Wednesday, July 4, 2018

An Inverse Ocasio-Cortez

What should have been done.

The chattering classes. Of both the Left and the Right, have been in a tizzy over the electoral success of “latinx” yeastbucket Ocasio-Cortez, whose platform consists of:
A Democratic Socialist, endorsed by MoveOn, Black Lives Matter and People for Bernie, Ocasio-Cortez favors Medicare for all, a $15 minimum wage, 100 percent renewable energy by 2035, free tuition at public colleges, federal jobs for all who want them, and abolishing an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency that runs "black sites" on the Mexican border where "human rights abuses are happening."
Let’s consider a bizarro world where the Alt Right consisted of serous and thoughtful activists, instead of smug, half-drunk millennial jackasses sniggering like Beavis and Butthead and screaming about Pepe and Kek.  In this alternative reality, the opportunity opened by Trump’s election is taken advantage of by having clean-cut White men – including young counterparts of Ocasio-Cortez – running for political office on a platform, which while not full-throated White nationalism, is on the borderline of explicitly pro-White and further to the right, and more authentic, than Trump’s phony flim-flam.  We’ll assume that these candidates are sane and relatively normal (atypical of pro-White activists), without significant “baggage,” and are, say, running for Congress in a district that affords a reasonable chance of success.

What kind of platform could they have run on?  What kind of platform could they run on today if any such people actually existed?

Immigration: A complete crackdown on illegal immigration.  Build the wall, yes, but also have rock-solid internal enforcement.  Deportations, but even more important – self-deportation by depriving illegals and their offspring of the jobs magnet, of education and healthcare, by making living illegally in American completely untenable.  Expand ICE.  Hold employers who hire illegals accountable, via immense fines and long prison sentences.  Consider “sanctuary cities” and other forms of enforcement obstruction as tantamount to treason.  As far as legal immigration goes, cut it sharply, AND alter the influx sources by favoring immigration of European-derived peoples (an explicitly pro-White position).  State that after 50 years of favoring the Third World, fairness and ethnic stability mandate that the lower levels of legal immigration now must derive primarily from those of European stock.  And also eliminate “birthright citizenship” as it is now interpreted.

Foreign policy: An America First policy that, unlike that of Trump, is actually consistent, avoids bombing Syria, avoids groveling to Israel, repairs relations with Russia, supports elements in Europe that wish to save the West, and that protests against the speech restrictions and other forms of political repression against nationalists in Europe.  Work with sane Europeans to stop the migrant invasion – the survival of Europe is important for America and is thus consistent with America First.

Military: Modernization and expansion of the US nuclear force, with a renewed commitment to the triad, development of a new ICBM, a reversal of the trend toward decreasing warhead/bomb yields, accelerated development of hypersonic weapons, etc.

Space exploration and science: An expansion of both manned and unmanned missions.  An expansion of science funding.  Money spent for science, technics, exploration, and innovation, instead of funding the demographic expansion of “gimme dat” colored parasites.

Economy and social services: Protectionist economics, and a social service net, including healthcare and education funding, based on the “pay in” system.  That is, single payer healthcare and college tuition assistance goes to those families with a proven record of contributing to the economy (based on tax returns, etc.).  No parasite handouts; this is similar to the insurance premium concept, or the annuity concept – the payout is contingent upon having contributed to the funds over the years.  If the funding is government money, only productive people who have been paying their fair share of taxes are eligible for a proportionate share of the proceeds.  Exceptions can be made in particular contexts, such as an academically brilliant student from a poor background.  The “citizen’s dividend” idea should be broached as something to consider as automation eliminates more and more jobs.

Social policy: An end to affirmative action.  An end to forced integration. Primacy of freedom of association.  The only restriction on freedom of association is an expansion of free speech rights – The Political Opinion Protection Act – that protects free speech in the “private” as well as governmental realms.  No more social pricing through the pocketbook, not more people getting fired for expressing dissident views and no more deplatforming either.  Also, a crackdown on leftist domestic terrorists, who will be treated exactly like the domestic terrorists they are, and also subjected to RICO laws.

That’s a start.  More could be added.  Better this than dressing up like Captain America and yelling “Kek!” in Charlottesville.  And needless to say, such a Far Right candidate needs to incorporate the EGI concept into their platform, in a manner appropriate for, and understandable to, the target audience.