Friday, March 23, 2018

Race and Der Movement in Der News (Old News)

In der news.

Is this some sort of joke:
Furthermore, the Alt-Right remains a very open and meritocratic movement.
Nothing about Der Movement is even faintly meritocratic.

If I recall correctly, “JPod” himself was likened to “looking like a big toe” by the folks at MPC, which is a fairly astute phenotypic comparison.  In all seriousness though, in what way does Gareth Porter’s physical appearance match a “central casting” archetype of a “filthy anti-Semite?”  I have a feeling that this reflects Jewish animus toward phenotypes representative of founding stock Americans, a group Jews have long had an issue with.  Does JPod look like a “filthy anti-Foundite” then?  One straight out of central casting?  I think he does.