Monday, July 23, 2018

Is Recycling Racist?

Disparate impact against Whites.

Many years ago, living in a particular urban area, I noted that the regulations for recycling were getting ever more onerous, superfluously – almost (?) maliciously - complex, and I then noted who was and was not jumping through the hoops to follow those regulations.

Blacks and Hispanics would (literally) throw garbage in the streets or on the sidewalks (and would do so even if standing right next to an empty trash bin); they wouldn’t even follow the minimal rules for regular trash, much less follow excessively complicated recycling regulations.  Lazy and corrupt Asians would produce suspiciously little recyclable waste in proportion to their rates of consumption – likely they would just put most, if not all, of their recyclables into the regular trash (but at least they handled regular trash correctly).  What Jews did as a group I do not know, but it is clear that from what I observed, only Whites were consistently following recycling regulations; thus, based on the theory of “disparate impact,” recycling  is clearly racist against Whites, particularly when the rules of regulations are design in an almost (?) spiteful manner.

Until such time that all racial groups are made to follow the same rules and regulations, unnecessarily onerous rules and regulations that are followed only by one racial group should be viewed as a racially pernicious attack against that group.