Sunday, October 24, 2021

A New Movement for Post-America

Looking ahead.

I have previously mentioned the lineup of the forthcoming American Renaissance conference - Jews, Filipinas, civic nationalists…what is this?  WN?

In that context, I commented on the current status of the “movement” as well as its future, and quoted from some commentators from Counter-Currents, including this excerpt:

There is a broad trend on the Right now to move ever more towards meta; film reviews, music, analysis of other people in the movement (which was mentioned critically in a comment on the podcast article about America First), philosophy, based Christianity and paganism, while some of our people are even saying that race and the JQ are passé, old news, WN 1.5 or something. I’ve even heard people apparently in our circles say we need to be less ‘about race’.

That is consistent with my critiques of the current “movement” as being more about HBD “race realism” or “traditionalism” or “America First” civic nationalist Trumpian right-wing populism and the “big tent” as well as focusing on narrower intra-racial distinctions such as Nordicism and/or ethnonationalism, instead of being about broad-based White nationalism. MacDonald’s turn to HBD-Nordicism, and away from the JQ, is part of this, and the whole abandonment of hardcore racial nationalism and the emphasis on “meta” and “mainstreaming” makes the remains of the “movement” ever more congenial for the likes of Filipina (married to a Jew) Malkin and former illegal alien (HBDer married to a Chinatrix) Derbyshire.

The snob effect plays into this as well. The “crude” rank-and-file obsesses about race, sniff the elitist and effete “leaders” of the “movement.”  We, the more sophisticated, they aver, focus on more refined fare, such as James Bond movies, analyses of Heidegger, gibbering about Guenon and Savitri Devi, the “right-wing themes” of various cultural artifacts (even those created by hardcore leftists), the Red-Brown Alliance and the intricacies of the “Dirtbag Left,” religion, why voting for Biden will lead to a White Imperium, esoteric conspiracies, etc. – anything and everything except the “meat and potatoes” WN concerns about biological race, Western civilization, and the Jews.  After all, our sophisticated intellectuals have to distinguish themselves from the lowbrow “movement” lumpenproletariat; how better to do this than livestreams about the traditionalist connections between Savitri Devi’s sari and Nietzsche’s Turin toiletry? Of course, abandonment of core racial nationalist values doesn’t always have to be highbrow; the lowbrow “Beavis-and-Butthead” Alt Right, and the equally juvenile America First “brand,” subvert the Far Right from the lowest common denominator end of the spectrum.

But the problem is much deeper than that, much more fundamental, because the older “movement” that these types disavow – whether they call it WN 1.0 or WN 1.5 or whatever – was also a flawed, moronic catastrophe, which I have long criticized for its irrational and counter-productive non-factual dogmas, its empty strategy and incompetent tactics, and its endless decades of unremitting failure. One could in one sense sympathize with the newer "activists" for disavowing that legacy, but they truly do not disavow anything of substance or they disavow the wrong things. They either merely alter the surface veneer while keeping the same failed dogmas and approaches (e.g., as did the Alt Right) or they “throw the baby out with the bathwater” and not only disavow the failed vehicle for racial nationalism but racial nationalism itself (e.g., as do HBD and America First). The "movement" then becomes something else entirely, something that is still attached to, and dependent upon, the decaying corpse of a traditional America that has already died but whose death has not yet been recognized and whose autopsy has not yet been performed.

And that last point needs to be extended further – for while White racial nationalism itself, as an ideology, is independent of the idea of a traditional American nation, the American vehicle of that ideology, the Old Movement, WN 1.0, was and is (to the extent remnants of WN 1.0 still exist today – is that what they call WN 1.5?) as dependent on “traditional America” as is America First or any other Alt Lite “big tent” manifestation of the mainstreaming of the Far Right.

After all, WN 1.0 had its origins in the ethnic and racial history of traditional America – nativism, the KKK (especially the anti-White ethnic KKK of the 1920s), Grant and Stoddard, Anglocentric Nordicism, WASP vs. White ethnic tensions and distinctions, the American Civil War and the Negro problem in the context of the Negro-founding stock American relationship, the list can go on, but there’s a clear link between the Know Nothings and Madison Grant on one side and WN 1.0 and William Pierce on the other.

My point is that not only is America First civic nationalism dependent on the historical continuity of traditional America, but Der Movement – in all of its manifestations, from Pierce to Unite the Right – is as well. The first premise – that Amnats are dependent on America – is obvious to everyone, but the second premise – that Der Movement is dependent as well – is perhaps not so obvious. If I am correct, and this dependence exists, what does it all mean?

Once White Americans realize that the old, traditional America is dead, Amnatism and civic nationalism will lose their luster and people will look toward novel national identities and more radical solutions. Hopefully, the Old Movement, tied as it is in its origins to traditional America and America's ethnic and racial history, will also lose its appeal, and people will look for something more relevant to a post-American White identity in what used to be the USA. At that time, a viable alternative needs to be ready. The Fundamentals of a New Movement I have previously described must be the foundation of that viable alternative.

Indeed, once the historical thread to what came before is broken, and racial and cultural chaos ensues, then we are in terra incognita, and the future of racial activism in the land mass that used to be America will be a blank slate upon which those with vision can write the future.

This of course applies to the entire White world. In Imperium, Yockey wrote:

The touching of this racial-frontier case of the Negro, however, shows to Europe a very important fact—that race-difference between White men, which means Western men, is vanishingly small in view of their common mission of actualizing a High Culture. In Europe, where hitherto the race difference between, say, Frenchman and Italian has been magnified to great dimensions, there has been no sufficient reminder of the race-differences outside the Western Civilization.

As Whites become increasingly dispossessed in their ancestral homelands of Europe, the distinctions that have fueled the petty nationalism of the ethnonationalists will become ever less salient. In America, for the masses, race has already replaced ethnicity as the major dividing line; however, unfortunately, many so-called "White racial activists" behave as if they are living in the year 1910 as regards issues of race and ethnicity. They still focus on divisions between Whites.

See this as well for related arguments. At some point, every person of Old World European stock ancestry – whatever its derivation, from Lisbon to Moscow, from Stockholm to Palermo, from Edinburgh to Athens, from Helsinki to Valletta, from Madrid to Bucharest – will be, in the global context, a relatively rare specimen of high value, and we had better learn to value each other, starting now, so we are prepared for the hard times to come. This has nothing to do with “ignoring differences” or “thinking that all Europeans are fungible” but has everything to do with distinguishing differences that are important but not existential (i.e., intra-European) and those that are truly existential (“the West against the Rest”).

The Death of America will also mean The Death of Delusion. It will be unpleasant, indeed traumatic, but it will end illusions.  “Activists” will be forced to see reality as it really is, instead of their solipsist fantasies. The foundations upon which the Old Movement - never mind America First civic nationalism - was built will have vanished, and the whole edifice of the traditional American Far Right, that whole rotten facade, will crumble into the dust - or it should crumble if "activists" want to have any relevancy whatsoever in the new reality that is to come.

And as regards critics who will answer that I casually dismiss America because I’m not of founding stock origin – that’s ad hominem.  The analysis remains regardless of who makes it. If America is not already dead, then it is irreversibly terminally ill.  That’s not my doing, nor the doing of the White ethnics. If the founding stock are upset, they should blame themselves for letting grasping Jews and their Colored shock troops wreck America.  For those who lament that none of these groups – including the White ethnics – should have been let into America in the first place, there is some justice in that, but, again, who was at fault?  Did your identity and idea that “we own America and everyone else is just visiting” (what the “movement” gets from The Good Shepherd) prevent the loss of America?  And with America already “dead man walking” what’s the point of all of that?  Lament in private; in public, deal with the facts-on-the-ground with respect to practical politics and policy.

Saturday, October 23, 2021

True West Book Review


See here.

I’m skeptical of racialist-rightist fiction, having suffered through Pierce’s two books and those of other authors, although Ward Kendall’s Hold Back This Day wasn’t that bad at all. I’m also no fan of the zombie genre in popular culture, although I have linked it to (most White) American anxieties over national degeneration, mass immigration, mindless colored hordes, etc., so a book that more explicitly taps into that anxiety – racialist zombie fiction – would seem appropriate in this day and age.  But then:

…based on the teachings of Julius Evola, Ernst Jünger, Carl Schmitt, and others — and devout religious inspiration, all from a right-wing, ethnic and traditionalist perspective.

Traditionalism!  Ted Sallis weeps. 

Let’s get to it.

So, A White PhD surnamed “Darwin” (I kid you not) is living in New York City during a period in which a cell phone-induced mass retardation event (no, not an Alt Right conference or rally) is occurring:

THE ‘GREAT DUMBING,’ as we call it, happened in the late 2020s. This name refers to a relatively sudden drop of intelligence among a great number of our population. Almost overnight, many people became nearly completely inarticulate. If the retards (I refer to them by the terms, ‘idiots,’ ‘retards,’ ‘zombies,’ ‘morons,’ ‘sub-humans,’ ‘voids,’ ‘brain-wipes,’ and other derogatory terms)…

I don’t know – that sounds as much about the anti-vaxx Gab/FOX News Right as is does the SJW Left. 

According to the book, “cell phones” are a major culprit.

This being a “movement” book, the “dumbing” is linked to race. Also being a “movement” book, the HBD-IQ fetish is on full display. So, low IQ Blacks were very susceptible to “the dumbing,” but given their low level of cognitive ability to start with, would it be so easy to tell? – or to put another way, is it a Black retard, how can one tell the difference? – but, interestingly, those “high, high, high IQ Asians” were also significantly affected:

One surprising fact is that Asians were hit at a level nearly as high as that of Blacks. Research uncovered two explanations. First, the Asian community tended to be young. The population largely consisted of first generation immigrants and their families. As such, there was not a full cohort of the elder, immune, generation. Secondly, Asians are genetically predisposed to social phobias. As a result, we found, despite their high IQs, especially in immigrant communities, their level of screen time exceeded that of other communities. Thus, their relatively small, high IQ community had surprisingly high levels of dumbing.

Richard Lynn weeps.

Basically, the “dumbing” is mockery of current societal behavior, particularly among the young, among Coloreds, and among pop culture.

From an early age, I felt pressure to make more of myself. ‘Perfect mind and perfect body’ was a slogan that a Christian had imparted to me in my teens. 

That’s the Ancient Greeks who preached that, not Christians, who have always been despisers of the body and of fundamental human nature.

Already warring on myself, I adopted that slogan. As an undergraduate it took the form of leading an environmental group bent on eco-revolution. 

To the hobbit hole!  Beware the gay Alt Righter hiding in there, though.

Then, characteristically, I dropped out of college to protest my nation’s endless wars.

Huh?  What’s the connection between college and war?  ROTC?

And though my housemate Denise was very friendly, living with a Puerto Rican high school dropout was also a source of disappointment to me.

Living with a female Puerto Rican?  Huh?  I have the feeling that I’m going to be using the exclamation “Huh?” frequently in this book review.

Vinnie Corleone was taller than me. I don’t note that out of inferiority, I note it because, at 5’11”, people taller than me are tall. Slightly hunched over, he talked like a Brooklyn gangster and it looked like his nose had been broken a few times.

We see here the typical (and bizarre) "movement" obsession with male height. It is amusing that the narrator assures us he is not a manlet; after all, being tall makes one an effective leader, just look at Greg Johnson and Richard Spencer. No, wait…

In addition, I suppose that a comical stereotype of a New York Italian is par for the course for the “movement.” Vinnie Corleone – wasn’t that the name of the Andy Garcia character in The Godfather Part III, before he became “legitimized” (Mancini to Corleone)?  Mama Mia!

At least he was honest enough to have the Italian being sympathetic to conservative politics, which New York Italians definitely are (as George Wallace famously said about that group – “they talk like me but with a New York accent”).

…their very bodies themselves disgusted me. Many female Ph.D. students had tattoos on their lower backs meant to draw attention to their asses. Really? I found this disgusting. I thought this whole trend was disgusting. Hating so much, my clearing work would always contain an element of rage.

In the context of a chapter entitled Cleansing did the author mean “cleaning work” instead of “clearing work?”  Also, I agree, re: tattoos, which I dislike.  But probably the most disgusting thing about many extant bodies would be overweight/obesity.

When he opened the door, I saw a beetle scamper into the dark room behind him. He had a thick moustache and tattoos all the way up his neck and a small one on his eye.

The beetle?  I didn’t know they had moustaches and tattoos.  Seriously though, this book could have used more serious editing.

I am a massive son of a bitch.

Welcome to Der Movement.

The brain-wiped were so stupid that they were sub-human. They used single words, but did not think.

Hmm…that sounds like the typical Gab user/FOX News watcher, “movement” "activist.”

And, most beautifully, I started to see women with strollers pushing the cutest infants around. When I saw them, my heart melted. Babies are cute.

As you can observe, this book isn’t exactly at the level of Moby Dick or The Brothers Karamazov.

His sitting on the straight back wooden chair across from me, while I reclined on the brown fake leather couch, made him much taller.

Der Movement’s bizarre obsession with male physical height continues. I’m reminded of that old Monty Python sketch about archaeology.

For a population to sustain itself, each couple must have 2.1 children. The 2 children to replace the two adults making them. And the .1 takes up the slack for those who do not have children.

The bit about the 0.1 is wrong.

Is checking facts on the Internet so hard for authors?

There are many reasons for disparity in Black and White achievement. Father absenteeism is the single greatest cause of disparity. A culture that encourages criminality doesn’t help. My book explains all of that, without recourse to race.”


Suddenly, the retards started having sex on the streets. Men, mostly Black, just started pulling out their penises and started masturbating in public.

How does this differ from typical Negro behavior observed today?  Or is that the point; the book ridicules current mores by associating them with a “dumbing” down to retardation?

Ever the rhetoricians, the Left invented new terminology to make reality conform to their twisted narratives. The acronym LGBTQ stood for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer.

Sounds like certain factions of the Alt Right.

I am not against interracial marriage, you liar…

Why not?

The rise of even sporadic violence had a huge impact. It no longer became safe to ride the subway.

When was it ever?

We set up a training program under the direction of two former military men, Ernie Junger and Carl Schmitt.

Oh, please.  Why not Jules Evola and Frankie Yockey?

But our White volunteers got more of a pump clearing the Black zombies out than they got from clearing White and Asian zombies. And it wasn’t just that they were a greater physical challenge, they could feel that they were taking back the alpha male position in society. After a night battling them, you had the smell of sweat and testosterone pervading you. Women smelled your masculinity. Everyone knew Black people turning reflected lower IQ and so their prestige dropped. As it became clear that the largely White men who fought the monsters could protect women from violence, they became more attractive.

Further comment on that passage would be superfluous.

Vinnie had money, but his demeanor, his very voice, reflected the sensibilities of old Italian Brooklyn. This sort had no problem putting someone in the river. I mean, as far as I knew, they didn’t do that sort of thing anymore. But the mafia stereotypes, like all stereotypes, had grounding in something.

But, of course. Vinnie Corleone speaks:

Vinnie came in loud and clear, “That’s no goot. How abouts we whack ‘em? One bullet to the back of the head?”… “Goot. It’s decided. We whack ‘em,” Vinnie said, abruptly ending the debate.


Sex, which starts life, is not so much ‘making love’ as a thrusting and jabbing, an act of violence, complete with moans and a mini death at the end. And then the baby violently rips the mother apart as it exits.

Wipe that sweat off your forehead and calm down.

But many racists took special pride in killing Black zombies. John John loved it too much.

He rayciss!

People offered to show me videos wherein he used Black heads for bad ventriloquist acts.


The ideological descendants of the children of those who had fought Hitler had gone completely inane and insane. Whereas that generation’s parents had fought evil…

Hitler was evil?

At the same time, as mayor I started to speak about race realism.

HBD!  Race realism!  Cue American Renaissance..

Everyone — Blacks included — knew that the Blacks had turned in greater numbers. Denial, I argued, made an unhealthy platform upon which to build a culture. Herein, my work with Cultural Nationalism helped. I respected our Black citizens. Many were conservative. Many had been in the military. Many had voted for me. We can all do better as all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

The “glory of God?”  I’m trying not to laugh as I read this.

And while minorities’ economic and educational achievements did not come to equal that of Whites or Asians, it improved greatly.

Asians are not minorities?  Cue Derbyshire’s heavy breathing.

Introverts, like myself, often champion counter-intuitive and unpopular ideas because we like the isolation they bring.

That is, in my opinion, backwards.  How about this instead – introverts, being more introspective and thought-oriented, are more capable of having insights about reality, and since they are less concerned than are extroverts in pleasing others, introverts are more willing to champion unpopular ideas. Social isolation may occur because other people are upset at those ideas, and introverts are willing to accept that isolation (they are introverts after all), but it is a stretch to say they champion unpopular ideas precisely because they want to be isolated. I don’t buy it.  Maybe some people are like that, but I do not believe it is a general principle of introversion.

When I first saw Mary, I lost my breath. Mary wasn’t conventionally beautiful, but she had a plain wholesome Oregonian beauty. Hers, that is, was a real face. It had been in the sun. It had been in the rain. She wore no make-up. But her blue eyes looked at me as if she had been expecting me all her life, as if she had known me forever. And I’ll never forget the dimples highlighted some vertical creases down the side of her face as her smile revealed a straight line of teeth.

Well, at least she wasn’t cross-eyed, like the West Virginia waitresses I encountered when I visited The Great Man.

Pastor Tate came out from a side door…He stood about six foot in height.

Not a manlet and therefore acceptable.

“Because today is a special, special day. We have a new community member today, Dr. Paul Darwin.” Apparently, the real estate agent had taken note and spread the word about my title. “Not a total stranger, ole’ Andy Lytle was his great-uncle on his mother’s side. All Lytles, raise your hand.”

Cue the dueling banjos music.

Jesus died for your sins. He didn’t avoid death. He died in blood and pain.

Cue Andrew Torba getting excited.  Jesus is king!

He smiled broadly. “Heck, you looked jumpier than a flea in a snuff box out there.”

Or jumpier than a White male HBDer at an Asian dominatrix convention.

Standing, I could see her shape. She had a full figure.

In other words, she was a White woman, and not a typical adult Asian female with the body of a pre-pubescent boy.

As we ate the fish, I swore that I could feel the fish, still alive in me.

Intestinal parasites?  Did they cook that fish sufficiently?

We hugged as she entered. She smelled like an old shirt you’d long become accustomed to. I loved it.

Apparently, romance is a bit different in Oregon.

For the first time, I noticed her eyes had a hint of green in them.

Uh huh.  Earlier we read:

…she beamed, with eyes that melded light blue and green.

So much for consistency.

The next shocker, if this weren’t a gag newspaper, was that not only had the zombie territories been renamed ‘The United States of America,’ but Barrack Hussein Obama had become their President! Vinnie had mentioned the United States and its citizens and I hadn’t fully digested it. I scanned the newspaper to see what we, the people north of the United States, were calling ourselves. It just said ‘the Northern Territories.’ That didn’t sound like a government name to me. It just sounded like a geographic designation. From what I could gather, the Chinese government under President Xi had tremendous influence in the US of A. The article said Xi had been in the US for most of the last two months, raising questions of who held the power of the throne.

That sounds not much different from our current reality. In any case, the situation outlined in the book seems to be getting more and more agreeable to the HBDers. Xi in charge?  A paradise!

Searching for further clues as to our predicament, I flipped over to the entertainment section of the paper. Oh my Lord! The movie Paul Darwin: Monster Slayer 3 was in theaters! Apparently, if the name weren’t just some unbelievably fantastic coincidence, while I was missing, a film studio had started a film series wherein I fought monsters. That would explain some of my fame. ‘Another smash!’ wrote one critic. ‘A movie for our times,’ hailed another. ‘This may be the best installment yet,’ raved a third.

Everyone knew the guy who played me, Earl Turner.

Earl Turner? Oh, for godssakes, William Pierce is spinning in the grave.

“Indeed. I also know that the US is bringing in people from the Middle East and doing drills with zombies. One guy, a Mark Bollett, thinks they’re planning an attack and we need to be ready.”

Obama-Xi-zombies about to attack the “Northern Territories.”  Uber-WASP Paul Darwin and grunting Neanderthal Eyetalian Vinnie Corleone to the rescue!

The Chinese are getting the zombies in fighting form and then:

“And all was fine,” Vinnie continued, “but then Obama started goin’ double hard on the social justice rhetoric, tellin’ the Mexicans about how we Whites in the Northern Territory had taken all their land and he even said we enslaved them, enslaved them for hundreds of years!”

Do you remember Ernie Junger and Carl Schmitt?

Sure!  They’re hanging’ out with Jules Evola and Frankie Yockey.

But we’re going to put forward a motion that the republics unite and that you become our first national leader.” “Me a Founding Father?” “A regular poppa! If we can get their agreement.” He smiled…


In widely publicized research, Dr. Ted Dutton established a causative relationship between higher IQs and the ability to resist cell phone use.

Ted?  Anyway, did he wear a fez and sing songs while doing all of that?

Individuals’ characteristics often reflect the assumptions of the society they inhabit.

Indeed.  And not only societies, but movements as well.

The next chapter: Mr. Richard Duchesne: The Eastern White Territories.

What’s next?  Gig Johnson?  Dickie Spinster?  The mind boggles.  In any case, the following chapters outline the characteristics of various ethnoracial-cultural American territories that evolved out of the “dumbing” chaos.

To re-engage with my Western heroes.

That was an incomplete sentence.

…the famous scientist Dr. Ted Dutton, also sat at the table. He holds PhDs in neuropsychology, epidemiology, and molecular genetics. I think Nietzsche would have found him interesting.

The real Ed Dutton has a degree in “theology” and I believe that Nietzsche would have laughed at him.

I suddenly understood our fight as one between the West and the other civilizations; a cosmic battle between the striving West and Asian conformity.

Derbyshire weeps.

We were born to vindicate God’s exaltation of the nonmaterial realm…


…and then muttered in deep contemplation, “Lord, please Lord, allow me to know, how might I take my people to where they must go, to realize their…” And, right there and then, the Lord answered my prayer. “HITLER! Yes!” I yelled. All my life I had been told how horrible Hitler was, the very mention of his name made people recoil. He worked black magic on his populace. But I needed to work such magic on mine. Jesus’ answer was clear, I was to follow Hitler’s example!

Praise Jesus!  Heil Hitler!

We needed such power. We needed Hitler’s pomp, his sense of spectacle. And yes, above all his willingness to feel evil, channel hatred and act violently. In Jesus’ name, the West needed to become whole and realign with its sense of superiority and righteous wrath.

We are entering self-parody time here.

Whereas we wish to practice our Christian faith without guilt…


…each person must become crucified, nailed to his own cross and nailed to the cross of Western civilization if we are to thrive…


A zombie is about to chew through her cheek. What do you do?

Bring them a knife and fork?

Will you kill for Christ?

Very Christian, that.

The Jewish-looking fellow spoke up, “I am an atheist and an American and I find it offensive that you would assume the religion of everyone in here and impose your religion on them.”

I agree with this “Jewish-looking fellow.”

The West’s heritage is firmly Christian. If you hate Christianity, you hate the West.

A double lie.

I felt powerful. I enjoyed having people thrown out of meetings.

He can start with himself.

As the battle will be fought by men, these young men must bond.

Certain factions of the Alt Right may interpret men “bonding” in a manner not meant by the author.

To a scantily clad woman:

“If you didn’t already know that your body would distract men from their duty, their moral focus on developing souls, you wouldn’t be revealing so much of it. You know your body is not just yours, but affects others. To plead otherwise is a lie!”

Behold the female!  I agree with that passage, which reveals a sound understanding of female behavior. Similarly, from a female character:

And I discovered that I have a tendency to resent men.

Again, right on target.  More, from the same character:

“I don’t get the segregationists. Why are those people so fearful of non- Whites? I’m not sure I want to administer a curriculum that has to conform to the ideas of people like that.” 

Behold the female, indeed!

…Western civilization is the only conscious civilization. I mean, think of what the world would be like without us. No electricity, people barely knowing the world is round.


Stupid brutal religions and constant warfare in their names.

Does that include Christianity?

The eight main new laws of Darwin’s regime:

1. Building Churches

2. He Who Does Not Work Shall Not Eat

3. The Death Penalty

4. Family Law

5. Media Policy

6. The Wages of Sin and Enforcement

7. Disbanding the Military

8. The Ministry of Culture

Number one I oppose unalterably – churches should be destroyed or turned into museums. No big problems with two through six. Number seven is crazy in the context of foreign threats like China.  Number eight is fine dependent upon what you mean like “culture.”

And how do you like this oxymoron sentence, followed by more stupidity:

We need a masculine, macho, muscular ‘ready for war’ Christianity ethos.

As I had come to understand mine as a holy mission, I had gotten into the habit of praying when I had trouble. So, when I got home, tired as I was, I got down on my knees and pleaded, “Oh Lord, please be my guide. Please give me another inspiration. Please tell me what I must do.”

What utter tripe.

“You are not Muslim or Chinese or African, let alone ‘individual.’ No, you belong to an ancient civilization, that of the Christian West.”

Christianity, a Magian religion, started in the Middle East.

From the hospital, I called Carl and ordered him to round up local RSA members and a horse ready for me in Portland. “A horse?” he checked. “Yes. From Genghis to Cortez to Napoleon horses have signified power and an attempt to conquer…

We know that we are in the presence of “movement” “traditionalism” here – Christinsanity (no, that’s not a spelling mistake), and folks riding horses; all we need now is Greg Johnson snug in his hobbit hole, reading Guenon and Savitri Devi.

My ancestors enslaved far better men than you. You look not upon a man, but an ancient line of noble rulers, beasts of prey, you will break like twigs between my fingers. You wish to shame me with Hitler chants? With pride, I will torture you for pleasure, via the cracking of your bones, I will wring weakness out of our population, that we might again drink in bloodlust. The Valkyries will feast upon your insults of equality and human rights. You will pray for your death and find no easy release. I will gain eternal notoriety based on the slow crushing of your already forgotten nameless body.

Sounds a bit like Spencer screaming about “octoroons.”

For true holy war, I not only had to ask, ‘What would Jesus have me do?’ But the very brutal and honest question, ‘What would Hitler do?’ Needing to find a midpoint between Hitler and Jesus, I got off my horse. I needed to find my footing in this raging river of violent lust. I thought of Achilles, Caesar, Charles the Hammer, Patton. I knelt in the leaves and pressed my hands together, metal upon flesh, in supplication before the Lord. Mouthing my silent prayer, I begged, ‘Our civilization has become too domesticated. What can make it feral again, without making us unworthy of you?’

Hasn’t your Christianity contributed to the domestication of your civilization?

I am letting you know that we will be building a national system of coliseums in our Academies and reviving the ancient Roman tradition of gladiator battles.

Very Christian, that. Talk about jumping the shark, I think we’ve jumped Moby Dick here.  And no “spin” from the author, spouted through the mouth of the main character, can alter the un-Christian nature of this situation.

Not needing, but wanting more backing, I said, “Vinnie, you’re of Italian heritage.” “Yeah, whataboutit?” he winced.

I decided you’re non-White!  Off to the zombie lands with you, moopish wop!

“You’re tough. I know you. You’re connected in New York. You’re not totally ignorant of violence.”

“I plead the fifth!” Vinnie said with a big smile.

Haw, haw. I am skeptical that the author of this book either (a) ever visited New York City, or (b) ever met an Italian-American.

Between the sixty-four exterior columns we placed fifty-six statues of Western icons. Historically, they spanned from Pythagoras to Nietzsche…

Nietzsche no doubt would be thrilled with Christian underpinnings of this “state.”

If we had bullfights, the bulls could not scale these walls.

Cue the Matador.

The participants, when not fighting, wore Roman legion skirts and breastplates, with copies of Constantine’s red cross on them.

Christian fanaticism ended the gladiatorial games, by the way.

Christian Romulus and Remus banners…

They were Christians after all.  Romulus killed Remus for jumping over a crucifix.

And so I am pleased to bring to you, here and watching across the nation, the first live fight to the death many of you will have ever seen, Janet DeMott versus Judah Spielberg…

OK, I’d pay to see that.

Vinnie had the greatest look of joy on his face. In his time, in Brooklyn, he had participated in things that, as they say, ‘you don’ wanna know about.’

Burning copies of  March of the Titans?

“But being White is not enough!” The excitement diminished as I momentarily eyed Duchesne. “We have among us traitorous loser, self-hating Whites. This scum not only doesn’t take pride in our accomplishments. They use our own values to shame us.


In the next battle we will reenact the Battle of Marathon, wherein our Greek ancestors first fought off the unthinking masses under Persian control.

Your ancestors?  I think not.

A young man actually slid, like a baseball player coming into a base, between a tall sub-human’s legs. And standing up on the other side, he shoved his dagger into the unfortunate moron’s anus! Wow!

Wow!  Praise Jesus!

When the Chinese set up a rump “United States of America” with Obama as their puppet ruler, we get:

To their credit, the Chinese got much of the electrical grid back online. They trained a local police force. Also, local proxy, puppet foremen aside, the Chinese ran factories that provided an economy for the south.

But, of course. HBD!

The Chinese had long nursed a resentment of Whites, if for no other reason that the Whites had succeeded in creating more than they ever had. Whites had made all of the basic scientific discoveries, inventions and artistic mediums worth having.

Well, well, well…a bit of REAL "race realism." Derbyshire, Lynn, and Taylor weep.

The Muslims made no bones about their desire to use the weapons to help the Chinese destroy the West. Thus jihadis and Chinese colluded for our destruction.

The Tropical Alliance. Derbyshire weeps.

Time for war:

As the gladiator games had done, this march, this crusade, would remake a generation. If successful, nothing could stop these dedicated, disciplined, bonded, tough White men from making our civilization shine. This epic would leave us on firmer ground, a surer path to glory than any other. We immediately got word that our planes met tremendous resistance from the Chinese Air Force and ground to air rocket launchers. In turn, we attacked their air force. This would be a ground war.

…the Chinese developed remote zombie control technology while researching how cell phones turned people into zombies.

Is the technology the HBD cult?

I recall the remaining half of Tim Pool’s face. Blood dripped off coagulated blood in his beard. As we did more hand-to-hand combat, more and more of our soldiers suffered severed limbs. I recall struggling to keep my eyes on Tommy Robinson’s eyes, and not his missing leg, as he bravely tried to muffle his screams on his way to death. Nick Fuentes made a chilling gurgling sound as he died with his throat ripped out.

After reading that, I really regretted that this was merely fiction.

Considering Hitler in his bunker now, I briefly considered and then scoffed at his act of suicide. Hitler, when it came down to the end, was not a man of faith. Killing yourself is a mortal sin. It is cowardly. It would not inspire our men. As long as you continue fighting, you have not lost.

Sure! Should Hitler have ended up in Soviet captivity?  Or should he have charged out of the bunker firing a machine gun?

…recalled Dostoyevsky’s six sermons for the dead, the characteristics he had outlined. Actually, I could only remember five. He praised the dead for their steadiness of purpose, authenticity, freedom from worldly concerns, meditation, and victory in tasks completed….

OK, that was weirdly funny.

My mouth was bleeding. I touched the blood with the tip of my tongue, a taste richer, more pungent, grittier than any wine I had tasted.

Zombies to vampires?

I felt a pang in my stomach. ‘The blood is digesting. I feel movement in my intestine.

Black-colored stools tomorrow morning, no doubt.

Then, with my fang teeth, I ripped off some of the zombie’s skin with fat on it. I chewed it. ‘Mastication,’ what a word. Mastication, the molecules of meat in our meat-bodies making life. ‘Mastodon,’ what an animal.

That sounds like the gibbering of a lunatic.

And I drank a full mouth of blood and tore out a full bite, then another and another. I felt my hair tingle and strengthen at its ends. Yes! I could literally feel each of my hairs’ connection to my scalp and feel the ends strengthen. I felt my skin thicken. Good bumps, yes. But, actually, real-time growth in my power and skin seemed to follow. I tore off another bite…


I looked behind me and touched my head with my right hand, making my body into the shape of a swastika.

Nazi yoga.

Gazing out on the infinite momentarily transfixed me. But I realized, the battle had not disappeared, it was just that I was so tall that my line of sight went above the fray. I looked down, from the horizon to the great hordes engaged in ancient combat around me. Indeed, I was a good six feet taller than anyone around me.

Is this meant to be serious?

I inhaled so much air that it resembled the pull of a whirlpool morphing into a black hole. I took a tad more air in, filling my huge lungs to absolute capacity. Then I arched my spine backwards and, as I moved forward, roared! The tornado knocked all those within one hundred yards of me to the ground. Even the sun itself seemed to recoil.


So I pulled an arm off of a zombie corpse and began eating it like a chicken leg. “Eat them!” I barked. As we consumed our enemies, we all convulsed and grew.

A new type of “gear” for bodybuilding.

We have only one political party, the United Party of Christ…


And during the early years we raided China every year for captives, just to show them that we could.

Paging John Derbyshire.

The Roman population was sometimes thirty percent slaves.

There’s some disagreement about that.

Only when men are ready to kill for their destiny, can they safely, fully and collectively achieve it.

Praise Jesus!

There has never been a more forceful appeal made to the best in man than the appeal made by Christianity.

As exemplified by eating zombies and drinking their blood. A sacrament of sorts.

Only one more important piece of business remained before I could start my crucifixion preparation

Trying to find a way to escape from the pages of this ludicrous book? Moby Dick, do you know who Captain Ahab’s partner was?” “Ahab had a partner? No. Who?” He seemed relaxed now. “It was Starbuck…

Starbuck was opposed to Ahab, at least morally, and by verbal objection, if not my open deed. Wasn’t Fedallah Ahab’s partner instead (if he could be said to have had one)?

Yeah, Starbuck was the ship’s financier in Moby Dick...

No, you ignorant moron, Starbuck was the First Mate. Captains Peleg and Bildad were part-owners ("financiers") of the Pequod.

Starbuck was the businessman of the ship. He represented the investors…

That is because as the First Mate he felt he had an obligation to the owners and the crew to follow the official rationale of the voyage – to hunt whales for profit.

Esteemed citizens from each republic climbed the stairs and hammered spikes into the horizontal beam. These first spikes would go under my arms and allow me to hold myself up as they drove the spikes into my hand. I removed my toga and now only wore a loincloth. I mounted the foot pedestal, put my arms in their holders, and put one foot over the other. The pain of the nails going into my hand and feet exceeded every other pain I have ever experienced. I went completely blind with the pain, it overwhelmed me. Then I found my breath.

Truly, Christianity is madness.  Christinsanity, indeed.

The nails in my hands and feet cannot kill me quickly. Showing much fealty, Pastor Lewis stabs me again. Hysterical with pain, I use the reflexive contortion of my body to lift my eyelids. I see my bloody feet. In horror, I instinctively look up to avoid the sight. And there, from nowhere, I see Mary. She is weeping. In my weakness, I too immediately silently sob. We are reconciled.


And I pray that my story, my legend, will propel you and all White Western Christians to incarnate beautiful, holy glory not yet manifest.

Crush the infamy!

Not a bad book, I suppose, for juvenile Alt Right retards - mildly amusing, definitely childish; and boringly (and offensively) Christian. I’ll leave it up to the reader of this review as to whether they think it is something they’d like to buy and read.

Friday, October 22, 2021

Odds and Ends, 10/22/21

In der news.

Der Movement’s hatred of Southern Europeans is borderline psychotic. The self-obsessed egomaniacal Nordicism is also deranged.  See this.  Emphasis added:

…if Nino wins, he gets to bring his family up from impoverished, dead-end Sicily.

He likes the Swiss. They’re calm, rational, affluent, and ordered; so unlike the screwed-up Italy that offers him nothing.

Then, Nino is getting on the train to go back to Italy. He’s broken and annoyed by the other Italians on the train: chummy, cocky, singing songs like O Sole Mio; all that sun, sea, and happiness.

She’s a cut above him in that she’s educated…

shrugging off the usual Italian songs of sun, happiness, and Bella Italia. Yeah, right.

…the workers stare as the Swiss enjoy a beautiful lake. They stroll, kiss, shed their clothes, and swim, contemplating beauty like the Eloi in H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine as we hear a delicate oboe solo, almost like the opening scene of the movie with its quartet and the placid Swiss by a lake. We see blonde hair and firm, naked bodies, tall and poetic on horseback, while the runty Italians stare. The Commedia dell Arte meets Wagner.

Nino, like his fellow workers, are transfixed by the Swiss. It is a defining moment in the film and our age of the relations between north and south. People come to northern Europe to work, compelled by conditions in their homelands, but there is another draw to the north as well: it’s orderly, rational, blonde, quiet, poetic, and beautiful. The southerner can’t resist it; in fact, the world can’t. Despite the south’s inefficiency and resentment against the north and its economic power, the south can’t take its eyes off the Nordic types. They are beautiful and serene.

If the Swiss as like the Eloi in Wells’ The Time Machine, the Italians are the Morlocks, but hardly savage and brutal; they’re rather penned up like chickens who are awed by the swans.

Germany and northern Europe are still the predominant economic powers, now filled with guest workers. It recalls the Taverni brothers’ film Padre Padrone, where a Sardinian farmer keeps his son in illiterate servitude. When the Germans come looking for guest workers, the son’s hopes of finding freedom up north is ended as the father drags him away from the recruiters and back to herding goats — goats who shit in his milk pail.

…he is served by a dark-haired Italian, and for a moment, he blinks . . . but he goes on. Live the vision!...He looks at himself in the mirror. That blonde hair. That strength. Beauty. Vision. His eyes widen, and he dashes his head in the mirror.

The blonde girl, who hasn’t taken her eyes off him, comes out and offers help. Nino, embarrassed, swats her away. But it’s okay, she says; I’m not one of them. I’m one of you. She whips off her blonde wig, and a cascade of black hair tumbles out. “España!” she cries in triumph.

Nino groans. “Would you believe it?” he cries, and passes out.

As the train rolls south, a man plays his guitar and sings. Yes, of happy Sicily; all we need is the sun, the warmth, the blue sea, a pretty girl . . .

That look comes to Nino again. The train rolls on, chugging away, and enters a tunnel. A pause. Nino emerges from the tunnel with his pet suitcase, eyes haunted, a zombie

If Nino could bring his family, they would be Sicilians in Switzerland, like the Turk

But we can still appreciate Nino and his struggle: A tramp being pulled one way and another like Sicilian taffy…

Comment from that post:

I saw “Bread and Chocolate” back when it came out, and enjoyed it, but it is truly a sad and demoralizing movie.  The setting was, of course, chosen to heighten the racial and cultural disparities between the Italians and the Swiss.  Not all Italians are Sicilians or short or dark; there is an Italian part of Switzerland that is presumably neither as dysfunctional as Sicily…

Of course, Johnson avers that there is no affirmative action in Der Movement. Obviously, a S. Italian has an equal chance of being accepted as a “movement” “leader” as a WASP, right?

The Alt Right is dead.  Those are your "leaders." Please keep in mind this is not 20-20 hindsight. I was criticizing the Alt Right before Unite the Right, and I was promoting the idea of behind the scenes quite organizing and infrastructure building during the Trump interregnum. At the very least, if you are going to have public rallies, plan for contingencies and have proper operational security. Screaming about "octoroons" isn't quite satisfactory for that.

Priority number one for any rightist dissident movement is a robust and aggressive legal infrastructure. You need that BEFORE you do your public rallies and speeches. And, yes, that costs money - better to spend $340,000 on that than for someone's "executive compensation" to "maintain an online publication." Or for "fundraising" to support the "work" of Counter-Currents. Der Movement simply is not serious.

Lawfare should be illegal. But it exists. In that context, consider this comment from Amren:

I read Parts I and II. My final assessment of the Unite the Right Rally was that it was poorly organized, involved too many clown-show racists, and was not adequately thought out. This is not to say that the government and police department of Charlottesville, as well as then-governor Terry McAuliffe, were not all despicable scum. They were - and are. But in retrospect, having Richard Spencer (who later came out of the closet as a left-wing Democrat) and Matt Parrott, a cuck and a goofball who stood by while fat boy Matt Heimbach screwed his wife, just reveals the true character of so many who attended this fiasco.

Is that who you want to have in charge?

I don't like people telling me what to do; I don't like mandatory activities. So, I don't think the vaccine mandate is ethically and morally optimal. I would rather have people do as they please, but be held accountable for their choice. So, folks who refuse the vaccination would in turn be refused medical care if they contract covid, and would be held legally responsible if they infect others. Unfortunately, that is not practical according to medical laws as well as so-called medical ethics. But it is theoretically preferable from a moral and ethical standpoint, although from a public health standpoint the mandates do have some validity.

Remember when I wrote up about the Etruscan study? Italianthro now has an analysis on that, which is reasonable.  See this quote form a paper mentioned in that analysis.

Multiple Iron Age populations characterized by different languages and cultures lived in Italy but, genetically speaking, they started to approximate the modern Italians (Aneli et al. 2021; Antonio et al. 2019).

Essentially, much of the genetics of Italy, and of Europe as a whole, were already in place in the ancient world.

Does White nationalism really actually exist any more? Today, Der Movement is a mash-up of HBD race realism, Trumpian populism, spiced up with a dash of Nordicism and the crazy crap of Counter-Currents. The hardcore White nationalism that existed in the 1990s (for better or worse) is gone.

Would Pierce have invited Filipinas and Jews to speak at NA meetings? Would Asian girlfriends been welcome at Rahowa concerts? Did the Creativity movement talk about Asian superiority?

Things are quite different today than in the 90s.  Back then, the bulk of the "movement" was, for better or worse, NS-oriented.  Amren stuck out like a sore thumb back then for being non-NS and moderate; today, Amren is considered "extreme" compared to America First and Trumpism. As someone who lived through all of these events, in retrospect, the death of Pierce was a dividing line between the old WN-oriented, NS-focused "movement" and today's HBD crap. I was visited by an activist, by coincidence the very day Pierce's death was reported in the media. Upon meeting, we just stared at each other for a moment without saying anything.  We knew an era ended and things would never again be the same.

Others now seem to agree. See these comments from Counter-Currents:
DonqyWashOctober 21, 2021 at 7:29 am
This is now what, the fourth or fifth article posted about this film? Does this website have some kind of stake in the ticket sales or something? There’s no such thing as a “pro-white” movie coming out of any Hollywood studio in 2021, and one would think the contributors on Counter Currents would be well aware of that fact. Why in the hell would I want to watch yet more racial replacement garbage prominently featuring a prominent hypercompetent negress character? This is a staple of virtually every movie and television show produced now, and I’ll gladly opt out. Wokeshit propaganda wearing once-enjoyable IP’s as a skinsuit isn’t something you’d expect to see promoted on a dissident platform.

Vagrant RightistOctober 21, 2021 at 8:50 am
My guess is topical film reviews help recruit new people in a gentle way. But yes it might be at the expense of focusing on other frankly more important topics. I don’t think these articles about Bond are for the converted personally.

There is a broad trend on the Right now to move ever more towards meta; film reviews, music, analysis of other people in the movement (which was mentioned critically in a comment on the podcast article about America First), philosophy, based Christianity and paganism, while some of our people are even saying that race and the JQ are passé, old news, WN 1.5 or something. I’ve even heard people apparently in our circles say we need to be less ‘about race’.

And it’s not just people like Fuentes that are an issue here. There are really smart people who only a year ago were presenting themselves as hardcore pro-white third positionists, now they present themselves as Christian theologians.

To me it looks like for many of our people – their content, frankly even their beliefs in some cases, are being shaped by our oppressors; internet censorship, fear of losing accounts and in a number of European countries harsh laws, but they are telling themselves “I’m sophisticated, I’m not just about race like you dated wignats”. I don’t buy that.

I’m not saying this is the case here though, but film reviews are like the ‘good cop’ aren’t they ? They need to be accompanied by the ‘bad cop’ or we’re not really delivering a payload.
See this.  Sallis right, and prescient, once again.
The Alt Right is a callow, superficial, moderate, intellectually and ideologically shallow version of pro-White activism; lacking seriousness and depth; oriented toward millennial snark, trolling, and social media; taking breathless excitement over discovering “rightist” truths that the rest of us knew long ago and which to a large extent are nothing more than plain fact and common sense; marked weakness with respect to science and other forms of empirical thought; prizing style over substance; and prone to exhibit, often in an enhanced form, all of the fossilized dogma, bizarre fetishes, and poor judgment of the “movement” as a whole.
Interestingly, back in 2014, Johnson reproduced one of my EGI Notes essays attacking Amren and Amren meetings. Later on, I suppose, Greggy and Sammy got a long better, so Sallis's complaints suddenly became "insanity" - a "paranoid piece of crap." Note who was it who changed based on circumstance and who has been consistent

China now has a new hypersonic nuclear-capable missile. Meanwhile, the USA uses 1960s-1980s era nuclear weapons, and our vaunted "new" GBSD ICBM will be nothing more than a souped-up Minuteman III. And many Democrats don't even think we need a ICBM leg to the triad. America is becoming a Third World country in every way. I was reading a book about American nuclear weapons history by a fellow named Goetz. He terms the "new" GBSD as an "enormous disappointment" as it just an upgraded Minuteman III (1960-70s missile), and also outlines how "new" American bombers and missile submarines are merely upgrades of old technology. He also notes an issue I have raised as a concern - the ever-diminishing yields of American nuclear bombs, to absurdly low levels. Essentially, I see the USA as undergoing de facto piecemeal unilateral nuclear disarmament. Popgun yields coupled to aging delivery systems will deter no one.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Right-Wing Populist Agenda

New laws.

What are the sort of things that should be on the agenda of right-wing populists running for office, and those who are elected?  Yes, we all expect opposition to illegal immigration and to endless “legal” immigration, opposition to “critical race theory” and “woke” culture, a protectionist economic policy and a concern for working class and middle class Americans, overturning “civil rights” laws, eliminating affirmative action, crackdown on crime, dealing with the biased media and social media, dealing with leftist bias in academia, promoting a social safety net for American citizens (and not for illegal aliens), opposition to China, etc. What if the right-wing populist is sympathetic to right-wing dissidents – as they should (indeed, must) be – what additional proposals should they put forward to protect right-wing dissident political and metapolitical activity?

I fully understand that there would be incredible resistance to these reforms. Nevertheless, it is still worth trying, not only for the enormous benefits for dissent activism in the case of success, but even the process itself would be useful for purposes of enlightenment, propaganda, recruitment, etc. The Left should be forced to defend lawfare, unfair policing, suppression of free speech, etc. Further, until such time that these reforms are implemented, they would constitute an important and attractive part of any right-wing populist political campaign.

I also understand that any law is effective only insofar as it is (fairly) enforced, and even if these reforms are actualized, there would be resistance and attempts to evade them in both spirit and letter, and to overturn them. The struggle is eternal; that is no reason not to engage in struggle.

Finally, I understand that these are complex issues, and to formulate these reforms without abrogating freedom of speech and freedom of association rights in other contexts will not be simple. I am not outlining any detailed description of the reforms - that is up to politicians, lawyers, etc. – those who are on the side of the angels, so to speak.  I am simply outlining in broad terms what should be done.

First and foremost, the Political Opinion Protection Act must be put into law. Freedom of expression must be protected from suppression from private actors, while at the same time protecting freedom of association. There are already laws on the books in some US states that at least partially protect employment rights with respect to political expression (and by further extension, there are labor laws that protect the rights of workers to comment on the workplace, which could encompass political commentary – e.g., opposing “diversity training” and engaging in any other “concerted activity”).

In general, social pricing needs to be opposed to the extent possible, again without undue infringement on freedom of association.

Lawfare - using and abusing the legal system to harass, punish, silence, and intimidate people because off their political beliefs, free speech, or other inappropriate reasons, and/or to deter others from exercising their rights for fear of suffering the same fate - needs to be made illegal. Anti-SLAPP laws can be modified and extended to cover instances where (typically right-wing) political dissidents are targeted in this manner.

Doxing also should be criminalized, and already existing anti-harassment and anti-stalking laws can be modified and extended for this purpose.

Biased policing and prosecutorial discretion also needs to be repressed, especially when it is done for political purposes. We all know the drill – violent Antifa/BLM are either not arrested, regardless of what they do, or if they are arrested, they are not prosecuted or they are given a slap on the wrist. On the other hand, if a rightist merely defends himself against leftist attacks, or simply sneezes within 50 feet of a “person of color,” then they are arrested, prosecuted, called a “domestic terrorist,” etc. There needs to be detailed accountability with respect to politically biased policing and prosecution, and this needs to be carefully codified into law. Part of this is the obligation of local, state, and the federal government to protect freedom of assembly for all lawful gatherings, and not to collaborate with leftist thugs, and/or participate in lawfare and other harassment, to prevent or shut down right-wing speeches, rallies, and other gatherings.

And, to say the least, if colored criminal gang violence is going to be excused, and not prosecuted because they are “mutual combatants,” then do the same the next time right-wing dissidents defend themselves from leftist attacks. You can’t have it both ways.

Related to the above, the “weaponizing” of the FBI, IRS, or any other government institution to suppress lawful political dissent should be criminalized.  Politically biased labelling of people as “domestic terrorists” (as mentioned above), audits and investigations, etc. need to show accountability. There needs to be oversight, and strict enforcement of non-biased use or non-use of government resources with respect to political dissent.

Other things can be thought of – the underlying idea is to eliminate, to the extent possible, social pricing, government intimidation and harassment, lawfare, etc., so as to create a freer, more open marketplace of ideas for (right-wing) dissidents. That would make activity leading to Suvorov's Law more possible.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

A Real Moral Hazard

Gaslighting Greg rides again.

Laugh at this.

Race-conscious whites believe that our race as a whole is too individualistic compared to other races. We would do well to cultivate a feeling of white solidarity and brotherhood. This sentiment should be even stronger among race-conscious whites, lest we offer the world the absurd spectacle of a movement that preaches white solidarity but in practice is polarized by sectarian wedge issues…

Like questioning, every ten minutes, whether certain European-derived people are “White.”

…and petty personal rivalries.

Johnson vs. Spencer, Friberg, Griffin, Sallis, Parrott, Heimbach, etc.

But we have to be careful here. Too much solidarity can be a bad thing. 

Time for Johnson to now justify all of his bad behavior.

If you make wrongdoing safer, you’ll get more of it. 

Like sexual harassment at Alt Right meetings?

This is the meaning of “moral hazard.” Usually, moral hazards involve forcing other people to pay the costs of an individual’s bad decisions. For instance, if the government bails out lenders, they will take more risks. 

Or, if the “movement” rank-and-file keep on bailing out Quota Queen bad judgment and utter incompetence, they’ll just get more of it.

Obviously, a well-run society creates incentives to reduce rather than increase bad decisions. The same is true of a well-run movement. 

Which does not exist.

This is why we have to be careful of appeals to solidarity.

Therefore, we must tolerate Johnson’s eternal feuding.

Unconditional solidarity with the wrongdoers among us is a moral hazard.

I agree. That is why I have no solidarity with “movement” liars, gaslighters, morons, grifters, and frauds.

We should not extend unconditional solidarity to race-conscious whites who harm other members of our movement. 

Like Greg Johnson?

These harms can range from promoting bad ideas…

The entire ideological content of the recent version of Counter-Currents.

…and having bad manners…

Like defaming critics as suffering from “insanity” and calling one of your past writers a “paranoid piece of crap” on a livestream?

…— which should be called out and criticized, preferably with better ideas and better manners — to treasonous behaviors like doxing and snitching to our enemies, to outright criminal behavior. 

Does “criminal behavior” include sexual harassment or cocaine use?

If solidarity is important to us, then we should feel solidarity with the victims. 

Oh, indeed. 

Nor should we extend unconditional solidarity to whites — whether movement members or “normies” — who harm other members of our race at large. There are misanthropes in our cause who don’t “love white people.” They look upon white “normies” merely as raw material for their megalomaniac fantasies. 

Is he talking about himself here?

But they’ll still appeal to normies for white solidarity when it is convenient. Even a whiff of such sociopathic elitism is deadly for a populist movement. 

By “sociopathic elitism” do you mean gibbering about Yogi Bear, The Age of Aluminum, and The Men Who Can’t Tell Time?  Is an obsession with “Savitri Devi” any part of “sociopathic elitism?”

If solidarity is important to us, then we should reserve it for the vast majority of decent white people, not anti-social misfits who prey upon them. 

How about folks who use their children as props for fundraising?  Do they fit into that negative category?

Finally, we should not extend unconditional solidarity to whites who commit crimes against our racial enemies, for instance, terrorists like Brenton Tarrant. Even our racial enemies have basic human rights. 


But even if you deny that — even if you profess to care only about white people….


… — whites like Tarrant also harm our movement and our race as a whole. 

I agree, but your “movement,” in aggregate, over the many decades of failure, harms the race more.

...And when a conflict emerges between members of our cause and white well-being as a whole, solidarity with our race as a whole should win out. We must always choose the greater good. 

Yes. That is why I oppose Counter-Currents.

Now let’s apply this to some concrete questions from readers...All three of these issues are related to the question of solidarity and moral hazards.

As is the question of donating money to Counter-Currents, VDARE, American Renaissance, etc.

Let’s deal with the Fuentes question first. Nobody in the movement is above criticism for bad ideas, bad decisions, or bad character. 

Including Greg Johnson.

Suppressing criticism in the name of solidarity creates a moral hazard. It creates an atmosphere in which bad ideas, bad decisions, and bad characters flourish. But we can’t afford that. Our cause is too important, our enemies are too powerful, our ranks are too small, and our time is too short.

Indeed. That’s why Johnson is a hypocrite when he bans people from his blog who have the temerity to criticize him. But, hey. it’s just a “brand,” after all.

However, when people like Fuentes are attacked by our enemies for being courageous and effective in advocating sound ideas…

“...for being courageous and effective in advocating sound ideas." - Let me know when that occurs.

There were plenty of problems with Unite the Right. There were some terrible people, terrible ideas, and terrible optics. I know what is coming in the trial. I know that we will cringe with embarrassment at the testimony, depositions, emails, forum posts, and text messages that will be offered as evidence and broadcast to the entire world.

Johnson’s “big tent.”

The same is true of the post-Charlottesville lawfare directed at the march’s organizers and participants...we should set aside our differences — since those don’t really matter here, anyway — and we should offer them moral support, at the very least.

Hey, we could be offering them financial support, but all dem dere “D’Nations” are flowing in other directions, eh?

...It is not illegal to be evil-minded fantasists and foul-mouthed jerks. 

Yes, we know that Counter-Currents is not illegal.

It is not illegal to be an asshole. 

After all, Greg Johnson is still walking around free.

All the defendants, good and bad, are on trial simply for being white advocates. Make very clear that your support is not a blanket endorsement of the marchers — how could it be? — but simply a defense of their constitutional rights, as well as the basic principles of white racial activism, namely that white people are under attack, and we have the right to take our own side. On these points, at least, Unite the Right did nothing wrong.

All of this lip service is meaningless. Real support would have come from a sound legal infrastructure and proper finances, both of which do not exist because of the ineptness of "movement" “leaders.”

Just as solidarity with wrongdoers within our ranks creates a moral hazard, so does a lack of solidarity...Thus I wish the Charlottesville defendants the best. If they win, our cause will be a bit safer from lawfare. If they lose, we can only expect more of the same.

OK, then, if you believe that, then take all of your fundraising proceeds for the year 2021 and donate it to their legal defense. Talk is cheap. After all, it’s only money, right? Or is supporting Quota Queen financial greed a real moral hazard?