Sunday, October 11, 2020

True Freedom

Some considerations.

What is True Freedom?  The conservative view – property rights.  Libertarians – do whatever you please, with an emphasis on hedonistic debauchery, and with no moral judgments. The Leftist view for Whites – pathological self-sacrifice for the Other. The Leftist view for non-Whites – pursuit of group interests, tempered by personal authenticity.  It would seem that the latter, if applied to Whites, would be a good starting point.

Let us consider together.  Is True Freedom found in a selfish pursuit of personal wealth, an accumulation of property?  By “I got mine, Jack?” By self-destructive hedonism?  By betraying your race and culture? The freedom to spread disease and harm your fellow Whites?  What if we consider biologically adaptive behavior?  The good of one’s people?  Moral, ethical, and aesthetic values – of course from a Far Right perspective, which is the perspective of this blog, but one that objectively defends and promotes ultimate (i.e., genetic) interests?  What then?  Are there truths greater than that of atomized individuals, colliding like gas molecules, each with separate interests that they selfishly attempt to maximize at the expense of their fellows (and by fellows, I mean co-ethnics,” ethnic” as in “ethny”)?  What is the freedom of one’s authentic self, rooted in a raciocultultural community, and with debts to one’s ancestors and obligations to one’s posterity?

The siren song of atomized individualism has been selling you a false set of goods   Humans are social animals. The problems of “bowling alone” show us the importance of a specific community; genetic interests, genetic similarity theory, and cultural compatibility tell us what that specific community should be for each of us.  Identity cannot be ignored.  And at a purely personal level, freedom is found in overcoming, not as being a slave to hedonistic desires. The Overman is truly free; the Last Man is not.

Thus, true freedom is not found in the hedonistic pursuit of personal pleasures, not in the sort of: individualist delights that are the focus of the libertarians.  Ultimately, true freedom means the right to pursue and defend one’s genetic interests, the freedom to be an authentic self, and the freedom to situate oneself in the milieu of a racial-cultural community.

In this sense, the most important individual freedoms are those that allow one to pursue those higher objectives, these being the core values of freedom of expression (“free speech”) as well as freedom of association.  If one is denied those fundamental rights, if one is denied the expression of one’s raciocultural identity, if one is denied the right to became an integrated part of an authentic community, if one is denied the right to strive for higher values, if one is denied defense of genetic interests at all levels, including that of ethny, then what use is there for the freedom to view pornography, or engage in deviant sex, or make money in the stock market, or to buy the latest car or other gadget, or to watch the ballgame?  Bread and circus “freedoms” are the crumbs handed out by the System, and it are those valued by libertarians, but that is not the freedom of men of honor, it is not the freedom of the Faustian impulse, it is not the freedom of the adaptive-minded, and it is not the freedom of truly free men. It is fool’s gold, it is false freedom, and it is the thirty pieces of silver payoff to encourage Men of the West to turn away from being free to do what is right. Freedom to do evil, and the lack of freedom to resist evil, is not the sort of faux-freedom we should strive for.  

How do the various System ideologies handle these freedoms?  The Left allows freedom of expression and freedom of association only for non-Whites, and never for Whites. Paleoconservatives – a dying breed – would support those rights, to an extent at least, but neoconservatives definitely would not.  The Republican Establishment gave up on freedom of association when Eisenhower enforced school integration at bayonet point, and do you think the GOP has any strong support for freedom of expression?  Look at the situation for Whites today, lacking both freedoms - association denied de jure and expression denied  de facto and possibly soon to be de jure. Libertarians to their credit would in theory support these freedoms, but would not consider them any more important than the right to pedophilia, vulture capitalism, or any varied deviances and hedonisms. A strong and consistent and vigorous defense - and expansion - of these rights will not come from aging paleoconservatives, or from their civic nationalist brethren, who may sacrifice rights for a “strong colorblind America.”  Only a principled Far Right can be expected to champion these rights for Whites.

I agree with Bowery that freedom of association is more fundamental than, and prior to, freedom of expression. Consider the following.  It is possible to have absolute freedom of expression without freedom of association.  Thus, for example, a polity forces you to integrate with Negroes, but gives you the absolute right to complain about it and criticize the policy. Now, what about the opposite?  If you have absolute freedom of association, then you can choose to associate with, and form a polity with, only those who share your free speech views, ensuring full freedom of expression.  From this, we can derive freedom of association as a fundamental foundation of True Freedom, which we can define as:

The freedom to pursue what you believe is to be right, at all levels of human interaction (self-family-ethny-humanity), in the context of freedom of association.

That can, if you choose, include conservative “property rights” and libertarian “behavioral rights,” but, more importantly, allows you to strategize for genetic interests (including EGI), allows for defense of race and civilization, and allows you to situate your authentic existence as part of a “folk community” – the organic solidarity of a defined Race-Culture.

Isn’t that more important than “capital gains tax cuts” or “legal marijuana” or any other alleged “freedom” peddled by the Right and Left Establishment?

What does it tell us that this True Freedom is denied to Whites the world over, with less and less freedom, including that of expression and association, for us with each passing day?

Aren’t Whites – uniquely among all of the Earth’s populations - being stripped of the most basic, the most fundamental, rights that define a truly free individual?

What should we do about this situation?

White Men Of The World Unite, You Have Nothing to Lose But Your Chains!