Friday, April 7, 2017

Trump Trumps the Chumps

Alt Right mendacity.

I don’t want to be too critical, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to stomach Morgan’s fabrications, first that pan-Europeanists assert that Irish and Russians are identical, and now this laughable distortion (emphasis added):

At no point did I ever unequivocally support Trump, and I can’t think of any major figure on the Alt or New Right who did...

My grammar corrected reply:

That depends I suppose how you define "unequivocally" and who you define as "Alt Right" - but I'd say VDARE, Amren, Occidental Observer, Chateau Heartiste, and Radix all strongly supported Trump's candidacy, some more strongly than others.  Yes, some - not all - of those sites gave caveats and the usual "I don't agree with him on everything" but the excitement and the "last chance for White America" breathless hero-worship were there to all to see.   The Chateau folks are still engaging in hero worship. 
I see a bit of re-writing history here.  I see as the reasonable stance during the campaign to support Trump to promote right-wing populism and destabilize the multicultural system - but note that Trump himself is a vulgar ignorant buffoon with no core philosophy and Jewish family connections.  Very few people took that stance.

I’ll give credit to the crew for waking up a bit – too little too late, but better late than never.

Trump is what he always was, and what anyone who’s not a quota queen could see: a blustering, overweight, jackass tweeting, imbecilic, ignorant, Negro-loving, beta race cuck, ignorant buffoon with deep family ties to Jews – what can you expect?  That does NOT change the value of the Trump campaign and the election, nor does it change the (ignored by Der Movement of course) validation of the Lind hypothesis during the primaries. Trump has been useful as a tool. But, you know, when a tool no longer serves its purpose, you use another one.  We perhaps don’t need a hammer anymore, maybe we need a pair of pliers or a screwdriver.

Better yet, we need a plumber’s plunger, to clear up the backed up sewage from Der Movement.

The real problem here is not Trump.  As I said, he is simply being who he is - a jackass. The real problem is with Der Movement, particularly with the Alt Right. I predicted that they would try and rewrite history and not admit that they were wrong - right again! If only I could time the stock market with such accuracy. But, alas, I'm not Economic Man.  Too bad.