Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Australia: Another Mainstreaming Fail?

Yet again.

It would appear that Le Pen in France is the last stand - for now - for the mainstreamers.  So far, they have, at least in Western Europe, and now in Australia, an uninterrupted record of failure.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: politically speaking, the mainstreamers are "between a rock and a hard place" - instead of mainstreaming being a "sweet spot" of politics, it is a sour and bitter spot indeed.

On the one hand, by mainstreaming, moderating, and moving to the center, the Mainstream Far-Right (MFR) becomes too similar, too indistinguishable, from the Mainstream Right, hence not giving voters a real, clear-cut choice based on actual policy and rhetoric.  On the other hand, the MFR is still smeared as being "extremist," scaring away voters.  Those same voters, fooled by the Mainstream Right feinting right (which they always do at election time and the rubes keep on falling for it), decide that since the Mainstream Right will (apparently, but of course not in actuality) give them 90% of what the moderating MFR is saying and promising, then why not vote for mainstream conservatives instead of bothering with "extremists?"

If the MFR is going to be labeled as "racist, Fascist, extremist Nazis" whatever they do, they may as well project strength and principle, and clearly distinguish themselves from mainstream conservatives. The Far-Right in electoral politics should take positions which are reasonable and have appeal, but are so far to the "right" that mainstream conservatives will be unable to cop-opt those positions. The Far-Right should be leaders and not followers: instead of following the voters to the center, they need to lead the voters to the hardcore right. This leading will become ever easier as the racial and cultural situations in (previously) White nations continue to deteriorate.

The whole point of mainstreaming was to make the parties electable and achieve power, while shedding the "extremist" label. They have failed, and failed again.  It's time to package hardcore Far-Right memes into articulately presented and attractive political platforms.