Thursday, August 2, 2018

Thursday Movement Roundup

Analyzing Der Movement.  In all cases, emphasis added.

No wall... Replacement immigration... Antifa run amok... Deplatforming of conservatives on payment platforms and social media...
But thank God, Sally can lead a prayer breakfast in the breakroom of the big box store that employs her at minimum wage.
Sessions is on the case!
It is interesting how Der Movement Inc. sometimes comes around to a Sallis-like position on certain issues and individuals, but with a delay of weeks or months.  I remember when Merkel issued her invitation to Afro-Asiatics to invade Europe: for a long time, Sallis was hammering away at her while Der Movement was silent, overcome with fear of blasphemy for criticizing someone or something German.  Now, it’s Sessions – after months of Sallis hammering away at Antifa Jeff, with “movement” silence being deafening, finally, Spencer belatedly realizes that “America’s Senator” is a cucked fraud.  Who knows?  Maybe Rushton will be next (but I wouldn’t count on it).

The problem is that far too many White people think they are in a competition to be the most virtuous person around — to the point that pointing out “virtue signaling” has become a standard tactic on the Alt Right. When I was still teaching at a university, the competition for sainthood among White academics was a sight to behold. I vividly recall a middle-aged White professor at a faculty meeting intoning on the need to hire more non-White faculty—while not volunteering to vacate his position to speed up this process. After all, if a person is morally culpable, there is the implication that that person is blameworthy. Excuses like having different, sincerely held beliefs, no matter how well-founded, don’t have to be considered. Immorality implies malicious intentions.

Cost-free virtue signaling is a sickness of White people who are already plugged into the system—particularly baby boomers who have benefited from the golden age of the American economy since the 1950s. Younger Whites, especially White men, who aspire to such positions are realizing that the system is stacked against them: Party identification among Millennials shows a steep upward trend Around half of white men (and white women) in this age group believe that discrimination against Whites is as significant as discrimination against other groups.
Moralistic arguments have been very effective. As someone with considerable experience in the academic world, I can attest to feeling like a wayward heretic back in seventeenth-century Massachusetts when I was confronted by academic thought police, egged on to a fever pitch by a visit from the $PLC’s Heidi Beirich. It’s the moral fervor of these people that stands out. The academic world has become a Puritan congregation of stifling thought control, enforced by moralistic condemnations that a seventeenth-century Puritan minister could scarcely surpass. In my experience, this thought control is far worse in the East coast colleges and universities founded by the Puritans than elsewhere in academia—a fitting reminder of the continuing presence of Puritan moralism in American life. Unfortunately, academia is a top-down institution, so this utopian moralism filters down from elite East Coast universities to the rest of academia.
Yet, it’s the Southern and Eastern Europeans who are the real problem, right?  If only the Reed-Johnson Act had been retroactive!

Actually, given that certain precincts of the “movement” – especially the gamesters and the musclemen – are enamored of the concept of hormesis, perhaps we can consider the impure, cringing subhumans of Southern and Eastern Europe to be a type of hormesis in the European racial-cultural organism.  Those peoples and their characteristics, their “impurity” (unclean! unclean! – see below), and the “race memory” they have of past invasions and suffering at the hands of aliens (consider the “Tatar Yoke” in Russia as one example), makes them relatively – not absolutely as the “high trust hunter gatherer” memes would suggest – more resistant to behaving like altruistic-punishment Puritans, or like hysterical Swedesses who delay flights to “save” Afghan invaders.  

This is what ethnic fetishism looks like (in red):

The last time Spain was invaded from North Africa, it took Spaniards 700 years to get their country back.
Greg Eliot

And when they got it back, a faint taint remained… especially in Portugal and Sicily, to the point where there’s still debate to this day on a question of “Whiteness”.
That in the comments section of a gamester post about migrant Africans invading Spain.  Sallis is right once again – in Der Movement, it is absolutely impossible to have ANY article or post about Southern (or, sometimes, Eastern) Europe without at least one sweaty fetishist regurgitating typical “movement” dogma.

What can one say?  Not everyone can exhibit the sterling racial purity of this Germanic individual.

There’s still debate to this day on a question of “Whiteness”.

Damn, he looks more Asian than me. I wonder how that works out for him in everyday life, does he get rejected by looking Asian even though he isn't?