Sunday, July 22, 2018

Today’s Political Violence

The Right loses, again and again.

Read here. Emphasis added:
“And then a miracle occurs” is a long-standing fringe-right temptation.  You see it in all sorts of places: in Ayn Rand’s hugely influential Atlas Shrugged, once a lone scientist moves to Galt’s Gulch and doesn’t have to worry about the leeches, he literally cures cancer. In the much less influential wish-fulfillment novels by literal Nazi Harold Covington, his Mary Sue goes from poverty-stricken and railing into the ether to the inspiring force behind a mass white nationalist movement because, for no reason, white people suddenly start listening to his screeds and mailing him five-figure checks. Bluntly put: “and then a miracle occurs” is the equivalent of “I don’t have to change or put forth any effort; someday I will be great and people will like me for who I am.”  As Righties know, this is something lazy and inadequate people say.
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This is Der Movement’s solipsism that I have critiqued many times – the idea that something is true simply because you believe it is true, or want it to be true, all of the fossilized dogma, and Type I stupidities of the “movement.”  Related to this is the “we are on the verge of victory” hysteria of the Far Right mocked by Roger Griffin in his book on Fascism, and recently exemplified by the Alt Right Poobahs saying they are going to “conquer a continent” when they can’t show their face in public without being punched and are facing a ruinous court case due, ultimately, from their own ineptness and immaturity.  First, the Alt Right can conquer the college speaking tour, and after that no doubt the continent will quickly fall into place.
The organizational capacity required to build a new world is the same organizational capacity have Lefties built to pressure government. So who’s in a better position to shape the big moment when it comes?  Hell, if tomorrow civilization goes completely Mad Max: who’s got existing local networks of people who they’re used to turning out and doing stuff with on a regular basis?  Answer to both questions: not the Right.
That’s correct.  And all the Type I nitwits with their “worse is better” and their Der Tag Turner Diaries fantasies will be grossly disappointed.  The Type Is will end up hiding “snug in their hobbit holes” while raging leftists and feral coloreds mount the ramparts and dictate the outcome of the “big moment.”  And that won’t change until merit, and not affirmative action, determines “movement” leadership.
Passivists say activism accomplishes nothing. What it actually accomplishes is practice.  Practice for networking, practice for turnout, practice for speed, practice working as a team. Anybody who’s ever tried to get five people together for dinner knows it’s a pain, but look at the airport protests after the travel ban, and see how many people the hard Left can turn out on next to no notice.  Say the balloon were to suddenly go up: forget having a detailed and specific plan; in that first five minutes, do you — not some veterans’ network you’re hoping will salvage things, not some imaginary Great Man; *specifically you* — even know who you’re going to call?
I guess they could call Hermansson or Lewis.
The Lefties do. And that’s why righties who say the Right has nothing to learn from the Left are wrong. That’s because righties don’t read lefty books. I read lefty books and organizational manuals, and I can tell you: they’re smart.
That’s right.  The Left practices meritocracy, the Far Right practices affirmative action.  Guess who wins?
Accordingly, righties face two major challenges: building things, and understanding the strengths, weaknesses, and tactics of their Lefty opposition.  Righties won’t do the same things as the Left, or do them in the same ways, but that doesn’t mean the Lefties don’t have lessons we can learn.
Since the Left does almost everything better than the Right (except telling the truth and bathing), I’d certainly agree that the Right – and here I specifically mean the Far Right - has much to learn.
The first thing righties have to understand about Lefties is that lefties have a lot more practice building their own institutions, and assuming control of existing institutions, than their counterparts on the right do…
Infinitely more practice than the Far Right, which has absolutely none at all.
…and they share their practical experience with each other. Righties who like to build churches will build a church and worship in it. Lefties who like to build churches will build a church, write a book telling people how to build churches, go out and convince people church-building is the thing to do, run workshops on how to finance, build, and register churches, and then they’ll offer to arrange church guest speakers who’ll come preach the Lefty line.  Righties need to do a better job of teaching each other.  And not just teaching the right-winger closest to them. The most organized groups on the Right are the pro-life and RKBA activists; everybody else on the Right should be learning from them.
Note that the only effective “rightist” groups are the aracial types outside of Der Movement.  Hopefully, that will not come as any great shock to you.
The second thing to understand about Lefties is how they actually function.  There’s a lot of independence involved. Righties like hierarchy, so often think of the Lefties as taking marching orders from George Soros or whoever in a very hierarchical fashion. Not so much. A lot of left-wing organization is very decentralized, and they negotiate with other lefty groups as to exactly how they’ll do things and time things to not hurt each others’ work, so the labor movement’s march is not derailed by black-bloc window-smashing (see, for example, DIRECT ACTION, L.A. Kauffman’s excellent history of the Left from the 60s on).
While Der Movement exemplifies petty feuding, such as that between Spencer and Johnson.  How much of the feuding is due to jealousy and squabbling over limited tin cup resources, I’ll leave to the reader to decide.
The Lefties call that approach “embracing a diversity of tactics,” which, taken to its logical extent, is a weasel-worded way of saying that the lefty mainstream is comfortable with radical leftist violence. People don’t like to talk about this much. But while it’s impossible to imagine, say, an abortion clinic bomber getting a cushy job at an elite university, that’s exactly what happened to a number of alumni of the 1970s leftist terror group known as the Weather Underground. As fugitives, they were financially and operationally supported by members of the National Lawyers’ Guild; afterward, they were so normalized that the 9/11 issue of The New York Times infamously ran a profile lauding Weatherman alumnus Bill Ayres.  By contrast, right-wing terrorist Eric Rudolph’s fugitive days were spent hiding in the wilderness because no one would help him. He was caught literally dumpster-diving for food. Potential right-wing extremists face opportunity costs that their left-wing counterparts do not.
Hey, Rudolph was “snug in his hobbit hole in the forest.”  What could be wrong with that?
Righties frequently make allegations of paid protestors when Lefties get a bunch of people together. Again, that’s not how it works. Think of Lefty protests as being like a Grateful Dead concert.  People absolutely got paid at a Grateful Dead concert: the band got paid, and the roadies got paid. But the Deadheads who followed the band around didn’t get paid.  They weren’t roadies, they weren’t the band; they were there because they loved the music. 
Lefties are excellent at protests, not because they pay seat-fillers, but because they’ve professionalized organizing them, as you’ll discover if you read any of their books. The protestors aren’t paid.  The organizers are paid.  The people who train the organizers and protestors are paid. Basically, the way the Lefty protest movement works is sort of like if the Koch brothers subsidized prepping and firearms classes.
Meanwhile, in Der Movement, Brimelow and Derbyshire get paid so they can sit on lawn chairs in the leafy Connecticut suburbs and smirk at all you suckers forking over the shekels.
Left-wingers have a combination of centralized and decentralized infrastructure, because they have different kinds of groups.  Some groups use centralized organization: they’ll go out tabling, recruit people, trying to grow big.  Other groups, particularly anarchists, favor a decentralized approach, where actions are performed by the collaborative actions of multiple small cells called affinity groups. 
The affinity group structure began in Spain: anarchists there organized themselves into small groups of very close friends who knew each other very well, because such small groups were difficult to infiltrate.  Even if they were infiltrated, exposing one group wouldn’t blow the whole organization.
And presumably, their vetting did not involve hardcore questions such as “are you Swedish?  “Are you a movie critic?”  “Are you the girlfriend of some guy I’ve never met before?”
The American Left picked up on affinity groups in the late 1960s. They started as a means for organizing protests and turned into a means of organizing movements.  To coordinate, they send members back and forth to spokescouncils.  The idea is to create a very collaborative discussion.  This is partly due to the influence on the modern hard Left by Quaker organizers — if you remember those lengthy Occupy meetings that just went on and on and on, it’s because that’s how decision-making is done in Quaker meetings, and Quaker organizers taught the technique to Lefties in the ’70s anti-nuclear movement. And it spread, because lefties in different movements talk to each other and work together all the time.
“Work together all the time.”  The very antithesis of Der Movement.  
By contrast, righty organizations have historically been slow to organize. When they do, right-wing activists tend to stay in their own lanes and not work together, share notes, or reach out to one another’s followers.  Think about the mishmash of signs you typically see at a Lefty protest, and then try to remember the last time you saw, say, an RKBA sign at a pro-life rally.  More unfortunately, when righties do become active, they tend to do something like start a blog. Or make a YouTube channel. Or write a magazine article. In short, they become street-corner evangelists.  They tend not to do things in meatspace.
Lefties do the work in the real world. Guess who wins?
The recent Battles of Berkeley have shown that right-wing defense groups can acquit themselves admirably in street-fights…
…But they allow themselves to be run out of a LA bar by a bunch of noodle-armed, soy-guzzling “democratic socialists.”  I’m not proud, boys.
…but hard experience has taught Lefties that an all-one-tactic mentality is a good way to give your opponents time to figure out how to counter you. If righties going to build things, they need to look at how the lefties are doing it, because they’ve been working on it for forty years. 
And for forty years, the Far Right has been talking about: Kali Yuga, how many times Evola passed gas per day, The Men Who Can’t Tell Time, the Nordics of Ultima Thule, subfractional admixture percentages, the cephalic index of Julius Caesar, and other, very, very important and practical matters.  And let us not forget – the Pyramids of Atlantis built via psychokinesis!
To paraphrase Trotsky, you may not be interested in politics, but politics are interested in you — and you can learn a lot from the people who’ve been working them to their advantage.
Yes, the Meritocratic Left, not the Quota Right.

Der Movement’s affirmative action program is in a very real way worse than the System’s.  Typically, when the System practices affirmative action, they may elevate an incompetent Negro to a position of authority, but there are competent Whites behind the scenes who do the real work.  Thus, even though efficiency is compromised (and the whole thing eventually falls apart when there are too few Whites left to maintain the creaking mechanism), things for time being muddle along and the work eventually get done, at least in minimal fashion.  In contrast, Der Movement lacks the competent people working behind the affirmative action leadership.  The situation in Der Movement wouldn’t be so bad if there actually were competent, merit-based workers behind the scenes getting things done; in that case, you could have your Quota Queen Poster Boys as the “face of the movement” in order to satisfy the Type I ethnic fetishists.  Unfortunately, the quota queens suffer under the delusion that they are indeed competent (ignoring decades of unremitting failure as evidence to the contrary) and possess their status due to merit; thus, they eschew help from the competent, leading to disaster.  None of these leaders exhibit the self-awareness to admit “I really don’t know what I’m doing; I need help” so the tragedy of affirmative action incompetence keeps on rolling along.

As a side note, what does it say about the “heroism” of Antifa that despite being supported by the entire media, academic, corporate, and legal (including Jeff Sessions) System they still wear masks?  On the other hand, look at the Rightist activists at Charlottesville – the only part of their Captain America and Batman cosplay costumes missing were the masks.  Of course, if the Right wore masks, they would – under existing law, by the way – be immediately arrested for doing so while Antifa typically are not.  That last point alone tells you who is part of the System, the de facto Corporate Police, and who the real dissidents are.  In today’s bizarro world, Spencer – opposed by the System – goes out and speaks openly, while he is elbowed in the face by a Corporate Policeman wearing a mask.  Incredible.

Another side note: Since the end of WWI, there has been a disturbing trend of Republican Presidents picking Supreme Court justices who turn out to be ideologically undependable at best, and closet leftists at worst.  In contrast, Democrat appointees are always perfectly aligned with the leftist politics of the President who appoints them.

Likewise, Holder and Lynch were dependably leftist, pro-colored SJW Attorney Generals for Obama; on the other hand, Antifa Jeff Sessions has turned out to be an ideological traitor of the first order, lionizing leftist thugs, persecuting rightists, and agonizing over “civil rights” cases from the 1950s.

Are we surprised?  The Right is ineffective, weak, error-prone, constantly betrayed, always losing, while the Left goes from strength to strength, always winning, always finding rock-solid ideologues to fill positions and do their job to wreck America and damage White interests.