Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The South-South Alliance

Tropical Alliance, not Arctic Alliance

Derbyshire and the HBDers, as well as cunning orientals such as "Chinese Nationalist Maiden," preach to Whites of the virtue of an alliance between Europeans and Asians, what Derbyshire calls the "Arctic Alliance" (which I am sure in his case includes Jews).  And of course, led by Sailer, the HBDers make a distinction between "NAMs" (non-Asian minorities) and the wonderful Asians, while, going back to Derbyshire, we see an attempt to split humanity between "Black and non-Black" (with the agenda of conflating Europeans and Asians).

But, in reality, when the chips are down, and when real world High Politics and geopolitical strategy is at stake, and when peoples need to choose sides and pick an Identity, what do Asians do?  What do the wonderfully "Arctic" Northeast Asians do? Answer: they make common cause with other Asians and with Africans, as part of a self-declared South-South Cooperation, making common cause with the most vile White-hating Black African dictators, railing against "colonialism" and against the "developed nations" of the White North.

See here.  And take a close look at the picture, the Rising Tide of Color personified, with East Asian leadership.

That, my friends, is the reality: the White Hand of Friendship knocked away by the Yellow Fist of Hatred.  Who should you believe?  Derbyshire and Asiatic "maidens" or your own "lying eyes?"  Do you believe the falsehoods and fantasies of the HBDers, who want to disarm Whites in their competition with Yellows, or do you believe detailed descriptions of a meeting in which the Chinese and Japanese leadership sit down in fellowship with their buddy Robert Mugabe and plot against the White race and against Western civilization?

Derybshire is lying to you.  Chinese Nationalist Maiden is lying to you.  An objective news story reveals the truth: Asians HATE, HATE, HATE Whites, they consider themselves part of the world of color arrayed against Whites, they choose a Southern Tropical Alliance over a Northern Arctic Alliance.  Stop listening to White omega males trying to justify their own life choices, stop listening to self-interested Chinatrices, and instead listen and watch what the Asians actually DO.

As the Irish say: Ourselves Alone.  An alliance with Asians is a pipe-dream; they declare themselves over and over again to be an enemy. The Yellow Fist cannot be combated with the groveling, limp-wristed White Open Hand; instead only the White Fist can protect race and civilization from being consumed by the Rising Tide of Color.