Friday, July 27, 2018

Rushton, Roissy, and Bezos Oh My

Another installment in the endless series of examples of why I despise Der Movement, Inc. and its fundamental dishonesty.  

In all cases, emphasis added.

In 1997, Rushton met graduate student Elizabeth Weiss—half-Jewish, half-German, and thirty years his junior—at a Human Behavior and Evolution Society conference. The following year, he filed for divorce from his second wife. He and Weiss were married the day the divorce was granted, in 2000.
“Half”-Jewish.  An HBDer marries a Jew.  Surprise!  It is going to be either that or an Oriental, eh, Brand, another HBD scum burning in hell.
According to Weiss, during their relationship, Rushton was very concerned it would be revealed that he had fathered a half-black child out of wedlock through an affair he had engaged in with a married black woman. ‘Phil told me that this son looked like him and he had behavioural issues,’ explains Weiss, ‘but that the mother did not leave her husband and, thus, the child’s last name was not Rushton.’
Dear God.  Gee…by the standards of the “great man” Pierce and his Turner Diaries, if Rushton were alive during Der Tag, he would have had to be strung up in the Day of the Rope, no? 
Dutton comments: “Obviously, cuckolding another man—passing on your genes while someone else does the investment—is an extreme r-strategy, as is attraction to those who are strongly genetically different from yourself.” One wonders whether this affair of Rushton’s might not improve his reputation in an age when disliking blacks is considered a more serious moral failing than adultery.
No, one wonders whether this affair might not damage his reputation among the Type I scum who worship at the HBD altar.  Rushton: oil-drilling race-mixer.  Rushton: inter-racial adulterer and cuckolder.  Rushton: hypocritical immoral scum of the first order.
Weiss also recalls that “one of Rushton’s ex-girlfriends, who spoke with an English accent, got in touch, remonstrating about the fact that he had ‘forced her’ to have an abortion, decades earlier. She left multiple phone messages on our machine.
That’s right – produce a mulatto, marry a Jew, but make your English girlfriend have an abortion.  Hey, “movement” – your hero Blackjack Phil is looking better and better, eh?
In 2001, Rushton’s estranged daughter Katherine tracked him down and got back in touch.
Weiss felt Rushton became obsessed with his daughter and assisted her in various ways which, for Weiss, put pressure on their relationship. In 2003, ‘We got into a huge argument, in which he threw me off a chair, and I left and had him served with divorce papers. After I filed, he emptied out our bank account (which is actually not allowed).’ Rushton attempted to use academic grant money, claims Weiss, to pay for the divorce.
If true: Theft and fraud.
However, Dutton also found evidence that Rushton incorrectly reported the data on testicle size, ignoring at least two sources which indicated that not only East Asians, but also Africans, have smaller testicles than whites. In a coauthored paper from 1987, Rushton even blithely dismissed the evidence that Africans have smaller testicles than Europeans as “contrary to the general trend.”
Disgusting scientific fraud.  Anyone who continues to peddle Rushton’s absolute trash is perpetuating scientific fraud.  If they didn’t know before, they know now.  “Contrary to the general trend,” my ass.  Disgusting liar.  Pathetic excuse for a scientist and for a man.
Dutton also produces evidence that Rushton misstates the case for a correlation between general intelligence (g) and slow life history (K). Such a correlation does indeed exist when species or subspecies are compared, but not when comparing individuals…
Another questionable aspect of Race, Evolution, and Behavior was its limitation to just three races. Although there is no unequivocal number of distinct human races, Dutton argues that, at a minimum, Australian Aborigines and Amerindians ought to have been included as well: Amerindians, e.g., are nearly as genetically distinct from Northeast Asians as are Europeans. Such an extension of Rushton’s study would have revealed further anomalies, however:
Rushton himself concedes that Native Americans are seemingly higher in Conscientiousness and lower in Extraversion than Europeans. Lynn finds that Native Americans are higher in psychopathic personality—in this context meaning very low Agreeableness—than African Americans. Native American life expectancy is about a year lower than that of African Americans.
In other words, Amerindians exhibit higher K than Europeans according to some measures, but lower K than Africans according to others.
Even within the framework of Rushton’s three-race model, East Asians are more often a poor fit than one would gather from reading his book. Neuroticism, e.g., is a form of ‘mental instability,’ so on the basis of Rushton’s theory we would expect Northeast Asians to be lowest in it. In fact, they are highest in it, and Africans are lowest.
Note that Brand and Ray made a big deal of the high “neuroticism” of Afrowops after the Schettino incident, and how it unfavorably compared to some of their favorite European groups.  While it is true that being neurotic is not good, it is also true that high neuroticism is associated with the East Asian HBD gods, while being low on the scale is a Negroid trait.
The reason for this appears to be the importance of social anxiety – a trait which comes under the umbrella of Neuroticism – in high K societies. In such societies, in their harsh ecology, you are more likely to survive if you can form a highly cooperative group and you will die quickly if you are cast out of this group. So it pays to be socially anxious.
Social anxiety seems to be a special form of neuroticism.  After all, aren’t the neurotic Afrowops stereotyped as gesticulating and gregarious, loud-mouthed and aggressive?
Another anomaly is that Asians have been greatly outdone by Europeans on measures of cultural achievement despite their higher average intelligence. Dutton cites a Japanese scholar who attributes this to Asians’ high levels of social anxiety, which allows them to develop cooperative groups, but also “renders them very low in inquisitiveness, openness to new ideas, curiosity . . . indeed any behavioural tendency that might ‘rock the boat.’”
No, the Asians are simply robots. Or insects.
Negative ethnocentrism, or distrust of foreigners, is another area where Asians fail to match the pattern predicted by Rushton’s theory. One would expect that K-strategists, being more trusting, would be the less hostile to foreigners. However, Northeast Asians are more negatively ethnocentric than either Africans or Europeans.
How about Jews?  Rushton could have asked his wife.
The examples of Rushton’s dishonesty he cites appear motivated either by bias in favor of his theory or a desire to conceal the less creditable aspects of his personal life or family history.
The reader needs to understand several things here:

1. After Rushton died, Counter-Currents invited people to write comments about Rushton and my critical comments – all basically saying the same things as suggested by the above evidence – was rejected by Johnson.  After all, the good old boys club have to protect each other, even after death.

2. Rushton was a prime HBDer and these revelations completely and 100% support my long-stated contention that HBD is a pseudoscience full of liars and cherry pickers, and that HBDers fudge the evidence, and always refuse to engage in the Popperian scientific method of rigorous hypothesis testing.  Instead, they are the “true believers” castigated by Harpending here – starting around the 8:00 mark.  (For those of you who would say that Harpending considered himself an HBDer – that may be true, but he really wasn’t.  He was an honest scientist and thus, regardless of how he self-labelled, was not an HBDer).

3. Der Movement will continue protecting the likes of Rushton and Lynn because their pseudoscientific garbage reinforces moronic “movement” garbage.

This is from race-mixing gamester Roissy:
And how fucking Orwellian is “Amazonians”? Krist, the hair is standing on the back of my neck. Jeff Bezos is a creep! And his company is staffed by sociopaths. Citizens of Amazonia thank you for your leadership on this cheap Indian H-1B labor open borders issue. Lord Bezos is feeling poor today! Your sacrifice lifts his spirits! Pay no attention to the wastage of your once high trust nation, a pittance to pay for His Lord Bezos’ Prime Happiness and your buttplug instant deliveries.

A year ago, Roissy wrote:
And now we can add a very big name to the list of those men who have become transformed by the Trump Effect:
Jeff Bezos.
GAYASSERICA Bezos: [picture of Bezos]
Trumperica Bezos: [picture of a muscular Bezos]
Cinco Jotas theorizes based on this and other details of his personal life that Jeff Bezos is about to take a turn to the hard right. Physiognomy doesn’t lie, and it’s a proven fact that masculinity via the testosterone pathway predisposes a man to see the world through swole-colored glasses. Maybe we’ll read the cheesy nümale header at the Washington Post Op change from “democracy dies in darkness” to “from russia, with love, losers!”.
(IMO, I think Bezos is warming up to Trump, or warming himself up to out-alpha Trump, because he fears a bigly anti-trust Trump-led crackdown on his empire of SCALE.)
Here’s the thing - these quota queens are characterized by two basic traits:

1. They are always wrong
2. They never admit they are wrong and their cult-like followers never hold them responsible and accountable for being wrong time and again

Ultimate take home points:

1. Sallis is (almost) always right
2. Der Movement is (almost) always wrong
3. All you guys nevertheless support the “movement” and disdain Sallis, because, well, you know…