Friday, October 31, 2014

White Man's Burden

A good one from Frost.

I certainly don't agree with everything Frost writes, and his blog list looks like the bottom-of-the barrel scraping of some of the worst HBD sites, but he sometimes produces quality material.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Two Science Items, 10/29/14

Science in the news.

Humans domesticating themselves.  Ideas similar to Frost's genetic pacification.

Competition for niche space can promote evolution.

In recent years, biologists have increasingly recognized that evolutionary change can occur rapidly when natural selection is strong; thus, real-time studies of evolution can be used to test classic evolutionary hypotheses directly. One such hypothesis is that negative interactions between closely related species can drive phenotypic divergence. Such divergence is thought to be ubiquitous, though well-documented cases are surprisingly rare. On small islands in Florida, we found that the lizard Anolis carolinensis moved to higher perches following invasion by Anolis sagrei and, in response, adaptively evolved larger toepads after only 20 generations. These results illustrate that interspecific interactions between closely related species can drive evolutionary change on observable time scales.

One can speculate that this may apply to humans: negative interactions between different hominid subspecies (i.e., races) can promote evolution of particularly a native subspecies whose territory is invaded by a related subspecies.  The Third World invasion of the West may be stimulating rapid evolution of European human organisms.  The question is: in what direction? If the evolution has a "group selection" aspect, evolution may be in the direction of greater ethnocentrism.  However, a purely individualist selective pressure may actually select for even less ethnocentrism than even the feeble degree exhibited by extant Europeans.  Thus, on an individual level, short-term fitness may accrue by "throwing your race under the bus" so to speak, due to the massive incentivization of White dispossession described by KMacD at TOO. Whatever the case, Europeans are likely exposed to novel selective pressures due to the occupation of their territory by alien hominid forms.

More On the White Vote

GOP pitiful.

It seems that Whites are beginning to get tired of GOP perfidy. We can assume that, over the long haul, Republican pandering to minorities will only accelerate this process. The "Sailer strategy" aside - after all, will the GOP really focus on Whites to the extent that strategy requires? - one can assume that, in the coming decades, the GOP will need minority votes. But they can't get any of those votes, no matter how few, without a degree of pandering that will increasingly alienate their White base. The Republicans are really "stuck between a rock and a hard place."  I see a grim future for the GOP, regardless of what happens in 2014. And they have no one to blame but themselves. They could have opposed the demographic transformation of America, and the consequent political consequences, but instead they aided and abetted it. They could have pursued the "Sailer strategy," but instead produced garbage like Dole, Bush, McCain, and Romney as Presidential candidates.  It's an object lesson on the willful self-destruction of a major political party.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Only a Matter of Time, 10/28/14

The "movement" never disappoints.

Seeing this post, and the picture which accompanied it, I knew it was only a matter of time before the "movement" behaved in its usual manner.

James Holbeyfield 
Posted October 27, 2014 at 11:54 pm | Permalink‘Fess up Greg: how many comments, good-natured in the singular but desperate in the collective, have you had to reject for reasons quite different from the usual trolling?
         Greg Johnson
Posted October 28, 2014 at 3:47 am | Permalink
That’s why I added the P.S.: Lana is happily married.

I don't blame Greg Johnson for that - I can only imagine that the "happily married" addendum was made necessary by the comments that came in.  I DO blame those CC readers who made the comments, the sort of juvenile jackasses who reinforce my belief that comments sections are worthless, and that the "movement" is a joke.

Yes, I know: I'm a joyless, pedantic, stuffy, type A pain-in-the-ass. They're "only having fun." Hardee-har-har.  Revilo Oliver talking about 50 years of "movement" failure nearly 50 years ago is also all in good fun too.  Hardee-har-har.  In another 50 years, there may not be anyone left to make a video about their own look at 50 years of "movement" failure. Hardee-har-har.  All in good fun.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Making Lists

Something to think about.

A certain popular White anthropologist, who shall go nameless, recently wrote an article in Scientific American concerning race, an article with a decidedly anti-White, genocidal basis. Essentially, the article asserted the "shallowness" of racial differences, the future of miscegenation ahead, and that - all good news! - such a panmixia will lead to all sorts of nifty diversity, with dark skin and light eyes and all sorts of other great combinations. All surface changes, don't you know, nothing to be worried about!  It's to be welcomed!

Yes, I know it's early, and we don't want to engage in fantasy thinking.  But still, at some point, racial nationalists need to consider: if we ever do win, and hold legally convened tribunals to hold accountable those who participated, in one way or the other, in the attempt to destroy the White race, we need to be prepared.  Perhaps it is time now to start making up those little lists that would help us identify those who need to sit in the dock to hear the judgement rendered against them.

Massively Incentivized

Who? Whom?

The basic question that should always be asked: who is "massively incentivizing" anti-White activities and policies? Exactly, who?  Answering that will go a long way to identifying the causes of our decline and begin the process of figuring out ways to counter-incentivize to weaken "social pricing."

Saturday, October 25, 2014

They Hate Their Own Voters

It's the Grand Old Party!

The Stupid Party. The only party in history that seems to hate its own voters.

This is all related to my last post.  White voters can stay home, or vote third party. There is no "Newton's Fourth Law" that obligates Whites to vote Republican, as part of some fundamental rule of the universe.

NYT's Concern Trolling

Another faulty analysis.

This is a topic which needs to be dissected in greater detail at the appropriate time, but a few words now are necessary.

All mainstream analyses of this topic, all of them, by everyone, without fail, liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, all make the same error.  They assume that the White vote for the GOP is a "given," it is automatic, there is some obligation, some law of nature, that forces Whites to vote Republican regardless of who the GOP candidate is, what they stand for, and what Republicans say or do not say, what they do or do not do.  Therefore, White voters and their concerns can be safely ignored - after all, "they have nowhere else to go," and even if the GOP ran Al Sharpton as a candidate, Whites would still flock and vote for the guy with a "R" next to his name.

Of course, there is some historical precedent for this assumption; after all, for decades, stupid White voters have supported the GOP in sheep-like - better yet, lemming-like - fashion.  But things may be changing, subtle cracks may be forming in the GOP-White facade. After all, Romney in 2012 failed to a large extent due to a lack of appeal to working class Whites, decades of Republican betrayals have aggravated the base, and the Tea Party, as useless and compromised as it is, is a clear indication of frustration toward mainstream Republicanism.  Further, with the Internet, Whites have new sources of information about GOP perfidy, and about the issues, that previously didn't exist in the days when the controlled mass media were the only sources of political information and opinion.

Of course, Whites are still to a large extent enslaved by the GOP dogma; they need to force Republicans to earn their votes. However, the surprising current GOP resistance to amnesty is related to the growing unease among their base - the fear of losing White base support in the 2014 mid-term elections. Will the same hold in 2016, or will GOP fear-mongering about a "liberal Democrat" President stampede Whites into voting for a liberal Republican candidate?  Only time will tell, but, for now, any political analysis which assumes that the GOP can ignore its own base with impunity is flawed.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Book Review: The Iron Dream

Book review.

The Iron Dream, by Norman Spinrad

A few words on the “metafiction” book, The Iron Dream, by Norman Spinrad, written as a spoof of Nazism and, even more so, of the alleged Nazi-like motifs inherent in much of sci-fi/fantasy literature.

Rather than waste time giving a detailed synopsis of this book, I direct the reader to an excellent Wikipedia summary of the book’s plot, a plot which is composed of two parts: first, an early 1950s science fiction story, Lord of the Swastika, “written” by an Adolf Hitler who had immigrated to America in 1919, followed by a critical analysis of the Hitler book “written” by one “Homer Whipple.”

The Wikipedia page links makes the necessary historical links between the major characters and places of Lord of the Swastika and the real-life Hitler story. Thus, protagonist Feric Jaggar is an idealized and Nordicized version of Hitler himself; the dark, slight Seph Bogel, an ambitious but loyal orator, is Goebbels; Stag Stopa, head of the Knights (SA), first loyal but then executed for treason, is Rohm; the fanatical head of the book's SS, Bors Remler, is Himmler; Heldon is Germany; Borgravia is Austria; Zind is the USSR; other characters are undoubtedly Goering, Hess, Ludendorf, etc.; and the dreaded Dominators are the Jews.

The Hitler fiction story is amusingly entertaining and indeed reminds one of standard “movement” racial history "non-fiction" texts.  After all, the “movement” has six foot tall blonde Nordics creating every civilization between Gibraltar and the Himalayas, while Lord of the Swastika ends with seven foot tall blonde Nordics rocketing off to conquer outer space.  Same difference. The following quote from the book summarizes the basic Piercian plotline:
Every inch of advance was a concrete step forward toward the goal of an earth inhabited entirely by tall, blond, genetically purebred supermen totally free from even the possibility of racial contamination.

I don't know, Spinrad, that really doesn't sound so bad to me.  Yes, it is "anti-Med," but that fictional future is a hell of a lot better than the present-day reality of the multiracial nightmare of America and the entire "West." Hail Jaggar!

Ironically, in my “Nazi” opinion, Spinrad’s spoof backfired on him. The part of the book which reads most like a sarcastically critical spoof is not the Hitler story itself, but the critical analysis by Whipple (who even Spinrad described as a “tendentious pedant”). Whipple’s analysis is the usual warmed over, sexualized, Freudian psychobabble, an ad hominem attack in which the author Hitler is described as a (probably) syphilitic, crazed, obsessed, sexually repressed latent homosexual.  Sound familiar?  And, despite the Anglo-Saxon surname “Whipple,” this New York-based critic might as well have been named “Jewenstein.”  It’s that “over the top.”  And, given the context of the alternative history of The Iron Dream, in which a dominant Soviet Union controls most of the Earth, except a despondent America and a militant Japan, one can’t help admire the vision of Lord of the Swastika and despise the pedantic Whipple.  Further, there is an implicit whiff of subtle praise for Hitler in the very format of this book’s alternative history – in the absence of Nazi Germany, Stalin’s USSR would have conquered all of Europe and most of the world.

With all of this kept in mind, The Iron Dream is recommended reading.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Importing Disease, 10/22/2014

Diverse microbes.

It is abundantly clear that the US government could care less if Americans get sick and die from diseases imported by our "open borders to the Third World" immigration policy. Indeed, how would things be any different if "our" government actually wanted to see Americans - especially White Americans - get infected with these diseases, with the consequent significant morbidity and mortality?

And the White man's response: nothing.  Pass the chips and beer, it's football time!

Defending the Japanese Ethny

A word in favor of Japanese preservationism.

Re: my last post - I'd like to make some comments aside from my outrage at Adelson's chutzpah.  I'd like to make a statement in support of Japanese racial and cultural continuity, consistent with the idea of universal nationalism as suggested by Salter.

Like Adelson, I am not Japanese.  Unlike Adelson, I have not lived in Japan, and, unlike Adelson, I do not condemn Japanese ethnocentrism.  In fact, I believe that the Japanese are not ethnocentric enough.  Indeed, Japan being the homeland of the indigenous Japanese people, the Japanese should expel from their soil all individuals who are not of full Japanese ethnic ancestry. That includes the Korean minority, and that includes pushy, racially Middle Eastern reporters, and that includes everyone else, with the possible exception of temporary visitors, such as students, diplomats, and tourists.

I say this as a disinterested observer.  Besides being non-Japanese, I have no connection to Japan or with any Japanese people.  I am well known as not being particularly well disposed toward Asians.  I especially despise Whites who worship at the altar of Asia.  My comments in support of Japanese preservationism are derived from ethical concerns for fairness and the need to respect ethnoracial diversity, and the rights of peoples to dwell in peace, particularly in their native homelands. I have a strong interest in the idea of majority rights as opposed to the multiculturalist favoring of minority rights.

The Japanese are a biologically and culturally unique people.  I note that even a relatively small number of ancestry informative markers, or a larger, but still relatively small, number of random markers, can effectively genetically distinguish Japanese from Chinese; see "Fig. 4 A" in this paper.   No doubt that larger SNP sets can effectively distinguish Japanese from all other East Asian groups with a high degree of accuracy and precision, including from their Korean minority. The Japanese are as culturally distinct from other East Asians as they are genetically.  Those facts alone are sufficient to legitimize Japanese aspirations for ethnic continuity "by any means necessary" - questions of superiority/inferiority need not enter into the discussion. However, having said that, the Japanese can reasonably be seen as the "best" among the East Asians: most productive, disciplined, polite, artistic, and honorable.  Further, the extremely low birth rate in Japan makes the Japanese people particularly vulnerable to displacement migration.

What kind of inhuman monster would abuse the hospitality of Japan to attempt to dismantle the Japanese people's ethnic defenses against population replacement?  Well, we know the (unsurprising) answer to that question.

The Tribe Targets Japan Next

He's not a real "American."

Notice that Adelstein doesn’t object to actual crimes. He simply wants to criminalize speech—particularly if it involves the defense of an historic nationThis fight is international, whether it involves Hungary, Japan, or the United States. It’s not just about a war on whites anymore. It’s about a war on all peoples who want control over their own destiny—and who think that citizens should decide their own fate, not globalists and their Main Stream Media lackeys.

So, here's an individual living in Japan, not himself Japanese, with a mission to deconstruct Japan as an ethnoracial nation, coupled with an animus toward free speech in defense of host genetic interests.

I’ll say what the VDARE writer is afraid to say: Adelstein is Jewish (there is a lot about this lousy rat-faced bastard on the Internet, including his conflicts with Japanese gangsters), and thus is following in the footsteps of his co-ethnic destroyers of other peoples’ nations, a group dedicated to decay, degeneration, and chaos (for other folks of course).  Pure poison embodied in an ethnic group and in a culture – a reason why population genetics, physical appearance (although this fellow does have the typical leering Levantine appearance that I’m sure starving Ukrainian kulaks and murdered Russian gulag inmates learned to “appreciate” so well), religion, etc. all do not capture the totality of the problem, which is an existential one of Total Identity – of a group that is constantly and inevitably in conflict with all the other peoples of the Earth, particularly, majority groups trying to live peacefully in their own nations. One need not even look at major issues like communism, the "civil rights" movement in America, and the 1965 Immigration Act, how about Ignatiev and "abolishing the White race," Ziv and his promotion of miscegenation, Hart and his promotion of a multiracial "White separatist state" (sic!), Weissberg and his call for the "racial status quo," always the same, always, always, always promoting that which harms the majority ethny the most.  They can't help themselves - it's innate.  But the  majority group can help itself, by battling this creeping fungus, this virulent infection.

Indeed, Bowery’s theory of Jewish virulence deserves careful consideration.

After reading that VDARE article, and various online articles, I must say: I'm rooting for the yakuza.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Decreased Fertility and Decreased Population: Higher Standard of Living?

Another blow to pro-immigration arguments.

Read here.  Abstract, emphasis added:

Longer lives and fertility far below the replacement level of 2.1 births per woman are leading to rapid population aging in many countries. Many observers are concerned that aging will adversely affect public finances and standards of living. Analysis of newly available National Transfer Accounts data for 40 countries shows that fertility well above replacement would typically be most beneficial for government budgets. However, fertility near replacement would be most beneficial for standards of living when the analysis includes the effects of age structure on families as well as governments. And fertility below replacement would maximize per capita consumption when the cost of providing capital for a growing labor force is taken into account. Although low fertility will indeed challenge government programs and very low fertility undermines living standards, we find that moderately low fertility and population decline favor the broader material standard of living.

This is a complex subject, and, of course, the major argument against alien immigration is that of ethnic genetic interests (ultimate interests), followed closely by the primary proximate interest of culture/civilization, and then followed by various other significant proximate concerns regarding sociopolitical power, and then, finally, economics.

The point here is that even the economic arguments fail the pro-immigration argument: higher standards of living can be achieved with a declining population, as long as the rate of decline is not too extreme and the fertility rate is not too low. There is certainly no reason for hysterical panic, re: low fertility, as long as the gates can remain closed to replacement immigration. Tweaking social policy to raise fertility rates to close to, or at, replacement levels can be sufficient to ensure robust standards of living for Western populations.  Ponzi schemes of bloated gross "economic growth" due to increased population size should be eschewed.

Scientific Malpractice: More Race Denial

John J. Shea is an idiot.

One of many papers demonstrating Shea's idiocy.

Neutron Sterilization

If quarantine is "impossible."

The easiest way to deal with the Ebola crisis is via a strict quarantine - no one in or out, and let the epidemic "burn itself out," so to speak. When the population in the infected regions is sufficiently thinned out, the rate of transmission will drop below sustainable levels.  Spending time and money trying to end the epidemic through Western medical intervention is folly.  Even if it worked now - and we avoided further infecting ourselves in the process - the whole thing will start anew in another 5 or 10 years or so, as the overpopulated natives continue using bush meat as a protein source, exposing themselves to the natural reservoirs of the virus.

Of course, the System tells us that a strict quarantine "won't work," is "impossible," and "we can't fence in an epidemic" (surely, if you never attempt to do so, it will invariably be "impossible").  Any alternatives? In the name of the only useful form of "mainstreaming" there is - expressing radical ideas in matter-of-fact, rational language - I would like to offer an alternative.

The neutron bomb.  This enhanced radiation weapon is of relatively low yield and produces lesser radioactive fallout. Controversies over effectiveness against tank armor are irrelevant here, as the proposal would be to blanket the affected areas of West Africa with a dense neutron bomb bombardment, targeting unprotected hominid and non-hominid biological organisms, and whatever viruses they may or may not be carrying.  More limited radioactive fallout, and the use of low-level, close-to-ground bursts (keeping fallout local), would mean relatively little threat of harm done to Europe through wind-blown radioactive debris.

If quarantine is "impossible" and if the spread of Ebola in Africa endangers the rest of the world, and if future outbreaks are likely inevitable even if the present epidemic is controlled by Western intervention, then what other alternative is there?

Killing White Children Via Imported Disease

More evidence of a genocidal government.

The White reaction: nothing.  Can't do anything that would disturb hot dogs, Twinkies, and sports. And let us not forget: vote for Rand Paul in 2016 and it will all be better! Who knows? We have the new GOP libertarian principle: open borders for viruses! A free exchange of viral genetic material! Booming business for doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies...and undertakers.  It'll lead to renewed economic growth!

Yet more evidence of the inherent and objective worthlessness of the White race.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

To See the Invisible Racist

An allegory for social pricing.

I can imagine the knee-jerk leftist reaction is that this society is "fascist" - an inversion of what I perceive to be the case. Consider how typically "leftist" this fictional society is: a hyper-maternalistic nanny state that strives to control the smallest aspects of human interactions - how folks think, act, feel - to the point of punishing the protagonist for the "crime" of being insufficiently sociable ("coldness").  That's the kind of state that would be invented by, and managed by, hysterical, dumpy, overweight female sociologists and mewling "manginas" agonizing over "microagressions" and other paranoid delusions of a demented political correctness.  That's pure egalitarian leftism, particularly in the rampant canting hypocrisy evident - a hypocrisy especially on display in the ending: originally punished for being insufficiently sociable, the protagonist is now punished for being overly compassionate.  Or is "sociability" defined with respect to the diktats of the nanny state?

This story is essentially an allegory for the sort of social pricing that exists today, punishment not for "coldness" but for the crime of ultimate multiculturalist blasphemy - White folks defending their own racial interests.  It's the "crime" of "racism," and not "coldness," that exists in today's society. Further, in Europe's "hate speech" and "race relations" laws, the punishments are de jure and not only de facto. Indeed, this mid-80s Twilight Zone remake episode clearly shows us the direction where we are heading, in fact the direction to which we have to a large extent already arrived, due to the White man's inability to say "NO!" and stand up to the System's proscription of our most fundamental human rights - of free expression, of free association, of defense of our ultimate interests.

We are all Mitchell Chaplin now.

Note: I understand that the author of the original short story may well be a member of the "tribe" - that's irrelevant. It's the story and its implications that matter, not the original author.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Government Hypocrisy

They hate you, White man.

Consider first how "our" government sues states like Arizona when said states try and enforce those national immigration laws that "our" federal government stubbornly refuses to enforce.

The excuse given is that "immigration is a national issue and localities cannot act independently on immigration."  Of course, when localities decide to give out driver's licenses or in-state tuition to illegals, or to refuse to cooperate with federal detainment requests, or refuse to inform federal authorities when illegals are identified - activities which ALL encroach upon federal immigration prerogatives - for some mysterious reason, no lawsuits are issued.

Puzzling, it all is.

Ideology Over Public Health

Even the neocons are getting it.

A recent recurring theme at this site is that "our" government would prefer to see the entire (White) American population die of Ebola than to even mildly inconvenience any wonderfully heroic "person of color" who wants to come here to projectile vomit virus-laden bodily fluids.

And yet the White population remains remarkably quiescent. Well, there's always sports to be concerned with.  And there's an election coming up - one needs to vote for a viciously anti-White, pro-immigration Republican over the ever-so-different viciously anti-White, pro-immigration Democrat. Let's keep focused on priorities!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Outrageous Hypocrisy from Mainstreamers

Pot calls the kettle black.

Durocher complains (whining like an infantile leftist, eh?) about "nationalists attacking each other" and agonizes over divisions among White nationalists, but posts his tirade at a site that endorses the hyper-Nordicist Raciology ideology, pseudo-scientific, unhistorical ramblings of a Russian wanna-be, who apparently believes he can get real Germanics to accept Russians by favorably comparing Slavs to "Mediterranean" "lesser types."

So, let me understand: writing entire populations of Europe out of the "White race," and identifying a number of historic European ethnies as inferior "lesser types," is not divisive and, of course, does not in any way reflect nationalists/White nationalists attacking each other. On the other hand, commenting on the political actions of Marine Le Pen or Viktor Orban, and criticizing their starry-eyed supporters, is beyond the pale. The former is friendly nationalist interaction, the latter, wild rantings of ill-mannered divisive extremists. 

And we say that the Jews practice a dual morality?  Sheesh...

The rest of Durocher's tirade is the usual mainstreaming nonsense and excuse making, and the same arguments can be made to support Sailerian citizenism.  Joan of Arc II must jettison the basics tenets of ethnoracial nationalism in order to "get elected?"  Why not?  Get elected!  Will she then declare herself dictator and cancel all future elections?  What happens when the "French" people decide they want a change and put the Left back in power?  Do you think immigration rates will stay at "10,000 per year?"  Le Pen is essentially declawing her own party, altering its basic ideology, dissipating the potential racial mobilization of the real French people, disillusioning the FN's hard line supporters, drawing a line that makes "citiizenism" the new "far-right" and therefore makes real racial nationalism beyond serious political consideration - all to "win an election" and create a set of marginally improved circumstances that could be easily reversed upon the subsequent election. We in America have heard all of this before with the GOP and its "need" to "appeal to minorities" so as to "be electable at the national level."  Certainly, we must have illegal alien amnesty, mass immigration, and pandering to minorities, so Rand Paul can be elected President in 2016 - after which Paul can move the White House to Ferguson, appoint Sharpton Attorney General, and replace the bald eagle with Ebola virus as the national symbol of the USA.

Regarding Orban, guess what - I'm not a "traditionalist" and I don't buy the argument that kowtowing to "authority" is appropriate when said "authority" is wrong. What?  We can also say that the EU "authority" of mass  migration, multiculturalism, speech control is that which "traditionalists" should respect. Got it.  Conflict of interests between European nations, even under a nationalist regime? So, if one European nation in a future confederation decides it has a "labor shortage" and what to import millions of West Africans - well, that's a legitimate conflict of interest and as good "traditionalists" we need to respect their "authority" to do as they please. Got it, again. The onanistic supporters of Trad Vlad and the onanistic supporters of Joan II should get together and have a little mainstreaming-traditionalist conference, where they can poke fun at the "infantile leftists" who have dared critique them. Just don't schedule it in Hungary.  Grand Viktor, Sir Mainstreaming, would not approve (*). 

*I will agree that is was the height of incredible foolishness to schedule the NPI conference in Hungary right before a major election in that country. Another example of the well-oiled machine that is the "movement" and the grand competence of its affirmative action leadership.  No worries, though: as long we keep the "lesser types" from mucking things up, the "higher types" will continue to lead us from success to success, as we have been enjoying for decades.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ilias Kasidiaris

Comparing celebrities.

It seems that the American "movement" is disturbed by the physical appearance of Golden Dawn celebrity Ilias Kasidiaris, and making racial inferences about Greeks based on this individual.

Fair enough, physical appearance is very important in racialist circles.  Therefore, I am confident that the phenotype of David Bromstad will come under equal scrutiny, and similar ethnoracial inferences made.

Will any snarky remakes about Andrea Dworkin and Maxim models be made about this?  Or does the "movement's" affirmative action policy take care of the issue?

And no, this isn't a Japanese geisha or anime cartoon.

Wants America to Suffer

Makes sense to me.

The only change I would make to that is that is specifically White America that has to suffer. Your "own" government hates you, White man.

But don't worry. Continue to vote Republican, watch Negro behemoths run around on the football field, and eat your hot dogs and Twinkies.

What could go wrong?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Vector of Death

Excellent Strom piece.

When Strom is not praising Putin or Pierce, he produces excellent material, and this has to rank among his best.

That "our" government, and the governments of Western Europe, are facilitating the spread of the Ebola plague tells you all you need to know about how much they "care" about the well being of their populations, especially the despised majority (for now) population. These same governments encourage mass migration and miscegenation - with the same "care" in mind.

Grandson of Atilla

Delenda est narrow ethnonationalism.

There you go, the grant ethnonationalists of Jobbik, who worship at the altar of Asia, while denouncing White racial nationalists and betraying the NPI conference, which was shut down by the grandstanding mainstreaming "Euro-Atlantic" Orban.

Narrow ethnonationalists are traitors to race and culture.

Mainstreamers are traitors to race and culture.

All who support narrow ethnonationalists and mainstreamers are traitors to race and culture.

It's time to draw a clear line dividing "us" from "them" regarding these issues.

No compromise!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Cash or Check?

Reparations from the Derb.

I must give Derbyshire credit for giving a positive review of Salter's latest book at VDARE, behavior which contrasts to Sailer's refusal to mention anything regarding Salter, EGI, etc. in any of his posts or essays.

But we have a problem. Using the most conservative estimate of damage to EGI, a single East Asian immigrant reduces the EGI of any European-derived person by one-half of a child equivalent. Insurance companies routinely put estimates on "the value of a human life in dollars" in the millions. Therefore, it is reasonable to state that, given his family, Derbyshire owes every White American several million dollars.

Cash or check?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

More Good Sense, 10/9/14

More from Johnson.

Greg Johnson
Posted October 9, 2014 at 4:31 pm | Permalink 
If you are a part of a front group, you are in a hostile work environment, etc. then dissimulation is fine. And, on non-essential political principles, it is acceptable to choose them based on electability, regardless of one’s real preferences, e.g., in the UK, I would be for the existing healthcare system, because it is popular. In the US, I would be for private healthcare, because that is more popular, even though I would prefer socialized medicine
But if you are a political party working to stop the demographic displacement of our people, then you come out with denials of “racism” and love of immigrants, because they add diversity (“Salt in the soup,” to quote the loathsome Nick Griffin), then you have crossed the line into mainstreaming betrayal. You can’t lie about your first principles. 
Why? Well, aside from the dishonor (and why would we want to be led by people with no sense of honor?), (1) it repels your most principled and committed and honest followers and replaces them with the cynical and the muddleheaded, (2) it destroys the reasons why someone would vote for you in the first place; why would anyone vote for you as opposed to all the other immigrant loving, non-racist political parties? and (3) such dissimulation never fools our enemies; in fact, it only fools our own people; do we really want to join in the voices who are to lying our people in order to herd them to oblivion? Or do we want to wake them up? 
One purpose of vanguardist intellectuals is to constantly monitor politicians and keep them from betraying us on fundamental principles.

Importing Disease, American Style

"Our" government in action.

For the benefit of foreign readers of this blog confused by this story as well as by the Ebola case, I will - again - explain the mindset of the American government.

Given the choice between: (1) inconveniencing a single "person of color" for one microsecond or (2) infecting America with some sort of plague, killing millions of White Americans, the US government will pick choice 2 without any hesitation whatsoever.

Some Good Sense on Mainstreaming

Greg Johnson essay.

I find nothing there that I can really disagree with in any fundamental way.  And the important point is made: mainstreaming does not mean merely presenting our views in a more rational and productive manner (which any reasonable person would agree is a good idea), but, rather, means abandoning those ideas and substituting Sailerian "citizenism."

In that manner, even a "victory" becomes a defeat, since nothing significant is gained, one way or the other.

And the point about Jews is very important as well.  It's not just genotypes, or physical appearance, or religion.  Jews are a separate people in their entirety, they perceives themselves in that manner and act accordingly.  

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Our Affairs

An important observation.

Of course, there are real differences between Europeans, real differences of interests between Europeans. But, the key words are "between Europeans." These are our issues to sort out between ourselves.  They are our affairs, to deal with as we decide. We do not need, nor should we want, self-interested others - arrogant Desis, cunning Jews, demented mestizos, or whomever - dictating to us what our relations should be among ourselves. Just as we should not dictate to The Rest, so should they not dictate to The West. 

Our affairs are for ourselves alone.

The Mainstreaming Nobles

Lots of snark, no admission of being wrong.

An overview of Orban perfidy by Sunic.  I have a high opinion of Tom Sunic (even though I have disagreed with him on some issues over the years). Sunic should have been more prominent in "movement" "thought" but, you see, the "movement's" affirmative action policy wouldn't allow it.  In any case, Sunic outlines the facts of the case.

Then, we have this amusing attack on mainstreaming super-hero Victor Orban. Very good. But where was Orban initially praised to begin with?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Possible Movement Perfidy

Wikipedia edits.

It's very likely that the "Chinese mother" edit was an intentional fabrication.  If so, it is difficult to understand a motivation for that other than usual "movement" stupidity.

That latter possibility is the major point.  The ancestry of some pop culture figure is really not important at all. The fact that someone thought it necessary to essentially vandalize a Wikipedia page with fabricated nonsense to alter the public perception of that ancestry is important. The possibility of a "movement" connection to that racial lying is also important.

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Birth Lottery

The newest liberal stupidity.

Similarly, the fact that I was not born the son of Bill Gates means that I unfairly lost the "birth lottery" and, therefore, Mr. Gates is ethically obligated to share his billions with me.


Dear stupid bastard Bergstrom: tribalism has been part of human identity, part of the human experience, since the days that australopithecines and hominids first started walking erect. Tribalism is a form of extended family (hence the validity of my Gates analogy) and the nation (opposed to the state) is an extended version of the tribe-family.  It is natural and normal for tribes to form boundaries and exclude other tribes, such is the definition of a group, that it defines itself as much as by what it excludes as by what it includes.  And while, philosophically, one cannot derive an "ought" from an "is," it is equally true that one cannot derive a "not ought" from an "is."  There is no inherent logical reason to reject the adaptive state of nature of tribalism. And, if the state of nature regarding tribalism should not be, according to you, respected by law, tradition, and ethics, then at least be consistent and say the same about family.  Go and tell people they are ethically obligated to ignore their own birth children in favor of others - strangers - who were so unfortunate to lose the "birth lottery" and be stuck in less favorable circumstances.

And while you are at it, go tell China and Israel that they are obligated to accept the endless hordes of, say, sub-Saharan Africans who lost the "birth lottery" and didn't get born in the promised lands of the Levant and East Asia.  Never mind all the Arabs who, by dint of correcting the "birth lottery," belong in Israel, and the various non-Chinese Asians who likewise belong in the Middle Kingdom. Ethics need to be universal, no?

Taylor's Report on the Hungarian Conference

A few points.

Not to beat a dead horse, but the magnificent failure of mainstreaming nationalist Orban, kowtowing to socialists, and of the ethnonationalist heroes Jobbik, fleeing from a conference they were supposed to support because of "racism," is on display for all to see.

And while I wholeheartedly support the idea of a "worldwide brotherhood of Europeans" - a concept I have been promoting for many years in the face of much "movement" opposition - I wonder how much such "brotherhood" has been displayed, for example, at Amren?  S. Italians are, after all (like it or not), Europeans, and considerably less "brotherhood" has been shown to them than to, say, Asian groups like Chinese or Jews.

Update: see here. Note the part about Russia.  But, but, but...I thought that Putin was a pro-White superhero, playing a "deep game" supporting the rights of European man. Here we see the mask dropped: even a conference that Eurasianist Dugin was to attend is not any good.  Anything that supports Europeans is viewed negatively by the Patron of Asia, the onanistic darling of basement-dwelling omega-male "movement" activists, the bare-chested macho man, the dashing scion of traditionalist thought, the might sword of the Yellow race, the great and only Trad Vlad.

Mainstreamers, ethnonationalists, Putinists: please go away.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Salter, Red Ice Radio, and the Treason of the Elites

Interesting talk.

See here.

This is all very interesting, particularly the second hour.  There, Salter describes the betrayal of the elites and the need for those elites to be held accountable.  For example, the need for the likes of Tony Blair to be held accountable in a court or law for genocidal immigration policies and gross treason against the interests of native majorities.  Salter also makes the crucially important point that majorities in Western nations need to admit their defeat, they need to admit that the state is no longer under their control and no longer serving their interests, that the state is actually openly hostile to majority interests, they need to adopt an ice-cold realistic view of their strategic situation.  In reaction, Salter advocates for a form of “democratic multiculturalism,” in which the majority group openly asserts its rights as part of the multicultural system, and utilizes the infrastructure of the multicultural state to pursue their own group interests. This is all very useful food-for-thought, and we should all thank Dr. Salter and the host of Red Ice Radio for presenting this discussion for consideration and analysis.

Hungarian Mainstreamers Violate Own Law

NPI in slightly better light, mainstreamers and ethnonationalists in worse light.

The NPI folks have some (still not good) excuse: that the civil liberty laws of the ruling Hungarian "mainstream nationalists" are such that one could theoretically expect the conference to have been allowed to go on. In the interest of fairness, I'll give them that - although, practically speaking, they should have expected problems.  That some sort of faux-conference took place is better than nothing, but the whole situation was handled with startling naivete.

This information puts both the mainstreamers and ethnonationalists in a much worse light.  The wonderfully mainstream heroic Orban was so eager to curry favor with his globalist masters that he closed down a conference that his own party's laws seem to allow. Think about that for a moment. The proponents of mainstreaming tell us that "far-Right light" will open doors of public discourse to the more radical nationalists, that Orban is some sort of anti-immigration hero defying the EU elites, and here we see Orban so very desperate to appease those elites, and the anti-White globalist elites in general, so very eager to avoid any whiff of "racism," that he won't even follow the laws promulgated by his own party! And I don't see any of the other mainstream nationalists in Europe complaining about this. The Front National is too busy figuring out how to assimilate Arabs as "Frenchmen," while the UKIP is embracing Commonwealth Nigerians, Indians, and Pakistanis and their "grannies." The mainstreamers have "egg on their faces" and their failed judgment is on display for all to see.

And the ethnonationalists? The pathetic display of Jobbik is rendered more pitiful with the knowledge that they "distanced themselves" from a conference which, in theory, should be legal according to their own nation's internal laws (albeit not the EU's). And these are the heroes to bring a brighter future to the Hungarian people?  The guffaws can be heard across the Atlantic.

Update: the mainstreamers who were praising Orban two weeks ago are now denouncing his actions and describing him as a "conservative" trying to gain favor with EU elites (hmm...sounds familiar). I hope that the more intelligent elements in the "movement" are not fooled by this turn-around (with no admission or apology for the previous elevation of Orban as an example of mainstreaming success).  I also hope that incidents like this provide sufficient food-for-thought that will encourage some cracks in the movement's affirmative action policy, a policy which promotes incompetence in the same manner that affirmative action does in the wider society.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mainstreaming Update: Spencer Deportation, Ban

Mainstreaming marches onward.

Whose judgment do you trust: those in the "movement" (often protected by the "movement's" affirmative action program) advocating mainstreaming or those critiquing mainstreaming?

More Mainstreaming: Meet the UKIP

The real immigration insanity.

The insanity of our immigration rules means that a second-generation Briton wanting to bring granny over for a wedding—still less if they want to get married to someone from abroad themselves—will face huge difficulties, yet they will see an open door to immigration to anyone from the European Union. [Applause.] 
Now does anyone, left or right, genuinely support an immigration system where we turn away the best and brightest from our Commonwealth, people with links and family here, in order to make room for unskilled immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe. [Applause.]

Now, certainly, Southern and Eastern Europeans (who are, as we know, always "unskilled") do not belong in Britain, the homeland of the indigenous British peoples.  Any Euro-Federation must include internal, as well as external, migration barriers.  But - guess what! "Second-generation Britons (sic)" and their "grannies" don't belong in Britain either, and the idea that "skilled" Commonwealth Asians and Africans (sic) should get immigration preferences over Europeans (if one is forced to make a choice) is madness. The UKIP is merely a cogelite kosher conservative operation, apparently favoring South Asians and Nigerians over the wops and hunkies.
Say it loud and say it proud: anyone who supports "mainstreaming" is the enemy of the White race. And the UKIP are a bunch of anti-EGI colored-loving lunatics.

A Tale of Two Conferences

London better.

In contrast to the Hungarian NPI fiasco, this London conference was organized in a rational and effective manner.  I congratulate the organizers and attendees of the London endeavor for having a realistic worldview: the EU is a genocidal police state, dedicated to White extinction, and any meeting focused on preventing that extinction has to resort to methods similar to that of Soviet-era anti-communist dissidents.

As the Hungarian situation continues to unravel (as discussed at VDARE), some further lessons can be learned.  First, it underscores the futility of mainstreaming. The timing here was ironically fortuitous. After all, in less than a two-week period, we had the mainstreamers breathlessly praising Viktor Orban for making a few comments (comments, not actions, mind you) critical of immigration, followed by my own critical essay against mainstreaming, following by Orban's cancellation of the NPI conference scheduled in Hungary, followed by more recent news of Richard Spencer's arrest there. And has the latter-day Joan of Arc, Marine Le Pen, come to the defense of a conference meant to be supportive of Europe's right to exist?  And where's the UKIP?  Where's all the mainstream nationalists and conservatives whose "far-Right light" activity is supposed to make the political environment more congenial for us more radical racial nationalists?

And ethnonationalism has taken a credibility hit here as well. After all, the unabashedly ethnonationalist Jobbik party has done nothing but "distance themselves" from a nationalist conference in their own country, a conference that one of their own MPs was supposed to be involved with. No worries, though. I can imagine Jobbik hosting a Turanism conference in Budapest, celebrating the fraternal ties of blood and friendship between the Hungarian and Tutkish peoples, and I'm sure mainstreaming superhero Viktor Orban would have no problems with that.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Desi Invasion

Ethnic nepotists.

Of course, brown Desi cogelites, and their White extended phenotypes, preach to us that "ethnic nepotism is not adaptive" as they do their very best to prove otherwise.


Christianity = ethnomasochism.

Crush the infamy!

Importing Disease

Civility vs. Health

When reading this, remember Caplan's ancestry.

Besides Ebola, there is that mystery respiratory virus, affecting and in some cases killing American children, the  outbreak of which "just happened" to coincide with the Central American children invasion (at least one prominent doctor had publicly suggested that connection).

One must remember, if the US government is given the following choice:

1. Let some diseased Third Worlder into America to spread a plague and kill tens of millions of (mostly White) American citizens, or...

2. Practice the "incivility" of inconveniencing said Third Worlder by keeping them out and thus safeguarding American health...

...the US government would pick #1 every time, without a moment's consideration. After all, millions of White deaths are not worth even one second of colored inconvenience.  Hey, Whitey! - if you are not in the Middle East fighting Israel's wars, then what good are you, anyway?  Complain about Ebola? You racist!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Yet More on Hungary

Those brave and hearty pan-Turanists.

A commentator at Counter Currents reasonably states:

Posted September 30, 2014 at 9:39 pm | Permalink
I am profoundly disappointed with the lack of support from Jobbik. The way the MP pathetically bowed out of the conference, citing those eeee-vil “U.S. racists”, is an embarrassment to anything that could be called right-wing. It’s time to break with these people once and for all. What a bunch of rotten bastards.
Yes, indeed.  Of course, Jobbik is not a pan-European party, it's an anti-Romanian ethnonationalist party that grovels to the Turks in some sort of misguided pan-Turanism.  Thus: Turks - wonderful, Romanians - evil, American racial nationalists - evil.  But, hey, don't worry, mainstream Orban denounces even the anti-racialist and pro-Turk Jobbik party, once again proving the wonderful facility and utility of mainstreaming.

Say what you will about Lowell and Imperium Europa, but those guys wouldn't have folded like a cheap camera in a similar situation. And although Malta has the same "race laws" as Hungary (indeed, Lowell was convicted some years back, merely for making very mild comments), it still would have been a better choice for a conference site than Hungary. But, no doubt, the Old Movement wouldn't want to have anything to do with Malta and the Maltese, since, well, you know how it is with those types down there....

And who was the buffoon who thought it a good idea to invite the anti-White, anti-Western, Eurasianist Dugin to the conference, thus giving a "cover" excuse for the anti-White "mainstream" Orban government to cancel the conference?  Greg Johnson is correct: while Orban - the mainstreaming superhero! - would have cancelled the conference regardless, he has been able to "save face" with his more nationalist supporters by painting the whole thing as a Putinistic anti-Ukrainian gathering of Duginist extremists. And for what?  So that neo-hippy can expound on the "fourth political theory" or whatever other nonsense he's peddling as a front for re-establishing the Soviet Union and flooding Russia with the brown and yellow trash of Asia?