on GOTV operations that bus naggers to their precincts.  Stop making excuses for them.

Roissy stupidly blames it all on “geographical concentrations.”  Look, does the Right organize even small local protests in their own areas of geographical concentration?  No. How about things that do not depend upon geography – such as national boycotts of offending companies?  When the Left does it, the companies cave in immediately, the Left is effective; in contrast, when the Right does it they are laughed at or are ignored, and have no impact whatsoever.  

The Right’s ineffectiveness at organizing at any level higher than going to the voting booth is inherent in some sociopolitical flaw, not due to “geography.”

APF conference summary  Udo Voight summarizes very well the reasons for pan-European cooperation.