Thursday, April 6, 2017

Chump Trump

Kushner up, Bannon down.

It's been a day since that happened, and a scan of several Alt Right sites - nothing about it. Yes, yes - "it's too soon," and perhaps we'll get commentary over the next few days (perhaps prompted by this post, eh?).  But I can't hope notice that when something ostensibly goes well for Trump (*) the Alt Righters usually immediately jump to post about it, and Roissy is back to picturing himself as a little girl lying in the grass (sexually) dreaming of the grand (and borderline obese) God Emperor.  So, it's strange that a major Alt Right-related news story exhibits such a delay in posts.

Could it be that the mendacious Alt Right has a hard time accepting that they've been fooled once again with the Man on White Horse Syndrome (**)? Oh, yes, they'll tell us "it's early and Trump has been faced with constant opposition."  Let's look at what he has actually done: apart from Sessions, lousy cabinet picks; wasting time with jackass tweeting; poorly executed travel bans; promoting "Ryancare;" the Internet privacy issue...the list goes on.  At best, Trump can be graded with a "D" so far for his pitiful performance.

Unlike the worshipful Alt Right, this blog, from the beginning, designated Trump as a vulgar ignorant buffoon, a Negro-loving cuck, and as someone with deep Jewish family connections.  This blog's support of Trump has (apart from some useful foreign policy ideas he floated during the campaign) been about right-wing populism and using Trumpism as a tool to promote racial chaos and balkanization.  Trump the man, Trump the President: tragicomic buffoonery.

*I'm real skeptical the Rice story is going anywhere.  The Alt Right can stop their heavy breathing and wait to see what happens.

**This syndrome - a sign of mental weakness, the quick fix, people who cannot deal with harsh reality and have to indulge in Big Daddy fantasies.