Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Alt Captain America

What does Cap want you to do?

Remember when Richard Spencer was elbowed in the race by a cowardly leftist domestic terrorist?  Supporters of domestic terrorism made a joke of it, posting pictures of Captain America punching Hitler, with statements like “punching Nazis has always been an American tradition” or “Captain America wants you to punch a Nazi,” etc.

Well, let’s see what else the good Captain has been up to.

Here’s Captain America the Commie Smasher.

And here’s Captain America fighting the Soviet Red Guardian.

Apparently, Captain America wants you to smash communists, and “communist” can, I suppose, be interpreted as broadly as “Nazi” is by the Left.

Here is Captain America fighting the anti-nationalist leftist Flag-Smasher.  That looks like a scene from the Unite the Right rally.

Apparently, fighting anti-nationalist leftists is an American tradition; Captain America does it!

Here is the good Captain America expressing an opinion about Asians.

Does Captain America want you to call coloreds “monkeys?”  He does it!

Isn’t that all consistent with the “punch a Nazi” meme?  Let’s not cherrypick comic book panels now, shall we?  It's all relevant!

Now, me, I'm a peace-loving pacifist, who advocates love, non-violence, and all the rest.  But this Captain America seems like a bloodthirsty sort, expressing animus toward the Left and to "yellow monkeys."  Maybe the Alt Righters can meme those pictures; it's all fair game.