Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Nasty Addiction

Cheating and corruption.

Read here.   Excerpts, emphasis added:

 …an estimated 8,000 students from China were expelled from universities and colleges across the United States in 2013-4. The vast majority of these students—around 80 percent—were removed due to cheating or failing their classes.  
“American universities are addicted to Chinese students.” In the past, Chinese students in the United States tended to be graduate students living on tight budgets. Now, a large number of students come from China’s wealthiest and most powerful families…  
90 percent of Chinese applicants submit fake recommendations, 70 percent have other people write their essays, 50 percent have forged high school transcripts, and 10 percent list academic awards and other achievements they did not receive. As a result, many students arrive in the U.S. and find that their English isn’t good enough to follow lectures or write papers.  
For American universities, expelling Chinese students may someday be an overture to a bigger problem—them not coming at all. 

A problem?  We can only hope for more such “problems.”

Mainstreaming News, 5/31/15

More stupidity from Hungary.

Let us try to understand the "logic" here:

1. You are a political party farther to the right than your nation's conservative leader.

2. That leader has been losing popularity as he "mainstreams" himself and moves to the political center.

3. You, the radical right-wing party labeled as "racist" and "fascist" and "nazi," are gaining the popularity lost by the mainstream conservative.

4. Your conclusion is that you yourself should undergo mainstreaming, move to the center, and become a clone of the increasingly discredited conservative.

That's great. So even if Jobbik can ride a wave of voter discontent to victory - no sure thing if they become a carbon-copy of that which the voters are discontented with - they assure their time in power will be useless and relatively short-lived.

This is the "mainstreaming cycle" - as one "far-right" or "ultra-conservative" leader or party after another "moves to the center" so as to "appeal to the mainstream" and "win elections" and thus degenerates into yet another mainstream aracial conservative System chess piece.  After being so compromised, and part of the Establishment, the void on the Right is filled by another party, fated to undergo the same process.  Thus, each "far-rightest" in turn becomes "mainstream," becomes functionally irrelevant, and then becomes replaced by a new form of far-Right, and then the whole process repeats itself. No one ever has the idea of running to the right - far to the right - of a declining mainstream conservative. Instead, like a swimmer caught in a whirlpool, they are inexorably drawn into the maelstrom of boring, lackluster, unappealing, useless, and wimpified centrist politics.

Friday, May 29, 2015

A More Intelligent Form of Negro, 5/29/15

Cheating and corruption.

Read here.  Excerpt, emphasis added:
“Chinese students used to be considered top-notch, but over the past five years their image has changed completely—wealthy kids who cheat,” Chen, chief development officer at WholeRen, told the Wall Street Journal. According to Chen, past generations of Chinese students were poorer and relied on their grades and scholarships to get into universities abroad, but now these students are often wealthy Chinese who weren’t able to get admitted to a good school at home. 
This challenge to the stereotype of the “studious Chinese student” also calls into question the quality of education that Chinese students are used to at home. Critics say that China’s university drop-out rate is so low—just 3%, compared to 54% in the US or 32% in the United Kingdom—because professors rarely fail their students. (One theory is that the students, after years of enduring punishing hours of study and testing in order to get into university, are given a break.) 
Plagiarism is also common and often goes unpunished. When administrators of China’s notorious college entrance exam, the gaokao, tried to crack down on cheating last year, hundreds of parents rioted, reportedly yelling, “We want fairness. There is no fairness if you do not let us cheat.”

After all, colored is as colored does.

American Mainstreaming: Immigration Grades for Presidential Candidates, 5/29/15

Mostly poor grades.

The most likely scenario for the 2016 US Presidential election is this: a White-hating pro-immigration pro-amnesty Republican vs. a White-hating pro-immigration pro-amnesty Democrat. The complete destruction of the GOP as any sort of vehicle for a genuine American conservatism was in large part brought about by an American form of political "mainstreaming" - the idea that one could not directly approach race, one had to be "implicit," one had to compromise, one had to "move to the center," one had to "tone down the rhetoric," one had to "appeal to the suburban soccer moms," that Americans would shy away from "extremism" (extremism being defined by anything that remotely reflects White racial interests). Thus, the modern Republican party, and the absurdity of non-choice in virtually every election. 

And now the mainstreamers, with that magnificent record of utter failure, preach the same for racial nationalism as a whole and, particularly, preach it for the nationalist parties of Europe. We can see where this is headed: Marine Le Pen eventually advocating for more non-White immigration into France and into Europe, as long as it is "culturally assimilable" (and even culturalism will eventually be abandoned as well). You know that's coming, don't you?  After all, a seasoned and rational politician must be "pragmatic" and "reasonable" and "must be electable."  When the FN drifts to the left of Sarkozy on race and immigration, then we'll all know that mainstreaming has been "successful."  Just like in America. It is inevitable. Compromise breeds surrender.

By the way, the VDARE redesign stinks.  Change for the sake of change is nonsense. What?  Was the old VDARE site design "on the wrong side of history?"  Why change it?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Meet Daniel Lin

Typical ethnocentric Asiatic.

Lin has no problem shilling for co-ethnic immigration in the most shameless ethnocentric fashion. And yet, the HBDers tell us "ethnic nepotism" is not adaptive.  HBD = White-hating Asian supremacism.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

In the News, 5/23/15

Recent news.

NEC filth demand "White classmates" in the Netherlands.  This is, for the Left, the great paradox of White Racism and White Privilege.  You see, Whites are such terrible people, racist haters, pampered and privileged, so "non-vibrant," and so much into abusing the poor and defenseless people of color. And yet, when Whites flee from diversity, the Coloreds can't run after them fast enough. What is this all about? Why is the Colored Man so masochistic?  You'd think that if Whites were so terrible, that the Colored would be over-joyed to be rid of them. But, in reality, Coloreds will risk their lives to migrate to White lands, Coloreds demand integration with Whites at every opportunity, Coloreds take to the streets to demand that their "vibrant" children interact with plain white bread European children. The paradox is built into the story itself - complaints about "Dutch racism" together with the fervent demands to have as many of these Dutch haters around as possible. Never mind the curious fact that there are so many immigrants there to begin with despite the native population being so very racist. But, alas, the truth is quite the opposite: the natives are weak and spineless pushovers who allow themselves to be bullied by demanding brownsters and guilt-ridden by leftist bullying.  Leucosa, once again...

Negro actor whining about "backlash" over his casting in a role which has been depicted as a blond Nordic for the past 50+ years in the comics.  Blame the leucosa Whites for this. Who's going to be buying tickets to watch the movie?  Dumb Whitey.  Can't they just stay away?  Let the production crash and burn with low sales. But, no. We can predict: a very successful and lucrative production it will be.

More mainstreaming failure.  Orban is caught between a rock and a hard place. No matter his attempts at mainstreaming, the System considers him a "fascist dictator."  On the other hand, he is losing popularity to Jobbik, which is further to his right. Orban's only chance is if Jobbik stupidly mainstreams themselves to become Orban clones, which it seems they are doing.  There's open space on the right, space which could attract popularity, if only leaders would seize that position. And all of this is not inconsistent with Whites as an inferior leucosa race.  After all, in the past, Whites were different, and it is possible that if leadership were to stake out a claim to the far-right in an uncompromising position, Whites may start reclaiming their manhood.  The lemmings just need someone to point them in the right direction, the sheep need to become wolves again.  Giving people HOPE  - and that hope is on the ultra-far-right - will ultimately prove more politically popular than weaselly mainstreaming.

Nixon asked a question. We do know the answer, don't we?

Is there an innocent explanation for this? No, there is not. The actual explanation is here.  Really, Whites, if they are to act like men, need to stand up to all of this. Any healthy race would have long ago stormed the ramparts and made the French Revolution's "terror" look like a stroll in the park. Well, Whites need proper leadership.  And they will not get that leadership from mainstreamers.

Also, looking at all this, one can understand why Black militants are often anti-Jewish. These Negroes know how they are being used as weapons in someone else's war.  Jews care about Blacks the same way a soldier cares about his rifle: purely instrumentally. It is a weapon of war, a weapon to be wielded against one's enemies.  Once it's not needed, it's put away and forgotten. Negroes should remember that.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Leucosa Watch, 5/22/15

Told you so.

British soldier decapitated in broad daylight. Rotherham. London looking like a combination of South Asian, Jamaica, and sub-Saharan Africa.  What would be the typical leucosa White response? Answer: MORE immigration.

That's what the UK had in 2014, and I'm sure the 2015 numbers will show the same.  And all these promises for the sake of elections mean nothing - remember Thatcher? Or, Cameron himself (emphasis added):
Net migration to Britain surged to roughly 318,000 in 2014, up from 209,000 the year before, the Office for National Statistics said. The figure, which represents the estimated number of people moving to the country for a year or more minus the number departing, is the highest in a decade... 
...Cameron pledged before the 2010 election that he could cut net migration to the "tens of thousands." He maintained Thursday that he stood by that ambition despite the new figures.
They're lying to you, Whitey, lying and laughing. They know they can get away with it; after all, you keep on falling for it and voting for them over and over again.  Blame yourself.

There will be more, and more, and more alien immigration, until native White Britons ditch conservatism, ditch the System, ditch mainstreaming, and adopt hard-core far-Right politics. If they do not (and I believe they will not), then they are doomed.

More Rotherhams are on the horizon, and the System's response to them will be to open the floodgates to mass alien immigration more than ever.  Why not?  There is NO response from the White masses. Until such a response occurs, expect more of the same.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Companies Were Asking For It

Human photocopiers at it again.

Copy, copy, copy, steal, steal, steal: the mantra of the Asian.

And yet the American STEM field can't get enough of these bizarrely alien, corrupt, spying, incompetent, White-hating Asiatics.

Hopefully, the "movement" knows better.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dishonesty, Theft, Incompetence, and Corruption

Behold the Asian.

Based on my own experiences, I concur, as should anyone other than Asians themselves and those pathetic, socially awkward, omega White male nerds who find sexual release in their (legal) yellow concubines.

All the other HBDers should know better, but obsessed with "high scores" as they are (as Fulford points out in his response to the letter, scores often the result of cheating), they view Asians as a "master race."

The only problem with the letter is the implication that higher rates on intermarriage could in theory "resolve the issue." Miscegenation is part of the problem, not part of any solution.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Salter on Greg Sheridan, 5/18/15

Exposing Sheridan's anti-White genocidal hypocrisy.

Thus, Sheridan is fine with Western nations being destroyed by alien immigration, but, at the same time, he seems to praise and support demographic continuity in China, India, and Israel.  Is Sheridan a HBDer?

I'm not sure though that the Irish vs. Anglo conflict informs the general attitudes of Sheridan, since he seems to expand his genocidal ideas to Europe as a whole and not just the Anglosphere.  It would be interesting to ascertain Sheridan's attitudes toward alien immigration to Ireland.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Double Fail for Mainstreaming, 5/17/15


Read here.  For all quotes, emphasis added:

And I am saying this from a unique perspective as my grandfather was of Indian origin. Although I don’t present as Indian, I am obviously not 100% British.

So, first, this prominent fellow active in the UKIP and British "far-Right" mainstreaming politics is of part South Asian origin and is a "self-described British culturalist." Second, he's the one (!) criticizing the UKIP for being too liberal on race, immigration, and the "JQ." Thus, he's being interviewed by The Occidental Observer for his "further-to-the-right" perspective on the UKIP. Never mind his mischaracterization of WN as being unconcerned by ethnically alien European immigration to the UK. Instead, we get:

An organic assimilation of people we hand pick to move into our country is very different than encouraging mass immigration as our government have done for decades. If I had my way, I’d close all the borders and repatriate anyone who wasn’t able to, or refused to assimilate. We’d only take immigrants deemed culturally assimilable.

Like South Asian Hindu immigrants, I presume.

At this point, should we laugh or cry?

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Here's a Solution!

Go West, Brown Man!

What's this?  Asiatics refuse Asiatic boat people refugees?  All sorts of confusion as to what to do? Come now!  It's the leucosa solution!  Just ship them to Europe, America - no problem! I'm sure places like Rotherham, Boston, the Vatican, Paris are all desperate for more Muslim immigrants.

Yellow and Brown men of Asia - don't you know that the White "man" has a limitless capacity for abuse, self-abasement, and humiliation?  Just send your refuse west and problem solved! Simple!

A Chinese Proverb

Cited on Strom's site.

"Outside of egg is white, yolk yellow. Mix two together, result yellow." - Chinese proverb

Something to consider, especially with all these "awkward squad" White male HBD nerds and their "yellow fever" sexual desperation.

NECs and "Internet Integrity"

They are always a problem.

Chehadé believes the next hurdle for the global internet community doesn’t relate the underlying infrastructure of the internet. Instead, he thinks it's time to focus on "what happens on the internet."  
He called this "internet integrity." 
He went on, "When I see something on the internet written about me ... 
How do you know it is a high integrity item? How do you know this is the truth?" Chehadé believes that the next issue to be tackled is not how the internet works (which is the infrastructure that ICANN has been overseeing for decades), but how to create a better way to ensure and protect the content disseminated on the internet.

NECs were a problem at Marathon and Thermopylae, they were, and are, a problem with their 1965 immigration act and its aftermath, they are a problem with their ongoing immigration invasion of Europe and the "clash of civilizations," and they are a problem with this.

Who is going to decide what is truth and integrity online?   Who is going to "protect" and "ensure" Internet content?  A bunch of NECs with a historical animus toward Europe and the West?  And by NECs I include a certain "high-IQ" tribe much beloved by the HBDers.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Leucosa Watch, 5/15/15

Whites acting White.

One can never be surprised by the pathetic worthlessness and inferiority of Whites. Indeed, the only thing Whites seem to be good at any more is masochistic self-abasement.

If the gap between alpha and beta is, relatively speaking, an inch, and between beta and omega, say, six inches, then the gap between omega and leucosa is a parsec.

In the News, 5/15/15

Several items.

Action taken against this individual but not this one.  That pesky Colored Privilege once again.

White sheriff happy shot man is White.  After all, we can't harm any of those there Imperial Negroes now, can we?  More leucosa behavior from the infinitely inferior White race.

Asian Americans in New York are divided.  About what, the pathetically naive HBD nerds ask? Well, one group of Asians are screaming that Asians are being treated unfairly compared to those dastardly racist Whites; after all, Whites are "first class" in America, compared to the poor downtrodden Asians, they who get preference in immigration over Europeans, they who have higher incomes than Whites, they who get affirmative action advantages because they are "socially disadvantaged" (despite being objectively advantaged and Yellow Privileged), they who practice ruthless ethnic nepotism against the hapless individualist Whites. Then, we have another group of Asians who side with Negroes against "police brutality" as part of the Colored Alliance. So, we have one group of White-hating Asians vs. another group of White-hating Asians.  I guess the naivete of Whites toward Asians is part of the pathology of White inferiority.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

In Search of Right Wing Populism

Unfortunately, not found in America.

On a previous Counter Currents podcast, Greg Johnson asserted that "right wing populism is the sweet spot in American politics," and I agree.  I believe there are many middle class and working class White Americans who tend to be "leftist" and populist on economic matters and "rightist" on issues of race, culture, and society.  This is something that really doesn't exist in modern American electoral politics, with the exception of outliers like Pat Buchanan (who hasn't run for office for a very long time).

Thus, if we crudely look at the political grid, we have the Democrats, who are leftist on both economics and race, we have the neoconservative wing of the GOP which is leftist on race but conservative-libertarian right on economics and we have the Tea Party types who are conservative on both race and economics. There is no organized force in American politics that is Right on race, and Left on economics, and that's not by accident.  

The GOP is 100% in hock to Big Business, so what we have there are all the free trade open market types, with a racially liberal leadership, who sometimes throw a few rhetorical bones at the implicitly White dogs of the Tea Party and associated "core conservatives," in order to win enough votes to push the Chamber of Commerce agenda. The Democrats are more sound on economics, but they are the party of overt anti-White hatred. Middle class and working class Whites have the dilemma of voting their pocketbook (Democrats) but putting into power a party foaming at the mouth with race hate, or voting against their economic interests (Republicans) compensated with an implicitly White veneer and some small scraps of sociocultural conservative red meat, but, mostly, what they get from the GOP is constant betrayal as that party pursues the Big Business open borders agenda. It's a lose-lose situation for White Americans.

A combination of economic populism with hardcore paleoconservate sociocultural, racial, and immigration restriction views, would be a real vote-geter, and would actually stimulate enthusiasm among White voters (instead of the grim drudgery of voting for a McCain, Romney, or Bush). Yes, I know, this right wing populism is still a far cry from what we really need, but it would be a step in the right direction. At the very least, it would unleash the forces of balkanizing chaos, as racial politics would become more explicit.

But powerful forces, with lots of money, have a vested interest in suppressing right wing populism. Big Business certainly doesn't want their GOP-voting White sheep to stray from the Chamber of Commerce pastures, and the Tribe is going to think that the natives are getting restless, and that the mob and their pitchforks is coming.

A third party is needed, but how such a party can battle against the Big Business money and the Tribe money, and also the controlled media, is a question for which there is no easy answer.

Alpha,Beta, Omega...Leucosa

A new term.

We are all familiar with the terms alpha, beta, omega, etc. as they apply to human - mostly male human - behavior and status, with the alpha male being at the top of the heap and the omega male at the lowest, with the downtrodden betas somewhere in between.

The same applies to race, but, here we encounter a problem. Whites as a race are so weak, pathetic, inferior, masochistic, and man-boobish, that the terms "omega" or "omega race" are insufficient. Indeed, Whites are lower than omega to the same extent (or greater) than omega is to alpha.

We therefore need a new term to describe lower-than-omega behavior.  Carrying forth the use of Greek words, I suggest the term leucosa, based on leucos (Greek for white).

Thus, we can speak of a leucosa male, a leucosa race, and leucosa behavior.  Such behavior is the lowest, most spineless, most self-abasing, most worm-like, most pitiful imaginable; in other words, typical White behavior.  For example: Rotherham and its (non-) aftermath.  Or the ongoing "rescuing" of invaders in the Mediterranean. Or any of a host of behaviors characteristic of the manifestly inferior White race.

Putin's Russia

Take a close look.

Putin's Eurasianist vision for Russia is well represented by the left side of this photograph.  That's the reality, folks - real Slavic Russians pushed aside by sneering Siberians, hate-filled Han, militant Muslims, and other assorted Asiatics.

The blushing schoolgirls can continue to indulge in spasms of onanistic rapture over shirtless tiger wrestling, but anyone sincerely concerned about Russian/Slavic EGI would denounce the vision of a Yellow-Brown Russia.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Mentality of the Mixed Race

Frustrated and vengeful.

Read here. Emphasis added:

"I want to start a revolution," Miyamoto added with a laugh. "I can't change things overnight but in 100-200 years there will be very few pure Japanese left, so we have to start changing the way we think."

I'm no mindreader.  But I have an opinion.  That opinion is that the above quote is better rewritten as:

"I want to start a revolution," the hybrid exclaimed with a snarl of hatred. "I can't change things overnight but in 100-200 years I'm happy to say that there will be very few pure Japanese left and that these pure racist Japanese will have been eliminated, so we have to start changing the way we think, so everyone can be like me. Thinking about such a future, and contributing to make it come about, makes me feel better about myself."

The mixed of race always seem to have a chip on the shoulder. Far from being "discriminated against," this specimen was made "Miss Japan" in what does seem to be an obvious display of affirmative action racial groveling. But, you know, the truly privileged always want more; they are never satisfied.  More to the point, no matter how they are catered to, the mixed race can never escape the frustrations of their own existence, the churning turmoil of jarring heredities, the conflicting blood (can one imagine mixing conformist robot-like Northeast Asian blood with that of Black Africa?), the fervent wish that one had been "pure" themselves.  "If I can't be pure, then no one should be," is the vengeful cry of the mixed, who wants to drag everyone down to their level, so that there are no more examples of "purity" to make them feel bad about themselves.

Yes, they know it cannot happen overnight. They know that they themselves won't see the "promised land" of the Universal Brown Man, the Last Man, the end of humanity's highest hopes, the Death of the Future. No, they won't see it themselves, but obviously they can imagine it, and they can work for it, and by imagining it and working towards it - with pure malice - they temporarily quell the rage and envy in their hearts.  But, alas, one look in the mirror, and the burning anger returns, the realization of a fractured identity, the hate-filled animus.

It's not the "pure" Japanese who are the haters in this story. They just want to be left alone. They just want their people to continue. They just want Japan to be Japan.  Why is this wrong?

Now, I'm no fan of the Asiatic, but still, my sympathies are for the Japanese here. Why do they stand for this?  What happened to the samurai spirit, the Bushido? Why must indigenous peoples always have to be lectured to by the likes of this thing?  Why can't the native people stand up and say NO?

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mainstreaming News, 5/11/15

Jack Sen interview, part 1.

This is a useful antidote to the UKIP cheer leading of the "work within the system" types at VDARE.

There's much of interest. We see a description of the disgraceful episode in which a predominantly White English audience berated Griffin for championing their own rights; the typical "lower than omega" behavior often described here.  More important is this description, by Sen, of what the UKIP is really about (emphasis added):

Much like the Labour Party, UKIP relies upon societal discord to peddle its policies and candidates. Although people on the ground, with a genuine love of country, are buying into the ‘Take Back Britain’ message UKIP is peddling, I am not convinced the people running the party care one bit about this country. 
If UKIP were to come to power, they’d push a domestic agenda similar to Margaret Thatcher’s, highlighted by deregulation, privatisation, crony capitalism, and the implementation of policies that for all intents and purposes prey upon the disenfranchised, albeit nostalgically portrayed working man. I recognized that quite early on and it’s part of why I started to have issues with the party. 
UKIP’s intentions to privatize the National Health Service, frack our beloved English countryside, sell us out to their cronies in the City (equivalent of Wall Street), cut taxes for the wealthiest Britons, kill ‘mansion’ and inheritance taxes while reducing public sector expenditure, never sat right with me. This is even before I recognised how cosy with Jewish organisations UKIP were. 
I suppose a fair comparison would be to your Republican party, who appeal to working class Whites to get elected but systematically oppose their interests once in office.

The comparison with the GOP is key. Just as "appealing to the center" and attachment to Big Business Interests destroyed the Republican Party as a vehicle for genuine conservatism, so is "mainstreaming" destroying nationalism as a vehicle for promoting the racial interests of the indigenous population. We see the same fraud, the same dishonesty, the same instrumental use of sociocultural issues to attract middle-class and working-class Whites to support predatory capitalism, and we see the same cynical leaders who could care less about race and civilization. And, finally, the infiltration of Jewish interests, to finish it all off.

All of this is not a "bug" of mainstreaming; it is instead a key feature.  What mainstreaming does is break down the barrier between tactics and ideology, between means and ends. If you portray yourselves as aracial conservatives, peddling some sort of watered down cultural and constitutional patriotism, then you will not only attract "moderate" mainstream voters, but you will also attract "moderate" leaders and political candidates.  You will attract big money supporters who want to make the "facade of moderation" become actualized as core party ideology. In summary, instead of tricking more moderate voters to support a radical party, you end up tricking more radical voters to support a moderate party. Sen's experience is that the core UKIP voters seem farther to the "right" on race and immigration than is UKIP leadership.   Sound familiar? Thus, GOP voters oppose amnesty and mass immigration, while the leading GOP candidates and the party machine embrace immigrants, legal and illegal alike.

When you mainstream, means become ends, and the original ends are lost; the leadership forget, or pretend to forget, what those original ends actually were. In America, we end up with Hispanic Jeb and his illegals who invade "out of love," in the UK, we end up with "far-Right nationalists" who think that brown and black "commonwealth immigrants" are A-OK. It's a big joke and the joke's on us.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Lower Than Omega, 5/10/15

Black superior over White.

If even one Negro low-life is killed by a police officer, Blacks will break out into riots. In contrast, thousands of English children, over a period of years, are sexually molested by aliens, with the crimes covered up for racial reasons. And, not only do the Whites there do nothing about it, but the politician who presided over the whole debacle was just overwhelmingly re-elected.

Now that the smoke has cleared somewhat after Britain’s election there is one result that should be absorbed by anyone who cares about the future of the West. The Labour MP for Rotherham, a woman who presided over a vast child rape epidemic and noticed nothing, was re-elected with a substantially increased majority. 
After months of lurid media coverage, after the exposure of the local Labour establishment, the resignation of the entire Labour council, the sacking of Labour-appointed culpable officials,  when no-one in the entire local Labour establishment could pretend they did not know what was going on, Sarah Champion was still able to pull in nearly twice as much as her closest rival, a UKIP candidate. 
This is a woman who consorts with Muslim politicians who still deny the child rape epidemic. Her only response  was to say that White men are the main culprits nationwide. 
For those who say that the only thing between us and a White awakening is a free media, it is a fact worth pondering over for a moment.

Whites are at the bottom of the racial heap, the most objectively worthless population group in existence. Superiority is not some sort of automatic birthright; superiority has to be earned. Likewise, a reputation as a weak, worthless, worm-like inferior coward race is also earned.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Strom, 5/9/15

A good essay, but...

It's good except for (1) the shilling for the National Alliance (which is to be expected, I guess) and (2) the old Piercian "we guys up here in these here mountains eating our twigs and branches are better than all you weak, soft, city-bred folk who can't even drive a car" outlook.  

It always annoyed the hell out of me when Pierce did that shtick, particularly since his rural lifestyle was in part funded by the "membership dues" and book sales and donations from all those "soft and weak" city slickers.  More to the point, although I can understand avoiding the filth and "diversity" of the cities, particularly for a White racialist organization, and I understand the need for temporary expedients, I do hope these folks know that they are not going to "reach the stars" by tramping through the woods looking at the Milky Way at night while chewing on beef jerky and whittling wood.

Yes, temporary expedients are one thing. But one day the White man needs to reclaim all he has built, including the cities.

An Excellent Letter, 5/9/15

At The Occidental Observer.

Linked here.  Emphasis added:


May 8, 2015 - 5:06 pm | Permalink
The answer to both ‘questions’, as well as the questions regarding other races, will necessarily differ depending on whether one looks at them from a White Nationalist perspective or a (mere) Racialist perspective.
‘Racialists’, including most HBD’s, are fundamentally okay with a multicultural society based on the western model – they actually assume it. They answer the various ‘questions’ by estimating how compatible the corresponding races are with a western, multicultural society. Thus for instance: the Jews/Asians have the cognitive abilities required to compete, and even contribute to ‘our’ society, as well as a behavioral patron compatible with the rules and values of ‘our’ society; therefore the Jews/Asians are good/acceptable/allowed, contrary to Blacks, Muslims etc.
Obviously (must be), that racialist/HBD model is terribly naïve, for it’s blind to the racial loyalties, especially of the non-Whites, and it assumes that the kind of multicultural society where individuals of all the ‘compatible’ groups compete on equal footing will remain unchanged when Whites are no longer a majority. It should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that once the Asians, for example, become a decisive majority it’ll be goodbye to ‘equality’ and hello to Asian privilege (this time a real one) or even Asian exclusivity.
Fundamentally there’s only one realistic approach towards other peoples, which inevitably leads to White Nationalism: in this world of limited resources, populated by different races naturally imbued with (insurmountable) tribal instincts, all other races are our competitors and potential enemies. We must assume that other races will pursue their interest, necessarily to the detriment of others, including us. Therefore, at its core, there’s simply the non-White question, which enfolds the ‘Jewish question’, the ‘Muslim question’, the ‘Asian question’ etc.
Further nuances of that universal and eternal principle, regarding actual politics in relation to other peoples, should be formulated according to the danger a people poses to us, based mainly on their objective strength and hostility towards us

This fellow needs to also understand that HBD is not the same thing as "race realism" and it certainly is far from any real racial science.  Instead, HBD is a political movement, which has as its long term aim the enslavement of European-derived Whites to the interests of Asians and Jews.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

EGI News, 5/6/15

Odds and ends on race, culture, economics, and politics.

1. A Negro earns $100,000,000 for a single boxing match against an injured and ineffectual Filipino. Now, will the shills for free market predatory capitalism say that is a good thing?  Really, according to their dogma, there should not be a problem. The Negro has a "marketable skill" and the consumers made their preferences known in the marketplace.  If folks are willing to fork over big money for this nonsense because they value and desire the experience, then that's supply and demand in action!  The market has spoken!  Economic efficiency wins out!  And I'd like to point out this really isn't racial - White athletes and actors and singers, etc. also earn obscene paydays for contributing no more to society and to human progress than do these colored boxers. It's part and parcel of "free market capitalism."

Now, the shills can take two approaches to this.  One, they can assert that it's all good, they see no problem, and that human progress is well served by having boxers, ballplayers, actors, singers, and dancers earn more in a day than truly productive folks earn in a lifetime.  If they assert this, then they demonstrate that they have nothing in common with true racial nationalists; if you worship the free market above all, then you must accept the market choice if people choose racial dissolution over preservationism.  These capitalist shills expose themselves as Economic Man, valuing consumption and money over racial progress and over actualizing a High Culture.

The second approach is to admit the flaws of free market capitalism, but excuse its excesses by stating, "there is no better alternative," and giving examples of the "horrors" of alternative systems. Or, they may propose "reforms" to improve what we see as flaws in their beloved system. Here, we see some progress. Although I do not agree with this second mindset, we have at least elicited an admission that unfettered free market capitalism has serious flaws, it is not perfect, and there is also the implied assumption that if somehow a better system were to be devised, then this new system should replace "economics uber alles" as society's foundational structure.  Those of us who are critics of hyper-free marketism ad predatory capitalism should continue to try and elicit these admissions from those will take the second approach and who admit that the capitalist colossus has feet of clay.

3. And yet, one can argue that the Negro is objectively superior to the White.  Despite all the defects that the HBDers like to point out, the Negro has assembled an effective and organized racial nationalist organization, in existence for many decades, with tens of thousands of loyal adherents. One can compare that to the pathetic laughingstock which is the "American White nationalist movement" and discern clear indications of an objective Negro racial superiority. Facts are facts.

4. Here is another article asserting that "winning Hispanic voters" is the "path to victory" for the GOP in 2016.  Now, I've discussed this many times and hate repeating myself, but all such analyses for some reason miss the point that the White vote is absolutely essential for the GOP; that there is not some universal law that dictates that Whites automatically, without question, must vote Republican; and that pandering to minorities and the constant shift to the Left will alienate the conservative White Republican voting base.  Sure, it's true that many Whites do in fact reflexively vote Republican, and will in fact vote Republican if the GOP candidate was a Black militant who openly called for White extermination.  But, still, even with that cohort of "automatic votes," there are still some fraction of Whites who actually - amazing! - expect the candidates they vote for to, in some manner, however indirect, support their interests.  Fact is, Republicans find themselves "between a rock and a hard place," because, in the long run, they do need to appeal to non-Whites (the "Sailer strategy" can only take you so far, given that a fraction of Whites are open anti-White leftists); however, by doing so, they will turn off their base and so gain little or nothing. And as politics become more racialized, and as White folks become increasingly tired of GOP fraud (the "Tea Party" was a reaction to this, before becoming compromised by Conservatism, inc.), the GOP will find it increasingly impossible to satisfy both the colored fringe voters and at the same time also satisfy their White base.  The fact this happened is their own fault; the GOP could have resisted America's demographic changes, but instead they embraced and promoted it. And now they must pay the price, even if moronic "analysts" fail to realize it and take White votes for granted.

A Picture the Philosemitic HBDers Don't Want You to See


Don't know about the fellow on the right, but see the yarmulke-wearing Jew on the left (*).  Part of the Rising Tide of Color against the White man.

*On the left in more ways than one.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Loathsome Lindsey Graham

Proudly broadcasting subservience to Jewish interests.

Pink-frilled Republican Lindsey (*) Graham proudly announces his complete subservience to Jewish interests, which is, of course, exhibited by his open borders fanaticism.  Only with the pathetic White voter, cringing in their manifest racial inferiority, could such a slug such as Graham be a viable political candidate.

*Lindsey being, appropriately enough, one of those names which could label one of either male or female sex.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Good But Incomplete Strom Essay

Black yes, but what about Yellow and Brown?

That's an excellent essay and, obviously, I agree with everything Strom says.  And, the latest information confirms that some of the police officers charged are, indeed, Negro themselves.  Of course, regardless of the race of the accused, and regardless of the fact that the police are rarely our friends (*), the fact remains that this is "mob justice" and another step downward into the Third World sewer.

All well and good.  But incomplete. Strom writes eloquently about the danger of the Negro in our midst, and of the Levantine Tribe that forces Negroes upon us.  But what about the Asians?  How about an essay about the Asianinzation of America?  How about that if we praise the Asian as a "model minority" they hate us more and say that is offensive?  How about when Whites destroy their own parental kinship and our genetic interests by adopting Asians, those same Asian children, brought up in loving homes by White parents who gave them all the best instead of having children of their own, how about those Asian children claiming they were "kidnapped," identifying with the Asian mothers who gave them away, and scorning the White America that gave them a home (Koreans are particularly good at that game)?  How about Asians, given positions of power and authority, prizing blood over all else, and spying for their racial homelands?  How about Asians, offered an "Arctic Alliance" with Whites, instead knocking away the White Hand of Friendship with the Yellow Fist of Hatred and making common cause with Robert Mugabe and other White-hating Negroes?  How about Yellow and Brown Asians brought into our universities and the STEM fields and into business, to the top of the human energy pyramid, engaging in outrageous ethnic nepotism for their own, crowding out Whites, while all the time hypocritically preaching to Whites that "ethnic nepotism is not adaptive" as they practice that same nepotism to their own racial advantage and our detriment?  How about Asians, literally worshipped by pathetic White male nerds, lashing out in hatred with their Monolid hate magazines and other expressions of racial animus?  How about Asians, with higher average net worths than Whites, supporting quotas ("Chinese for affirmative action") and getting special advantages and government business loans for being a "socially disadvantaged" minority?  How about that whatever we do for them, praise them, try to distinguish them from the nasty NAMs, intermarry with them, these Asians are still consumed with an existential hatred for everything White and Western?  Please write about that as well, Mr. Strom.  Use your great talents as a writer, as a polemicist, and point out the dangers of of the Yellow and Brown Asiatic, in the end a more formidable enemy than the Negro, for obvious reasons.

*If you are the White victim of a Negro "hate" crime in an urban metropolis, do you think you'll get a fair hearing from any (White) police officer?  Sorry to disappoint - the answer is no.

Greg Johnson on the Man on White Horse Syndrome

Getting it right.

Greg Johnson
Posted May 2, 2015 at 10:09 am |
I see the same delusional patterns in your thinking, and in the political fantasies of the WN supporters of Pat Buchanan for President, Ron Paul for President, and Rand Paul for President, and of course in the Putin fangirls. In every case, our people, who are desperate to believe that someone big and established is on our side, insist that such individuals are “implicitly” or maybe even “secretly” on our side. Everything these people say and do that opposes white interests is then interpreted as a deep Machiavellian game of deception being played by our white hero, who will rip off the mask and implement our policies once he gains power. Or, if he is in power, we are assured that someday, when conditions are right, he will do something that might actually redound to the interests of the white race. Until then, our pure-hearted hero must “play the game.” In fact, the only game of deception here is self-deception. Until our movement matures, we will be plagued by this nonsense. Better to stay “pure,” that is to say, based on reason and reality, rather than adulterate ourselves with “unrealpolitik,” i.e., lies and delusions in order to imaginatively identify ourselves with a mainstream figure.

Friday, May 1, 2015

The Wombat Speaks

Hispanic Jeb expresses himself.

How's that "working within the system" doing, HBDers?  Here we have a GOP base against amnesty and skeptical of legal immigration. And then we have a whole set of Republican candidates favorable to immigration, with front-runners all hot and bothered to legalize invaders while, of course, "enforcing the law" and "guarding the border" with the same grand efficacy of Ronnie Raygun's 1986 Republican amnesty.

Oh yes, we will hear, it was not Saint Ronnie's fault.  The "deal" was "reneged upon."  Very well. When did Reagan, or any of his fellow Republicans, ever mention that?  When did Bush Sr and Bush Jr, Republican Presidents post-Reagan, ever decry the lack of enforcement, much less do anything about it?  Instead, the younger Bush, together with the monstrous human defect McCain, was responsible for reviving the whole idea of amnesty all over again.

The utter and objective worthlessness of Whites, this pathetic omega race, comes out crystal clear from all of this. Like lemmings, they march to the polls to vote for "leaders" who hate them, who lie to them, whose fervent wish is to see them race replaced by colored aliens. A feckless race of idiots, blowhards, and losers, defeated in the great game of genetic interests and biological fitness. Evolution marches onward, and it appears the Earth will belong to the teeming colored masses of Latin America, Africa, and Asia.