Tuesday, August 7, 2018

A Magnificent John McCain Portrait and Another Item

An excellent and accurate representation – for both items discussed.

This has to be the best likeness of a public figure ever drawn.  

Then we have from TOO:
Alt-Gradient says:

August 6, 2018 at 12:18 pm
“If anyone should have racial pride, it is Europeans, the more northern and western the more so.”
>Not sure what kind of purity signalling is behind such a needlessly crass statement, but if that is supposed to be a highlight of Herr Faulk’s contribution, I’ll know to blitz right through to the next chapter. 
There sure can’t be many worldly statements that simultaneously make the Irish and the Greeks red in the face (for different reasons).
Alt-Gradient just doesn’t get it.  The “needlessly crass statement” actually represents the most fundamental aspect of the ideology of Der Movement Inc. (albeit the Irish are typically not what is meant by “more northern and western”).   So, if Alt-Gradient has a problem with this, he/she needs to ditch Der Movement Inc. (including TOO, which is strongly in agreement with the statement in question) and look elsewhere.  

Further, “more northern and western the better” (excluding the micks) fairly well sums up Der Movement’s “leadership” requirements as well.

Faulk describes himself as "homosexual", "mildly autistic", and "1/16th Negro"
Actually, then, not a bad representative of the Alt Right at all.  Some Alt Righters would no doubt claim that they can’t control who identifies as “Alt Right.”  That may be true, but they certainly can control who is included in a book that purports to represent the “best” (sic) of Alt Right “thinking” (sic) – and that has as its purpose to give the Alt Right a “fair hearing” in “their own words.”  Including Faulk while excluding Johnson is just as petty as Johnson ignoring Bolton’s Yockey biography.

And, by the way, long time readers of Counter-Currents are aware that the allegedly “crazy and bitter” Sallis – such a troublemaker and all – strongly suggested on that forum that Johnson and Spencer end their feud and come to some sort of rapprochement.  That suggestion was immediately shot down and I was eventually “banned” from that site.

My conclusion is that these guys actually enjoy feuding.  I really think that, deep down, they prefer to battle fellow Alt Righters than they do the Left.  Sort of analogous to how Der Movement saves its most extreme animus for Southern and Eastern Europeans, rather than for the Guks.