Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Le Pen vs. Le Pen

Another indictment against mainstreaming.

Whatever you may think about the wisdom of Mr. Le Pen's comments (and the worst you can say is that his timing was bad), Marine's attitude toward her father is absolutely despicable.

Someone needs to tell the esteemed Ms. Le Pen that her status as a national political figure is due solely to her father, it's dynastic politics, without being the daughter of the founder of the FN, she'd be some frumpy housewife trying to match the right type of wine to the right brand of cheese.  Who the hell does she think she is?  

Of course, one must consider that Mr. Le Pen's "bad timing" was not purely accidental.  Thus, the accusations of "sabotage." Perhaps he is disgusted with the leftward drift of the FN, frustrated by mainstreaming, upset that the cause he defended his entire adult life is being diluted, attenuated, altered, made indistinguishable from Gaullist Sarkoyism.

Whatever the ultimate motivation, this ugly scene is a direct result of the "sissification" of the FN, manly values espoused by Mr. Le Pen being replaced by womanly moderation by his daughter.

The ONLY way that any of this can be justified and legitimized is if Marine's strategy allows her to come to power, after which she transforms ideologically into her father, and takes steps to ensure that anti-French forces never again get their hands on the levers of power.  Since the chance of all of that happening is nil, it's safe to say that from any long-term preservationist agenda, mainstreaming in France is, and shall remain, a dismal failure.