Saturday, March 4, 2017

In the News, 3/4/17

Some points.

There is evidence that one difference between the Right and the Left is an innate difference between levels of disgust and the disgust threshold.  That is relevant to this here.

Thus, when the Right looks at the picture, they are filled with righteous disgust, while the Left beams with approval.  Indeed, the Left has gone into paroxysms of virtue signaling over the picture, with each trying to outdo the other, making stupid comments, such as “this is not the future, it’s the present.”  Well yes, but the Left wants what is pictured there to be the predominant culture in America, the entire America, which it currently is not.

Meet Emma Ronai-Durning.  It is remarkable – or, better said, will likely be remarkable as things unfold – that this creature will be able to walk around freely with no consequences, legal or otherwise, for her actions.  That speaks volumes about Donald “law and order” Trump and Jeff “didn’t speak to no Russkis” Sessions, it speaks volumes about Alt Wronger Murray, and it speaks volumes about a “movement” that gets intimidated by frog-faced Filipinas and ditzy co-eds.  Maybe the women professor who was sent to the hospital will have the sense and will to take legal action, similar to how only David Yeagley had the sense and will to take legal action over Amren conferences shut down by leftist thuggery.

Speaking of Trump and Sessions – those guys are either incredibly clumsy politically or are hiding something.  If the latter, well, maybe they’re doing “damage control” – but were stupid to have done whatever they’re hiding to begin with.  More likely they’ve done nothing wrong and are too inept to properly defend themselves from leftist/media attacks.  Now, we have Trump accusing Obama of wiretapping, after groveling after the election about how “helpful” and “gracious” Obama was to him.  If Donny is so naive – after decades of being a businessman – that’s frightening.