Tuesday, September 30, 2014

More on Hungary

A point of disagreement.

 I am sorry that this potentially wonderful event has come to naught, and I want to thank the organizers for the audacity to dream. It is better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all.

I disagree.  When I heard about this conference, I was baffled that an EU country like Hungary would allow such an event to take place on their soil, since the EU is a totalitarian police state, dedicated to the promotion of White genocide.  I wondered if perhaps Jobbik had enough “sway” with the authorities there to enable the conference to go on, in defiance of the well-known “race laws” that exist in the entire EU.  My first instincts were correct.  Therefore, I would rewrite Greg Johnson’s comment thus:
I am sorry that this potentially wonderful event was planned to take place in an obviously inappropriate venue, instead of in a government building in the USA, such as where Amren holds their conferences.  I want to thank the organizers for wasting everyone’s time and money, and for giving the anti-White System another victory, and for letting the anti-racists have a hearty laugh at our expense. Audacity is not exactly the word I would use to describe this fiasco, which is sort of like scheduling a Holocaust Revisionist Conference in Tel Aviv. It is better not to have tried something so obviously silly.

Note to the Mainstreamers

Some advice.

How do you know when some leader, politician, etc. is "really one of us" and is at the very least generally supportive of the preservationist ethnoracial nationalist perspective?

How about this: When the person in question directly and openly states their support and then proceeds to back up that statement with concrete action.

So...imagine a Hungarian leader worthy of being mentioned by "our side" as someone demonstrating that "mainstreaming" can bring preservationist nationalist ideas to power. That leader might - who knows? - actually publicly proclaim a "Europe for Europeans" ideal, they might end all alien immigration to their nation, they might fight to amend the "Hungarian constitution" to allow for free speech on race and civilization rather than to wave around said constitution to justify cancelling a preservationist conference, they might make common cause with "far-right" groups in their nation instead of opposing and insulting them, and they might openly support radical groups like Golden Dawn in other European nations. What they wouldn't do is mumble some words seemingly hostile to globalism and immigration and then turn around and denounce those groups actually opposing globalism and immigration, and then turn around again to govern in a manner favoring globalism and immigration.

There's more to this story.

Question: are the good folks at Jobbik going to take some time out of their busy schedules of praising Turks and bashing Romanians to denounce this action of the Orban government (rather than just meekly removing the name of their MP from the NPI conference list)? Second question: did any of the folks organizing this conference ever stop to consider the very real possibility that a European nation, with all the "hate speech anti-racist etc." laws found in Europe, would cancel the conference? I mean, is this all so surprising?  Unexpected?  This fiasco another example of the Old Movement's affirmative action policy?

Well, Well, Well: Mainstreaming Chickens Come Home to Roost

Mainstreamers are stupid and need to be ignored.

Other reports indicate that was on Viktor Orbans's orders.  But, but, but...I thought Viktor Orban was an ethnonationalist superhero, bravely standing up to the anti-White EU elites on subjects important to European preservationism.  Could it be...that the "conservative" "nationalist" "mainstream" merely exploit nationalist sentiment for electoral purposes, to keep their "red meat" supporters happy and satisfied, while in reality kowtowing to the globalist elites, the EU, and the Jews?

No worries!  Why, I'm sure the mainstreamers believe that Marine Le Pen will offer to host the conference and give it her seal of approval.  Yes?  No?

Another indication that the Old Movement is full of morons and imbeciles, self-important folks whose time has passed.  If you keep on trying the same failed methods over and over again - choosing between conservative mainstreaming or neo-Nutzi Hitlerism, and keep on failing - you'd think that, eventually, one would wake up and decide a fresh start was needed.  But, no.  Don't worry though. Just open up your volume of March of the Titans, Who We Are, or Raciology, dream about the glory days of "Nordic Hindus," and all will be well.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Another Architect of Genocide

The gallows await.

Thus, according to Salter's essay:

- Sheridan states that Anglo-Australia has been/is being displaced and replaced by Asian immigration.

- Sheridan admits this is a form of genocide.

- Sheridan states that he has used his position and influence to advocate in favor of this Asian immigration.

Therefore, the conclusion is inescapable: Sheridan openly admits that he has used his influence to support and promote genocide.

I remember that folks were hanged back in the late 1940s for that.

If and when Anglo-Australia reasserts itself and White Australians, led by the British-derived founding ethny, take back their nation, there must be legally convened tribunals to judge people like Sheridan for crimes against humanity.

And since Sheridan already has openly and proudly admitted his complicity, it would seem that the only reasonable outcome to the trial is a verdict of guilty, followed by the same punishment meted out to, for example, Julius Streicher.

And if the likes of Sheridan try to escape their fate by fleeing an ethnonationalist Australia, then Australian commandos should be sent out to capture them and bring them back, alive, to stand trial, according to law, and according to the standards of human decency (opposition to genocide).

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Someone Who Gets It

New blog.

Here is someone who gets the truth about what a pathetic travesty the (American) racial nationalist "movement" is:
What's most distressing in all this is that at least 90% of the 'movements' or websites concerned with these matters are absolutely toxic and destructive to any real 'cause' that seeks a solution--either by design or because of the degenerate nature of those involved. Generally I will be posting on these problems and in doing so, will likely cause much annoyance to many of those involved but that is the price to pay. Most of them are the dregs of European man. This is not unexpected as the first ones to feel the destructive forces of this age are in the most difficult situations. Unfortunately, their desperate nature often leads them to latch on to anything that makes them feel better and lash out at any and all as a cure for their bitterness.  They are the reverse reflection of the same civilization-destroying hordes. Point being, most have no real interest in the future of European man and are ultimately, the most dangerous to its survival--for they are already dead and no Elysium awaits them.

EGI Notes as well as Richard Lynn's Pseudoscience (the former seriously and the latter using the rhetoric of vulgar ridicule) have as one objective critiquing the Old Movement, while, at Western Destiny, there is discussion on what characteristics a New Movement should have,

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Against Mainstreaming

An opposing argument.

Some in the “movement” – including some “movement intellectuals” – are championing the concept of “mainstreaming” and cite France’s Front National (FN) as a sterling example of this paradigm.  After all, as these “movement” think tankers report, the FN, it seems, is these days saying it doesn’t matter if the French become a minority of the population of France.  Doesn’t matter!  What does matter then?  Constitutional patriotism?  Culture?  Citizenism?  “French values?”  Haven’t we heard all of this before?  Isn’t sacrificing principles on the altar of “electability” one of the main reasons that “conservatism” in the USA has become completely useless, why the GOP betrays White interests over and over and over again?  But, the intellectuals tell us, this mainstreaming allows the reborn nationalists to influence policy, and to legitimize discussion of important issues.  A Le Pen victory in 2017 would lead to more “free speech” on issues of race and immigration (has the FN campaigned to overturn France’s speech laws?). There’s the usual hopeful “movement” assumptions here, the usual “mind-reading” and assertions that public pronouncements should not be taken at face value, and, instead, we need to value hypotheses, beliefs, assumptions, hopes, and fantasies over ice-cold realistic facts.  You see!  Just wait!  By mainstreaming their message and dumping the old core ideology, the FN will become electable (By golly, they are even attracting French Jews!  How wonderful!), and they will be elected, and then the “kid gloves” will come off, and we will at that time deal with the race problem!  You just wait! 

I do not believe that mass mobilization, ideological fervor, activist support, memetic understanding, and political fundamentals – in essence, a party’s or movement’s entire worldview -  can be turned on and off like flipping a switch, or can be turned around like switching a gear.  If the FN spends years convincing supporters that it is not about race, that French nationalism is independent of French ethnicity, if they preach the constitutional patriotism argument that France can remain French without ethnic French being the majority, then how realistic is it for them to suddenly turn around one day and say: “Surprise! We were just fooling you!  It really is about race, and now…”  I can’t see it; worse, they poison the well for everyone else, they redirect the righteous anger of the displaced French people to a culturalist dead end of anti-White “citizenism.”  Aracial nationalism - the “pop culture far-Right” or “far-Right Light” – can serve as a safety valve for majoritarian discontent, much the same way implicitly White “conservative Republicans” do in the USA.  All the potential power is dissipated, frittered away, expended into maladaptive directions.  And how do we know what the FN leadership’s true feelings and beliefs are?  Do we need to guess?  Maybe they really believe that ethnicity is irrelevant to “Frenchness.”  WNs love to make assumptions that “X” is “really one of us” (e.g., the current breathless schoolgirl infatuation with Putin), and WNs get burned every time.  I apply Occam’s razor and instead assume that public pronouncements match private beliefs, until such time I have definitive evidence otherwise. 

Hardline activists – the support that’s a mile deep but an inch wide – become disillusioned and disenfranchised by mainstreaming, to be replaced by fickle and ephemeral "support” that’s a mile wide but an inch deep. This latter support, weaned on a diet of citizenist pap, may vanish overnight if race is ever re-introduced into the French political equation.  And if we decide to ignore Occam and assume that the citizenist pose of the FN is really a ruse, the problem then becomes that “popular support” and “electability” may become ends in themselves; in other words, means become ends and the original ends vanish.  The “apparent” belief system becomes the “real” belief system, and the endgame is all about attaining and maintaining power, not actually doing anything constructive while in power.  The FN may come to believe that the ruse is reality and that the trickery should become the new, real, permanent ideology.  Thus, this is similar to the GOP supporters in America, who talk of “electability” without ever asking “what do we want our candidate to be elected for?”  You see, being elected is the end in itself, there is no other underlying ultimate objective.  That’s the end result of “mainstreaming.”  To what end a FN victory if France becomes part of Eurabia anyway? Why should we care?  Because it “feels good to win?”  “Win” what?  And it is strange that people who should know better believe that “French Jews flocking to the FN” is somehow a good thing.  Why, yes, it may improve mainstreaming electability, but it is also a danger sign – like the canary in the coal mine – that something has gone drastically wrong with the FN.  On the basic premise that “what’s good for the Jews is not good for Whites, and vice versa,” the growing enthusiasm of French Jews for the “new FN” should really alarm folks who want to see the peoples of Europe saved from the rising tide of color.

Of course, mainstreaming has its place within the activist toolkit.  As long as the core ideology is maintained, enhancing electability through mainstreaming of the message can work, when it is required.  The problem is when mainstreaming completely alters the core ideology, when ethnonationalism becomes replaced by constitutional patriotism, culturalism, and citizenism. Then the means become ends and all is lost. 

I may of course be wrong here and the FN mainstreamers may lead European nationalists to victories and then proceed to enact a preservationist and ethnoracial nationalist agenda. If I’m wrong, I’ll admit it.  But someone needs to sound a warning alarm about mainstreaming, at least point out the potential dangers.  Why isn’t that happening, re: the FN?  Is something deeper going on here?  Just like the omega males of the “movement” become blushing schoolgirls over “macho man” Eurasianist Putin, I wonder if the beta males of the “movement” are becoming blushing schoolboys over the “attractive” and “charming” Marine Le Pen.  A similar pathetic display took place in 2008, when Buchanan, Sailer, and other “America First” Paleocons started gushing over “hot” man-jawed Neocon interventionist “Sister Sarah” Palin.  It is unfortunately a part of superficial human nature – Nietzsche’s “human, all too human” – to value the messenger over the message. I can’t help believe that if the current head of the FN was some sort of stuffy, pudgy, frog-eating Frenchman, that there would be a bit less enthusiasm in the “movement” for the mainstreaming going on there.

Comment Against Citizenism

Critiquing Sailer.

Steve Sailer is one of the leading anti-White HBD commentators on "conservative" blogs, preaching the racially destructive doctrine of "citizenism" - our loyalty should be to our "fellow American citizens" and not to any tribalistic affiliation. Thus, for example, an Irish-American should feel more kinship with the "American" Negro mugging him than to an Irishman living in Dublin.

Some however reject Sailer's White-hating poison (emphasis added):

countenance says: • Website
September 25, 2014 at 2:10 pm GMT 
I think what you’re asking is for people who would ordinarily have no tribal loyalty to us and have tribal loyalties to other tribes is for them to ditch their DNA and be loyal to their birth certificate and geography. 
The better idea is for our own people to start thinking of themselves as a tribe and start being tribally loyal to ourselves. 
Why should we ask anyone else to start doing the same suicidal things to themselves that we’re doing to ourselves, and in large part many of these anyone elses are asking us to keep on doing to ourselves while they don’t do to themselves? 
This is why citizenism is only useful as a transitory ideology but not a good long term project. Because citizenism depends on the transient accidents of geography and pieces of paper.

Friday, September 26, 2014

More Lack of Enforcement


Despite this, Whites do not protest.  They go dutifully to vote for pro-immigration, pro-amnesty "conservative Republicans," before settling down on the sofa with chips and a "brewski" and watch Negro behemoths run into each other on a football field. From the standpoint of objective biological fitness, has there ever been a more worthless subspecies that the White race?

And while all this is going on, the "movement" "plays the fiddle while Rome burns," agonizing over percent differences in cephalic indices or ancestral proportions, or promoting ludicrous comic book racial histories. An inferior movement for an inferior race.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Duchesne and Frost

Decline of European Man.

In the comments section of his blog, Duchense makes the following insightful comment:

Decline of the West is obvious and not only in the face of mass immigration; it is evident in the very physiology of Europeans; current males are not the same as in the past; even if they "understand" that their lands are being occupied by forces that will destroy them, many will still not react, they have lost their basic survival instincts; it is not their ideas of human rights only, but their temperament is very low in aggressive in-group energies.

Is this related to Frost's concept of genetic pacification?  Not that it happened overnight, but, perhaps, as part of a long process of genetic pacification and de-barbarization of European Man, a threshold level has recently been passed, resulting in pathologically low levels of aggressiveness.  Or, have the two world wars of the last century resulted in a civilization-wide "nervous breakdown," destroying the West's will to resist?

As to the latter possibility: to think we still have retards who continue to promote intra-European division, both in the American "movement" as well as in some petty nationalist European nationalist parties. "First as tragedy, then as farce" - Karl M. was on to something there with his insight into repetition in history.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Question About Cogelite Zakaria

And a follow up question.

The answer: Brown Privilege.

Follow-up question: why does Andrew Hamilton still write for WN blogs?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

It's a Conspiracy!


On Duchese's blog, a lunatic leaves a comment including (emphasis added):

The concept of Judeo-Christianity, as it is used by Kaplan, gained precedence in the 1940s in an effort to battle antisemitism. Ditto Western Civ.They are constructs originated to undermine the effort to preserve the EGI of the founding. Anglo-Saxon people.

So, Western Civilization, a thousands years phenomenon recognized by everyone from the most anti-White leftist to the most fanatical Nazi, the crowning achievement of human history and of European Man, is now revealed as a "construct," an evil conspiracy by dastardly Meds and Slavs to damage Anglo-Saxon EGI (never mind that virtually all of the most staunch proponents of founding stock Americans recognized and championed the achievements of Western Civilization, to which the Anglo-Saxons contributed as much, or more, than anyone else).

The "movement" as it exists today, at least in America, must rank among the greatest enemies of the White race, Anglo-Saxons included.  The Old Movement must be completely eliminated, eradicated root and branch, so that sanity can return to racial nationalist activism.

A Naive Guest

You are looking in the wrong place.

On the Spencer/Liddell podcast discussed here yesterday, a commentator named "Guest" writes:

Spencer is wrong on the currency issue and economics. Germany wants a STRONG euro because of fear of devaluation and hyperinflation. Italy, which to this day exports more than the UK - and has zero deficit with high debt (like Japan), cannot devalue their currency because it is now pegged to the euro. The euro is an anchor around Italy - and yet, even with all that, the Italian economy is the same size as Russia's and larger than India's. I think the Alt-Right US should SERIOUSLY back down on this Nordicism lest you lose half your audience - and continue getting your facts wrong.

This "Guest" is well-meaning, but naive.  The "movement" can't "back down" on what is its fundamental premise. And "getting...facts wrong" is what the "movement" is all about. You still don't get it? If you want a rational and fact-based pan-European activism, you need to ditch the "movement" ASAP, and stop looking for progress in the wrong place. Something new needs to be built. Welcome to reality.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Scotland, Ethno-Nationalism, and the European Imperium.

Some comments.

With respect to the issue of the recent Scottish independence vote: my view was that I was mildly on the “yes” side (sympathy for secession and nationalism, as well as the fact that such a result would have moved the rump UK rightward) although with reservations (the SNP is a anti-White party of the raciocultural Left).  The results do not bode well for those on our side who think we can vote our way out of this mess: even a mild and multicultural secessionism failed to win the support of a majority of Scots; what chance would  a more radical racialist agenda have?

Before I move on, I’d like to chide all the Internet retards who marveled at the “85% of eligible voters who voted,” comparing that favorably to the low voter turnout in the USA.  Hey, morons, when are Americans allowed to vote on an issue of the high existential level such as that of actual secession?  When are Americans allowed to vote on anything important at all, especially voting with the certainty that any “politically incorrect” decision wouldn’t be overturned by the judiciary?  Sorry, voting for Romney vs. Obama just doesn’t “do it” for enough of us to bring a 85% turnout rate.  Voting to “outlaw affirmative action” won’t do the trick either, since a “yes” vote would be invalidated in the courts.

Now, back to the “movement."

More important than this political development has been the birth of a homogenous European Man. He is a man who might call someplace—maybe a little place—“home,” somewhere with a language and way of life all its own: Wales, Bavaria, Talin. . . But he is demonstrably European in his character, values, and being, especially to outsiders. Who could deny that today the differences that separate a Scotsman from an Englishman, or a Russian from a Italian—though certainly real—are easily outweighed but what they share in common? Who could deny that the mass immigration of non-Europeans has intensified our awareness of this unity, allowed us to understand ourselves in ways that we might not have otherwise?
 There is, without question, a cost to this historical process, for “European Man” is, to a large degree, the “Last Man” as Nietzsche imagined him: the homogenous consumer and worker, who sees little of value above comfort and acquiring more stuff. For better and for worse, we are all becoming “good Europeans”. . . and we must understand something like the Scotts’ bid for independence in this wake.

I to a large extent agree with the first paragraph, although I see no incompatibility between pan-European nationalism and a rational ethnonationalism.  The second paragraph is complete imbecility.  Why must a “good European” be a Last Man hedonist consumer?  Really?  Compared to who – those Faustian Nietzschean Supermen petty nationalists of the SNP?  Last Men can be found everywhere: among liberals, petty nationalists, and pan-European nationalists alike.  We do not want them, they are not one of us, and there is no logical connection between one’s support of a particular form of nationalism and being a “homogenous consumer and worker.”  The fact is, the man who was the very enemy of the “Last Man” that he himself defined – Nietzsche – was a “good European” who eschewed petty nationalists.

Of interest is the second half, where ethnonationalism vs. pan-European nationalism is discussed. In general, I support Spencer’s view more than Liddell’s, although I agree with Liddell that one can balance different levels of Identity, a theme that Spencer also seems to start to incline towards.

I really have never understood the lack of understanding in this “debate.”  People have different identities in their private lives.  One man may be a banker and at the same time a father.  Another man may be both a student and an athlete. Someone may identify as a libertarian and as a conservative.  At a higher level, a man may identify as a Scot and as a European.  Where’s the problem?  In viewing himself at the local level, distinguishing culture and history and genes at the continental level, the man is a Scot.  At the global level, as Spencer suggests with his Chinaman example, the Scot is, and is viewed by others as, a White man, a European, a Westerner.  Are we all so dull-witted that we cannot simultaneously adopt both identities?  And if we agree that the age of intra-European conflict must be over, then there should be no incompatibility here, since one’s narrower identity as a Scot should not cause problems of conflicted interest with any other European ethny.  And this is, as Spencer suggests, the problem with those petty European nationalists who argue over microscopic parcels of land while their nations, and the whole White world, is being submerged under the rising tide of color.

Speaking of “last men,” the part of the discussion concerning “hard vs. soft currency” was truly irrelevant, and Liddell’s off-the-cuff remarks about North vs. South European Imperiums nonsensical.  Who are the “last men” who shrink the issue of European unity and important issues of identity down to the purely economic level?  Last men indeed!  Any “Imperium” – any worth the name – is not going to come into being from any purely bottom-up democratic election (needless to say, I don’t agree with Liddell at all – to me, democracy has no saving graces), and petty squabbling over currency issues will no longer be tolerated. Yes, differences between nations need be maintained, but that is no excuse to shirk responsibility and productivity. In any Imperium, any dichotomy between productive Krauts and lazy Dagoes would not be tolerated.  Everyone works.  Everyone contributes to productivity.  If there are some swarthy layabouts who are unwilling to work hard, or are culturally or biologically incapable of productive hard work, then they will be expelled or exterminated.  “National character” is no excuse for laziness or incompetence, that’s not the type of New European Man who needs to emerge from the ashes of the ruined West.  The Overman High Culture is “blood and iron,” not “wine, women, and song” or “lazy siestas in the sun.” 

Finally, as an aside, although I have a reputation as a biologically obsessed genetic racial “tester,” the time has come to realize that the biology of race, although real and important (sorry, FPY) is not the totality of Identity, which also includes cultural and historical components, a people’s shared sense of destiny. Last Men are solely concerned with cephalic indices and gene frequencies.  We need to be concerned with all aspects of Identity going forward, both at the local and the continental vs. global levels.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Two Thought Experiments on the Free Market and Immigration

The hypocrisy of the free market.

Free market proponents of open borders and mass immigration must be happy about this story. As we know, the free marketers tell us that nations with low birthrates require alien immigration because of "labor shortages" (yet Spain and the USA have high unemployment coupled to large-scale immigration), or the need for "greater productivity and economic growth" (yet many immigrants are low-skilled and on welfare and even when high-skilled often tend to be net consumers of services), or the need for "younger workers to pay for the social services for aging/retired natives" (as if, when they amass sufficient political power, young non-Whites will cheerfully pay for the care of old White folks, who they hate). Then one can also question whether opposition to immigration is really irrational from an economic standpoint - the natives' economic standpoint - when virtually all of the benefits (if any exist) of "economic growth" accrue to the immigrants (and possibly to wealthy natives) themselves rather than to the general native population.  These are, of course, all economic arguments.

We, on the other hand, argue that there are more important things than economics - such as demographic displacement, race survival, genetic interests, and culture.  But let's get back to some basics of the general free market argument and consider two simple thought experiments.

1. The supporters of the free market assert that it is the most rational and efficient approach for allocating resources, managing the economy, and increasing standards of living.  We are told that supply and demand and other free market mechanisms promote rational decision-making and incentivize behaviors that lead to optimized outcomes for society.  Thus, they look at the global economy and say if there is a labor shortage in "X" and a labor surplus in "Y" then the free market dictates that the most effective solution to the problem is a movement of labor from "Y" to "X." That is how the labor shortage of "X" - possibly due to a low birthrate - is solved.

Why does the solution need to be global?  What happens if a country with a low birthrate will not, or can not, make up for the "labor shortage" with immigrants?  (Note: Japan may be a real-life experimental model for this scenario, if they maintain their hard line against immigration, which seems doubtful over time).  The reasons for "no immigration" need not concern us, let us assume, for the sake of this model system, that mass immigration is not possible or desirable.  What happens then?

If the free market is so very efficient in finding the correct solutions for societal problems and resource allocation, shouldn't it work in a national context? Why can't the free market solve a purely internal problem of low birthrates and labor shortages?  Why the hypocrisy in asserting the magical properties of the free market on a global level but its hopelessness on a national level? Shouldn't the free market work, locally and nationally, to lead to policy choices and resource allocation to incentivize pro-natalist policies, to increase the native birthrate?  How about increasing productivity through better education and, above all else, enhanced automation?  If the free market really is a "miracle worker" then it should lead to creative solutions to national problems that do not depend on temporary fixes involving shifting problems such as overpopulation/poverty from one nation to another.  The vaunted free market should incentivize either pro-natalism or birth control whenever and wherever each is needed.

Thus, in our thought experiment: what would happen to a low-birthrate nation in the absence of immigration?  Will the population really dwindle down to zero?  Will the economy collapse?  Will everyone just sit around passively and let the nation disappear from the face of the Earth?  Indeed, one can argue that without the immigration safety valve, nations would be forced to develop long-term solutions to their societal problems, instead of increasing these problems and postponing their solution to the next generation.  If the free market really worked, it would be independent of scale, and would work for one nation and not just on a global level.

2. One can consider the opposite thought experiment.  Instead of restricting the free market from global to national, one can expand it from global to inter-stellar.  Assume that the Earth is contacted by an alien species, a bizarre species quite different from humans. These aliens are very fast-breeding and have over-populated their own planet. Earth's environment is suitable for them.  Further, they are highly intelligent and productive - indeed, superior to humans as inventors and workers.

These aliens want to ship their surplus population to the Earth, where they will join the economy, work hard, invent, create businesses, and sharply increase economic growth.  Of course, these fast breeders will soon begin to fill up the Earth with their numbers, crowding out native humans, and, of course, their home world population will also be increasing, and clamoring to come to Earth as well. But - the Earth's economy will be growing!  Isn't that all that matters?  If concerns about demographic displacement, culture, etc. are all "irrational" then the free marketers should have no problem with a scenario that includes the gradual displacement and replacement of humans by aliens, all in the name of global economic growth for the Earth.  Will they make this argument?  If so, they expose themselves as traitors to humanity.  If not, then why does the "there are after all, more important things than economic growth" argument not apply to the internal Earth situation?  Maybe White folks don't want to be displaced and replaced in their own countries by alien immigrants?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Superiority of non-White Movements

Superiority is not a birthright, it must be earned.

In Stoddard's book, The Rising Tide of Color, we read the following interesting tidbit (emphasis added):
Pan-Islamism’s real driving power lies, not in the Caliphate, but in institutions like the “Hajj” or pilgrimage to Mecca, the propaganda of the “Habl-ul-Matin” or “Tie of True Believers,” and the great religious fraternities. The Meccan Hajj, where tens of thousands of picked zealots gather every year from every quarter of the Moslem world, is really an annual Pan-Islamic congress, where all the interests of the faith are discussed at length, and where plans are elaborated for its defense and propagation. Similarly ubiquitous is the Pan-Islamic propaganda of the Habl-ul-Matin, which works tirelessly to compose sectarian differences and traditional feuds. Lastly, the religious brotherhoods cover the Islamic world with a network of far-flung associations, quickening the zeal of their myriad members and co-ordinating their energies for potential action. 
The greatest of these brotherhoods (though there are others of importance) is the famous Senussiyah, and its history well illustrates Islam’s evolution during the past hundred years. Its founder, Seyyid Mahommed ben Senussi, was born in Algeria about the beginning of the nineteenth century. He was of high Arab lineage, tracing his descent from Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet. In early youth he went to Arabia and there came under the influence of the Wahabee movement. In middle life he returned to Africa, settling in the Sahara Desert, and there built up the fraternity which bears his name. Before his death the order had spread to all parts of the Mohammedan world, but it is in northern Africa that it has attained its peculiar pre-eminence. The Senussi Order is divided into local “Zawias” or lodges, all absolutely dependent upon the Grand Lodge, headed by The Master, El Senussi. The Grand Mastership still remains in the family, a grandson of the founder being the order’s present head. The Senussi stronghold is an oasis in the very heart of the Sahara. Only one European eye has ever seen this mysterious spot. Surrounded by absolute desert, with wells many leagues apart and the routes of approach known only to experienced Senussi guides, every one of whom would suffer a thousand deaths rather than betray him, El Senussi, The Master, sits serenely apart, sending his orders throughout North Africa. 
The Sahara itself is absolutely under Senussi control, while “Zawias” abound in distant regions like Morocco, Lake Chad, and Somaliland. These local Zawias are more than mere “lodges.” Their spiritual and secular heads, the “Mokaddem” or priest and the “Wekil” or civil governor, have discretionary authority not merely over the Zawia members, but also over the community at large—at least, so great is the awe inspired by the Senussi throughout North Africa that a word from Wekil or Mokaddem is always listened to and obeyed. Thus, beside the various European authorities, British, French, or Italian as the case may be, there exists an occult government with which the colonial authorities are careful not to come into conflict. 
On their part, the Senussi are equally careful to avoid a downright breach with the European Powers. Their long-headed, cautious policy is truly astonishing. For more than half a century the order has been a great force, yet it has never risked the supreme adventure. In all the numerous fanatic risings against Europeans which have occurred in various parts of Africa, local Senussi have undoubtedly taken part, but the order has never officially entered the lists.These Fabian tactics as regards open warfare do not mean that the Senussi are idle. Far from it. On the contrary, they are ceaselessly at work with the spiritual arms of teaching, discipline, and conversion. The Senussi programme is the welding, first of Moslem Africa, and later of the whole Moslem world, into the revived “Imamat” of Islam’s early days; into a great theocracy, embracing all true believers—in other words, Pan-Islamism. But they believe that the political liberation of Islam from Christian domination must be preceded by a profound spiritual regeneration, thereby engendering the moral forces necessary both for the war of liberation and for the fruitful reconstruction which should follow thereafter. This is the secret of the order’s extraordinary self-restraint. This is the reason why, year after year, and decade after decade, the Senussi advance slowly, calmly, coldly, gathering great latent power but avoiding the temptation to expend it one instant before the proper time. Meanwhile they are covering Africa with their lodges and schools, disciplining the people to the voice of their Mokaddems and Wekils—and converting millions of pagan negroes to the faith of Islam. 
And what is true of the Senussi holds equally for the other wise leaders who guide the Pan-Islamic movement. They know both Europe’s strength and their own weakness. They know the peril of premature action. Feeling that time is on their side, they are content to await the hour when internal regeneration and external pressure shall have filled to overflowing the cup of wrath. This is why Islam has offered only local resistance to the unparalleled white aggressions of the last twenty years. This is the main reason why there was no real “Holy War” in 1914. But the materials for a Holy War have long been piling high, as a retrospective glance will show.

The story of the Negro Nation of Islam is similar: decades of careful work building an infrastructure within the Black community, before the White public become aware of the group's existence.  Thus, allegedly "inferior" and "impulsive" Arabs and Negroes are capable of decades-long discipline, planning, and restraint, while the "superior" and "future-time-oriented" Whites of the "movement" run around acting out, marching in swastika uniforms, engaging in violent outbursts, eschewing any form of strategic long-term growth, all the time justifying their juvenile behavior with the mantra, "the system is about to collapse, there will be a complete collapse in the next 5-10 years" - which we have been hearing for at least the last half-century.  Precious time is wasted, and the possibility of deep community growth and infrastructure/cadre building are said to be "impossible" because there isn't enough time left, and then the reason for the lack of time is the past mistakes of "movement" leaders, and then the present leaders proceed to use that justification to continue making the same mistakes today.
It seems that the "superior" Whites need to learn a thing or two from the "inferior" non-Whites who have actually been successful in building long-term ethnic/racial/cultural/civilizational movements.

The Unholy War

Strom broadcast.

While I disagree with Strom about Putin and Pierce, I congratulate him for this excellent presentation of data demonstrating Jewish involvement in 9/11.  That of course does not absolve from responsibility those who actually carried out the attacks, or the general US policy of pandering to NECs (Jewish or Gentile). Nevertheless, exposing the shadowy figures behind world events is important.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Death of Joe Tommasi

Another "movement" death.

I recently mentioned the killing of Rockwell by Patler.  A less mentioned "movement" death needs to be mentioned: that of Joe Tommasi.

Not long before this, Joe Tommasi had been a uniform wearing National Socialist who pretty much went by the book, and had been NS in spirit since his early teens. Having inherited a house in El Monte, he allowed it to be used as a headquarters for the old Rockwell Party, then led by Matt Koehl. He recruited many people in the L.A. area, and deployed many marches. 
Joe Tommasi was a natural leader of men, and did not really believe in going strictly by the book. He went along with some beer drinking at headquarters, and had an occasional female companion in his room. This was one of the things which led to his downfall. 
Matt Koehl was an unmarried bachelor-type and, like too many National Socialists back then, was a tight-ass. Koehl wanted to run headquarters like a monastery. This didn't sit well with Joe, a working class guy who knew how to handle working class people. He was evolving through the early Brown Shirt stages into a true Freebooter, ready for NS type street action. 
Then Commander Koehl sprung a trap on him. He called for a national convention in Cleveland where at one of the meetings Joe and some other officers, who also owned buildings used as party headquarters, were coerced into signing them over to the National party, meaning Matt Koehl. Not long afterward, using the excuse of Joe's El Monte headquarters hijinks, Koehl kicked him out of his own House. 
Joe Tommasi then created the NATIONAL SOCIALIST LIBERATION FRONT, a 'loose cells' organization presaging The Order. They wore street clothes and surplus military jackets, much like the old left. They grew long hair, many had beards. They could move through the seas of L.A. without the slightest notice. No flags, no arm bands, no badges, no targets on their backs! 
They trained in the mountains and in the deserts. They attacked Marxist book stores and left wing meetings. They 'may have' bombed some porn shops. They published a slick magazine, sporting large captioned pictures with mottos like "POLITICAL POWER STEMS FROM THE BARREL OF A GUN", and filled with revolutionary tracts. 
Ominously, while this was all happening, Joe fumed about the home he was swindled out of. Every few days he would drive by the old place. NSWPP Headquarters was then being run as a Hollywood caricature -- full uniforms, spit and polish.... and armed guards. One day while passing by, 19-yr-old guard Clyde Bingham flipped him the bird. Joe slammed on the breaks, got out and and headed toward him. Nearby, 18-yr-old guard Jerry Jones drew a .45 just as Bingham was holstering his. As Joe approached, the 'little fat kid', as Rose Tommasi called him, shot him in the head. 
Joe Tommasi died in front of his own house! 

Tommasi was a realist, and what he thought then is in some ways still relevant today; for example:

Tommasi was among the first to fully grasp the truth of the strategic situation--in the milieu of the radical right, no one is to be trusted, anyone could be (and probably is) an informer for the government or for one of the many watchdog organizations monitoring radical right wing activity, and short of divine intervention, public support would not be forthcoming no matter what tactical approach the movement was to adopt. 

The "movement" wasn't having any of that.  Their response to Tommasi's input and leadership is summarized thus:

Tommasi was derisively nicknamed "Tomato Joe" behind his back by rival neo-Nazis because of his Italian heritage and somewhat swarthy features.

Well, then.  Those folks really showed us!  What? We've had 40 years of glorious success since then, no? 

The "movement" must be completely, utterly destroyed, while at the same time something new and better must be built to take its place.

Is the "Movement" the Solution?

In a word: no.

Let’s consider the argument I make at Western Destiny.  Let’s assume it is true, and that many Whites are searching for something they cannot find in their degenerate, exhausted culture, religion, or society. The System is failing them. Can they find salvation in the “movement?”  No, they cannot. Those who turn to the pitiful, tragicomic cesspool of the “movement” will be disappointed and disgusted; that experience will actually reinforce their despair and disillusionment. Freakish memes, dysfunctional people: the “movement” is a desolate wasteland for any sincere person searching for life’s higher purpose.  Rather than showing people a path to the stars, the “movement” shows them the fastest trip into the gutter.  Even worse is when Old Movement leaders declare themselves enemies of “movement dysfunction” and then proceed to promote dysfunction and dysfunctional people, expanding the very problem they superficially denounce. If that inconsistency is not a fertile breeding ground for ever more disillusionment and disgust, I don’t know what is.  So, sincere folks drift out of the “movement,” sidling over to the GOP (“Rubio-Paul in ’16!”) or they become hedonistic nihilists, “sitting poolside” and working up new ways to hit on disease-ridden sluts in Judaized nightclubs. Or they just go back to their own mundane lives of quiet desperation, embittered that the people allegedly “fighting the System” are actually doing much of the System’s dirty work by behaving like deranged jackasses.  So, no, the “movement” is not the solution to the problem outlined at my other blog, it is actually part of the problem.  A dysfunctional pseudo-opponent “movement” is an integral part of the System’s “bread and circuses” show – well, at least, the circus part, with clowns unending.

In The Rising Tide of Color, Stoddard wrote:

Islam's warlike vigor has impressed men's minds ever since the far-off days when its pristine fervor bore the Fiery Crescent from France to China. But with the passing cycles this fervor waned, and a century ago Islam seemed plunged in the stupor of senile decay.  The life appeared to have gone out of it, leaving naught but the dry husks of empty formalism and soulless ritual.  Yet at this darkest hour a voice came crying from out the vast Arabian desert, the cradle of Islam, calling the Faithful to better things. This puritan reformer was the famous Abd-el-Wahab, and his followers, known as Wahabees, soon spread over the length and breadth of the Mohammedan world/ purging Islam of its sloth and rekindling the fervor of - olden days.  Thus began the great Mohammedan Revival.

Does some of that sound familiar?  Empty formalism? Soulless ritual?  Senile decay?  That is exactly what has happened to racial nationalism, at least in America: the same empty formulas, the knee-jerk comic book versions of racial history that are all carbon copies of each other, the ethnic fetishism, and the dysfunctional people, all of it.  What we need are some reformers like Abd-el-Wahab, we need more voices crying out in our darkest hour to say – enough with the “movement’s madness!”  Reform, reform – a thousand times over! And for those who think I am being unjustifiably harsh in my evaluation of the “movement” I once again invoke this image: Revilo Oliver denouncing a half century of “movement” failure, a half century ago!

I unequivocally denounce the current (American) racial nationalist “movement” as an anti-White farce.  Manufactured opposition or just sincere stupidity? - it doesn’t matter, as damage is done to the race whether out of malice or out of imbecility. 

Crush the infamy!

Skoglund and the Logic of History

Inconsistencies in the "movement" plotline.

Does the work of Skoglund and colleagues support the comic book "movement" version of European history?  That work, and follow-up studies, has been summarized here and also here, which shows a story somewhat complex and evolving as more data are generated.  What seems likely is that there is a strong north-south cline in hunter-gatherer ancestry in Europe, possibly accounting for the bulk of the major north-south genetic divide found in very fine-grained analyses of European genetic variation.  In the north, the ancestry seems a combination of hunter-gatherer and farmer, while in the south, ancestry is for the most part farmer.  Subsequent studies by other groups have identified a possible minor third ancestral component, found mostly in the north; one can reasonably expect future findings to possibly add (or subtract) components to this mix. Purity in the traditional "movement" sense does not exist in these scenarios, unless one wants to hold up Sardinians as paragons of prehistoric-to-the-present racial purity.

There's an additional problem for the comic book fans.  If Southern Europeans are, as they (and the studies) assert, predominantly of Neolithic farmer origin, and if these farmers entered Europe thousands of years before the start of recorded history, and if all the major ancestral component migrations and mixtures also occurred before the start of recorded history, then these intra-European differences were already in place from the very beginning of the Classical-Western historical record. Or are the Ostaraites going to argue for an original Neolithic population in the south, replaced by hunter-gatherers who created the Classical civilization, who were then replaced by cringing subhuman slaves from the Middle East and North Africa, somehow magically recreating the original genetic divide? That "spin" is of course inconsistent with the genetic differentiation between Southern Europeans and Middle Easterners/North Africans, a differentiation which, along with other findings, is consistent with Southern Europeans being descended from the original Neolithic farmer influx. Indeed, genetic kinship analyses by companies like 23andme show Southern Europeans sharing more genes with Northern Europeans than with Middle Easterners and North Africans, indicative of an early, Neolithic division between these groups, as well as being consistent with a degree of Neolithic ancestry in the north.  In addition, the early work of Cavalli-Sforza supported the idea of general genetic continuity in Italy from ancient to modern times.

Therefore, the different parts of the comic book are incompatible with each other.  Now, in reality, all of this is irrelevant to EGI.  The genomes and their genetic interests of today are what they are, regardless of how they got that way.  But, some are very much interested in "racial history."  The Paleolithic/Neolithic differences are a particular area of interest and that's fine, but, for the sake of consistency, those so interested should abandon descriptions of the Classical world that revolve around images of Dolph Lundgren walking around in a toga.

Friday, September 12, 2014

More on Anti-White Dugin

More information.

Note the last paragraph, as well as part about the Waffen SS plan for a pan-European federated Western state.

Interesting.  Or is it only "Medish lies?"  Most of the "movement" would believe the latter, I presume.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Remembering Pierce

Yes, we do remember.

I do not agree with "movement" hero worship.

Yes, we can all remember Pierce.  For example:

1. The warmed over Hitlerism of the National Alliance was a destructive corruption of the original pro-Yockey National Youth Alliance, a good idea which obviously could not come to fruition within the insane lunatic asylum of American racial nationalism.

2. Pierce, the radical Nordicist, who made a pretense of pan-European/pan-"Aryan" beliefs to hoodwink naive and foolish "Meds" and Slavs to support the Alliance.

3. To the extent that Pierce's comic book "Who We Are" influenced Kemp's fantasy graphic novel "March of the Titans," Pierce's long term influence must be considered destructive.

4. Patler killed Rockwell.  However, when it comes to assigning degrees of moral responsibility for that tragedy, Pierce must come under close scrutiny, being heavily involved in instigating the chain of events leading to Patler's act - the internal strife within Rockwell's organization, the expulsion of Patler, all of it.  I won't bother discussing the Robert Mathews tragedy, another waste of a honorable man's life.

Say Hello to the Dugin/Putin Ideology

The pathetic, destructive "movement."

That's the intellectual underpinning to Putinism.  That's what all the pathetic, blushing, starry-eyed schoolgirls, with their onanistic infatuation with Trad Vlad, are tacitly endorsing. The "movement" is pathetic and disgusting, and must be rooted out, replaced, destroyed, and annihilated, so that something more sane, rational and healthy can take its place.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dugin, Putin, etc.

Some more facts on the case.

Exposing Dugin's anti-White, anti-Western animus, read here.  Of course, Dugin's "colored world revolution" anti-Westernism is the foundation ideology for Trad Vlad's bare-chested macho interventionism. Now NATO member Estonia is a target, with the Great White Leader behaving more or less like a Third World thug. Then we have the useless guarantees of the "West." Remember when Ukraine gave up its nuclear arsenal in exchange for a "Western" guarantee of Ukraine's territorial sovereignty?  How's that working out, Ukies?

It looks like Vlad has taken the measure of the affirmative action mulatto posing as the "leader" of the "West" and has found the hybrid wanting.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Jewish Genetics Paper, 9/9/14

Another one about the tribe.

You can read the whole thing yourself, but I see the main points (none of which are new) as:

1. Ashkenazi Jews (AJs) are a highly inbred population, derived from a severe bottleneck.

2. AJs are a more or less even mix of modern Middle Easterners and Europeans.

3. The Khazar theory is once again undermined.

4. Perhaps most controversially, the authors believe that Europeans derive most of their ancestry from Neolithic Near Eastern farmers, not (Paleolithic) hunter gatherers.  

Point #1 underscores why extreme ethnocentrism, dual morality, and ethnic paranoia are particularly adaptive for Jews.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Tip of the Iceberg

More to come.

What do you expect?  My prediction remains this: the System in Britain will "double down" on diversity - MORE immigration, MORE pandering to NECs, MORE anti-White "hate speech laws." The White reaction?  Nothing. Silence.  Thought experiment: what would happen if the British government were to release all the arrested NECs and instead arrest and prosecute the victims for "racism." The White reaction to that? Nothing. Silence.  After all, let's watch some comedy on the BBC, and have a "pint" at the pub. The government could pass laws requiring White girls to be molested by immigrants, and the native White population there would do absolutely nothing.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Madness of Anti-Racism

Frost's opinion.

Anti-racism should be considered a crime against humanity, and, eventually, harshly dealt with in properly convened tribunals.

Genetics and Ancestry Odds and Ends

Two items.

It is becoming increasingly likely that the Bromstad Wikipedia edit was pure disinformation  Cui bono?

Jack the Ripper unmasked?  Mitochondrial DNA was used.  One hopes they know enough that the descendants tested were in a direct matrilineal descent from victim and suspect's sister; otherwise, this analysis is useless.  Then, how do they know "hair color" from mito DNA?  Can they be sure of a definitive match of the mito DNA profile to a single specific person?  Really? And even with all of that, do they know with certainty that the semen on the shawl belonged to the killer?  Certainly, this is supportive non-conclusive evidence in the case against Kosminski.  Does it definitively prove anything?  No, it does not.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

More On Putin, Johnson, Etc.

Another Counter Currents essay.

I essentially agree, but need to make my own position quite clear. Although I have some sympathy for the Ukrainian "far right," I am not a supporter of the Ukrainian government, nor a supporter of the so-called "revolution" there.  Nor do I support (tongue-in-cheek anti-Raciology comments on my Richard Lynn's Pseudoscience blog are not meant to be taken seriously) anti-Russian attitudes.  My issue is wholly with the pathetic love-fest over Putin that exists within certain precincts of the madhouse known as the "movement."  And, as an extension of this, I object to the whole "man on white horse syndrome" that is part of the "prematurely declare victory and go home" mindset of the broader political Right.

Now, maybe some of us are wrong about Putin,  Maybe, as the Putinistas claim, he really is "playing a deep game" with a pro-White outcome.  Anything is possible.  Maybe Nazi Space Gods from the planet Valhalla will land their flying saucer in Berlin and declare the Fourth Reich.  Again, anything is possible.  I for one prefer to use Occam's Razor and go with the simplest explanation based on known facts: Putin is a multiculturalist authoritarian, who wants a "strong Russia" in alliance with, and to large extent based upon, the teeming brown and yellow hordes of Asia.

Also, consider this: if Putin is a genuine multiculturalist (as the skeptics believe) he would not want WN support, and if he were playing the "deep game" of pretending to be a multicultural Eurasianist (as the schoolgirls profess), then he also would not want WN support.

Why are the Putinistas ruining Vlad's "careful chess game" with their blushing displays of orgasmic ardor?  How about we all stand back and see how things unfold and we'll find out who's right?

Friday, September 5, 2014

They Will Go On Like That

Sound and fury signifying nothing.

As Dan Hodges (a professed liberal) wrote this week in The Telegraph: “We can’t carry on like this. We just can’t.”
 Quite right. Cataclysmic changes must be made because the Left that has been culturally dominant throughout the West for decades is intellectually bankrupt; more importantly, it is morally bankrupt. Perhaps Rotherham and the other rape scandals around the UK will finally burst the Left’s aura of moral superiority to the point where advocating immigration and multiculturalism will make one a moral pariah and induce feelings of guilt among Whites.

Doubt it. After all, Whites have an nearly unlimited capacity for ethnomasochism, they have the attention span of a mayfly, they are degenerate and hedonistic, and. as "dark enlightenment" guru CH hypothesized recently, the White elites don't identify with the White masses, but instead see themselves as a separate de facto race and people, with interests incompatible to that of Whites. Further, despite muted spasms of outrage over Rotherham, the totalitarian machinery of speech control is still very much intact in Britain and the rest of the EU. What? If Weston were to make another speech criticizing Islam (quoting Winston Churchill!), he'd be arrested just as before, Rotherham or no Rotherham.

My prediction: there will be a period of weeks, maybe months, where some folks, in Britain and among American WNs (not the American media or political classes, of course), decry Rotherham. They'll be a lot of chest-beating and talk that "things must change." And then - nothing. It will be forgotten. A few colored "Britons" will be trotted out as "proof" of "assimilation,"  "More important" issues such as "council housing" and "tax rates" will take center stage.  Scottish independence voting will grab the headlines. There's sports and the "telly." The White masses will forget all about it, the elites will breath a sigh of relief, and the outcome will be: MORE immigration, MORE hate speech laws, MORE displacement of the British, MORE appeasement of the invaders, MORE crimes against Whites that are covered up. More, more, more.  What's to stop it?  Nothing.

"We can't carry on like this.  We just can't."

They can and they will.  Because there's no one there - no one with any power and influence - calling for an end to immigration and the beginning of repatriation. If they did call for that, they'd be arrested. Even after all of this, no one is calling for a revocation of all the "race" laws in Britain, those "speech codes" that prevent natives from expressing ethnic interest in freedom.  Saying "we can't take it" but acting like you want more of "it" is not going to stop "it" - you are just going to get more of "it."  Talk - whatever talk is possible in Orwellian Britain - is cheap.  Aracial spasms of carefully modulated PC outrage is cheap.  Question: are White Britons flocking en masse to the "far right?" Or as they cowering in their homes and pubs hoping to get through another day without being killed by a colored or arrested for "hate speech?"  We know the answer to that, don't we?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Good For the Goose But Not For the Gander

"Testing" for Jewishness.

Jews promote it - that's A-OK.  I write a few posts in the past suggesting that genetic testing may be a good idea (with caveats about interpretation) and it's considered in some quarters equal to blasphemy during the Inquisition.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Time for Some Plain Speaking on Trad Vlad and Other Things

Things that need to be said.

As someone who recently criticized Strom's pro-Putin broadcast, and has been an opponent of the "movement's" pathetic blushing schoolgirl crush on bare-chested macho man Trad Vlad, I've noted the recent dust-up at Counter Currents over Greg Johnson's more comprehensive critique of Strom and comments on the whole Russia/Ukraine mess.

I side with Johnson in this instance (*). The whole thing is becoming ludicrous, a pathological form of unrequited love.  The pro-Putin arguments are easily dismissed.  We are told that Russia has always been multiracial, and that a "White supremacist" (sic) policy would destroy Russia.  Can't the same be said about America?  With Amerindians and Negroes around since the very beginning, is America then to be identified with multiculturalism? Are American WNs delusional? If errors were made in the past, does this mean error must continue in the future?  Does past multiracialism doom a nation and its majority population to ever-growing diversity and racial displacement? White Americans have the right to demand an ethnostate, regardless of whether this would destroy multiracial America; White Russians have that same right. Preservation of race trumps preservation of state.  This also ignores the fact that Putin's Eurasianist policies are making the problem worse - his ideals are actively working in favor of the Asianization of Russia. Putin is therefore no different from any aracial "conservative Republican" in the USA, who could justify mass immigration by citing America's multiracial history.  Of course, the ethnoracial core of America has always been European, with an Anglo-Saxon founding stock. Russia has always had a Slavic-Russian core, and that core is demographically endangered by Putin's racial policies.

Then we have the argument that Johnson is unfairly critiquing Putin because Trad Vlad is not "ideologically pure" - suggesting that the bare-chested macho man is practically pro-White, it's just that he deviates from "ideological purity" from time to time.  That's nonsense - Putin is a dedicated anti-racist and anti-fascist (using fascism in its real historical sense, not merely as a modern-day expletive), he is an aracial conservative, a "civic nationalist" who doesn't believe Russian ethnicity is a prerequisite for Russian nationalism.  It's not the case that he is merely a practical-minded ethnic nationalist - his regime actively persecutes real Russian ethnic nationalists.  Putin is not on the other side of America. He's part of the same multicultural global system.  The US vs. Russia disagreement is NOT a fundamental disagreement over differing worldviews - it is instead more like the Democrat vs. Republican squabbling here in America: two entities that share the same basic worldview and similar overarching goals, but who are merely competing for the spoils, for power and prestige.  It's the "in-your-face" Western degenerate multiculturalism vs. the more restrained and implicit Russian multiculturalism.  It's arguable which is worse - possibly, the Russian form is more dangerous since it is more subtle and a less obvious enemy - to the point that WNs fall for the charade.

Then we have the argument that Ukraine will never be independent, that Ukraine is a historical fiction, that we have to make a choice between an American/Jewish-dominated Ukraine and a Russian-dominated one.  I'll let the Ukrainians themselves defend their historical legitimacy as a people; however, I will note that this technique of delegitimizing a people's identity is an approach often used by anti-racist globalists and multiculturalists. As regards realpolitik, it is true that the Ukrainian revolution, such as it is, has been compromised. I've previously said that WNs really don't have a dog in this fight (as usual). Russians vs. Ukrainians fighting among themselves for two sets of multicultural masters is a tragedy. But - unlike the schoolgirls professing their love for Trad Vlad - I'm not singing paeans of praise for the Ukrainian government, and neither is Johnson.  The issue goes beyond the immediate Russia vs. Ukraine issue - it gets to the heart of the stupidity and naivete of the "Old Movement" - the constant fixation on "the man on the white horse" (Nixon, Reagan, Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, Putin, etc.) who will "save us," the constant delusions of seeing support where none exists, the poor judgment of embracing enemies as friends, and turning real friends into enemies.  The schoolgirl crush on Putin is symptomatic of deeper problems within the "movement."  

Then we have the "he's against the Jews" argument.  I'm not even going to debate the extent to which Putin is anti-Jewish.  My point is that a singular fixation on Jews is not healthy.  The "enemy of my enemies" is not necessarily my friend, it can simply be just another enemy.  This reminds me of the time, some years ago, when Pierce tried to convince me that the Soviet-apologist, post-USSR Russian communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov was a great guy worthy of support, since he was more "critical of the Jews" than the "puppet" Yeltsin.  I remember thinking, "this guy Pierce is so blinded by his single-minded fixation on Jews, he can't see the forest for the trees."  Yes, Yeltsin was no good, but so was (and is) Zyuganov and all the rest (***).  Real Russian nationalists are worthy of our support, not apologists for Stalin's anti-Slav genocide.  To say that "there is no chance" for the real nationalists, just like "there is no chance Ukraine will ever be independent," is similar to saying that, well, the White American ethnostate is just a silly dream and we all need to be practical and vote Rubio-Paul in 2016.  The "lesser of two evils" delusion has been a yoke on "movement" progress since the very beginning.

I say: No.  Sometimes, practicality and compromise are just fancy euphemisms for rank surrender. One has to draw a line somewhere.  Yes, the Ukrainians are heading in the wrong direction - NATO and the EU are anti-White horrors.  But Putin's Eurasian Union is another anti-White horror. Yeltsin may have been a stooge, but the crimes of communism are such that any decent person should recoil from any association with that lunatic creed - to support a warmed-over Soviet because he may have said some odd comment about the Jews is stupid and juvenile.  This obsession with the anti-racist, anti-fascist, multicultural authoritarian Putin is also stupid and juvenile.  Let's face reality: there is, currently, NO leader, anywhere in the world, that supports racial nationalism for any European people, or for Europeans as a whole.  There is NO nation that is a "bulwark for Whites."  The USA and Russia are two sides of the same coin, and both rotten. A principled view is to say "a pox on both their houses" and not waste any precious time,energy, and resources in some sort of fit of unrequited love.

Plain talk: given what we currently know, given the facts before us, a pro-Putin attitude is indicative of immaturity, piss-poor judgment, and certainly not in accordance with what we stand for. There's no point to it.  Putin doesn't need or want WN support, it is inconsequential to what is happening, and the support has not been, and likely will never be, reciprocated.  WN support for Putin does nothing but compromise the moral, intellectual, and ideological integrity of racial nationalism. It makes us look foolish. It makes us look pathologically fixated on Jews.  It makes us look desperate, that we latch onto whatever world figure or celebrity that we deceive ourselves is "secretly one of us."

This Putin crush is another manifestation of the sickness, the rot, eating away at the pitiful and pathetic travesty known as the "movement" - that morass of defectives that has accomplished nothing for endless decades (don't forget Revilo Oliver castigating the "movement" for 50 years of failure - nearly 50 years ago).

The Old Movement needs to be uprooted, discarded, eliminated, so a more sane and rational New Movement can take its place.  No more delusions and false hopes.  It's time to see reality as it truly is, and work our way from there.

Crush the infamy!

*Here I refer to the Johnson vs. Strom disagreement on Putin.  I am at this time not going to dwell on the moral catastrophe of letting mendacious anti-racist Silver comment at that blog, following in the self-destructive footsteps of Guessedworker (**). This is why maintaining moral integrity is important: tolerating the plagiarizing moral turd Andrew Hamilton leads to a slippery slope down to even worse fundamental errors.

**One reason why Majority Rights has degenerated into a desolate wasteland (compared to the better days of, say, 2005-2008) is Guessedworker's tolerance of truly destructive "contributors" - both bloggers and commentators.

***I can't be too hard on Pierce, since one can critique Yockey for much of the same.