Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Alt Right News: Even Worse Than I Could Have Ever Imagined

Delenda est Alt Right.

I of course have no idea whether any or all of that is true or not.  It seems to be unlikely that Morgan could make all of that up, in such exquisite detail, although it could be that the interpretation of events is slanted. Or not.

The major point in my opinion is that even if a fraction of what Morgan says is true, then the Alt Right is broken beyond repair (and that includes Morgan's involvement with the Hare Krishnas - even if they are genuine avatars of Hinduism, why should any Man of the West be involved with Hinduism to begin with? Can we stop this insane "Aryan" mythologizing about India, please?).

Getting to the meat of Morgan's tale - again, if a fraction of that is true, the Alt Right goes way, way beyond mere bad judgment.  And if most (all??!!) is true - then the Alt Right is a raving madhouse beyond all imaging.

And then we have this, which is obviously true:

Furthermore, Arktos’ current Editor-in-Chief is a half-Persian and a practicing Zoroastrian who has already stated his intention of using Arktos to promote his pan-Aryanist beliefs encompassing Persia and India.

That alone should permanently discredit the Alt Right brand.

But, hey, it looks like my prediction of the Alt Right's collapse is starting to come true sooner than we could have ever suspected.

Betrayed by Pepe?  Say it ain't so!