Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Of Rights and Retards

Against retardation.

Retard number one:

You are laboring under the delusion that vaccinations, especially of babies and children, have no serious side-effects, and provide a true form of immunity. Have you ever looked into those who claim otherwise? I mean a serious, thorough look.

Yes, I have.  In contrast, have you, seriously and thoroughly, looked at the overwhelming evidence in support of the efficacy and safety of vaccination?  I doubt it.  Newsflash: doctors do not “make money” off of giving vaccinations. I myself have ZERO financial or other incentive. Vaccination (a White invention, albeit that’s irrelevant to this argument) are an amazing human accomplishment. Peoples of the past, desperate to avoid diseases killing their children, would have done virtually anything to have what some today blithely refuse.  Ironically, it is because of vaccination that these diseases have decreased in frequency so as to make people think vaccination is not necessary. And, no, it’s not from “improved hygiene and medical care.”  Our “hygiene and medical care” is as good now as it has ever been but, strangely enough, we are now having measles outbreaks decades after America was declared “measles free.”  Gee…maybe it has to do with the rise of the non-vaccinated, coupled with increased immigration and tourism. Shocking how our “hygiene” and “clean water” don't compensate for falling vaccination rates.

It’s amazing how people attack vaccines, which are generally very safe and effective, while they happily swallow medications like Adderall or statins, that have frequent side-effects and are of questionable utility to the general population. I speculate that folks have an unconscious aversion to needles – the doctor is “raping” them with the needles, “forcing” things into them. If only the vaccines came in pill form!  Ironically enough, a true example of vaccine side effects (albeit more to others than the vaccine-taker) was with the oral live polio vaccine – the injections of killed polio are safer.  But...needles are scary!
I would “sleep with” an AIDS-“infected” man (provided he was handsome enough) with no “protection” to prove my point. I know I would not “get” AIDS.

Please do.  Really, I would encourage it.  In fact, if it were in my power, I would find many “handsome” AIDS-infected men to sleep with you, unprotected, on a daily basis. The more the better!  And since you obviously don’t believe HIV is in any way harmful (another conspiracy!), then, if and when (hopefully!) you are infected, you will of course eschew medication.  I would very much like to assist in arraigning this experiment.      

Although I wonder: would you disclose your HIV status to any subsequent non-infected "handsome" men who cross your bed?  Or would that violate your libertarian "right to privacy?"  After all, the men make their "free market choice." Caveat emptor!      

By the way, I haven't forgotten your previous assertion that you would refuse vaccine if bitten by a rabid animal. That's another experiment I'd love to arrange (Stronza, meet Cujo!), but first it's best for you to live some years with HIV and non-medicated.  We would certainly want your immune system to be properly prepared for the rabies virus.

Retard number two:

Your blithe ignorance regarding the dangers of vaccinations suggests that you have willfully swallowed the indoctrination force-fed us by the public schools, the federal government, the pharmaceutical industry (which controls the FDA), and the allopathic medical establishment (now essentially dominated by Jewish money).
Following science is “ignorance.”  Ignoring science in favor of tinfoil hat stupidity is clever. Of course, this is all a “Jewish money” conspiracy.  That’s right.  Right this moment, Moshe Finklestein is here with his briefcase stuffed with cash, giving me my payoff. Strange though that it never works in the other direction.  (Jewish) lawyers of course have no financial incentive to claim vaccine damage and sue, or incentive to clamor for overturning the injury caps set in place to protect vaccine manufacturers from the sort of frivolous lawsuits they were getting over the tetanus vaccine. As well, snake oil salesmen of "natural remedies" have no financial interests in the anti-vax campaign either. It's just all those Jewish doctors! It's a plot! A Doctors Plot! Stalin was right!

Statists of your ilk are why some of us might prefer a more libertarian White society which focuses government on the common defense, the administration of justice, and the impartial settling of disputes and in which we could take responsibility for our own choices and not have others’ bad choices forced upon us. This is after all how humans learn, grow, and evolve.

This absolute retard is so overcome with his/her/its hysteria, it didn’t even read what I wrote. What about the rights of others, you moron?  What about responsibility to society?  Don’t want to get vaccinated?  Fine. Live on an isolated commune with your fellow Typhoid Marys. Refuse to do so?  Infect someone?  If they live, you are jailed for assault and battery, perhaps attempted murder. They die?  You get the death penalty for homicide. Want to smoke?  Fine. I smell your smoke, you are jailed for assault and battery. That's the responsibility for your choices. Your responsibility does not end with yourself. It includes the rights of others. Libertarians are solipsistic, navel-gazing, childish imbeciles, who think the entire world revolves around them and their “rights.”  Guess what?  Others have rights too. The right not to be exposed to your diseases, the right not to inhale your smoke, the right not to pay the social costs of your bad decisions. You are also a hypocrite. You don't want government to tell you to be vaccinated, but you want the same government to administer "the impartial settling of disputes."  In other words, if your unvaccinated kid kills my infant with their viruses, you want the government to protect you from my vengeance, and settle the dispute "impartially."  Coward.  And the fact that you are benefiting from free-riding from the herd immunity of others means you're a parasitic low-life. That's why I despise libertarians of your ilk, you lousy bastard.

Enough already with these idiots. Libertarians are no better than feral ghetto Negroes: me, me, me, always rights, never responsibilities, with a sociopathic disregard for the concept that others have rights as well, and a childish disregard for the reality that sometimes rights clash, and society must adjudicate in favor of the interests of the majority.

And it says much about the "movement" - and why I want no part of it - that whenever these issues come up on forums, no one, not once, supports science and the science of vaccination, and no one confronts the libertarians and their navel-gazing conception of "rights."

Monday, June 29, 2015

Rights, Responsibilities, and Gay Marriage

Comment left at Counter-Currents.

There have been cases where deaf parents have refused to have their deaf children get treatment to restore hearing in order to preserve “deaf culture.” Now, no where in my post did I talk about government coercion. To conflate my positions on these issues with child transgenderism (which I view as mutilation and abuse) is pathetic. However, I morally object to that choice.
My views on these issues are the same on smoking. Rights and responsibilities flow in both directions. if someone chooses to smoke, if they want the right to smoke, then they must be completely responsible for the health consequences and they must ensure that their smoke does not bother non-smokers. Amazingly enough, non-smokers have the same right not to choke on fumes walking down a sidewalk behind a smoker as does the smoker have the right to “enjoy the cigarette.”
Those who enjoy their hearing disability, and refuse treatment, then have the responsibility to navigate through life with ZERO accommodation from society. Those who are deaf through no fault of their own should of course have reasonable accommodation. If we value hearing as normal and deafness as abnormal, withholding treatment from a child is abuse. On the other hand, transgenderism is abnormal, supporting such for a child is also abuse.
Those who believe they have the right to refuse vaccinations also have the responsibility to live out the consequences of their choice. Why should society accommodate them? Fine, let’s not shoot them in a White ethnostate. Instead, they should be shunned and quarantined, and they can live out their lives in small villages, far from civilization. Society has no obligation to accommodate them, to treat their illness, or to risk infection to those who have legitimate reasons for not being vaccinated (age, immune deficiency) or for that minority vaccinated who did not develop immunity.
Libertarian types are funny people. Like Coloreds, they rant about “rights” but never about responsibilities. The same with gays and gay marriage. One thing not mentioned in my essay is the health issue. A major reason for the spread of HIV in America was the spectacularly promiscuous lifestyles of (at least male) homosexuals. After which, they demanded their rights that a large portion of American biomedical research be dedicated to that disease. You see, on their end, all the rights to do as they please, and the burden to deal with the consequences lies with society. Or, like Big Business and their immigration – internalize the benefits and externalize the costs.
Getting back to gays – are gays in gay marriage going to be monogamous? Sure, I know married heterosexuals fool around (I read rates in France are very high for adultery), but there is a big difference between an expectation of monogamy (heterosexual) and the expectation of “let’s have this big campy wedding and thumb our noses at society and then continue to sleep around as before” (homosexual). What homosexuals need to explain is why they NEED marriage, instead of a “civil union” that would provide the same legal benefits. It’s because they DEMAND validation. Just like Bruce Jenner and his very public masquerade as a woman – all the abnormals, the freaks, those who are different, DEMAND that society accommodate and celebrate them. It’s borne out of a bizarre combination of insecurity, arrogance, and resentment. It’s not enough that people do X,Y, Z. All the rest of us not only have to accept it, but celebrate it.
But if they have the right to X,Y,Z, others should have the right to shun X,Y,Z.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

On Gay Marriage

Some points in response to Counter-Currents.

Greg Johnson has posted two essays (one a re-post of an older piece) on gay marriage. I have one disagreement, followed by general agreement.

Why not call it “marriage”? Because of a deep conviction that marriage is a more serious institution, because it provides the best framework for begetting and nurturing the next generation. Therefore, marriage should enjoy a higher dignity and status than mere domestic partnership. Gay marriage advocates have a ready reply to this: straight people who cannot have children, or who choose not to have children, are allowed to marry. So marriage is not about reproduction. There is no real reply to this argument. Yes, some anti-natal couples may change their minds and choose to have children. But that is not possible for sterile couples, who still can marry. Gay marriage advocates also point out that sterile straight couples can still have families by adopting children or using surrogate parenting — and so can homosexual couples, which opens a whole new can of worms. 

I disagree. I will argue that a sterile heterosexual marriage is qualitatively different from a homosexual one.  I argue thus. Any population group has a vested interest in promoting heterosexual relations, since those lead to reproduction. Societal stability is enhanced when that reproduction takes place in a monogamous marriage.  Thus, heterosexual marriage should be promoted and celebrated in a society.  People who are intentionally childless should be frowned on, since they set a bad example and degrade the biological value of marriage; they promote the wrong image. But, if young enough, they can always change their mind, the potential for reproduction is there. What about the sterile?  While they cannot have children, by marrying they are participating in the societal norm of heterosexual marriage. They help reinforce and legitimize that norm through their own choice and commitment to be married. They enhance the social conformity in favor of heterosexual marriage. Further, if we want to encourage such marriage to the masses, we need to market it as having benefits other than reproduction (even if, as racialists, that is our real intent). We need to celebrate the various benefits both husband and wife derive from marriage (easier to do of course in more traditional times than today, but the argument still holds). A sterile heterosexual married couple, by their marriage, affirm to all who see them, their belief that this form of marriage has benefits, it is good, it is desirable, it is special, it is something that all (heterosexual) adults should aspire to.  By marrying, such people help promote the institution of heterosexual marriage and hence promote the reproduction of their race by contributing to the societal “common good” of stable man-woman pair bonds.  So-called gay marriage does not of this, it cheapens the institution of marriage, it further divorces it (no pun intended) from children and family. A childless (especially not by choice) heterosexual marriage still supports a pro-natalist institution. At best, gay marriage is neutral to that, if not destructive.

The decline in heterosexual marriage has little to do with homosexuals, and more to do with overall degeneration, the Judaification of our culture, and feminism.  Johnson’s prescriptions for improving heterosexual marriage are for the most part sound.  I also agree that when considering homosexuality (a subject that in general I have little interest in), a “give and take” attitude can be constructive.  A degree of tolerance can be given to gays, in exchange for them to stop allying with the Left to wreck race and civilization, and an admission from their part that they are abnormal, analogous to a disability.  For example, I don’t hate people who are deaf, but if they attempt to declare deafness as normal, desirable, the same as hearing, if they also declare a “deaf culture” (and some do) and refuse treatments for themselves and (especially) their children (if deaf as well), then I do have a problem. The same goes for the blind, and also considers that accommodation can only go so far: we cannot have blind brain surgeons, taxi drivers, or airplane pilots, regardless of how “unfair” that is. Homosexuals need to accommodate the needs of the larger society in exchange for tolerance. They are abnormal regardless of how one wants to define that – either based on frequency or biological fitness.  But if they defend their family and ethnic genetic interests, that is all to the good. One can argue that homosexuals (and anyone who does not personally reproduce) have a relatively greater interest in their race’s genetic continuity (as well as that of their family), because that is all they have to work with to improve their inclusive fitness.  They also need to understand that many heterosexuals find the idea of homosexual relations repugnant and would – especially if they value genetic continuity – be greatly displeased if their children were homosexual and did not find some way to reproduce (as opposed to adopt). Of course, childlessness of heterosexual children would have the same negative effect on their parents' fitness, but without the aesthetic disgust toward homosexual acts.

Having said all of that, better a homosexual racist than a heterosexual liberal.  Better gay than a race mixer.  I’ll take Ernst Rohm as a comrade over John Derbyshire any day.

The Value of Silver Continues to Decline

An interesting anecdote.

Excerpt, emphasis added:

...as a teenager, some time around 1992 or 1993, I heard a radio ‘news’ report announce that researchers believed that blonds would vanish in the next hundred years (might have been two hundred). My first reaction – brace yourselves – was to think good riddance to the hateful bastards.

Oh yes, he does then say that "mere moments" later he had a change of heart. But it's the initial "gut" reaction that says more about a person's true motivations.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

An Ironic VDARE Post

Clueless conservative.

After a long post spelling out how the previous week was a disaster for American conservatives, a litany of dismal failure that summarizes the disaster of conservatism, the author then ends by noting the Confederate or American flag as a perfect symbol of the (non-existent) "counter-revolution."

Yes sir, there's nothing like warmed-over failed 19th century Southern nostalgia to invigorate a failed and stale American Right!  Or is it the American flag that's the symbol?  Yes sir, warmed-over constitutional patriotism and 1950s-era "wave da flag and support the gummint" jingoism will save American conservatism!

In any case, conservatism is beyond hope; once again, conservatives defend positions that at one time they vehemently opposed, because they are constantly surrendering and then declaring their opponent's victory as the new status quo that must be "conserved.'

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The AQ?

No surprise.

Greg Johnson was quite clear in his post that he specifically wanted to hear from Armenians, regarding their self-identity. Obviously, that would be a skewed and biased sample (radical NECist Armenians are unlikely to read Counter-Currents), but, still, possibly useful.

But, having read the post, I knew what was coming, the typical "who is White?" arguments, leading to Greg's decision to close comments. My own take on the Armenian issue is more or less similar to Greg's.  The fellow who used to write for TOQ (who passed away some time ago) was, in my opinion, assimilable, while a certain pop-culture clan (who are in fact only part-Armenian) are not.

The bigger issue here is the underlying festering obsessions of the "movement" - on both sides of the issue (*) - which sabotaged the purpose of the post.

*The first obnoxious comment was from a pro-NEC, anti-Nordic poster.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Few Healthy People

Protesting invasion.

Read here.

Leucosa Watch, 6/20/15

The most worthless form of life on Earth: the White race.

Objectively unfit for survival.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

That's Right

A correct statement.

Greg Johnson on Roof:

It is terrible. I can’t help but think our movement failed this kid by not giving him a more productive outlet for his idealism.

Next step: admission that the "movement" is an abject failure, cannot be "reformed," and needs to be reconstructed from the ground up.

Question and Answer About the "Movement"

Answering a question.

Supposing some time in the near future a Dylann Storm Roof approaches any of the White Nationalist, Race Realist or Alternative Right websites and says, “Look, I am tired of seeing white nations lose territory to third world invaders, of our people being assaulted by pathological minorities, of the national media promoting the destruction of the white race. How can I do something constructive?”
What’s the answer?
The "movement's" answer is what was described here:
Viktor Orban; affordable family formation; mainstreaming; Savitri Devi; cephalic index; Nordics of Ancient Greece and Rome; ZOG; Frankfurt School; human biodiversity; IQ; Greg Cochran, creative genius; Sailer ranting about irrelevant nonsense, such as Tom Wolfe's weightlifting routine or Obama's cigarette smoking habits; northern hunter gatherers; 0.001% admixture; man above time; man beyond time; man who can't keep track of time; Ride the Tiger; Northern Europeans; Who We Are; Radio Derb; Brimelow talking about his children in irrelevant contexts; Indo-European migrations; Chinese with big brains and high IQs; number of times Hitler farted each day; Holohoax; anarcho-tyranny; high trust societies; Putin playing a deep game; March of the Titans; Kali Yuga; Age of Iron; Aryans from Atlantis; Khazar Jews; True Romance; Sailer mentioning at every chance that he was right but no one listed to him at the time; etc.

Wages of Blackness


Read here.

Friday, June 19, 2015

On Roof

Failed "movement."

So, it seems the "hate crime" designation was asserted based on some evidence, which was not available at the time the story broke.

The real victim here is Roof himself, a young White left adrift from a degenerate multicultural System, who has ruined himself through a useless violent outburst.

The "movement?"  It has responsibility here, but not in the manner that the System will assert. The "movement" is not responsible for Roof's disaffection, his beliefs, or his anger. The System itself is responsible for that.

What the "movement" is responsible for is for failing Roof and others like him, for not providing a constructive, non-violent, political/metapolitical outlet for his anger and energy. Now, while it is true that "higher matters" should be discussed at the higher levels of any real movement, you also need to have structures in place to engage those at other levels. Angry young Whites are not interested in cephalic indices, Kali Yuga, admixture ratios, Savitri Devi, the racial history of the Tocharians, or any other esoterica (both useful and useless) the "movement" dwells on endlessly. Nor are such people going to be properly developed as cadres through online "digital activism" only.

The failure of the "movement" - after so many decades - to produce any real movement of utility is a stark responsibility that it must accept.  It is, first of all, a failure of leadership, the abdication of duty and competent accomplishment that comes from the "movement's" affirmative action program. But the lower levels are equally responsible, for it is said that any people have the leadership that they deserve. If the "movement" has an affirmative action policy, it is because that's what the rank and file want, that's how they accept or reject putative leaders (merit has nothing at all to do with it). So, the rank and file are in part responsible for the fact that their own leadership has failed them.  

As there is no interest in the current "movement" for change and reform, one can expect such sorry stories to repeat, and more lives like Roof's to be wasted.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Leucosa Watch, 6/18/15

More White surrender.

It's a "hate crime!"    Interesting that they automatically assume "hate" as the motivation, especially since a suspect has not been identified and there is no information one way or the other on actual motivation in this case. Contrast this rush to judgment to the refusal to label as "hate crimes" Black-on-White crimes in which bias is an obvious motivating factor.

And Mullin, the mindreader who "believes" it is a "hate crime?" See here.   Cue the "movement" talking about "high-trust hunter-gatherers."

Alexander Hamilton to be replaced on $10 bill.  After all, he was only a founding father, was at Valley Forge, and was the first Secretary of the Treasury, establishing the new nation on firm economic grounds.  Pfahh!  What's that?  Having two X chromosomes and a vagina is, of course, a more important accomplishment.

The utter worthlessness of Whites, particularly White males (not men), is on display once again.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Not a Cherokee Princess

Apparently, I was wrong.

So, I was wrong when I assumed that Ms. Transracial's parents were telling the truth about "Native American ancestry" - I should have known better. Anyone who would adopt Negroes would, I guess, be prone to desperately search for any hint of non-White ancestry in their own background.  Next time, I should just assume maximal White freakishness.

This though leaves the "movement" with the options of either focusing on "Asiatic Slav" ancestry or "altruistic high-trust hunter-gatherers."  Or, to hold out hope that there is a taint of "Med" there. Problems, problems.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Classic Conservative Republican

How "working within the system" worked out for a previous generation of frustrated Whites.

Read here.

Emphasis added:

Richard Nixon sometimes spoke like a classic anti-Semite in the White House, yet saved Israel. He made some racist remarks, yet he desegregated the public schools of the South and institutionalized affirmative action. He was a conservative who signed more social welfare legislation than any president except LBJ and FDR.

Well now, voting for Nixon really helped out the "silent majority," didn't it?  The amusing thing is when Watergate broke out, the leftists whose policies Nixon promoted attacked him and drove him from office, while the conservative sheeple betrayed by Nixon on a constant basis defended him. Some things never change.

Transracialism Rejected

The Dolezal case.

Read here.  Excerpts, emphasis added, as follows, with some of my comments interspersed.

Dolezal, a 37-year-old woman with a light brown complexion and dark curly hair, graduated from historically black Howard University, taught African studies at a local university and was married to a black man. For years, she publicly described herself as black and complained repeatedly of being the victim of racial hatred in the heavily white region.

As I discussed in one of my other blogs, it's a shame she really isn't ethnically some sort of "Med."  One could only imagine the joy of the "movement" in asserting that her appearance and behavior reflects "dago" realities.

The uproar that led to her resignation began last week after Dolezal's parents told the news media their daughter is white with a trace of Native American heritage. They produced photos of her as girl with fair skin and straight blond hair.

Assuming that the "Native American" part is true (and I see no reason that the parents would like about that, given what this case is about), question: if the woman had kept her original appearance, and if he had been "rightist," would she be accepted in the "movement?"

Her mother, Ruthanne Dolezal of Troy, Montana, told reporters she has had no contact with her daughter in several years. She said Rachel began to "disguise herself" as black after her parents adopted four black children more than a decade ago.

Rather than label the parents as pathological from a biological fitness standpoint, stand by for "movement" commentaries about "altruism" and "hunter-gathererers."

Dolezal has been widely credited with reinvigorating Spokane's moribund NAACP chapter. In resigning, she boasted that under her leadership, the chapter acquired an office, increased membership, improved finances and made other improvements.

So, essentially, the NAACP chapter needed to be "reinvigorated" by a White person posing as Black. Under the previous (presumably real Negro) leadership, the chapter was "moribund."  Is anyone surprised by any of this?

"It feels like the ultimate betrayal," Angela Jones, an NAACP member from Spokane, said of Dolezal after the rally. "Why would you not be honest?"

Are Negroes honest about race?  Is the System?  After all, I thought that "race doesn't exist" and is merely a "social construct."  Dolezal "socially constructed" her racial identity. Pray tell, how does that differ from standard System opinions on racial reality?

Don Harris, a white man who heads the NAACP in the Phoenix area, criticized her, saying, "What do you gain in saying, 'I'm an African-American' when you're not?"

Harris - obviously another unassimilable Med who identifies with coloreds. Gee, what do you "gain" - maybe a thousand-and-one affirmative action advantages and other manifestations of Colored Privilege?

In 2002, Dolezal sued Howard University, where she attended graduate school, for discrimination based on "race, pregnancy, family responsibilities and gender, as well as retaliation," according to a 2005 District of Columbia Court of Appeals ruling in the case. Dolezal, who then went by her married name, Rachel Moore, claimed the university blocked her appointment as a teaching assistant, failed to hire her as an art teacher upon graduation and removed some of her pieces from a student art exhibition in favor of works by African-American students. 

This isn't clear.  Did she sue at that time on the basis of being White and being discriminated against in favor of Blacks?

City officials are investigating whether she lied about her ethnicity when she landed an appointment to Spokane's police oversight board. On her application, she said her ethnic origins included white, black and American Indian.

Paging Don Harris!  Any "gains" visible yet?

On Friday, police said they were suspending investigations into racial harassment complaints filed by Dolezal before the uproar, including one from earlier this year in which she said she received hate mail at her NAACP office.

If a transsexual "woman" filed a complaint about anti-female harassment, would that need to be a "suspended investigation?"  The System can't quite get consistent about its varying insanities.  The "movement" can't either.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Working Within the System, 6/15/15

Mitt Romney's self-proclaimed "biggest mistake."

What is it?  That he didn't appeal to working class Whites?  That he didn't win a larger percentage of the White vote?  That he came across - accurately - as a plastic, Chamber of Commerce shill for predatory capitalism?  No!  It's that he failed to effectively communicate to "minority voters" and to assure Hispanics how much the GOP loves "legal immigration."   Emphasis added:

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney said that, in 2016, his party's candidates need to do much better than he did at communicating to minority voters what the GOP is offering them. 
"I think we have a real difficulty in the party, and myself included, communicating to Hispanic voters and minority voters generally why it is that conservative principles are better for them and their families than those that are being promoted by the liberals, by the Democrats," he told Yahoo's Katie Couric in an interview that went online Thursday. "That's something I didn't do very effectively," he said, calling it "without question the biggest mistake that I made in the campaign." 
The former Massachusetts governor, who challenged President Obama in 2012, said he wants to see the Republican "nominee do a better job communicating to Hispanic voters that we love legal immigration"...

So, who should you believe?  Shaggy-haired English immigrants and their child brides or Oriental love dolls, or the evidence of your lying eyes?  Face it White man, the System hates you, "your" political party hates you and takes you for granted, and absolutely no one represents your interests.

Now, go away and watch the football game, that'll make everything better.

Chimps With Index Cards

The "movement" marches onward.

Durocher shilling for Orban again.  Of course, the grand Magyar King of Mainstreaming can't even stop leftists in his own nation from defacing his billboards, or the UN to come in to put up their own. Of course, he was able to stop racial nationalists from holding a meeting in Budapest, those people he was able to arrest.

The pathetic "movement" reminds me of the hypothesis that, given enough time, a group of chimpanzees randomly pressing keys on typewriters (or, today, computer keyboards) could eventually reproduce all the great works of literature.

Let us instead give the chimps a set of index cards, on which are written certain words and phrases. Given enough time, these chimps will be able to reproduce classic "movement" works simply by shuffling the cards around in various combinations.

Some examples of words and phrases:

Viktor Orban; affordable family formation; mainstreaming; Savitri Devi; cephalic index; Nordics of Ancient Greece and Rome; ZOG; Frankfurt School; human biodiversity; IQ; Greg Cochran, creative genius; Sailer ranting about irrelevant nonsense, such as Tom Wolfe's weightlifting routine or Obama's cigarette smoking habits; northern hunter gatherers; 0.001% admixture; man above time; man beyond time; man who can't keep track of time; Ride the Tiger; Northern Europeans; Who We Are; Radio Derb; Brimelow talking about his children in irrelevant contexts; Indo-European migrations; Chinese with big brains and high IQs; number of times Hitler farted each day; Holohoax; anarcho-tyranny; high trust societies; Putin playing a deep game; March of the Titans; Kali Yuga; Age of Iron; Aryans from Atlantis; Khazar Jews; True Romance; Sailer mentioning at every chance that he was right but no one listed to him at the time; etc.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Leucosa Watch, 6/14/15

Another day, another round of pathetic White worthlessness.

Another Nobel-winning White man "watsoned" - this time over sex, not race.  By the way, his comments were 100% accurate, particularly the part on "crying." "Point and sputter" outrage doesn't change facts. In this case, the pointing and sputtering is the fact. The irony that the outrage proves his point is lost on the screeching harridans.

Here's a thought - don't let the "refugees" in, in the first place. Sink the damn ships once they enter European territorial waters.

I Know I'm Going To Get Something

No one really there.

“I don’t know what I will find there,” he added, “but I know I’m going to get something.”

The Negro: always take, never give.

Notice how these invaders never acknowledge the existence of natives in the nations they are invading, much less consider that perhaps the natives might not want the invaders in the first place.

This all reminds me - in more ways than one - of Raspail's The Camp of the Saints.  In that book, the South Asian invaders were so filled with hatred and contempt for Whites that for them, the Whites really didn't exist. Whites, White interests, White occupancy of territory, the White right to exist - all were consigned to the void, didn't exist, didn't matter.

And, in a very real sense, these coloreds are right - there really is no one there. Because if there was a real people there, they wouldn't have let any of these invaders in, in the first place. Or, at least, after all that has happened in Europe, with Rotherham, with cartoonists being killed through an ongoing clash of civilizations, with race replacement and terror, a real people would have risen up and overthrown the multiculturalist System.

But, no. There is no one there.  It's empty. Come on in. Just a few ghosts haunting the place, but just ignore them, and they'll fade away quick enough.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

The TISA Bill

How's that "working within the system" working out?

Once again, we can note that, for some strange reason, job categories such as "politician," lawyer," business executive," "media executive," etc. are not included in the list provided.

Coming Soon To a Neighborhood Near You

White worthlessness on display again.

Interesting anecdote from a Yahoo commentator:
They already did this @#$% in the beach cities of California. It was "unfair" that all of us "rich folks" lived near the beach so they put in low income housing.  
Those section 8 people sure did enrich and diversify our area.  
We were "enriched" because we got to learn about things, like; How to install security doors. How motion sensing lighting should be adjusted. Classes on self defense and use of pepper spray. I personally got to enlarge my arsenal! That was quite a plus. 
"Diversification" was good too. We got to learn that people that don't work for a living are deaf and are also nocturnal. They stay up all night playing loud music. The also talk really loud (yell) all the time.  
Yes, I worked really hard to live in Surf City USA and I was darned proud that my hard work, long hours and tax dollars were making life so much easier for people that wouldn't pee on me if I were on fire......

That's great. And what are Whites going to do about it?  Nothing. Absolutely nothing.  Well, they might go out and vote for Jeb Bush, hoping that maybe the new section eight housing will be full of Mexican gangbangers instead of Negro ones.

The White race: the most objectively inferior and worthless grouping of organisms in the entire multiverse.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

In the News, 6/10/15 and a Bit on Christianity

Assorted odds and ends from around the "movement."

Is this an example of Slager's White Privilege?  One must give credit to Stix (putting aside his ancestry) for pointing out all these hypocrisies.

The Counter-Currents website seems to be down. One hopes they are updating their site to fix certain commenting problems.

Looking at this and this (and the past promotion of the Raciology embarrassment) summarizes The Occidental Observer over the past few years: some strange amalgamation of Christianity promotion and apologia, HBD, and mild Nordicism. Although, while I vehemently disagree with Ferrari's defense of Christianity, one can give her credit for pointing out the possible Tribe affiliation of the commentator quoted here.

Normally, I find juvenile the "movement's" shtick of pointing and sputtering "Jew!" every time someone writes something they don't like, and, as well, it is not definitive that the commentator in this case is actually Jewish, rather than the typical "movement" nitwit.  But, true enough, what WN is not going to spell out "Yahweh?"  Who is going to know or care about "Jesus/Joshua" or whatever?

But, like Christian obsessives everywhere, Ferrari misses other points about this issue. Instead of labeling this as an example of "Jews bashing Christianity" why not label it as an example of "Jews trying to divide Europeans against one another" which is usually more typically the case, and something the HBDers, brownsters, and other Asiatics and Asiatic-lovers attempt frequently? If one wants to make the case against Christianity, which I do and, apparently, TOO does not, one can argue that this religion, as Nietzsche argued, destroyed Rome and the classical civilization, it's a levantine contamination which first affected Rome (given that the Empire was the leading enemy of the Tribe and the focal point of Western politics at that time), and later spread northwards. Rome was the first victim of Christianity, not an existential part of it.

And, you know, Jews have reasons to dislike Christianity apart from some diabolical plot to undermine Western morality. They no doubt see Christianity as a perversion of their own faith, a pathetic imitation derived from the attempt of the lowly "goyim" trying to mimic the "chosen ones." More importantly, they blame Christianity for much of their "persecution" in Europe over the centuries. As Yockey pointed out, during the religious phase of Western culture, hostility to the Jews took a religious form, and that lasted a long time and left deep memories.  Later, during the materialist phase of Western civilization, hostility toward the Jews took a racial form - and, to no surprise, Jews are hostile to racialism as well.

The Jewish attitude toward Christianity is perhaps best reflected in the golem myth - a creation meant as a defense against one's enemies that backfires and turns against its creators themselves (but which still does much harm to those enemies in the meantime).  Despite their vaunted intelligence, the Jews have a historical tendency to create such golems and they never seem to learn from their mistakes - Christianity, Communism, and now the Globalist Multiculturalism that will eventually, in the long run, destroy the Jews and their beloved Israel as it is destroying the West.  So much the worse for them and so much the worse for the West, the first victim of all these golems.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Anti-Bias Brainwashing

A psychometric attack against White racial interests.

"Scientists” are perfecting brainwashing techniques to make Whites “lessen bias."

Abstract: Although people may endorse egalitarianism and tolerance, social biases can remain operative and drive harmful actions in an unconscious manner. Here, we investigated training to reduce implicit racial and gender bias. Forty participants processed counterstereotype information paired with one sound for each type of bias. Biases were reduced immediately after training. During subsequent slow-wave sleep, one sound was unobtrusively presented to each participant, repeatedly, to reactivate one type of training. Corresponding bias reductions were fortified in comparison with the social bias not externally reactivated during sleep. This advantage remained 1 week later, the magnitude of which was associated with time in slow-wave and rapid-eye-movement sleep after training. We conclude that memory reactivation during sleep enhances counterstereotype training and that maintaining a bias reduction is sleep-dependent.

Here’s a “popular” explanation of this despicably evil Pavlovian, Huxleyian, and Orwellian research.

Emphasis added:

In a computerized program, faces were paired with words that ran contrary to negative stereotypes. For instance, female faces appeared with words associated with math or science, and black faces appeared with words considered pleasant. Paller said two distinctive sounds were played during the training, one associated with the women and science pairs and the other with the black and "pleasant" pairs.
After the training, participants went to sleep. Then, without the participants' knowledge, scientists repeatedly played one of the sounds with the volume low enough to avoid waking sleeping participants up. 
Paller said the sleep training produced results. He said bias reduction was stronger for the sleep-training group and that the changes were identified as having continued a week later. 

 Emphasis added:
In a commentary, Gordon Feld and Jan Born from the University of Tubingen praised the study saying: "This is the first to demonstrate that this method can be used to break long-lived, highly pervasive response habits deeply rooted in memory."
But they cautioned that sleep was a vulnerable state in which people did not have "wilful consciousness".
They added: "However, Aldous Huxley's description of a dystopian 'brave new world' where young children are conditioned to certain values during sleep reminds us that this research also needs to be guided by ethical considerations." 
Prof Paller said there were similarities to subliminal advertising and that there was an ethical discussion to be had.  
However, he continued: "More importantly, perhaps, is the question of whether people in positions of authority in society, such as judges and police officers, and perhaps people who make hiring decisions, should have their unconscious bias evaluated and perhaps trained to some standard.”

Then we have this excellent critique:

So every subject was white? How could they legitimately test the efficacy of cross-cultural bias abatement using only one cohort? That’s actually quite simple. The experiment isn’t at all about reducing a natural and beneficial concept called bias; it’s about reducing whites. Were it otherwise I quite think all of the clucking about diversity that emanates from the academy would seep into their studies. Practically every Western university has jettisoned principles of merit to accommodate a campus potpourri–and suddenly not a single student of color could be located to participate in critical bias reduction experiments?

This blogger asserts that Paller’s ancestry is reflected here.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it is true, but I will withhold further comment on that until more information is available. I note that the first author has a Chinese surname. No experiments were done to see if this technique would lessen anti-White attitidues among Chinese. Fancy that!

From a proximate interests standpoint, maybe people would – on their own, without brainwashing – associate Blacks with “pleasantness” if that racial group was in fact pleasant, intelligent, disciplined, creative, productive, and law-abiding, instead of being unintelligent, violent, unproductive and generally useless, making the streets of America run red with their criminal proclivities.  Likewise, people may associate women with STEM achievements if in fact that was warranted, but the realty is, men are in general better in those fields. The idea – the lie – promoted by the evil genocidal filth behind this study is that their techniques allow people to “unlearn” the biases they have accumulated from (negative) influences in their lives.  Really?  The truth: the hyper-PC anti-White System (the same folks who fund this research) have been subjecting society to decades of anti-White and anti-male propaganda. In the mass media, Blacks are discriminated-against geniuses, and women are portrayed as far superior to men both intellectually and physically. What "biases" against minorities and women are being "learned" in this manner? If people have “biases” that go in the opposite direction of Paller's sociopolitical agenda, it is because they have experienced reality, and reality is a harsh mistress indeed. What Hu and Paller want is to brainwash Whites to reject reality in favor of socially engineered fantasy.

And from the ultimate interests standpoint, this is all about disarming Whites in their competition with other groups, to make Whites unconcerned with their genetic and cultural dispossession and race replacement, while also masculinizing women and promoting non-fertile lifestyles for White females. This is, from a racial preservationist standpoint, in its ultimate outcome, the promotion of genocide.

Update: See this.

We are also experimenting with a crowdfunding project on implanting false memories during sleep...

This fellow is more dangerous than a million feral Negroes. More evidence that the ancestry mentioned above is correct.  Heritable ethnic evil...what else could it be?

A More Intelligent Form of Negro, 6/8/15

The socially awkward "race realists" have nothing to say about this.

Read here.

So, here’s a question for all the HBDers, including all the “awkward squad” pathetic White male nerds who use Chinatrices as living sex dolls for the nerds’ only chance at sexual relief: if the woman in question had been Black, wouldn’t you be trumpeting this as another case of a productive (albeit homosexual and complaining about discrimination) White Man being screwed by a pro-colored PC Anarcho-Tyranny System that persecutes the majority in favor the minority?  Of course you would, but in this case you are strangely silent (*).  Perhaps because you hope you can “get lucky” with Zhao, eh?  Emphasis added:

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — The United States government is defending itself against a Chinese tourist's $10 million injury claim with the testimony of a surprising witness — a border agent the government initially fired and charged criminally in the case. 
Customs and Border Protection employee Robert Rhodes, who was cleared of wrongdoing and reinstated, said he jumped at the chance to testify in the lawsuit filed by Zhao Yan, even though the U.S. government's prosecution of him left him bankrupt. "I wanted the truth out," Rhodes told The Associated Press during an interview in his attorney's office, while Zhao's claim was being heard by a federal court in Rochester. 
Rhodes was charged in July 2004 with violating Zhao's civil rights following a confrontation at a U.S.-Canadian border inspection station in Niagara Falls, where he was stationed. At the time, prosecutors said the 17-year veteran officer used excessive force when he used pepper-spray on Zhao, put his knee on her back and pressed her head into the pavement. She and two other women had run from the inspection station instead of obeying officers' orders to come inside after they detained a drug suspect they thought may have been with them. 
U.S. authorities still maintain that Rhodes "did strike and hit Zhao with his knee and forcibly drive her head into contact with the pavement, resulting in bodily injury" to the 38-year-old woman, according to court documents. But now they say Rhodes did not use more force than was necessary and that Zhao's injuries were her own fault because she ran from the officer and then kicked, punched and scratched him before two other officers arrived and helped restrain her on the ground." 
In this action, the question of whether Zhao bears responsibility for the confrontation with Rhodes is a critical issue," Assistant U.S. Attorney Mary Roach wrote in a court filing.U.S. Attorney William Hochul, who did not head the office when Rhodes was charged, declined to comment, a spokeswoman said, because the trial is ongoing.Zhao was never charged in the case and sued the United States soon after the incident. The case immediately provoked anger in China after pictures of the businesswoman, her face swollen from pepper spray and her eyes and forehead bruised, were widely published. 
Rhodes and his attorney, Steven Cohen, have long believed the U.S. was pressured by China to prosecute and that Rhodes was an easy target because he was openly gay and had complained about discrimination on the job."If they really believed that Rob acted inappropriately in July 2004, then they should have said to Zhao Yan, 'OK, let's pay you for the injuries you sustained and be done with it,'" Cohen said. "For the U.S. attorney to vigorously defend that now and say, 'No, Zhao Yan was in the wrong and the government was in the right,' is at the very least hypocritical."Zhao contends she suffered "great humiliation and ridicule and was injured in her credit and reputation" and that she sustained "severe, permanent and painful injuries, internal as well as external" at the hands of Rhodes and the two other agents. 
Following unsuccessful mediation attempts, U.S. Judge Elizabeth Wolford began trying the case without a jury on May 11. The trial continues Monday. 
Rhodes, meanwhile, said that although he was acquitted by a jury in 2005 and ordered reinstated to Customs and Border Protection by an arbitrator in 2008, he tallied $200,000 in legal fees. He said he has yet to recover financially from the loss of pay, which forced him to sell his home, cash in his retirement and declare bankruptcy. A $25 million civil case he filed against the United States was dismissed in 2013.Nevertheless, Rhodes said he was relieved to get the chance to tell his story during nearly two days on the stand as one of the current trial's early witnesses. He did not testify at his own 2005 trial.Zhao's attorneys from the Paul William Beltz firm did not respond to several telephone and email requests for comment. 

Read more.

*Similarly, the same HBDers who got all breathless over the Schettino case didn't have too much to say about the Korean captain who behaved similarly. Surprise!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Meet Dolly Gee

Surprise!  Chinatrix favors illegal immigrants.

Read here.  Emphasis added:

Gee, the daughter of Chinese immigrants and an Obama nominee, has a long history of mandating benefits for illegal aliens, including ordering free lawyers for illegal aliens, something specifically banned by an Act of Congress. Having already rendered a preliminary decision in favor of illegal aliens who were being detained, Gee is expected to issue a final decision soon that may end all detainment...

As a public service, to assist the cognitively dim-witted "movement" escape from the influence of the anti-White death cult of HBD, this blog will continue to chronicle the perfidy of Asians.  Indeed, one can justifiably argue that the existential essence of the Asiatic is hatred for Whites and for White, Western civilization.

Ah, those HBDers...they owe us quite a debt indeed for the damage they have done with their Asiaphiia. One hopes that a future White ethnostate decides to collect that debt...with interest.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Fragility of Infinity

From Archimedes to Tyrone Carjacker...how have the mighty fallen.

Excerpt, emphasis added:

...we urgently need to be thinking about planting the seeds of Life, and of our race, on other worlds. We have already squandered more than half of the fossil fuels on Earth, mostly on pointless and worthless things (such as making trillions of pieces of Chinese junk that go straight into the landfill forever — after making brief appearances in Walmart and in our living rooms; or making sure that Jamal and LaTwonda have Burger King and air conditioning). The window of time in which we can achieve our destiny in the stars may close forever if we do not act soon. We need a philosophy — a vision — a religion, if you will — that can make that possible. 
How fragile is the thread leading to infinity.