Sunday, July 29, 2018

Sunday Movement Roundup

In all cases, emphasis added.

Lydia is certainly not lacking in chutzpah:
“White supremacy” is an “industry” now. And we are supposed to be part of it!
Who knew? Where are the profits?!
Where are the profits?  They’re over here.

The pitiful fact-denial of Type I losers is in full force:
Return of Shawn says:
July 27, 2018 at 4:30 pm
Without corroborating evidence, I see no reason to believe these startling comments about Rushton.
Interesting that his buddy, pseudoscientist Richard “Tricky Dick” Lynn – who has co-authored work with Dutton doesn’t deny any of it:
Lynn remembers Rushton as a kind, brave, original thinker who made significant achievements in his career. He said the late psychologist fearlessly defended his work and was open with people close to him.
“I should say a fair bit is known by his friends and he made no attempt to conceal anything,” Lynn said in an email.
It’s all a conspiracy against the great man, a conspiracy I tell you!

And by the way, apart from the personal horrors disclosed about randy Phil, the errors and omissions of his “work” are “corroborated” – and “corroborated” by a fellow HBDer like Dutton.  But, hey, as we know, the Type I scum of Der Movement are allergic to facts – if Rushton’s impregnation of the married Black woman was filmed and the Type I fanboys saw it, they’d still deny it.  Der Movement is not only a money-making industry, it is also a religion (and aren’t religions the most successful money-making industries of all?). Religion is based on blind faith and rigid dogma, the best description of Der Movement one can imagine.

So far, part from TOO, Der Movement Inc. is being real quiet concerning the devastating revelations about Rushton.

Speaking of quiet, Bolton’s Yockey book is, as I predicted, being ignored by “movement” retards.  Yes, TOO ran Sunic’s Foreward, very good, but that’s part of the book itself, not an independent review.

Makes sense.  The anti-Arktos Yockey cultists (who, ironically enough [or maybe not, this is Der Movement after all] disagree with Yockey’s fundamental premise) childishly make believe the book does not exist, while the pro-Arktos Beavis-and-Butthead brigade have more important issues to concern them.

That’s what the Campanian and Calabrian mountain wops were drinking while they were hiding out from the Moops (who were spreading their seed along the shorelines and islands).  Hence, Conte’s ultra-Nordic pureblood physiognomy, which is why he looks like a young Dolph Lundgren rather than a young Lou Barletta.

Will this be the next diet advocated by Mangan and Roissy?  But, hey, Mangan would probably sprinkle whey protein powder on his steak, making the full use of the bovine!