Saturday, March 28, 2015

Those Lying Republicans


To note: almost all 2016 GOP hopefuls either currently, or at one time, support amnesty. And the "hardliner" Cruz is a strong supporter of increased "legal" immigration.  Also note the admission of virtually everyone "in the know" that these candidates will openly lie to the voters about their position, combined with the implication that if elected, they will impose amnesty against the wishes of those who voted for them.  Note that the wishes of the White GOP voters are constantly denied. Note that the stupidity about "we can't deport 11 million people" ignores (a) we can indeed do so, and (b) if you cut off their lifeline they'd self-deport.  Everyone mocked Romney on that (and I'm sure he was lying as well), but if you strictly enforced workplace rules (only legal workers allowed), and denied illegals and their children (regardless of where the children were born) access to schooling and health care, and if you revoked "birthright citizenship," and if you jailed anyone helping or harboring illegals, and you made home ownership or home/apartment renting dependent on legal status - what then? Either they leave, they die in the streets, or they turn to crime and can be jailed/deported for that.

That Question Again

The age-old obsession with the Jews.

So, at the "dark enlightenment," we see the peanut gallery once again debating that old and boring question: "are Jews White?" The juvenile mindset that the "movement," and associated precincts of "race realism," have on this question is based on the simplistic idea that:

1) If Jews are "White" we must accept them, which we do not want to do.
2) If Jews are not "White" then we can reject them, which we do want to do.

Therefore, the anti-Jew crowd wants to prove the non-Whiteness of Jews, while the philo-Semites wish to prove the opposite.

However, for practical political purposes, this is meaningless. We all can think of many individuals who we will all agree are "White," persons of impeccable "Aryan" bloodlines, folks of whom ancestry is not in question, and these people we would (I hope) unambiguously reject, since they are despicable traitors to their race and civilization.  Think of many politicians and world leaders, businessmen and other wealthy celebrities - are they part of our ingroup?  Washington DC is full of such types; they can be found in the EU, Hollywood, the US Chamber of Commerce, among our population of "White" billionaires, our financial aristocracy.  We find them among celebrities who proudly race-mix.  We find them among "leaders" who promote Third World immigration and other aspects of White genocide, these are scum who sell out their people for their own selfish interests, or because their minds have been infected with anti-White memes. These are the types that Pierce would have wanted to have executed in his "Day of the Rope."

Very well.  But if we can identify individuals who are "White" but who we reject, why can't we do the same about an ethnic group that behaves in the most destructive manner of all?  So, we can all agree that "Jews are White" but at the same time reject them as a "White" ethnic group that has a historical animus towards Europeans, a group that selfishly pursues their own hyper-ethnocentric interests at the expense of the rest of the "White race," a renegade treasonous "White" ethny that makes common cause with the "rising tide of color" against White and Western interests, a "White" group actively promoting White genocide because they don't really identify as "White" in the same sense as other "Whites" do, and because they believe that the destruction of the greater White Race ensures their own narrow group survival as an unique population group with its own special history and identity.  We can state that the Jewish "White" group perceives itself as having radically different interests from Gentile "Whites," so that the two groups are incompatible. We can point out that whenever an attempt is made to include Jews in "White" racial nationalism, they consistently promote destructive memes (e.g., a multiracial "White separatist state," supporting the "racial status quo," blaming our problems on "Protestants," stating that racial preservation for its own sake is "insane," and of course promoting the anti-White creed of HBD). We can therefore accept Jews as "White." while at the same time also accepting them as an enemy and rejecting them from inclusion in our ingroup of the White family of peoples. After all, throughout human history, who has been more despised than the traitor? Given their behavior, one could consider that saying that Jews are "White" may actually increase, rather than decrease, the hostility of racially aware Whites toward that group.

Having said all of that, and explaining why the question of "are Jews White?" is practically unimportant to any serious racial nationalism, I'll switch gears and say that if, for some reason, it was important to more objectively justify exclusion of Jews, then the "movement" could adopt my reasonable definition of "indigenous" and state that we consider as "White" those individuals deriving ancestry from one or more of the indigenous ethnies of Europe.  Thus, Jews are no more "White" than are Roma, despite the fact that some Jews may be genetically or phenotypically close to Europeans.

Even more basic: we can follow Yockey and accept that Identity is holistic, and cannot be strictly reduced to biological reductionism (although the biological is important; it just isn't everything). Thus, regardless of whether a Jew looks like Dolph Lundgren is immaterial; their overall Identity is non-European and non-Western. When the Jews established a modern homeland, where did they choose?  Palestine, in the Middle East. That choice was not solely or even predominantly motivated by pragmatics - there were other spaces available, spaces that could have avoided the endless conflict with the Arab natives of that region. Palestine was chosen and, more importantly, as Israel holds such a fascination on Jews, because Jews in their total Identity passionately feel a close connection, at minimum historically and culturally, to the ancient Israelites; modern Jews identity with a non-Western, non-European, Middle Eastern "Magian" High Culture.  We see the Jewish settlers of today invoking Biblical scripture as their basis for claiming this land in the Middle East. They view this land as theirs as their birthright as Jews, as part of Jewish history, a history rooted in the historical Middle East, not in Europe.  Thus, Israel is their homeland, not Europe, and it matters not if a given Jew is genetically and/or phenotypically "White" in the European sense. They do not identify as such. They identify as Jewish, a separate and unique group, and there is genetic evidence supporting a biological link to those historical and cultural ties, even though the link has been attenuated through admixture. But again, we need not be reductionist.  Jews are a People, with a strong identity, and that identity is not "White" in the same sense as is the identity of English, Germans, Italians, Czechs, Swedes, Spaniards, or French.

So, Jews may be "White," but they do not identify as such, when push comes to shove. They may be "White" but they are not indigenous Europeans; there is no historic European nation of "Jewia." They may be "White" but they do not belong to the High Culture of the West; instead, they identify with the "Magian" High Culture of the Middle and Near East; they may be "White" but their passionate attachment to "blood and soil" is in the Levant, not in Europe.  Whether or not they are "White," and regardless of how one wants to "crunch" the data on cephalic indices or gene frequencies, Jews are not European Westerners.  They are themselves, with their own interests, which they pursue with great efficacy.  Perhaps if we were equally concerned about our own identity and our own interests, rather than worrying about how to classify Jews, our own situation would be far less dire.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Yellow Negroes Offending Native Thais

A more intelligent form of Negro.

Following up on this, I note this article; excerpts, emphasis added:

Drying underwear at a temple and defecating in public, kicking a bell at a sacred shrine and washing feet in a public restroom: that's a sample from a litany of complaints about the behavior of Chinese tourists in Thailand.
Public outrage forced the Thai government to issue thousands of Chinese-language etiquette manuals last month in an effort to ensure sightseers behave themselves. 
Feathers were ruffled anew in March when a Thai model posted a video on Facebook accusing Chinese tourists of jumping the line at an airport, prompting heated debate from Thai and Chinese bloggers. 
At the Erawan shrine in the heart of bustling downtown Bangkok, Kanlaya Yimpreeda, 29, a garland vendor, reels off a list of complaints about Chinese visitors. 
"I recently saw a Chinese couple take their kids' underwear off so he could pee near the shrine," she said, a look of horror on her face. "Right there in the corner next to one of Bangkok's holiest places." 
Korn Ornprasert, a veteran tour guide, said he preferred guiding visitors from elsewhere."They have no discipline. They throw cigarette butts and spit in public," said Korn. "I would rather give a tour to other nationalities than to mainland Chinese."  

That is the sort of behavior one would associate with Negroes or Hispanics, not with Europeans. Colored is as colored does.  Once again, we see Chinese behaving as  a low-class, vulgar, colored people, and somewhere, a HBDer softly weeps.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

HBD is a Political Movement

Countering a big lie.

Over at the Jew Unz blog, some HBDers are pushing the big lie that "HBD is not a political movement," citing certain allegedly incompatible individuals and groups that gravitate to HBD. That's a rather stupid argument, since a core political ideology can certainly exist, with peripheral entities cherry picking from that core what they wish to stress and what they wish to ignore.

So - what is the core ideology of HBD?

1. Hostile to White racial nationalism.  This despite the fact that, yes, some WNs will gravitate to HBD, because they like what HBD says about Negro intelligence and behavior, because HBD recognizes race, because HBD recognizes heritable group differences, because certain WNs have an anti-pan-European agenda that overlaps that of HBD, and because HBD may flatter their particular narrow ethny.  All of that does not alter the fact that the core of HBD is hostility to White racial nationalism, a hostility shared by many prominent HBDers.

2. Hostility to genetic kinship/EGI.  Regardless that some HBDers may say a kind word or two about Salter, the core HBD ideology favors a phenotype-based cross-racial affinity based on IQ, behavior, or whatever trait is utilized to trump actual genetic kinship.  Pursuit of core HBD is in the long run damaging to European EGI, and that is its intention - to replace genetic kinship and genetic interests and the organic solidarity of a racio-cultural ethny with an aracial constellation of groups and individuals binned together based on cherry picked hierarchically numerated phenotypic traits.

3. A pathological hostility to pan-Europeanism and to White racial solidarity.  A fundamental premise of HBD, building on points 1 and 2 above, is to divide Europeans against each other, to eagerly grasp at any theory or factoid that can be used to amplify intra-European differences and obfuscate and hide intra-European similarities.  The idea that Europeans may come together based on race, EGI, genetic and cultural kinship, actualization of a High Culture, history - all this fills the HBDers with fear and rage.  That European-derived "cognitive elitists" would make common cause with their "less bright" European racial brothers and sisters, spurning Asiatic "cognitive elitists" also fills HBDers with a blinding rage - one just needs to remember some of the angry and frustrated comments the GNXPers were making about Jared Taylor a dozen years ago. How dare educated professional Whites make common cause with blue-collar, ordinary White folks!  How dare White "cogelites" spurn Yellow and Brown "high-IQ" professionals!  For shame!  The HBDers instead want a Hartian alliance between Jews, East Asians, some South Asians, and high-IQ NW Europeans, in that order of leadership and importance, an alliance to destroy WN, turn Europeans against each other, promote Jewish/Asian interests, and promote miscegenation (see point 4).

4. An ideology based on worshipping at the Altar of Asia and at the Altar of the Yarmulke.  Jews and East Asians are the twin HBD master races (with upper-caste South Asian "cognitive elitists" often included as well),  HBD suggests that these groups are the natural masters of Whites; HBDers also promote the idea of a Jeurasian mongrelization between certain White "cognitive elitists" and Asiatics/Jews (taking place in White countries of course), to bastardize White stocks, an intellectual decapitation of the White race, turning high-IQ White bloodlines into Jeurasian mongrels.  Essentially - is it good for the Jews?  Is it good for the Asians?  If you answer "yes" then that is HBD.

5. An ideology based on lies, deception, cherry picking. pseudoscience, "just so stories," and outright mendacious malice.  HBD is the archetype of a politicized pseudoscience and is the enemy of a genuine and honest racial science.

Yet Another Defeat for Mainstreaming

It's not like we didn't warn you.

Many even expected the National Front to come out on top in Sunday's vote, since its support has steadily surged over recent years under Le Pen. With her eye on a 2017 presidential bid, she wants to close France's borders and rails against the "Islamization" of Europe. 
Sarkozy's conservatives dominated the Sunday elections instead — in part because they have increasingly been borrowing from the far right playbook to win votes.

Surprise (not)!  It's obvious: if skullface Marine moves the FN closer to the center, then all the Sarkozy group has to do is "feint right" - which they've done many times in the past - and poach FN voters and win the elections instead.  Once in power, the Sarkozyites can then proceed with continued mass immigration as well as publicly promote miscegenation - while the dull-witted "Right" scratches their heads and mumble, "wha' happen'?"

If given the choice between moderate-right conservatives and a slightly more rightist moderate-right FN, the French will pick the safer conservatives every time.  Of course, if the masses had any sense, they'd realize that the conservatives are openly lying to them, but we know the masses have little sense.  To make an impact on the mass voter, politicians need to be bold, and need to draw clear lines of distinction between themselves and their opponents. The FN has a wide field fully open further to their right, but in the direction of the center, the political niche space is already occupied by a firmly established System party. But the breathless Durochers will continue promoting Frumpy Marine as she drives the French Right into the centrist ditch of oblivion.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Chinese Nationalist Whore

Answering a Chinatrix.

At Amren, a flat-faced, slant-eyed Asiatic alien says:

I recently had a discussion with some White who said that East Asians are merely smart Negroes. That's nonsense of course. I do not even feel the desire to defend the intelligence of my people, because it is quite obvious they aren't dumb. What I am merely saying is that caution is warranted in regard to Asian average IQ scores.

In case you don't know, it is talking about me, regards a debate at Counter Currents.  Retarded commentators at Amren, perhaps hoping to emulate Derbyshire and "score" with an Asiatrix, attack my premise, citing different "emotionality" between Asians and Negroes "from birth."

Unsurprisingly, both the Asian whore and it's sexually frustrated White sycophants fail to understand the fundamental premise behind "East Asians are a more intelligent form of Negro."

That statement is not meant as any sort of HBD-style analysis; I'm not literally comparing behavioral psychometric phenotypes between the two groups.  The point is that Negroes are a colored, White-hating, destructive, alien presence in majority White nations, seething with a deep-seated animus towards Europeans and Western civilization.  Similarly, East Asians are a colored, White-hating, destructive, alien presence in majority White nations, seething with a deep-seated animus towards Europeans and Western civilization.  Yes, Asians are more intelligent than Negroes and have a markedly different behavioral profile. But they are a genetically and phenotypically alien people compared to Europeans, they are invaders into White nations, they are seething with anti-White hatred, they whine about "discrimination," they demand access to White lands, they have the "colored chip on the shoulder," and Asian activists want to make common cause with Negroes and Hispanics against Whites.

Hence - a more intelligent form of Negro, with Negro representing a completely alien and hostile racial entity.

Will the "Chinese Nationalist Maiden" be so kind as to announce in what nation it is living?  Will it openly call for Asian repatriation back to Asia?  

Another Example of the Bunker Syndrome

Frat Boy Bunkers.

When my Bunker Syndrome post was put up at Counter Currents, there was at least one nitwit commentator was criticized me for being too harsh on the Bunkers.  But of course, Bunkerism is a common malady for Whites in America today (and elsewhere as well, I'm sure), and others will criticize it as well, although not labeling the behavior so colorfully.  The following is an example of Bunkerism, a species of Bunkerism if you will.  Traditional Bunkerism was characterized by "bigotry" in one's private life, coupled to aracial conservatism publicly. But among young, well-off Whites, Bunkerism reaches new heights of hypocrisy and fawning weakness: more secretive private expressions of anti-Colored animus, coupled to public groveling pro-Colored social displays (emphasis added):
But I would maintain that the frat boys are doing the greater harm — to White people — not with their racist chant but with their hypocrisy. If they really are hugging Black athletes and pretending that they love them — not only suppressing but inverting their real racial views for public consumption — then they are contributing to an atmosphere where White girls are more likely to think that dating a Negro is acceptable. These frat boys, for all their racist chanting and “Martin Luther Coon” parties among themselves, in the rest of the world are no help at all. In fact, they are part of the problem. 
It’s not just frat boys either. Since the 1960s, when racial equality became the dominant cant of the United States, glaring hypocrisy has become the key to success. Consequently it’s the White American bourgeoisie in general that behaves this way. You can hear it for example in Sean Hannity, who has expressed emphatic approval of the expulsion of two students for singing a racist song, the Constitution be damned. He also recently expressed his commitment to the idea that all humans have the same potential — science be damned. This cowardly careerism is killing the White race.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mandatory Voting?

Let’s first have these three changes.

“Our” President proposes “mandatory voting” for the USA.  Well, when the Establishment has such a stranglehold on the sociopolitical system of the country so that they win regardless of the outcome of elections, mulatto empty suits can smugly advocate forcing folks to vote.

But, what if we demanded real choice, and real political freedom, in exchange for accepting a mandatory voting system?

It is in this spirit that I propose the following three changes that would be an absolute prerequisite for any mandatory voting scheme.

1. The Social Pricing Disempowerment Act.  We’ll need a constitutional amendment extending free speech into the private sphere.  In other words, all the “watchdog groups” would become impotent as it would be illegal to impose social pricing (e.g., in employment, promotion, school admissions, housing, access to any community resources, etc.) against anyone due to their sociopolitical beliefs.  In other words, sociopolitical beliefs would be a “protected category,” the same as race, color, religion, sex, etc.  For example, the sort of harassment faced by KMacD at his university, including the “watchdog” attempts to get him fired (which have failed because he is tenured), would be illegal (regardless of his tenured status).  The same would apply to anyone else. 

Now, there would have to be some very narrowly defined, very carefully defined, exemptions. If an organization was dedicated to promoting tax cuts, then they would have the right not to hire a person who publicly advocates in favor of raising taxes. A church need not hire a priest who is an avowed atheist. A political party dedicated to White rights would not be obligated to embrace anti-Whites (of any race).  However, these exemptions would need to be very narrow, very specific, and only applied when the fundamental purpose of the entity is involved.

Thus, KMacD’s university could NOT say “diversity and tolerance are crucial to our mission so therefore anyone against multiculturalism is not allowed.”  Overly broad and non-essential definitions of primary purpose would not be allowed.  A university is fundamentally about teaching, and as long as KMacD effectively teaches his courses, then his politics are irrelevant and his position inviolate.

Of course, there are some, including and especially on the Right, who would whine that this law would violate freedom of association and would be unwieldy and oppressive.  Yes, indeed, it would be, but it is also a very reasonable response to the oppressive and ludicrous idea of “mandatory voting.”  What’s worse?  Expanding free speech or forcing folks to choose between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush?

2. Ballot access.  The two party monopoly has to go.  “Third party” ballot access must be made much, much easier.  There has to be real choice on the ballot, and once the Social Pricing Disempowerment Act is in force, dissident parties will pop up like mushrooms after a spring rain. Lowering the bar to access, coupled with an end to social pricing, would ensure that a wide variety of parties – from the extreme Left to the extreme Right – will obtain the required signatures to have full ballot access throughout the country.  Ending social pricing would benefit the Right much more than the Left because, let’s be honest, that pricing is targeted only to the far-Right of the political spectrum (when’s the last time some academic got in trouble for being a Marxist?  Indeed, that’s celebrated!).  Let a “thousand flowers bloom” – if voting is mandatory, let people have a real choice on who and what to vote for.

3. Proportional representation in government.  End the “winner take all” system.  Let’s get all those small parties represented in Congress and also in state legislatures.  Let’s make it feasible for the free choice picks of all those mandatory voters to have access to the levers of power in the government.

So, hey, King Mulatto – you do steps 1-3, and then we can have your mandatory voting.  But, you wouldn’t dare, would you?  Unleashing decades of White middle class anger?  The possibility of far-Right populism?  Would you let that genie out of the bottle?  I very much doubt it.

Mainstreaming News, 3/19/15

Jobbik up, Orban down.

I’m not a big fan of the Turk-loving Jobbik party, but, still, I wish them the best in their struggle against the mainstreaming Hungarian Sarkozy, Durocher’s man-crush, Tricky Vik Orban.  Isn’t it interesting?  We are told that “pragmatic mainstreaming” is a necessity to “obtain power,” but here we see Jobbik catching up to Orban in popularity.  What would happen, I wonder, in a truly free and open election, with no outside interference and scare-mongering by the EU?  Or, put it another way: if the Orban “safety valve” for nationalist discontent didn’t exist, Jobbik may very well be in power right now.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

No Distinction Made


The dead tourists came from Italy, Poland, Germany and Spain.

The NEC filth targeted all of the Europeans they saw, regardless of nationality, cephalic index, sub-fractional "admixture," or any of the sweaty fantasy memes of the "movement."   All Westerners, all Whites, all Europeans are the Other to the rest of the world, and are targeted, equally, as such.

You see, and it's sad to say, our enemies know us better than we know ourselves.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Soft Weeping From the Blushing Schoolgirls

Private life mirroring the Eurasian Union?

The woman in question is a slant-eyed half-Tatar.  This story of course still needs to be more officially confirmed, but the fact remains that Trad Vlad has been linked to this woman for years.

It all makes sense, really. A leader needs to be a role model. Putin's Russia is all about the Eurasian Union, it is all about submerging White Slavic Russians under a Yellow-Brown Asiatic flood, it is all about promoting multiracialism and multiculturalism, while kowtowing to Jewish interests. So, why not mirror all of that in your personal life and churn out some Hapas with a Tatar?  

And, hey, all you need to do is wrestle a tiger bare-chested and all the pathetically effeminate blushing schoolgirls on the Right will think you are some sort of traditionalist nationalist superhero and rally to support you.  The guy has it made from both ends. Well played, Vladdy.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Rewriting Derbyshire

Hypocrite unmasked again.


I don’t think you have a healthy society if it doesn’t include some rebellion against bourgeois pomposity. I’m not talking about criminal rebellion, Clockwork Orange-style, or about white skinheads or black street thugs. I’m talking about a bunch of well-educated, well-dressed young white men mocking the idea that they must always and everywhere defer to the exquisitely delicate sensibilities of blacks, who will melt like little black snowflakes if anyone says an unkind word about them...That there are young people willing to scoff at the lies and pretense, however coarsely, seems to me something healthy, something to celebrate. So I’m celebrating it. Good luck to those young fraternity brothers.

My rewrite:

I don’t think you have a healthy society if it doesn’t include some rebellion against bourgeois pomposity. I’m not talking about criminal rebellion, Clockwork Orange-style, or about white skinheads or white-hating Asian ethnic nepotists. I’m talking about a bunch of well-educated, well-dressed young white men mocking the idea that they must always and everywhere defer to the exquisitely delicate sensibilities of Asians, who will melt like little yellow snowflakes if anyone says an unkind word about them...That there are young people willing to scoff at the lies and pretense, however coarsely, seems to me something healthy, something to celebrate. So I’m celebrating it. Good luck to those young fraternity brothers.

And why not?  Why shouldn't Mr. Derbyshire also celebrate young Whites mocking Asians and Hapas?

Friday, March 13, 2015

Mainstreaming News, 3/13/15

Another astounding success!

Orban goes from success to success!  Slapped down by the EU (but I thought that "working within the system" would make things easier for him?), kowtowing to the Jews, closing down racialist conferences, being lectured to by the White-hating harridan Merkel, suffering from declining political popularity - I mean, by golly yes, this mainstreaming is working out fine!

No worries, as the breathless Durocher told us, Tricky Vik made a mighty fine speech, and then there's his world-historical initiative in closing down shops on Sundays.  If only all nationalist leaders in Europe could learn from this fine example, this sterling role model!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Three Simple Questions

On the Negro.

In the comments thread of a Yahoo article on the latest Negro hooliganism in Ferguson, we come across the following:

Here are a few questions for white taxpayers (or anyone else who ISN'T black): 
1. Can you name any black majority rule city or country whose civic order, educational standards, and economic status equal or exceed that of similar white run polities? 
2. Why, if blacks believe they are 'oppressed' by whites, do blacks mass migrate into white run cities and countries? 
3. Can you name the policies, programs or budgets which would cause blacks to have the same standards as whites when it comes to rates of violent crime, school graduation and economic achievement? 
Just think about it.

Interesting questions indeed.

Monday, March 9, 2015


Excellent Hood article.

Read here.

Orban's Grand Action for March 2015

Mainstreaming master's racial masterstroke!

Stop people from working on Sunday!  That'll steal the nationalist thunder from Jobbik!  Hungary is saved!  Hail Orban!  Listen to Durocher's heavy breathing in the distance!  Emulating Trad Vlad, Tricky Vik will run bare-chested through downtown Budapest, closing down those shops!  Running past the hordes of Gypsies and colored immigrants, as he heroically prevents Hungarians from working and shopping an extra day!  What a man!  What a leader!  If only Golden Dawn could imitate such clear-headed nationalist activity!

The greater glory of mainstreaming irrefutably proven once again!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Shilling for Mainstreaming, 3/8/15

Another boring Durocher post.

Durocher's getting excited over Orban again, a blushing schoolgirl equivalent for Hungary. Orban just needs start wrestling tigers bare-chested like Trad Vlad so Durocher can get even more breathless.

To which I answer:

If Orban's rhetoric is anything more than a cheap political ploy to siphon support from Jobbik, then it needs to be mirrored in action, said action not including cancelling nationalist conferences, detaining American racialists, and kowtowing to international Jewish interests.

Mainstreamers don't care about such things. A few words that sound right and we are told we are halfway to victory because someone - finally! - mentions the problems.  You know, like Thatcher mentioning the immigration problem (how's that working out, UK?  Let's the ask the folks in Rotherham), Reagan and his "welfare queens," and Sarkozy stealing FN voters before he got elected and started talking about the obligation for miscegenation, and continuing the mass migration policies leading to Charlie Hebdo.

The mainstreamers are no different from the blushing schoolgirls and their onanistic infatuation with Trad Vlad.  We need to separate the men from the boys (or girls) here; we need folks who can tell the difference between soothing rhetoric and actualization of rhetoric into policy.

Nemtsov Update, 3/8/15

NECs in custody.

I note that the Russian authorities are holding suspects in the Nemtsov killing.  Putin’s Russia is a murky place and who knows if the truth on this issue will ever completely come out, but it is interesting that the suspects are described thus:
Moscow (AFP) - Four men were in custody Sunday for the killing of Russian opposition activist Boris Nemtsov in a probe which has yet to reveal the motive for the brazen assassination in the centre of Moscow. 
The suspects, from Chechnya in the volatile northern Caucasus region...

Of course, right after the killing, the Putin regime was eager to place blame in a different direction: the blame on those evil “right-wing” Ukrainians or those dastardly Russian “ultranationalists”...

We can be grateful I suppose that the Kremlin didn’t just decide to arrest some “ultranationalists” despite whatever actual evidence they have; perhaps they believed that a too-obvious set-up would cause some problems with Trad Vlad’s attempt to curry favor with more moderate nationalists in France, Hungary, and elsewhere.

Regardless of why a more even-handed approach is being taken in the actual investigation, the initial response of the Putin regime to the killing is instructive.  A crime that very possibly was carried out by Vlad’s pet Asiatic Muslims was quickly attributed to the hated Russian Slav “ultranationalists.”   It’s a good thing that Vlad is not ruling the UK, since he would, I presume, have been eager to pin Rotherham on those nasty “ultranationalists” of the BNP.

Meanwhile, the blushing schoolgirls continue to get all hot and bothered over their shirtless tiger-wresting traditionalist superhero.  The Delusional Right is a sorry sight indeed.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Horror

The chosen ones are upset.

Hundreds of White English children are sexually abused in Rotherham to the disinterest of the System, and yet we must all become hysterical if a couple of men look over their shoulders while passing a yarmulke-wearing Jew.

The infinite gulf between how the System values Whites and Jews can be discerned by that comparison.  The reality: the System would joyfully consign the entire White race to humiliation, torture, and genocide rather than having one single Jew (or colored immigrant) experience one second of (even imaginary) discomfort or disturbance.

Keep in mind these Tribesmen are the "master race" of the HBDers, the "high-IQ" supermen who, along with the Chinese and other Northeast Asians, are our "proper" rulers and betters.

Really, now.  My vision of mass trials followed by gallows executions of leading HBDers is so mild, so humane, that I'm almost embarrassed to propose it, for fear of being considered a liberal, turn-the-other-cheek, Christian milksop.

Mass hangings of prominent HBDers, watched with glee by joyous crowds of liberated Whites, is the absolute minimum that any self-respecting White ethnostate should do to such absolute scum.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Simple Question Gets a Simple Answer

Useless GOP.

Seriously, what is the point of the Republican Party? 

Answer: To elect "Republicans" to public office.

That's it.  Nothing more. No overarching ideology, no policy objectives, no base whose interests are actually promoted and defended. The GOP is a syndicate whose only purpose is to get its members elected; the elections are ends, not means.  On the other hand, all the rhetoric and policy positions are simply means, not ends. 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Nemtsov and Blaming the Far-Right


Excerpts, emphasis added:

- Other opposition leaders within Russia or dark outside forces interested in “destabilizing Russia” and willing to make a “sacrificial victim” (Vladimir Markin); these include “right-wing Ukrainian field commanders like Dmitro Yarosh and Dmitro Korchinsky, ex-leader of UNA-UNSO,” who recently spoke of “the need to commit terrorist attacks in Russia (TV Zvezda)

- Russian ultranationalists; Nemtsov’s case has been reportedly assigned to a group at the Investigative Committee headed by Maj. Gen. Igor Krasnov, a senior special cases investigator known for his past work on the cases of ultranationalists, reported, citing Prokhorov, lawyer for Anna Duritskaya, Nemtsov’s companion who was with him on the night he was murdered.

Krasnov’s cases include that of Ivan Mironov, the nationalist accused of attacking Anatoly Chubais, head of Unified Energy System (RAO UES) in 2006, who was later acquitted in 2010, and also the ultranationalist group BORN [Battle Organization of Russian Nationalists] some of whose members have been convicted of murdering a number of people associated with opposing hate crimes including anti-fascist activists and a judge, and some of whom are still awaiting a verdict.

That suggests that the Kremlin is moving in the direction of fingering extremists in the ultranationalist movements, which at first were encouraged during patriotic campaigns unleashed with Russia’s forcible annexation of the Crimea, then later reined in by Putin in some cases when intellectuals began to complain about their incitement of violent against Ukrainians.

But of course: pin the blame on those evil “right-wing” Ukrainians or those dastardly Russian “ultranationalists” – the latter of which are those totally unreasonable people who want Russia to be for Russians, as opposed to Trad Vlad’s multiculturalist vision of a Yellow-Brown Russia populated by Muslim Central Asians, Chinese, and other such Asiatics. The schoolgirls could excuse Putin for pointing the finger at the Ukrainians, an obvious choice given the current conflict. Why what about the Russian ultranationalists?  Isn’t it interesting that when the pressure is on, Trad Vlad reflexively attacks those on his right and not those on his left? After all, if we need to find someone to pin blame on, what about radical neo-Marxists?  Central Asian immigrants?  Jewish gangsters? Maybe Femen killed Nemtsov, perhaps using this method.  But, no.  The darling of the traditionalist American WN Right views as his most hated internal enemies the same types as are the blushing WN schoolgirls themselves.

Putin apologists have all sorts of excuses for Vlad’s anti-White, far-Left, ultra-liberal, multiculturalist, anti-racist embrace of multiracialism.  We are told that “Russian identity has always been multiracial.”  Well, what’s the history behind that?  First, Russia was conquered by the Mongols (hardly an endorsement for multiculturalism and appeasement of Asiatics).  Later, Russia expanded to the East and South, incorporating all sorts of NECs, Tartars, and Mongoloids, and some figures in Russian history were of part or full Tartar ancestry.  Well then, cannot the same be said about America, a nation founded on lands including Amerindians and Negroes?  Look at Pocahontas, Martin Luther King, and our current President.  Obviously, American identity is multiracial!  And yet the American WNs reject that for their own country, while accepting it for Russia, all because….why?  Because they “cream their pants” while seeing a shirtless Vlad wresting with tigers?  Why?  Because their obsessive anti-Jewish Manichean worldview tells them to embrace anyone that the Neocons criticize?  Yet they don’t embrace the Islamists.  Is it because Vlad is “White,” and makes noises about traditionalism that resonate to folks desperate to identify themselves with some sort of powerful leader, since they are too weak-minded to accept the reality of their own powerlessness?  Hey, if they want to support an influential White multiracialist traditionalist, then they can rally around “Jeb for ’16!”

Putin wants a “strong Russia,” independent of the racial and cultural composition of that Russia.  If Russian “strength” means that, once again, Slavs must groan under the Tartar Yoke, so be it. Bow down before your Yellow-Brown Asiatic masters, you lowly Slavs! Slav, Slave, what’s the difference?  After all, in the not-too-distant future, half the “Russian” army will be Muslim, so we must appease them to win their loyalty.  Maybe, one young Russian Slavic woman for every Tartar soldier, eh?

A real leader would accept short-term weakness for long-term preservation and long-term power and glory.  A real leader would cut loose all the Asiatics, have a Russia for Russians, a Slavic Russia, and if that means a contracted economy, and a half-sized army, then so be it.  Russia could build an all-White military capable of defending its territory based on an advanced nuclear arsenal and other modernized weaponry, combined with a highly-trained, well equipped, professional conventional force.  The Russian economy can be re-booted for a smaller, but well educated, population, and end the corruption!  Maybe it is not necessary for a leader to be worth $40 billion?  Maybe, I don’t know, $1 billion could be enough to live on (we must be frugal after all!), and the other $39 billion put back into the national coffers to help build a modernized, productive, and mostly autarkic, economy?  Maybe Russia can “ride out” the demographic valley and bounce back after several generations – without selling out the nation’s body and soul to the degenerate hordes of Central Asia?  Why not?  Do the schoolgirls have any answers to these questions?

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Strom, Russia, and Putin

Clarifying a difficult situation.

Strom: This desire to destroy their best-organized opponents also explains why Zionists support a government that includes a few racial-nationalists in Ukraine: These money-men see the bigger picture; and Russia and its rising alliances, no matter how much they say they love Jews and America, and no matter how many Holocaust revisionists they imprison, form an alternate power structure to the New York / Tel Aviv axis and so must be encircled, contained, and taken down by any means necessary.

At this blog, I have been harshly critical of Putin and of the Western "blushing schoolgirls" who wet themselves in excitement thinking about Trad Vlad.

However, I also reject the Manichean worldview that simplifies every political situation into a binary, black-and-white, us. vs. them scenario.  My criticism of Putin does not mean I support the current Ukrainian government. My criticism of Putin and his "amen corner" does not mean I support the obvious Globalist-Neocon offensive against Russia.  The fact that I mock the blushing schoolgirls does not mean that I reject Strom's reasonable and, in my opinion, more or less accurate analysis.

I simply take things a bit further, acknowledging the true dimensions of White powerlessness.  The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. In the Russia vs. Ukraine-Neocon conflict, neither side represents White interests.  In the long run, a victory for neither side will advance our cause.

This view is said to be not practical, lacking "pragmatism."  I think otherwise; looking long term, my view represents hardcore reality, and, facing reality, however unpleasant, is ultimately practical and pragmatic.

The harsh truth: in the current conflict in Eastern Europe both sides are anti-White, as is the case with virtually every political conflict the world over. The original "Maidan" Ukrainian "revolution" was, in my opinion, clever Globalists, driven by the interests of the Tribe and by American geopolitical realpolitik, exploiting sincere and naive Ukrainian nationalists in order to establish a Neocon puppet regime. So, here I am in agreement with the blushing schoolgirls.  Where we part ways is in our assessment of Putin/Russia in this scenario. Strom misrepresents the truth here. It isn't just that Putin uses some "squid ink" to hide his true motives; his true motives themselves are suspect. It isn't just that Putin says he "loves Jews" or throws some nationalists in jail.  It is that his vision of Russia is multiracial and Eurasianist.  He is promoting a mirror image of multicultural globalism, but in this form under his control, replacing New York/Tel Aviv with Moscow.  I'm not interested in someone who cynically and instrumentally uses patriotism and traditionalism to promote a mixed-race multicultural agenda. We have enough of those in the GOP at home.

So, yes, fine, if it is Putin vs. the Necons, I prefer Putin, but I'm not going to invest any time/energy promoting the man and his cult following: he is not one of us, people who pretend otherwise show bad judgment, and I reject the idea that anyone who opposes New York/Tel Aviv deserves our groveling support. If that's the case, why don't WNs flock to support the Islamists? They too are against the Neocons and the Tribe. Why not?