Sunday, July 15, 2018

Summer 2018 Alt Right Assessment

Things looking grim, as usual.

This is a situation in which both sides are wrong.  Legally and morally, the judge (Is he a wop or hunkie - perhaps Richie and Kev want to chime in about that?) is in the wrong. Simply put, if Group A wants to legally exercise their constitutional rights of free speech and free assembly, and a Group B attempts to stop them using any and all means at their disposal, the persons in the wrong are members of Group B, not Group A.  That's a general description of what happened at Charlottesville.  The specifics of the case in question sounds like "lawfare."  The Alt Right, in my opinion, were within their rights to hold their Charlottesville rallies.

Politically and practically, Spencer and company are in the wrong.  All of this was avoidable - predictably avoidable.  This is all a terrible waste – a wasted opportunity. 

Imagine an alternative reality, in which, right after Trump’s election but before Heilgate (and all the Alt Right disasters that followed), Spencer had declared that Trump’s election had put an electoral approach – as one part of an overall strategy – into play, and that, at least for the time being, he was going to focus on explicitly pro-White electoral politics, both exploring running as a candidate himself, as well as promoting, advising, managing, etc. other similar candidates.  In areas in which explicit Whiteness had a fair electoral chance, then explicit it would be, with the aim of competing for the top prize, in other areas, explicit White candidates would be for educational and propaganda purposes, and in yet other areas, more implicit candidates would run with the hope of winning and then shifting right once elected (the opposite of how the mainstream does things).  In this alternate reality, Spencer would not have compromised himself with Heilgate, with Jorjani and, with silly feuds with Johnson, and certainly not with the Charlottesville circus.  He also would not have turned his DC-area apartment into an Alt Right frathouse (alcohol, of course, always present) and would not have been involved in either Beavis-and-Butthead White nationalism (no half-drunk podcasts with Greg “pureblood mountain wop, hero of the girls soccer team” Conte; that smug ‘Catholic traditionalist” Frenchman; or Mr. Stolen Valor) or with Cosplay White nationalism (uniforms are bad, bad, bad…but dressing up like Captain America and Batman is good, good, good).  In this alternate reality, Spencer’s buddies in the Alt Wrong would not have to denounce him, or engage in wistful emails with Jewish correspondents on the probability of Spencer being shot by some enraged leftist.  There would be no Unite the Right cloud, no court case, hanging over him.  In other words, if the youthful Alt Right crowd had followed the advice – given at the time and NOT in hindsight – by older activists to stop the Pepe/Kek crap and get serious, none of this would have happened and we’d be in a lot better shape now than we all are.  

Anyone reading this blog over the last few years knows full well such suggestions are not hindsight; I’ve been advising – publicly at this blog - Spencer for a very long time to ditch the Alt Right brand and to consider electoral politics.  Even if that had turned out to be a waste of time (doubtful), he could have remained viable to return as a vanguardist Alt Right pocket fuhrer.  The opposite though is much more difficult, going from “Dastardly Dick” Spencer, Alt Right bogeyman, to viable political candidate seems increasingly unlikely.

They – Spencer and the entire Alt Right - should have known that the System is completely against us, completely against our side (even our wonderfully conservative Attorney General – “America’s Senator" – has turned out to be a de facto Antifa supporter), and the Far Right cannot expect fair, legal, and moral treatment from the System.  Thus, every move by the Far Right needs to be meticulously planned, with an eye toward contingencies, and always with overarching strategic objectives in mind.  The flaws within the System (see below) need to be mercilessly, ruthlessly exploited through carefully planned, assessed, and empirically evaluated approaches.

Now, the Type Is will exclaim: “why do you advocate some activists running for office if the System is completely against us?  It’s fixed, fixed!”  What the Type I droolcups, never noted for comprehending complexity, fail to understand is that while the System controls most things, it does not control all things.  It is powerful, but not omnipotent.  It is flawed, it is staffed by incompetents (for the most part), and, importantly, there are different factions within the System vying for power and who, in their shortsightedness, would expose the machinations of their System rivals without realizing that such an exposure ultimately dooms the exposers and much as the exposees.  Contrary to the “it’s all fixed” predictions of the “march through the woods with your rifles eating twigs and branches” Type I Nutzis, the System did not “fix” the 2016 election as to ensure a Clinton victory.  No doubt, there was cheating: illegal alien voting, dead folks on the rolls, “vote early and often” Chicago style – but a widespread systematic fix did not occur.  There are lines that the System – for now – dares not cross for fear of the repercussions if discovered, if exposed, perhaps, by rivals for System power.  They do not want to endanger long-term goals by taking insane risks (unlike Der Movement).  So, yes, despite the fact that the System is fully against us, there is still some limited room to maneuver, so possibilities exist in the electoral arena, some opportunities to infiltrate the System and co-opt it from within, some opportunities for collaboration between activist moles buried within the System, overt activists engaged in the electoral process, and the vanguardists working outside the System.  The situation is complex and the possibilities are complex, and we need people involved who understand these things, and have an activist toolkit that goes beyond tiki torch rallies, Pepe, and cries of “Hail Kek!”

What to do now?  I am not sure how much can be salvaged at this point, particularly if Spencer and company lose the case, which is likely (the real “fix” seems to be in).  Certainly, Spencer should still ditch the Alt Right brand, cut ties with the droolcup brigade, build proper infrastructures behind the scenes, make alliances with competent people, and set up contingency plans in case the worst comes true and the case is lost.  To the extent possible, he should repair the significant damage to his reputation and judgment his actions (and inactions) have done within Der Movement, and try a “reset” of his overall public image as well (to the extent possible with a biased mass media).  Although the horrific missteps of the last couple of years have drastically curtailed options, there is still some room to maneuver to attempt to rebuild a credible Alt Right faction within the Far Right.  I would also advise someone in his position to forget about petty “movement” feuding – Tricky Dick has more to worry about now than catty sniping coming from the Kali Yuga types.  And, oh yes, shave off that stupid moustache.