Wednesday, April 11, 2018

One Reason Why the Alt Right Can’t Have Nice Things

Nice things like an infrastructure, proper financial support, dedicated legal help, competent full time staffers, etc.

In case you are wondering where some of that money goes (apart from helping happy penguins enjoy that suburban blue state lifestyle), see this panhandling screed:
Derb is on my April Immigration Patriot Prophet List because, after some years during which he was one of the few voices of immigration intelligence left at NATIONAL REVIEW after Bill Buckley purged it of immigration patriots, he was fired in a panic. Threats had been lobbied from a Politically Correct lynch mob because Derb had published a seminal article in another publication about the costs of diversity. With typical hypocrisy, NATIONAL REVIEW is now whining because another of its alumni, Kevin D. Williamson, has just been fired from THE ATLANTIC i.e. the Politically Correct lynch mob is now coming for cuckservatives too.

I take great pleasure from the fact that was able to offer John Derbyshire a home after his disgraceful treatment. But, of course, we can only do so because of your generous support.
Your generous support.  To support this.  Pay up, you latrine flies!

Question: Besides being ethnically English, what has Brimelow and Derbyshire actually contributed to justify VDARE getting the lion’s share of “movement” money?  Even if you want to argue they’ve done something positive – such as Brimelow’s book (a long time ago, by the way) – how do those relatively meager contributions justify them taking in such a large proportion of the monies flowing into Der Movement, Inc?  Given the fiscal flows, you’d think that Prime Happy Penguin was a racial nationalist dynamo leading the White race to ever greater glory.