Thursday, October 12, 2017

Alt Fail: 10/12/17

The Alt Fail marches on.

An Alt Right commentator, who has previously distinguished himself by discussing, openly and in writing, his secret desire to cook breakfast for an aging, mannish, middle-aged White woman with a documented history of race-mixing, gives us this advice:

Every night, I make myself a relatively strong drink and lie down on the sofa and watch a movie, or YouTube videos (on non-political subjects). I sometimes drift off to sleep that way. In all honesty, given how dicey things have become as of late, I sometimes look forward to this time more than anything else in the day.

As just noted, drink alcohol. But in moderation. We’ve earned this. And it is extremely useful for relaxation. I never get drunk, but just a moderate amount is enough to relax me and help me put all the madness in perspective. I often wind up laughing about it. Maniacally.

That’s it, my friends, watch movies, drink alcohol (you’ve earned it!), and laugh maniacally.  Then drift off to sleep, where you can have sweet dreams of Ann Coulter (who herself may be dreaming of Dinesh D’Souza and/or Jimmie Walker).  

Ethnonationalist shill Leonard writes:

Although the situation is changing here in Italy, it has been my experience that the Italians are still powerfully rooted in their native cities and regions, and they tend to identify more with these than with their nation. A man born, say, in Florence, will generally speak of himself first a Florentine, second as a Tuscan, and only last and finally as an Italian. This is not generation-dependent; it is almost as true of younger Italians as of older ones. (Interestingly, it is during times of crisis and emergency that a sense of nationalism emerges most clearly in Italy.) I do not doubt the situation is different in other European countries: but the very fact that citizens of various European nations and regions differ in their sense of “rootedness” can indeed be taken as another argument precisely in favor of separatism and local rule.

Where were you born, Leonard?  In Italy? Are you an ethnic Italian? If not, why don’t you follow your separatist, ethnonationalist, and “local rule” convictions, you utter hypocrite, and leave the natives of Italy to sort out their relations with each other without your unwanted input?  And perhaps other ethnonationalists, who are not ethnic Hungarians, can leave Hungary and spare the natives there being exposed to such a violation of the basic ethnonationalist premise.

..if that portion of Europe is really so suicidal, so utterly torn from its better and more natural instincts, that it cannot even rise to defend its own narrow borders when it is given the power to command them as it lists, are we really not better off severing it from ourselves, even as we would a diseased limb?

Well, since virtually all regions of Europe – at least Western Europe – exhibit the same suicidal tendencies, you’d be basically dismembering the whole thing, since there are few healthy tissues left.