Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Two-Tiered Threat To European Survival

Two fundamental threat levels.

Let’s take a look at the racial situation from a high point, in its broadest view, and outline, briefly, the dangers facing our people.

The major existential threats to European existence come at two levels – the more immediate and the long-term.  These would be:

1. Immediate: The Jewish-White globalist-Third World alliance subjecting White lands to race replacement migration and the creation of anti-White social and political institutions (i.e., “multiculturalism”) in White lands to oversee this replacement and to stifle dissent. Combined with low White birthrates (which in isolation would be self-correcting over time and not a fundamental existential problem), this problem #1 constitutes the major immediate threat to European peoples worldwide ("the White race”).

2. Long-term: The Yellow Peril, more accurately, The Yellow and Brown Peril, the teeming hordes of Asia, historically enemies of the West, technologically proficient and reasonably intelligent, seething with anti-White hated and denial of the West.  This constitutes the major long-term threat assuming Europeans survive Problem 1.

Now, Problems 1 and 2 are not completely separate, and it is foolish to think of them occurring in a strict order.  Indeed, Asians pose a threat today for a number of reasons including the fact that Asian immigration and anti-White Asian activists living in White lands contribute to Problem #1. Further, even if Problem #1 is solved, we can assume the Global South – and maybe even the Jews – will still be around and can always reemerge as a threat, particularly if these are mobilized against Whites by Asians in a grand Alliance of Color.

That said, as a crude model, one can consider these are separate problems in the sense that we talk about what is the predominant and existential threat at any given time.  Problem 1 is well-known, but what are the broad outlines of Problem 2?

A. The Clash of Civilizations between West and East, between Occident and Orient. Asia is part of the non-Western world that Yockey rightfully claimed exists as “a denial and rejection of the West” – their aim is subjugation of, and destruction of, the West and its peoples. There is an underlying racial hatred underlying this, most – but not all (see “Riki” below) – Asians hate White people.  The pretensions of the Chinese toward preeminence and Middle Kingdom racial superiority were shattered by the facts of European accomplishment and the ability of Europeans to humble the arrogant Chinese; now, seething with hateful feelings of revenge, the Chinese harbor revanchist objectives and wish, out of racial envy, to bring down the hated White man. It’s the West against the Rest, and Asians are part of the Rest.

B. Competition for resources, prestige, land, the space race, etc. Political, military, economic, scientific, and exploratory competition.  

C. As part of solving Problem 1, Whites will need to take action that will antagonize Asians, including and especially expulsion of Asians from White lands and, of course, preventing subsequent Asian immigration.  As the hysterical historic reaction of Asians to America’s Asian exclusion acts show us, Asians believe they have an inherent right to colonize White nations.

Related to Points A and B is the excellent post at Counter-Currents by Riki, a Japanese teaching in China.  I have discussed it here, and some relevant points from Riki are below, emphasis added:

It is also an incontestable fact that China has been working with international Jewry hand-in-glove for decades in order to further their joint objective of compromising, taking down, and eventually finishing off the white race and Western civilization. The Chinese and the Jews, both being races of shrewd and unscrupulous merchants, have long admired and felt affection for each other.  

White people all over the world need to take a clearer and steel-minded approach to China and all its deceitful and flattering propaganda, most especially when they adopt a spuriously friendly, conciliatory, or sympathetic tone to our cause. It’s all subterfuge and intended to serve their own aims of eventually defeating and replacing the white race…While China may not hate whites on the same racial and religious grounds as Jewry does, its vast global ambitions, coupled by an equally supremacist ethnic egotism, derived as it is from a twisted need for vengeance based on the humiliations it has experienced in its past, drives an irresistible and collective national urge to defeat and conquer the West. All these grave and alarming facts behoove me to sound this warning bell to all those who care about the future of the white race, but who are currently in the fog concerning the China question.

That does not sound like the kind of folks Whites would want to form an alliance with. That does not sound like the kind of folks you want to have military colonies in White lands.  And I must say that Riki’s experiences with Chinese in China matches my own experiences with Chinese in America. Even the pro-Asian race-mixer Derbyshire has written about China’s “Sino-Fascism” and even about his own wife’s extreme ethnocentrism (while living in the USA).

Further, in his book Hitler’s War, Irving notes that Hitler was disturbed by the fall of Singapore, and quashed a triumphant German Foreign Ministry announcement praising the victory of Germanys “ally” Japan against the besieged British forces.  As Hitler noted, perhaps the Yellow Peril would one day be the biggest peril for the German people (and for Europe as a whole).

And let us not forget that besides the Asian-Jew alliance there is a more general South-South Tropical Alliance of Coloreds against Whites, with East Asian leadership.

Note the similarities of behavior between Asians and Jews.  Jews adjust their identities as it suits them.  When it is convenient to be “White” then they are “White.” On the other hand, when, more typically, it benefits them to be a whining minority distinct from the White majority, then Jews do that, and they always like to take positions of leadership among anti-White Colored groupings. Similarly, when it suits them, Asians present themselves as a First World “northern” people, akin to Whites and with pro-White attitudes. However, the default position, when more typically convenient, is for Asians to portray themselves as People of Color, opposing Whites and the West, in common cause with the World of Color, and indeed positioning themselves as leaders in the anti-White Colored Alliance.

Solutions?  Dealing effectively with Problem 2 will of course require first solving Problem 1. A multiracial, multicultural West – itself full of White-hating Asians – is not going to be in any way capable of dealing with the Asian threat.  However, while dealing with Problem 1, and focusing on Problem 1, we cannot lose sight on Problem 2, and not only because Asian immigration is part of Problem 1.  Problem 2 always percolates in the background; Asians such as the Chinese (see Riki’s comments above) and the Indians make common cause with Israel and the Jews; and, more concerning, Asians – particularly Chinese “maidens” and Japanese female anime-pseudonyms – are trying to infiltrate into White nationalism and distort its directions to satisfy Asian interests – shades of the Jews!  While dealing with Problem 1 we need to hold the line against Asians: to limit the growth of Asian numbers and influence within the West in general and within the “movement” in particular.  If we don’t do this, we’ll “solve” Problem 1 and then find our societies compromised by Asians and Asian infiltration. We can of course make common cause with folks like Riki who seem more sincere, while opposing with full force the Silk Roaders and all their ilk. And as part of dealing with Problem 1 we need to have rapprochement with Russia (what direction will a post-Putin Russia go in?) and stand fast together against the teeming Yellow and Brown hordes of Asia, and the burgeoning Asia-Jew alliance.

Stay tuned for further analyses as well as the ongoing Silk Road News feature here at EGI Notes.