Sunday, June 24, 2018

Der Movement in a Nutshell

Emphasis on the word “nut.”

Snug in his hobbit hole, the activist rides the tiger throughout the dark days of the Kali Yuga, as the orc hordes of scurrying five-foot-tall superstitious Afrowops and hora-dancing Romanians (who, unlike high-IQ HuWhite Jews, are not Men of the West) swarm outside.  He prays for deliverance, hoping that heroic Chinese girls with guns (the Border Guards of the West, and with a high, high IQ too!) and Cosplay Alt Righters, dressed like Captain America and Batman (but remember: uniforms are bad, bad, bad….and un-American too!), will ride to his rescue, smiting the orc swarthoids with copies of March of the Titans and Who We Are.  Meanwhile, while waiting for deliverance, the activist watches the movie True Romance (a documentary on population genetics) and ponders subfractional admixture percentages, the cephalic index of Julius Caesar, the genetic legacy of the Moops (hat tip to the high, high IQ Seinfeld, a Jewish HuWhite Man), Savitri Devi’s yeast infections, the racial provenance of Leonidas, and how much psychokinesis was required to build the Pyramids of Atlantis (the stones for which came from Ultima Thule).  He doesn’t know how long he’s been in his hole – after all, he’s one of the Men Who Can’t Tell Time – but he’s been reading the same copy of Ostara since, like, forever, so it must be a very long time indeed.  He hopes that, while he’s been waiting here, the God Emperor Trump has been making America safe for White demographics, and thus our activist kneels down in front of his Pepe idol to exclaim in a booming voice: “Hail Kek!”