Friday, August 3, 2018

Asians, Negroes, and Jews Oh My

For all cases, emphasis added.

NISKAYUNA — An engineer employed by General Electric Co. was arrested by the FBI on Wednesday and charged with using sophisticated techniques to steal digital files on the company's turbine technology to benefit his interest in Chinese companies that compete with GE.

U.S. Magistrate Christian F.  Hummel ordered the engineer, Xiaoqing Zheng
The human photocopiers are at it again, obviously bereft of any creative ability whatsoever.

Remember when I castigated Trump as “Negrophilic” during the campaign?  Sallis right again:
...Pastor Darrell Scott said Wednesday during a White House gathering of faith leaders that he thinks President Trump will be “the most pro-black president” in his lifetime.

Scott, a co-founder of President Trump’s National Diversity Coalition who is African-American, was one of nearly 20 inner city pastors and faith leaders attending the meeting, where lawmakers were also present.
“This is probably the most pro-active administration regarding urban America
Getting out the “hotep” vote, eh Roissy?


White-hating Asian (is there any other kind) – female of course –  in good relations with “movement” “activist.” Read the story at the link.  If I just reproduced it here, no one would think I’m serious, look at the original.

There is so much to unpack here, so much more evidence that Sallis is always, always right; for example:
1. The existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.
2. Asians as a race pimp out their females (“women”) to influence White males
3. Der Movement’s attitudes toward Asians are informed by #2

And if the Right – including the Far Right – had any understanding of human nature, they’d never let up on this issue; henceforth, every single time the Right refers to the NY Times, that tabloid should be labeled as a “hate organization” that hires “anti-White racists.”  Every single time, in perpetuity.  Most people have short attention spans, and as Saint Adolf noted, they need constant repetition of the same memes over and over again.  Repetition will keep the wound fresh, repetition will always bring the issue into people’s minds, it will become like Pavlov’s dog, eventually, even if unconsciously, people on the right will equate the NY Times with venomous anti-Whitism; Leftists will be irritated, and if ignoring the itch doesn’t make it go away, they’ll make the mistake and scratch (as the Times just did), which subtlety legitimizes the accusation to third party observers.

Alas, “short attention span” describes the Right, so they’ll forget all about this in a day or two.

Read or listen to this.  Come on, Strom, don’t you know?  Jews are HuWhite – HuWhite Men of the West, the Alt Wrong says so, and don’t you forget it!