Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Ethnonationalists Stumble Along the March

A point to make.

This was my first trip to Ireland, and I was struck—just as I was during a 2014 trip to Hungary—by the strength of lingering intra-European rivalries. It is hard to know just how seriously the Irish nurse their grievances, but many still seem to think of the English as hereditary oppressors.

The same attitude that led to two wold wars and the wrecking of the White world - the attitude promoted by ethnonationalists today. Ethnonationalist shills will say it doesn't matter; Europeans can hate each other as long as it motivates them to preserve themselves.

Really?  What about this:

Sinn Fein, which many see as a “nationalist” party because of its opposition to England, but which pushes an inexplicable refugees welcome/open borders policy.

Typical of ethnonationalists: scorn fellow Europeans, while embracing the World of Color. The same with Brexit, with "Polish plumbers" being anathema, while those good sturdy yeoman "Commonwealth" Hindus and West Indians are the veritable salt of the earth.

Racially conscious Irish nationalists of course understand that their country now has far more important things to worry about. 

Indeed they do.  And ethnonationalism is one of the things they need to worry about.