Saturday, December 2, 2017

Fund Activism Not Kabuki

Stylized Kabuki dance = Der Movement.

As readers of this blog now, I am in general opposed to funding the “movement,” for reasons that have been explained here in detail; of course, I make exceptions for targeted projects of value, such as legal defense funds. 

But, if I were to contribute money to some movement (no scare quotes) group, individual, or general project (as opposed to a specific targeted one), what attributes would it have?

1. Share my ideology. Why should I support someone promoting views I don’t agree with?  Why should I compromise on core principles?  Let the idiot mainstreamers do that.

2. Have solid strategy and tactics. You need a sound plan and the discipline to carry it through.  That is plain enough.  You also need seriousness and, above all, competence.  There is no point funding juvenile jackassery, cosplay rallies, or meetings “vetted” so “well” that multiple infiltrators are present, and the infiltrators are the honored speakers and help decide who can or cannot attend.  That’s clearly ludicrous.

3. Have sound character.  Without moral integrity, without a sound character, eventual long term failure is guaranteed, even with the right ideology, strategy, and tactics.

What concerns me is that what passes for “activism” is not actually meant to achieve the ostensible goals professed by the “activists,” but rather is a form of Kabuki, a stylized drama dance between the Far Right and the System, wasting the time, energy, and money of sincere and authentic activists on a cul-de-sac sideshow.  

Far-Rightists put on a show for their supporters, partly to raise money, partly for hobbyism, partly because the “activists” have confused means and ends, and have as their objective merely going through the motions of activism without a plan to achieve goals; indeed, without even really having the intention of achieving the goals, or perhaps secretly lacking the belief that it is in any way possible.  On the other side, the System – particularly the “watchdog” groups with their own fundraising imperatives and their own fantasies of “fighting hate and fascism” – inflate the importance of the Far Right, so as to mobilize “progressive” supporters (gimme dat money!).  Of the two sides, the Far Right is more deluded, or perhaps more mendacious; after all, the System can afford to indulge in this sideshow, as they are winning, they are, at the same time, actualizing their ideology into reality and getting things done.  Indeed, the sideshow serves two purposes for elements of the System: not only does it mobilize supporters for financial gain and psychologically satisfying moral posturing, but it also tricks sincere racial nationalists that there is actually a serious conflict going on in which they need to be invested (in more ways than one – gimme day money!).  So, instead of engaging in REAL activism, deluded racial nationalists become mesmerized by the Kabuki dance, which gives the System the time it needs to irreversibly achieve its own agenda.

And elements of the Far Right are complicit in this, and in so doing are traitors to the cause and to their people.