Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The Six Percent Has Collected Some Interest

Odds and ends.

Apparently, the six percent has collected a week’s worth of interest.

Once again: you want cutting edge racialist ideas?  Come to EGI Notes. Want belated second hand views?  Check out Der Movement, Inc., a money-making enterprise. 

The problem you see is taking someone like Ryan Faulk seriously, just like Der Movement took Jorjani seriously, just like they take anyone seriously who has a pulse, is at least semi-White, and mumbles something close to being pro-White.  There is no quality control in Der Movement.  There is no ability to discern what is or is not important.  The more they talk about eschewing defectives the more they embrace them.  This long and rambling Counter-Currents article would have been unnecessary if Faulk has been (properly) ignored in the first place.  Indeed, one of the basic flaws of Der Movement is getting involved in these autistic (which is why it attracts autistics in the first place) nitpicking “arguments” from every droolcup who has an Internet connection.  So, Faulk is “down” on WN?  Who cares?  There’s a problem with the “Genetic Mesh” whatever that is?  Let’s worry about the “Genetic Knit” instead, or perhaps the “Genetic Slipknot.”  Some random retard on the Internet decides he thinks that “Europeans are not as genetically similar as he thought?”  Who cares?  The genetic data are what they are, regardless of whatever someone thinks about them; genetic similarity is a relative term, with meaning when compared to others, as Salter’s work made clear 15 years ago.  Indeed, the fact that Faulk gets several orders of magnitude more attention from Der Movement than does Salter tells you all you need to know.  Dat dere “genetic mumbo jumbo” is just too sophisticated after all, let’s have discussion instead about  “Kali Yuga” and “hobbit holes” and leave talk of genetics to “experts” such as Faulk or anyone else who can fog a mirror held up to their nose.

Three major errors WNs make, especially when debating critics:

1. Not understanding descriptive realities.  For example, genetic relationships between Europeans, or any group, can be discerned from population genetics. Those studies tell us that there is often less genetic diversity within the continent of Europe as a whole than there is among certain non-European single ethnic groups.  Europe is the most genetically homogeneous of the continents; of course there are significant differences as well (North/South; East/West).  The biopolitical implications of these similarities and differences are discussed in Salter’s work.  More recently, I tackled the issue of “genetic integration” here at EGI Notes.  If you do not know the facts, then don’t bother debating with online retards who are equally ignorant of the facts; you all just make fools of yourselves.

2. Not understanding that descriptive realities can change over time.  The king of this stupidity was the great and good Sir Desmond Jones, who pontificated that demographic snapshots of, say, the year 2000, could be projected into the future, unchanging to the ends of time, forever and ever, amen.  That’s great.  Hey!  America in 2018 still has a majority-White population; hence, 100 years from now, it is guaranteed to also be majority White, because things never change, and trends never come to fruition. The current snapshot exists forever without change, right?

3. Most of all, not understanding the difference between descriptive and prescriptive.  Even IF something is true now, and even IF we disregard trends suggesting change, isn’t it the whole point of dissident revolutionary politics that you promote prescriptive policies that constitute a change from current descriptive state of affairs?  True, there are some things that can never be changed, but we are not talking laws of nature here; instead, we are talking about politics (ever changing) and human characteristics (that, even at their most biological, change over time due to evolutionary forces, etc.).  If there is some given factoid that really does argue against some tenet of WN, then this is something that should be changed (if it can be, and usually it can be). If there is some sort of mental or political or social impediment to the world we want to see come into being, we must work to remove the impediment not just placidly and passively accept it.  One can take passive acceptance of the descriptive to the extreme: America is currently a multiracial nation immersed in anti-White policies and headed to minority-White Third World status.  If we cannot change any descriptives, then we must accept America as it is and just “defend the racial status quo” (as Amren Jews advise us).  I suppose “conservatives” would oppose change, regardless of how beneficial, and would always value descriptive over prescriptive.  But a true movement of change would push a prescriptive agenda, backed by a rock solid core ideology, and always understand that descriptions of reality are ever-changing (see point 2), not set in stone, and it should be our prescriptions, not that of the Left, that changes the description of reality.

Thoughtful? I immediately knew that nothing I said would be reflected in the article…
Why did you do the interview in the first place?  Johnson was right about one thing: all these “leaders” use the media to help anoint them, and confirm them, in their (affirmative action allowed) “leadership” positions.  Oh boy, look, Brimelow is attacked as a “racist” in print, let’s send him some more money.
For the record, I regard myself as a civic nationalist…
Of course.  After all, nothing is more important than keeping “Rosie and the kids” in America.  That’s what HBD is all about.  And we wouldn’t want Derb to get upset or anything and stop posing for those CT suburb lawn chair photos.

HBD Nordicist Gamester Roissy: Sessions as Attorney General alone justifies the Trump Presidency.

Sallis: Antifa Jeff Sessions is a do-nothing quota queen traitor and idiot.

Hey, Roissy, apparently your “God Emperor” agrees more with Sallis.

Again, again, and again: Sallis right, Der Movement wrong.  They are always wrong.  In fact, the only thing they are right about is being consistently wrong.

Keep on supporting them though, and then wonder why racial activism goes nowhere.