Monday, January 26, 2015

Practical Advice: Democratic Multiculturalism

Practical advice.

Some practical advice on the democratic multiculturalism tactic for real-life activism, in these the early stages of the process (later on, one could be more aggressive if other Whites join in).  Be careful, restrained, slow, and patient. NEVER invent anything, always be truthful and utilize real problems and actual incidents. Keep track of things that happen and document if you can.  This works best if you have already established that you, in your "public persona," are fair and equitable to everyone, including minorities.  Needless to say, if you honestly believe that this activity will cause you serious trouble, that you are vulnerable and dispensable, then do NOT do it. Be prudent. However, if your position allows you more leeway to speak your mind, then proceed.

You may need to be patient, waiting months or years for the appropriate opportunity. Use this time to study your opponent, to document instances of anti-White discrimination that has been done to you at your school if you are a student, or at your place of employment, or whatever the institutional setting is.  Wait until the diversity-mongers are vulnerable. Perhaps an incident – not involving you of course – has taken place, people are shaken, and the diversity-mongers are under pressure to “put out the fire,” rally everyone around inclusion. Or, perhaps, maybe the diversity-mongers themselves have erred and need to get everyone on board, get everyone placated, in order to quiet things down.  Maybe there will be some “diversity training.”  Or, whatever the case may be.  Then lay some of your cards on the table.  You say, with all due respect, that you need to discuss offensive incidents that have happened, how you were discriminated against (remember: be truthful).  Assert that the incidents make you “feel uncomfortable” in that it creates a "hostile working environment” for you and “damages diversity efforts” and “makes the environment more exclusive than inclusive.”  Use their own language against them.  Suggest that they themselves, the diversity-mongers, are biased and bigoted.  Suggest that THEIR “spewing of hatred” has created a climate of intolerance and that we need to change this (maybe they should resign?) to create a harmonious environment of tolerance, inclusion (for White folks), etc.  The general idea is that the diversity-mongers, by being biased against you and your group, are damaging their own efforts toward inclusion and diversity, that THEY are the problem, that THEY are the fount of hatred and bigotry. You are the innocent and offended victim, who is made to feel excluded.

The mindset you should have is of a clever counter-puncher boxing an opponent who is more powerful but is slower, stupider, and clumsier. Prod them, make the “swing and miss,” tire them out, force them into making errors, while you dance around and throw your jabs.  Slow and steady. Be patient. It will take time. Think in terms of months and years, a slow torture for them, drip, drip, drip.  You would be surprised how these smug mediocre types, never before being challenged, will get flustered and will make mistakes. Document those mistakes. If they put things in writing, so much the better. That’s solid evidence, and can be legally actionable.

Always keep and document everything, save that for your next round of counter-punching. Never let them feel comfortable. Remember the strategic objective of insurgency – not to directly overthrow the opponent (but if it happens, they’d take it), but to force the other side to make errors, to provoke the other side toward repressive over-reaction counter-measures that alienate the masses, to show the masses that the System is weak and cannot protect them. Thus, your role is to poke and prod and make these folks get so tangled up in their own web of stupidity that they end up delegitimizing themselves and what they represent.