Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Other Folks Rioting

It's not just the Negroes.

The HBDers are getting all hot and bothered over what is currently going on in Baltimore. Very well, but Negroes aren't the only race who riot at the drop of a hat.

Read here.  Excerpts, emphasis added:

U.S. beef returned to South Korean store shelves Tuesday under a new import agreement that has failed to stem anti-government protests, which have raged for weeks and turned central Seoul into a riot zone. 
The government said it would take tough action to stop the increasingly violent rallies, which began two months ago with schoolgirls holding candlelight vigils. But the protests have lately also seen club-wielding demonstrators trying to break through barricades of police buses under showers of water cannons.

Once again: a more intelligent form of Negro.  Actually, perhaps worse; after all, the Negroes are rioting after one of their own was killed, while these Koreans rioted about beef imports.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Destroying the Middle Class Through Immigration

More of what we already know.

This blog is more concerned with ultimate interests (i.e., EGI) than proximate interests such as economics; nevertheless, it is still a useful exercise to document immigration's destructive toll on the (White) American middle class, if for no other reasons than politics.

But herein we meet a problem.  Anti-immigration forces utilizing such arguments move in the direction of (economic and to some extent cultural) populism.  I'm all for that, and I agree with Greg Johnson that Right-Wing Populism is the "sweet spot" in American politics. However, we have a problem there in the American political system, given the influence of big money/big business in controlling outcomes and stifling any expression of such populism.  Economic populism is more popular among Democratic voters (and even there it is a sham, since their candidates are for the most part in the pocket of big business); however, the Democratic party, motivated by anti-White hatred, is all for more immigration. In the USA, anti-immigrant sentiment is mostly concentrated among the more conservative of GOP voters, but that party is completely and absolutely controlled by the Chamber of Commerce and other business interests, and Republican politicians are, for the most part, as radically pro-immigration as their Democratic counterparts.

Thus, the fusion of populism and immigration restriction has no place in today's mainstream American politics. And that's by design, not by accident.

Also note in this article the statement about Asian voting patterns.  Asians in America, being, on average, economically successful professionals and reasonably socially conservative, would seem to be "natural Republicans."  Yet, they gravitate toward Democrats, for reasons of race.  Even though both the Republican and Democratic wings of America's one party system are both anti-White, the perception is that the GOP is the "White man's party." Hence, any group that identifies itself by hatred toward Whites (and a certain Levantine tribe also comes to mind here) will eschew their economic self-interest and move in the direction of racial identity in opposition to Whites. Hence, Asians, motivated by an existential hatred of everything White, lean Democratic.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

More On the Amren Debate

More Derb.

Here we see Derbyshire discuss the Amren debate (complete with a picture we all could do without). Note that the debate was framed in spectacularly substandard terms - "solving the race problem" is defined as HBD + freedom of association; in other words, all our problems will be "solved" if we are taught that Jews and East Asians are master races to whom Whites should grovel, and we should have the "freedom" to "associate" with such cognitive masters, avoiding those no-good Negroes (hence, "solving the race problem" is conflated here with "avoiding Negroes").

I also note that there is some disagreement in HBD circles about the land of the gods, China. The dominant view, espoused by White-hating Asiaphiles such as Derbyshire and Lynn, is that the future belongs to China, given that the Chinese are high-IQ superhumans and they are racialist, nationalist, with a relatively homogeneous population.  On the other hand, the minority HBD opinion is that of Frost, that great actor on the stage of history, who gnashes his teeth in anguished agony about the growing sub-Saharan African population in certain Chinese cities, and about the general trend of East Asian nations to increasingly embrace some of the dangers of multiculturalism and alien immigration.

These HBDers really need to get on the same page on this. Don't they know that HBD is a fossilized dogmatic memetic construct designed to justify the enslavement of Whites to Jewish and Asian interests?

Then we have a Youtube video of Derbyshire speaking at the 2014 Amren conference. Note that the introduction to his talk, outlining his expertise on the subject of China and the Chinese, leaves out one particularly important fact.  Doesn't the audience deserve to know about potential conflicts of interest of the speakers?

Here's a thought experiment. Imagine a conservative White woman, married to a Negro, with mixed race children, and who is a promoter of miscegenation.  Let's assume this woman has written "racially aware" critical articles on the dangers of, say, Hispanics. Would such a woman be an honored guest at the same conferences that embrace Derbyshire?  Why or why not?

Friday, April 24, 2015

For Godssakes....

....send in the gunships.

This is "The Camp of the Saints" happening in real time.  I don't know who this Hopkins is, but god bless her, I hope she doesn't back down and fold under the pressure.

Want to stop the influx?  Here's how.  As soon as one of these boats enters European waters, open fire.  Kill them all.  Film it. Film it proudly.  Film European sailors cheering the defense of race and civilization.  Post that film publicly. Tow the ship and the corpses back from when it came, complete with a note, written in all relevant languages, warning that this is the fate of all invaders. Repeat as necessary.

Thank you.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The South-South Alliance

Tropical Alliance, not Arctic Alliance

Derbyshire and the HBDers, as well as cunning orientals such as "Chinese Nationalist Maiden," preach to Whites of the virtue of an alliance between Europeans and Asians, what Derbyshire calls the "Arctic Alliance" (which I am sure in his case includes Jews).  And of course, led by Sailer, the HBDers make a distinction between "NAMs" (non-Asian minorities) and the wonderful Asians, while, going back to Derbyshire, we see an attempt to split humanity between "Black and non-Black" (with the agenda of conflating Europeans and Asians).

But, in reality, when the chips are down, and when real world High Politics and geopolitical strategy is at stake, and when peoples need to choose sides and pick an Identity, what do Asians do?  What do the wonderfully "Arctic" Northeast Asians do? Answer: they make common cause with other Asians and with Africans, as part of a self-declared South-South Cooperation, making common cause with the most vile White-hating Black African dictators, railing against "colonialism" and against the "developed nations" of the White North.

See here.  And take a close look at the picture, the Rising Tide of Color personified, with East Asian leadership.

That, my friends, is the reality: the White Hand of Friendship knocked away by the Yellow Fist of Hatred.  Who should you believe?  Derbyshire and Asiatic "maidens" or your own "lying eyes?"  Do you believe the falsehoods and fantasies of the HBDers, who want to disarm Whites in their competition with Yellows, or do you believe detailed descriptions of a meeting in which the Chinese and Japanese leadership sit down in fellowship with their buddy Robert Mugabe and plot against the White race and against Western civilization?

Derybshire is lying to you.  Chinese Nationalist Maiden is lying to you.  An objective news story reveals the truth: Asians HATE, HATE, HATE Whites, they consider themselves part of the world of color arrayed against Whites, they choose a Southern Tropical Alliance over a Northern Arctic Alliance.  Stop listening to White omega males trying to justify their own life choices, stop listening to self-interested Chinatrices, and instead listen and watch what the Asians actually DO.

As the Irish say: Ourselves Alone.  An alliance with Asians is a pipe-dream; they declare themselves over and over again to be an enemy. The Yellow Fist cannot be combated with the groveling, limp-wristed White Open Hand; instead only the White Fist can protect race and civilization from being consumed by the Rising Tide of Color.

Human Nature News

Added to blog list.

Given that this blog is "EGI Notes" and has as its fundamental basis Salter's EGI work, I have added a blog link to Salter's website that contains his "Human Nature News" summary of events and and analysis from a biopolitical standpoint.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Amren 2015

The Great Debate.

First, thanks goes to Margot Metroland for the informative summary of the 2015 American Renaissance conference.

I would like to briefly comment on the debate between Spencer/Dickson  and Brimelow/Derbyshire. Of course, I side with the Spencer/Dickson side, the System needs to be completely destroyed. I'll pass over "he desperately needs a haircut" Brimelow and focus on Derbyshire. With the notable (and most appreciated) exception of Greg Johnson, folks in the "movement" are a bit too deferential and respectful to Derbyshire.  One wishes folks would be more willing to state the obvious: that much of the Derb's ideology likely stems from his own personal circumstances.  

Therefore: hostility to radical revolution, hostility to White racial nationalism, an overly enthusiastic embrace of Asiaphilic HBD, promotion of a White-Asian "Arctic Alliance," approval of miscegenation - all of this "just happens to be" most convenient for a White male married to a Chinatrix, and with mixed-race children.

Indeed, one can suppose that Derbyshire's dream America would be quite compatible with a GNXP-style vision: law and order crackdown on Negro crime and on illegal immigration, more legal Asian immigration and less legal immigration from other sources, a free market "technocracy" dominated by Jews and Asians with Whites in a subaltern position, Jews and Asians practicing ruthless collectivist ethnic nepotism while Whites are atomized individuals, miscegenation (particularly of the Jeurasian variant) promoted and celebrated, etc. That may be the Derb-GNXP-HBD vision, but it is not, or should not be, ours.

Like all of us, Derbyshire is not getting any younger; he doesn't have to worry about a "racial revolution" in his own lifetime.  But his Eurasian children, and their own families, do need to worry about what the future holds and, thus, one can understand Derbyshire eagerly grasping at the possibility of System stability and suppression of any outburst from those uppity Whites.

Now, of course, nothing wrong with a bit of enlightened self-interest.  But when that self-interest becomes an outrageously obvious conflict of interest to the fundamental requirements of White survival, then it becomes a problem.  The point has long been passed where Derbyshire's self-interest in his familial situation is in conflict with the interests of White survival on the North American continent.

By the way, Derbyshire's assertions about "designer babies" as discussed in Metroland's article, are stupid.  First, such engineering is most likely in China and not the West (an advantage for the Chinese that Derbyshire may well support). Second, even if the West were to support such activities, without overthrowing the System, the benefits would be applied in an aracial manner.  Thus: Negro babies given higher IQs at White taxpayers' expense.  Great.  The racial divide and the differences in genetic interests still obtain, but now we've made the other side more intelligent.  Good going there! HBD logic at its finest.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Very Small Bit of Good News

A tiny spark of light in a sea of darkness.

More please.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Mainstreaming News, 4/17/15

Will the UKIP under perform?

Someone at The Occidental Observer thinks so, and some of the reasons why reflect that party's mainstream conservatism, free trade fetish, and protestations about not being "racist" (*).  Thus, another "fail" for mainstreaming, more time wasted, more diversion of effort and resources. Eventually, mainstreaming will be recognized as a failure; unfortunately, by the time that happens, we will all be several steps closer to our collective racial doom.

*On the other hand, the author cites the fear of being "racist" a reason for folks not voting for the UKIP.  Then the author critiques the UKIP for being weak on non-White immigration. At first glance, those two assertions seem contradictory - voters won't support a non-racialist UKIP and at the same time they won't support the UKIP for fear of being deemed "racist." However, things are more complicated than that.  First, there are different groups of voters. There are some who, at the current time, would never vote for a "far-Right" (labeled by the media) party, regardless of how mainstream; these are those voters scared by the "racist" label.  Then, you have a second group, folks who could be core supporters of UKIP, who don't care about the "racist" label, but these folks will get disgusted by the UKIP because that party is, in reality, not "racist" at all. So, the UKIP falls in between two stools - it loses the faint of heart because of media labels, and it loses the stout of heart because of their actual policies.  Then we have a group of voters who are, at the individual level, of two minds - these same people are at once afraid of "racism" but tired of immigration and they could in theory be persuaded to vote for "racists" if they thought it could end the personal suffering they experience from mass immigration.  But why go through the trouble of supporting the UKIP if that party accepts "high-IQ" Asians and others?  When you have a party with an incoherent ideology (typical for mainstreaming), then you can expect incoherent responses from voters.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Mainstreaming News, 4/13/15

Le Pen vs. Le Pen.

Read here.  Excerpts (emphasis added) and my comments as follows:

Opinion polls suggest Marine Le Pen is likely to make it to the second round of 2017 presidential elections, although she is not predicted to win.

Things can of course change over the next two years, but if that prediction holds, then all of this - the mainstreaming, the family feud, the sissification of the FN - will all be for nothing.
It is the Greek drama of French politics; the political family, so long attacked from outside, now turning on each other in the full glare of public life.
The tinfoil hat brigade in the "movement" is trying to pass this off as a "ruse"  - that father and daughter planned this "fake feud" to allow Marine to "distance herself" from her father and gain more votes from timid French who are afraid to vote their interests. I don't know, if the "plan" is to make Marine more palatable to cowardly Whites, it would have been easier, and less embarrassing to all involved, just to have the senior Le Pen stay silent and not bring these issues up in the first place. I don't buy the conspiracy theories. I'll take the feud at face value, following Occam's Razor.
Whether or not it will prove to be full political parricide is still unknown, but the announcement by Jean-Marie Le Pen that he is withdrawing his candidacy from December's polls is, at the very least, an acknowledgement that his place in the party he founded is not what it was.
That's for sure.
But Jean-Marie's influence has long been on the wane. Despite being honorary president of the party, decisions on its direction and personnel are made without him, and a poll this month by Odoxa found that almost 90% of Front National supporters believe it is time for Jean-Marie to withdraw from political life.
These are the same lukewarm supporters, brought in by mainstreaming, who will abandon the FN for the Sarkozy brigade at the earliest opportunity.
Ms Le Pen has tried to rid the party of its racist image, the BBC's Lucy Williamson in Paris reports.
Certainly!  All those nice Negroes and Arabs, good French citizens all, just need a bit of help assimilating, and the grand Sarkozyite vision of racial miscegenation will come to pass. We can't have old fuddy-dud White male racists like JMLP screwing things up now, can we.
He went on to say that France was governed by immigrants - singling out Prime Minister Manuel Valls, who is of Spanish heritage - and that France needed an alliance with Russia to save the "world of the whites".
Save Whites?  God forbid! That will interfere with Marine's non-racist outreach program. After all, a brown and black France will still be France as long as everyone wears berets and eats aged cheese with their wine.

2015: Repeats views on the Holocaust, prompting Marine Le Pen to accuse him of trying to "rescue himself from obscurity"
Note: she is talking about her own father there. And the founder of the party she leads.

Jews in the News, 4/13/15

All to be expected.

Jews in Hungary get rowdy, march, denounce Jobbik - to which I reply with two words: Bela Kun.

Thus, the Jewish mentality: countless Eastern Europeans (*) murdered by Jewish (**) commissars is just "something that happened," but let a political party represent the interests of the native European majority, make Jews feel slightly uncomfortable by Jobbik, and it is a tragedy requiring international news reporting.  Note to marchers: there's a reason why you are universally disliked, guys.

*Mostly in Russia and Ukraine, but to a lesser extent in every nation tainted by communism.

**Regardless of his matrilineage, Kun's Jewish patrilineage would have made him eligible under Israel's "law of return."  Also please note the ancestry of the other architects of Hungary's "Red Terror."  Question: have the Jews ever admitted, much less apologized for, the crimes they committed under communism?

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Racial Law of Sociopolitical Thermodynamics

Heading for the sewer instead of to the stars.

The Left has an easier of time of things than the Right, given that the Left’s objectives run alongside the flow of increasing entropy, while the Right’s objectives run in the opposite direction. This underlying fundamental difference explains why attempts at “mainstreaming” and “working within the system” are doomed to ultimate failure, and also explains why the Left has been so easily winning all the battles of the last three-quarters of a century.

We can look at entropy not only with respect to the physical sciences, but also from the standpoint of race, civilization, society, and the sociopolitical milieu of any nation and people.  The Left traditionally works to increase entropy: increasing dissolution, disorganization, heterogeneity, cultural degradation, miscegenation, breaking down barriers, and eliminating more compartmentalized distinctions.  Just as physical entropy is the default direction of flow, so too is sociopolitical entropy.  Within the “West” (broadly defined), the Left finds its goals supported by powerful forces: Jews want more diversity and the destruction of traditional Western peoples and their cultures, Coloreds want access to White lands and goods, Big Business wants cheap labor, Leftist politicians want more voters, Cultural Marxists want to impose their degraded vision over a defeated and humiliated West.

The Right on the other hand traditionally has had goals and objectives that run counter to increasing entropy: increasing order, organization, homogeneity, High Culture, racial preservation, maintenance or even heightening of inter-group distinctions.  In contrast to the Left’s egalitarian leveling (analogous to the high entropy situation of evenly distributed particles all at the lowest energy state), the Right champions hierarchical distinctions (analogous to the low entropy situation of structured distributions of higher-energy particles mixed along with their lower-energy counterparts).  The Left’s agenda flows easily, the agenda of the Right requires constant struggle and vigilance.

The Left can be in power a relatively short time and still do massive damage: open the borders to mass immigration, amnesty illegals, encourage degeneracy by appealing to peoples’ prurient interests, pass “hate speech” laws, enact affirmative action – polices supported by the entrenched interests mentioned above, and only feebly – if at all – opposed by deracinated, individualistic Whites with their universalist altruism.  The Left’s high entropy regime can quickly create demographic “facts on the ground” that may prove difficult if not impossible to reverse.

The Right in contrast has to struggle against the entrenched forces, and against the “White Man’s Disease” (unwillingness of Whites to promote their own racial group interests), to reverse the tide of entropy and restore a more healthy racial and cultural state.  The situation in the USA is quite instructive.  Here, we have no far-Right, but at best, paleo-conservative immigration restrictionists. Very well. How do they fare?  Forget about repatriation.  Forget about limiting legal immigration. Even forget about curtailing future illegal immigration. The American Right struggles even to stop giving amnesty to the enormous numbers of illegals already here. Everyone throws their hands up in the air and says, “They are here and cannot be deported, what can we do?”  Each alien influx becomes considered a permanent part of the population.  Each influx is considered “impossible to deport.”  The Right struggles mightily to just try and slow down the influx and has given up doing anything about the aliens already here. The Left merely has to maintain the status quo of mass immigration and allow demographic change to inevitably darken the West. The same principles apply to “gay marriage,” promotion of miscegenation, enforced racial integration, or any other Leftist meme.  Once achieved, they become a permanent part of the sociopolitical landscape. Society devolves further, falls to a lower level, and becomes more formless, less distinct, more uniformly degenerate, another step toward death and decay.  Instead of continued evolution toward a higher form of man, instead of continued racial differentiation and sub-speciation, we head toward the dead-end of the universal Brown Man, the coffee-colored Last Man, the irreversible destruction of humanity’s racial patrimony and its highest hopes for progress and a path to the stars.

Hence, all the Left has to do is create a situation (against little to no resistance), and the Right finds itself unable to do anything about it.  Turning a blind eye to an unguarded border is easy.  We have seen that deporting millions of illegal aliens already here is (politically at least) difficult to the point of being practically impossible.  The increase-the-entropy degradation promoted by the Left: easy. The decrease-the-entropy cures wished for by the Right: difficult if not impossible.  Certainly, any Right regime elected as a “moderate” force, through “mainstreaming,” is never going to have the political capital to enact any of the harsh measures required to stop, much less reverse, the endlessly flowing damage initiated by the Left. Thus, the Left smirks about the Right being on the “wrong” side of history; more accurate to say the Right is on the wrong side of sociopolitical thermodynamics.  We can call it The Racial Law of Sociopolitical Thermodynamics. In the absence of a concerted effort of opposition, the default pathway will be destruction of the higher races, cultural dissolution, a jumbled mass of egalitarian Last Men, the end  of any hope for a higher humanity.

Therefore: the objectives of the Left are easy to attain and difficult or impossible to reverse; the objectives of the Right are at best extremely difficult to obtain and very easy to reverse.  After all, a Rightist government can struggle for years to achieve even a very limited improvement of the damage done by a previous Leftist regime. Once the Left is in power again, they can very easily reverse any small gains achieved by the Right, and create even worse “facts on the ground” impossible to reverse.  Therefore, the Left does not require continuous power to achieve their long-term goals, since most of the actions they take are practically impossible to reverse in the current political system. Every time the Left has the power, they push their agenda a bit further, each time permanently fixing that gain as the new sociopolitical reality. The Right, on the other hand, in truth, requires a permanent hold on power in order to achieve its long-term objectives, since the objectives of the Right are by nature low-entropy and need to be constantly enforced and maintained by will and vigilance. Gains by the Right are not by their nature practically permanent. Low entropy needs to be maintained through outside force, given the natural tendency for entropy to increase. Coloreds will always want access to White lands. The degenerates will always want to vulgarize the culture. All of the dark, negative forces will always be there. Mainstreaming Rightists are in the long term useless, since they lack the moral authority and political capital to enact bold measures, and since as part of the democratic system, their tenure in power is temporary, so that whatever little they do achieve will be wiped out by the next Leftist regime.

The only short-term value for mainstreamers is if they achieve power they can delay further Left advancement, slow down the inevitable entropic decay. But for a real solution, there must be radical change and a permanent racial nationalist regime that will unleash the forces of tribalistic and will-to-power chaos in order to create a system of racial order and advancement (similar to the physical scheme in which localized decreased entropy is achieved only by increased entropy elsewhere – we will replace the Left’s use of order to create chaos by the Right’s use of chaos to create order).  And this is something only Hardcore Nationalists can achieve; Softcore Mainstreaming Nationalists need not apply.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Mainstreaming News, 4/11/15

Illogical Magyars.

So, the far-Right Jobbik is becoming more popular than the moderate-Right Orban. Jobbik must be doing something right (no pun intended), correct?  Stay the course and challenge from the high ground of Hungarian ethnic interests, correct?

Well, apprarently not. It seems that the new fad in Europe among the "far-Right" is to emulate "I don't like my daddy" Marine's mainstreaming shtick.  So, despite surging in popularity compared to the mediocre Orban, Jobbik's plan is to become as similar to Orban as possible.  Remember, reinforce failure, not success!  If hardcore nationalism proves more popular than its softcore imitation, then the hardcores should ignore all of that and move toward the softcore center.  And then we wonder why nationalists have suffered from decades of unremitting failure.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Le Pen vs. Le Pen

Another indictment against mainstreaming.

Whatever you may think about the wisdom of Mr. Le Pen's comments (and the worst you can say is that his timing was bad), Marine's attitude toward her father is absolutely despicable.

Someone needs to tell the esteemed Ms. Le Pen that her status as a national political figure is due solely to her father, it's dynastic politics, without being the daughter of the founder of the FN, she'd be some frumpy housewife trying to match the right type of wine to the right brand of cheese.  Who the hell does she think she is?  

Of course, one must consider that Mr. Le Pen's "bad timing" was not purely accidental.  Thus, the accusations of "sabotage." Perhaps he is disgusted with the leftward drift of the FN, frustrated by mainstreaming, upset that the cause he defended his entire adult life is being diluted, attenuated, altered, made indistinguishable from Gaullist Sarkoyism.

Whatever the ultimate motivation, this ugly scene is a direct result of the "sissification" of the FN, manly values espoused by Mr. Le Pen being replaced by womanly moderation by his daughter.

The ONLY way that any of this can be justified and legitimized is if Marine's strategy allows her to come to power, after which she transforms ideologically into her father, and takes steps to ensure that anti-French forces never again get their hands on the levers of power.  Since the chance of all of that happening is nil, it's safe to say that from any long-term preservationist agenda, mainstreaming in France is, and shall remain, a dismal failure.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Bunker Syndrome for 4/7/15

No translation into politics.

Opinion poll shows Americans, particularly Republicans, want more deportation and are against automatic birthright citizenship. And yet these same folks will eagerly flock to the voting booth to cast a ballot for the Bush family, John McCain, Graham, Rubio, or any other of the host of prominent GOP politicians who support amnesty and who advocate for hastened demographic change in America.

There is no way around it. White voters, White conservative Republican voters, are extremely stupid. And this is another "fail" for HBD, because whatever you want to say about the "IQ" of these voters, they are nevertheless practically stupid, dumb when it comes to defending their interests, defending their biological fitness.  They believe in X,Y,Z and then they allows themselves to be hoodwinked into voting for candidates vehemently against X,Y,Z.  If you do that, you can have a 160 IQ and still be dumb as a stone.

A Telling Poster

Now then, what does the title imply?

For the "Biology of Genomes" scientific meeting (mainstream science, not the "movement"), we see the following poster:

Carmi, S.

The time and place of European gene flow into Ashkenazi Jews


"European gene flow."  One may see a similar poster about, say, Roma, but not about [fill in the name of any indigenous European ethny].  Thus, the obvious implied and accepted consensus is that (Ashkenazi) Jews are not indigenous Europeans, and, regardless of whether you want to classify them as "White," their ethnogenesis was that of an intrusive Diaspora people who migrated into Europe in historic times and then accumulated a degree of European genetics (likely a large amount at the beginning, followed by very little once ethnogenesis had taken place).

Monday, April 6, 2015

Colored Is As Colored Does (or looks like), 4/6/15

With a nod and a wink toward the GNXPers.

This puts the phrase - "a more intelligent form of Negro" in a new light.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Another Two Conservative Fails, 4/4/15

Buchanan doesn't get it.

Stand up for Indiana.  That's great. Pat.  But as you no doubt know by today, Indiana is unwilling to stand up for itself.  Let's be honest. The law was passed to protect private individuals and businesses, etc. who do not want to serve potential clients whose lifestyles conflict with the beliefs of those providing those services.  Essentially, the law was to allow religious Christians to discriminate against those practicing alternative sexual lifestyles - the paradigm being refusing to provide a wedding cake to a "gay marriage."  Now, why such a law is necessary to begin with is baffling to me, since I had thought that private individuals and businesses had freedom of association.  Well, that's not strictly true, since businesses over a certain size are forced to practice "non discrimination" in hiring, but I had foolishly thought that businesses could choose whether or not they want to provide a service.  My naivete about the New America is therefore exposed - mea culpa.  So, it seems the law is necessary.  So, very well, that was the law and that was its intent, so much is obvious to everyone.

But, conservatives are defensive cowards with no backbone, no staying power, who "cave" under the slightest, the lightest, of pressure.  So, after the hysterical squeals from the SJWs, Indiana's resistance collapsed, and now the law will be "amended" to prevent religious-based discrimination against gays. But that was the entire point of the law!  It's like if a polity decides to pass a law allowing "right turns on red" for drivers, but they then amend the law to say that any turning on red is prohibited.  Can we then agree that the law is now meaningless, and that the proponents of the law have been defeated?

Doesn't Buchanan understand the nature of conservatism by now, after a lifetime in politics and political commentating?  Conservatism is the ideology of surrender, it is the ideology of always ceding ground to the Left, it is the ideology of re-inventing the liberal status quo as the new thing to conserve. And the Left continues to push forward.  The new status quo is non-discrimination against gays, and that religious Christians must tolerate gays. This is now the new "line in the sand" conservatives will defend, when the Left comes up with their next demand (*): all heterosexual religious conservatives must themselves engage in homosexual acts at least once per week.  Mandatory homosexuality!  And we'll see the conservatives pass laws prohibiting that, and strongly defending the "traditionalist" view that everyone can do as they please, and we certainly can't discriminate, and we all should "celebrate our differences," but that it is unreasonable to force people to be gay.  But, no worries, after being accused of homophobia, the Christian conservatives will be the first to pull down their pants and bend over, while proclaiming that enforced homosexuality is the new conservatism to defend.  After all, next they'll have to fight against mandatory sex change operations...

*Tongue-in-cheek, obviously, but then we shouldn't be surprised by anything.

Defending Asians.  Here we see a HBD-style Buchanan, agonizing over the possibility that precious high-IQ Asians may be discriminated against. Heaven forbid!  Blasphemy!  Horror and Terror! Terror and Horror!  But, don't worry Pat - those Asians with their relentless ethnic nepotism and hate-filled anti-White discrimination will do alright for themselves.  It's the atomized Whites, beset on all sides, who'll really suffer - but who cares about them, when a "model minority" is made to feel uncomfortable for a microsecond. Conservatism is ultimately aracial, and Buchanan apparently doesn't consider these Asians to be enemies, which would be right and proper.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A People Defined by Dual Morality Hypocrisy

Is hypocrisy heritable?

While Jews relentlessly promote intermarriage/miscegenation between Europeans and other groups, and label opposition to this as horrific "racism," they have quite different ideas for themselves.

But, what about the alleged "high rate of Jewish intermarriage?"

First, the vast majority of such intermarriage, when it exists, is with White Europeans.  Thus, anyone who equates Euro-Jewish intermarriage with Euro-Negro/Asian intermarriage is revealing a quite interesting "take" on Jewish identity - the premise that Jews are so distinct from Europeans than one must consider Euro-Jew mixing the same as, say, Euro-Negro mixing.  Jews themselves, when they do intermarry, avoid the same type of mixing across wide racial gulfs that they promote in others.

Second, the rate of intermarriage is inflated by second and third marriages, by the "Jews" in question already being hybrids not affiliated with the Jewish community, etc. McDonald has discussed the issue of "intermarriage inflation" in his trilogy.

Third, even IF the intermarriage rate is really ~ 50%, that is still low by the standards of White ethnic groups in America.  For example, Alba's ethnic intermarriage data suggests that groups like Polish-Americans, whose percentage of the American population is roughly similar to that of Jews, have (ethnic and racial, mostly the former) intermarriage rates of ~ 80%.  Thus, even the highest estimates of Jewish intermarriage reflects resistance to intermarriage and a greater than average tendency toward narrow ethnic endogamy.

Fourth, again as per MacDonald, there is a tendency for the children of intermarriages to drift away (or be pushed away) from the Jewish community; hence, intermarriage results in a net gene flow from Jews to Gentiles.

In summary, despite the much touted (or criticized within their own community) alleged rate of Jewish intermarriage, such intermarriage is not having the impact on the Jewish community that many imply.  Further, to the extent such intermarriage occurs, it is to a vast extent limited to White Gentiles, and even so, there is a question of how many of these mixed bloodlines are entering the Jewish community, in the long term.  All of that can be contrasted to the extreme Jewish enthusiasm for, and promotion of, miscegenation between White Gentiles and groups very genetically distant.