Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Alt Right is White Nationalism 0.5

Pretentious Millennial retards do not a movement make.

Now that is back on line, it's time to post this, which was written several weeks ago.

Contention: Despite their protestations to the contrary, the Alt Right, exemplified by, but also including Counter-Currents and all the rest, is no different from, and no better than, the “Boomer” and “Generation X” White Nationalism 1.0 that the smug, navel-gazing Millennials love to critique.
Here’s a brief list of some of the most important internal factors which prevented White Nationalism 1.0 from achieving its goals:
Radical Individualism

White Nationalism 1.0 was a much smaller movement and disproportionately attracted an audience of edge cases. These people are extreme non-conformists and expressive individualists. 

Unlike the Alt Righters showing up at rallies like refugees from a cosplay convention.
This stratum of the population is always found at the fringes of society and have a personality type that is resistant to social conditioning. The same characteristic that initially opened their minds to our message holds back the larger social movement when they reach a critical mass.

Unlike the majestic Alt Right, which took advantage of Trumpism to reach out to a wider audience, or did they (“reach out” not including making drunken podcasts or running people down with cars)?  
There are legions of these ornery people out there who are naturally disagreeable and incapable of finding common ground and working with others to advance a common purpose. They are a familiar figure in all marginalized extremist movements. The low trust, anonymous nature of online messageboards is the perfect breeding ground for their worst tendencies.

Unlike the Alt Right, where personalities like Spencer, Friberg, Johnson, TRS, and Jorjani mesh together agreeably and harmoniously.
These gadflys are commonly found engaging in shit stirring and crank spiraling and the distractions they create prevented White Nationalism 1.0 from moving forward. Some common examples of this are unfounded accusations that various people in the movement are secret Jews or homosexuals or enemy agents and other types of conspiracy theories.

Unlike the Alt Right, which, as exemplified by the personalities mentioned above, and their allies, who certainly never – ever! – accuse each other of being CIA plants, gay groomers, buddies with Antifa, Jews, etc.  If you think differently – it’s all “Boomer” lies!
Extreme Message

In many cases, the message of White Nationalism 1.0 was simply too extreme. Many of these people were just unable to communicate with their peers. Their message and presentation was stupid, vicious, crazy or ugly. It was easier for the opposition to brand these people with stereotypes and marginalize them. They responded to their rejection by seeing themselves as part of a chosen few

So, joking about “Jewish children in boxcars” like the Alt Right lulzers do – that’s not “too extreme.”  Considering all Europeans deriving from the south of Vienna (or Munich) and the east of Berlin to be functionally equivalent to Africans and Asians is not “too extreme” either.  Even worse: not only does the Alt Right share the usual 1.0 disdain for Southern and Eastern Europeans, but now they’ve become obsessed with hating the Irish.  Repeating the Know Nothing movement is all real progressive and all.  The Alt Right is All Right!

Negative Atmosphere

We didn’t use the term at the time, but White Nationalism 1.0 could be a “black pill” for its target audience. The chaos and dysfunction created by all the edge cases led to a negative atmosphere. In turn, this led to years of stagnation which led to many people getting demoralized and dropping out of the movement while others were deterred from becoming more active.

Unlike the Alt Right, in which vicious feuding, throwing each other under the bus, womanly gossip, extreme disdain for White ethnics, gross incompetence, and constant panhandling creates a warm and fuzzy “white pill” positive atmosphere. It's all great for morale and recruiting!

Marginal Figures

As Brett Stevens has pointed out, many of the people who were willing to step forward and become public leaders of White Nationalism 1.0 weren’t the best people.

Well, that’s even more true today.  The folks willing to step forward and become public leaders of "White Nationalism 2.0" aren’t the best people; these are people who have nothing to lose one way or the other.  Lulzing retards, panhandlers, fetishists, cosplay costume actors, idiots who think that “extreme vetting” is asking “are you Swedish?,” folks who took Jorjani seriously and brought us the blessings of Charlottesville 2.0 – are these supposed to be the “best people?”  They are below marginal.  Pierce was a physicist for godssakes, that’s more marginal than the Beavis-and-Butthead crew?  Really, now.

The violent wing of White Nationalism 1.0 would periodically lash out in mass shootings. Usually, this accomplished nothing but creating a wave of negative publicity for the movement.

Certainly, the Alt Right and their rallies have never been associated with violence, no sir.
Impractical Mindset

White Nationalism 1.0 was far too focused on violent, apocalyptic scenarios in the distant future. It thought much less about the here and now, how to create a bridge between the present the future, the small steps that need to be taken to get us on the path to achieving our goals. “Naming the Jew” became a fixation for many of these people. 

The Alt Right of course never mentions Jews at all.  Except when they accuse each other of being Jews, are married to Jews, and/or joke about putting Jews into ovens.
What do you do after the Jew has been named though?

You dress up like Captain America, go to Charlottesville, and then run when things get hot.
Narrow Message

I agree with Brett Stevens that White Nationalism 1.0 was too narrow. The message often never got beyond a desire to be rid of all the Jews and non-Whites. Even if that were accomplished, many of these people failed to realize that it is the nature of liberal democracy itself which leads to this outcome. The system naturally exhausts, disintegrates and perverts its host culture. The presence of Jews exacerbates its worst tendencies and acts as a catalyst that accelerates the timetable.

White Nationalism 2.0 is broad indeed.  Not only do the 2.0 leaders get along famously, but the ties between Alt Right and Alt Lite are tighter than ever!  Behold the Big Tent!
Failure To Exploit The Internet

The internet was a great new tool, but it was misused in its earliest years. The rise of online forums was a double-edged sword. It brought countless new people into the movement and successfully educated them in our beliefs and values, but it also gave them a safe outlet for role playing. White Nationalism 1.0 never got beyond shitposting on forums and remained bottled up online.

While 2.0 gives us drunken shitpodcasting.  Good work.
Prioritizing Politics

I think the biggest error of White Nationalism 1.0 was prioritizing politics. This ossified over time into the strategic division between mainstreamers and vanguardists. The mainstreamers believed in ultimate political victory through winning elections while the vanguardists believed in either violent revolution or creating small groups of the chosen few and waiting for the collapse of civilization.

Wow, it’s a good thing the Alt Right didn’t get all wrapped up with Trump and his campaign.  The refreshing sense of distance that the Alt Right always maintained from Trumpism is to their credit now that Trump is The Cuck Emperor. Tragicomedy.

Neither of these strategies worked because politics is downstream from culture. The mainstreamers were always politically marginalized and contained by the dominant taboos. The vanguardists were either perceived as destructive when they lashed out in violent acts or they spent all their time preaching to the choir which limited their influence and effectiveness. Both groups took White identity and various other cultural assumptions for granted which were no longer shared by their target audience which had become a herd of pleasure seeking, deracinated individualists.

As opposed to today, where the Alt Right has been so successful in turning the masses into racially aware heroes that the ethnostate is just around the corner.  However, when you look around that corner, just watch out for Leftist flamethrowers, ramming cars, and Trump signing congressional orders denouncing you and marshaling federal resources against you.

The Alt Right = White Nationalism 0.5. The same dogma, the same marginal personalities, the same propensity to “acting out” violence, the same freakishness, as version 1.0, but coarsened and worsened by dumbing it all down for Internet “youth culture.”