Saturday, July 21, 2018

Race and Der Movement in Der News

All the news that’s fit to print.

I was listened to the Beavis-and-Butthead Alt Right podcast “The Homo Question” that Spencer posted on Twitter July 17.  Now, I agree with the main points made in the podcast, which are critical of homosexuality (although I’m not much interested in the “homo question”).  My only problem is with Spencer’s previous tweets/comments of past years generally supportive of homosexuality as part of the Western tradition and “implicitly White.” For example, see here.

So, why the change?  The real reason, not some excuse that would be given.  Am I wrong to think the change has the same genesis as the change of another Alt Righter from being nominally pan-European to being a strident ethnonationalist?  We have two prominent Alt Right figures who are making their personal feud as the real rationale for changing fundamental aspects of their ideology.  Real maturity, there.  Both of them are wrong for that, although at least Spencer’s feud-induced shift is in the right direction.

There was a bit of inconsistency in the podcast – first, they say that System propaganda will not make any man gay, and later they say that weak-minded men will be influenced by that propaganda to become homosexual.  Beavis snickers and Butthead sniggers and snorts.

Of course, prominent Alt Righter Greg Johnson is not included in this book.

After all, what self-respecting “honest” survey of the Alt Right would include one its most prominent members?  Instead, we should get a mix of people we never heard of before and those we hear of much too often.  Of the latter, I am again reminded why I want nothing to do with any participation with the Alt Right whatsoever, and why I unalterably oppose the imperialism of the Alt Right in trying to subsume all precincts of the Far Right.

Instead of following the Sallis Strategy of destroying the GOP by withholding whatever fraction of White support (except for those candidates who are so implicitly White that their election enhances racial balkanization and chaos by inflaming the hysterically sensitive Left) racially aware people can muster, thus eliminating the GOP safety valve and forcing the White masses to confront reality, everyone swoons over the Sailer Strategy, which is all about propping up the “two party” (sic) farce by promoting White support for Republicans – by encouraging Republicans to go after that support in the typically dishonest dog whistling way they always do, followed by shifting hard left after the election.

Consider this: Sailer is on record opposing White nationalism, debating Taylor on the subject.  Many years ago, he mentioned the possibility of having Jewish ancestry (he’s adopted and if I recall correctly, his wife did some digging in the possible background of his biological parents).  Despite this, he’s valued among the Far Right for his anti-WN scribblings about HBD, PISA, real estate, and golf courses, while the “crazy and bitter” Sallis is anathema.  There’s two reasons for that I can think of, and neither correspond to “crazy” or “bitter.”

What has this to say about the Negro?

Speaking of which, imagine if a Negress did this. Der Movement would give it full press coverage. As it is, move on, move on, there’s nothing to see here.

Of course they didn’t show up.  They’re snug in their hobbit hole, after all. Maybe the “Proud Boys” can help them out with all of that.  Then they can all go to a LA bar together.

Hey Roissy, how is Michael Anton’s physiognomy doing these days?  I mean, yes, he wrote a good Wapost opinion piece against birthright citizenship, but he blasphemed against your God Emperor!  For shame!  

It’s also amusing that Roissy thinks his epiphany about Ashkenazi ancestry is some sort of recent grand discovery, while these facts were known long ago, and well determined in reasonably fine-grained detail back when I was writing about Jewish genetics for TOO (and was known in more coarse-grained detail long before that).  Any Amren articles forthcoming on these data?  I mean, if the Hora-Romanians are not Western and the Afrowops are retarded North Africans, surely we can now all admit that the Jews are not HuWhite Men of the West.