Monday, July 2, 2018

TOO Triples Down

Der Movement marches on.

As a follow-up to this, see this:
In 1924 Americans restricted immigration to conform to the ethnic status quo of 1890. What they really needed to do was to deport the newcomers in droves.
Of course, Jews only made a fraction of those newcomers – the rest were Southern and Eastern Europeans, some of the descendants of which are pro-White activists and who in the past defended MacDonald’s work (including defending it from good old boy Derbyshire).  The above quote could have specifically said that the Jewish newcomers should have been deported, but it did not.

Now, from the standpoint of the ethnic interests of America’s core population of 1924, the above deportation sentiment can certainly have validity – better yet, not to have allowed the newcomers in to begin with.  But then, the same could be said of the earlier German, Irish, and Scandinavian newcomers for the ethnic interests of America’s core population of, say, a century earlier, but we’re not allowed to mention that, I suppose.

Even an more fundamental error: bringing Negro slaves to America.  Worse: letting them stay after being freed, which was sheer madness.  One world historical mistake after another; apparently, it’s all the fault of the wops and hunkies.

Regardless of what ethnic interests were at different points of American history, 1924 was 94 years ago.  Der Movement should consider that they are constantly alienating White Americans of Southern and Eastern European descent (the same ones instrumental for putting the “movement’s” hero Trump in the White House – no, contra Roissy, it wasn’t the caravans of Amish).  Apparently, Der Movement, back up as it is by decades of endless failure, believes this approach of alienation is a wise strategy.