Friday, November 9, 2018

It’s Another Day in Der Movement

In all cases, emphasis added.

How I despise Der Movement: Let me count the ways.  The pathetic apologia and support for the traitor Sessions is one such focus of contempt; one prominent pro-White “leader” declares how “enraged” or “outraged” or “infuriated” (I forgot the exact word used) he is about Sessions being forced out.

Amusingly, one thing Far-Right Sessions supporters always like to do is slowly say his entire name, with emphasis on the middle name: Jefferson Beauregard Sessions.  After all, the implication goes, he’s a White southerner with the middle name of Beauregard, and so he has to be good.  What do actions matter?

Imagine a prominent Negro named Tyrone Martin Luther King Jackson, who just so happens to be a Far-Right supporter of White rights and a Trump advocate.  Do you think Black nationalists would be supporting him, and lovingly speaking his middle names?  Only Whites are so juvenile.

Oh, and is that analogy unfair to Sessions? I don’t think so, as he used the DOJ to support Antifa and persecute pro-White activists, while standing around looking dumbfounded when it was time to do anything useful.  And his open, public embrace of racial cuckoldry only adds to his far-left bonafides.

Note there’s nothing there about how Trump was going to be an “American Caesar curing our demographic ills.”  How fast some of us forget - particularly when it is convenient to do so.  And as far as those preaching the “last chance” mantra back in 2016 – go complain to Amren and TOO, Greg.

And as far as the “repudiation” goes, I’ve already stated that comparing Trump to other politicians of the past is apples and oranges. Trump is a polarizing figure precisely because of extreme implicit Whiteness and the alleged “ties to White supremacism” - and EVERY demographic, including ALL White demographics voted more Democrat now than in 2016.  It’s not just that “every sitting President loses the mid-terms,” it’s that Trump’s White base – never robust to begin with – is eroding.  Trump was never supposed to be like “every other President” – the fact that the quota queen spin doctors are now using that equivalence as their leading argument does not augur well for “Trumpian populism.”  And as far as this “near death experience” motivating Trump, it’s more likely we’ll get more porn star rawdogging, tweets, and Big Mac eating than any useful accomplishment.

But, I'll be fair.  If Trump actually does some useful things, I will praise him. He can start by blocking the damn caravan, and by having his "Bane" acting Attorney General declare Antifa and associated groups as domestic terrorists, and take action against them.

In any case, the delusion of these types is remarkable.  Trump can’t even hold onto the House; educated White women vote for radical Negresses, even Taylor in his podcast is dumbfounded by White voting patterns in Georgia (and not in a good way), and yet the ethnostate is going to be voted in by Whites any day now – give or take 50 years.  Got it.  And in 50 years, what will be the White percentage of the American population?  In 2068, we’ll be told “another 50 years”- at which time the last two White Americans will be hiding out snug in their hobbit hole, measuring each other’s cephalic indices with Durocher’s calipers.

First, Trump was a Transformative President.

Then, he was a Transitional President.

Now, he’s the But He Didn’t Do As Badly As Clinton And Obama President

These guys think that they are going to rally White Americans around what in today’s society would be among the most radical ideas possible, and yet they then split hairs about details of relative degrees of mid-term election losses.  Business as usual doesn’t cut it any more.
Trump may have just saved his presidency. It remains to be seen if he has just saved America.
He’s dat dere American Caesar!
But a lot of us are skeptical now. We are wondering if Trump trotted out ending birthright citizenship and other populist red meat merely to save himself and his worthless party for another round of tax cuts, foreign policy distractions, and fundamental betrayals of white America. 
You think?
Trump has to start delivering, or we will not fall for the same routine in 2020.
Sure you won’t.  “It’s all been 4D chess!  MAGA!  Pepe!  Kek!”
A near-death experience is often an occasion to examine one’s life. When one actually feels in one’s guts just how short and contingent life can be, one tends to re-evaluate one’s priorities. One gives more time to genuinely important things. One lets the small stuff slide. Trump saw his whole presidency flashing before his eyes. Let’s hope he saw much more: America’s death or rebirth. Let’s hope that he gets back to Making America Great Again.
By eating Big Macs and “negging” porn stars.
This election was also a near-death experience for the Right, especially White Nationalists. 
So now our fate is tied to that of Trump and the GOP?
Some of us have squandered that capital shamelessly for the past two years.
Who is “some?” The dastardly Richard Spencer again?
Trump is not the last chance for the white race in North America. 
Paging Taylor and MacDonald.
White Nationalists have been drifting from defeat to defeat basically since Trump’s victory. 
Greg is crazy and bitter!  He should be banned from commenting at Counter-Currents.
We were strongest when we were a leaderless, non-hierarchical, largely online metapolitical movement attacking the false ideas and terrible consequences of multiculturalism, as well as mocking the stupidity and moral squalor of the establishment.
As well as mocking the stupidity and moral squalor of the “movement” as well, no?
We became weaker when we decided prematurely that it was time to follow leaders into street confrontations with antifa and the political system that coddles them. We can win any argument or flame war. But we can’t win street battles. It is time for us to get back to what works: metapolitics, the propaganda war. 
Which has failed for, what, the last 50 years?
For all the bluff posturing about taking the streets, we do not control one square inch of American territory. But once we change minds, the establishment has proven itself powerless to change them back.
Derek Black doesn’t exist.  All the other apostates to WN don’t exist.