Thursday, June 22, 2017

It Really Doesn't Matter

In the end, it's the Alt Right as a whole that is wrong.

Let’s say Greg is telling the truth.  I really don’t know the facts, but I have no problem accepting this; when I was writing for Counter-Currents, Greg was always a “stand-up guy” with me, always reasonable, so I have nothing personal against him despite more recent disagreements about Der Movement, my critiques of Der Movement, and my disapproval of ethnonationalism.  If Greg is proven correct and “exonerated” that’s great.

However, in my opinion, in the broad scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter.  As one commentator suggests, either side in this argument is demonstrating sociopathy.  Someone – whoever it is – prominent on the Alt Right is a destructive force.  And this destructive force has unleashed all the low level human material – all the stupid and vulgar comments and paranoid conspiracy theorizing on both sides, throwing people under the bus, the TRS antics (Did they really turn against Greg?  More important – what did an intellectual like Johnson ever see in a bunch of lulzing jackasses to begin with?), and earlier I watched YouTube videos from a certain miscegenating CC supporter, commentator, and podcast participant (who shall go nameless) – videos that were truly cringe worthy. This is the Alt Right?  It’s like a circus freak show, an embarrassment, someone has to make a stand against this pathological infection of racial nationalism.

The Alt Right is a completely juvenile cul-de-sac of retarded stupidity made more ludicrous by its delusions of grandeur. Yes, Spencer has promise as a White nationalist leader and, yes, Johnson is a leading racial nationalist intellectual, but both individuals – despite their differences – should agree on one thing: ditch the Alt Right, let it collapse into a morass of Pepe cartoons and Kek screams, and let’s move on to serious activism for godssakes.

Yes, if someone is “exonerated” all well and good.  For them.  The rest of us are still being dragged into the sewer by this Alt Right nonsense.