Saturday, October 28, 2017

More on Financial Accountablity

Accountability and transparency.

Following up on this.

Leaders of charitable nonprofits know that financial transparency will help preserve the very-important trust each donor places in a nonprofit with each contribution. Additionally, and no less importantly, conduct that is accountable and transparent earns employees' trust and creates a positive workplace culture. Earning trust through financial transparency and accountability goes beyond what the law requires, but let’s start there: Nonprofits are required to disclose certain financial information to the public upon request; board members have access to financial information in order to fulfill their fiduciary duty to the nonprofit.

Unfortunately, many people do not trust some nonprofits to use their donations wisely.

Truer words never said.

Doesn't this all apply to the "movement" as well?  Remember that the next time the panhandlers start rattling their tin cups again - you know, the "leaders" who want your money but who live better than you do.