Friday, July 31, 2015

Nietzshe's Last Men: The Machine Stops

Recommended reading.

That will be the outcome of the slide toward a feminized, risk-averse, globalist, materialist and capitalist society. Although, given the death of the White race, who would build The Machine? The Asians would only be able to copy it.

On Cuckservatives

The new fad.

So, mid-summer 2015 is the time of the "cuckservative" fad, the newest "movement" paradigm leaving all and sundry breathless and depleted.  I will say though that I essentially approve of the term.  Ridicule is a powerful weapon, usually ignored by the stuffy Right and instead constantly wielded with efficacy by the Left.  The fact that the System is getting all hysterical about the term cuckservative is evidence that this term is effective and is hitting the mark.

But to avoid being the latest "movement" fad, it needs to have staying power. In the short-term, those who use the term need to ignore System counter-attacks. In the long term - what happens when the novelty of the cuckservative slur wears off, and the Beavis-and-Butthead elements in the "movement" get bored and wander off to play with some shiny new toy?  It is then that more mature elements must keep on hammering away with the cuckservative meme. The goal is to get the term cuckservative to become a permanent part of the American political vocabulary - so that when folks see the likes of a Jeb Bush, their first thought is a disgusted: "he's a cuckservative."  Indeed, in 2016 and beyond, the term needs to be used; one can hope that as Jeb campaigns he is confronted with signs labelling him as a cuckservative, that he hears the joyful heckling that utilizes the cuckservative term with justified fervor.  Further, the meme should go further: anyone who votes for, and/or otherwise supports, a cuckservative is a cuckservative themselves.  That should be the "scarlet letter" of conservative politics. And if the 2016 election boils down to a cuckservative vs. Hillary, the Right must not follow the usual script of "let's rally around the viciously anti-White Republican to beat the viciously anti-White Democrat." No, that must end. For godssakes, we've reached a point at which the socialist Jew liberal Democrat Bernie Sanders is farther to the right on immigration than most of the so-called "conservative Republican" candidates. So, use the term cuckservative throughout the entire campaign, and beyond.

Two more points:

First, this episode shows that the "thin membrane" separating far-Right groupuscules and the System can be breached, with far-Right memes "infecting" public discourse if done correctly. Griffin must be horrified.

Second, when the cuckservatives cry that "the racists" are not like us, they have, in part, a point. The "movement" can be divided between the conservative moderates (which includes peripheral groups like System paleoconservatives, Gamesters, and anti-WN HBDers) and the radicals. The former group - the Buchanan, Taylor, Francis, Auster, Sailer, Derbyshire (*) - do form a continuum with conservatism, but the latter group - including national socialists and other anti-conservative elements - do not. The radicals do need to continuously underscore their complete differentiation from conservatism, whether genuine conservatism or the cuckservative variants.

*Although the HBDers can be viewed as cuckservatives themselves, valuing Jews and Asians over Whites and, in some cases, engaging in miscegenation.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Immonen in Finland

Speaking up.

What this is, is a very moderate test for mainstreaming. What's the use of being "in government" if you compromise your principles?  If you stand for nothing?  "The Finns Party" should strongly and openly support Immonen. What will they do?  Whither mainstreaming?

Monday, July 27, 2015

Trump Endorses Amnesty

Slipping off his white horse real fast.

Are CH/Roissy, Derbyshire, etc. going to ease up a bit on their onanistic fervor over King Trump?

An Immigration Parable

Conservatism in action.

A rat-faced leering levantine named Moshe Finkelstein talks to square-jawed red state White conservative John Smith.

Finkelstein: Hello, Mr Smith!  I am the new president of the local chamber of commerce, here to talk to you today about economic growth.

Smith: Hello, sir.

Finkelstein: I know you are a good conservative, a fiscal conservative, a patriot, a free market conservative.  You value economic growth, do you not?

Smith: You're damn right I do!  The business of America is business!  I founded my own company, I'm a "go-getter" and if I can make it, anyone can!  This is the land of opportunity!

Finkelstein: I'm glad you think so.  So, let's look at opportunities - what if I told you that the Smith family could maximize its economic growth, increase its output, have a better standard of living?

Smith: Keep on talking, I like what I'm hearing!  This is red meat conservatism, I tell ya!

Finkelstein: Now, you admit that others may be even better than you at making money?  Right?  I mean, as you said, if you can make it, anyone can!  

Smith: Sure, it's a big world out there. I'm proud of what I've accomplished, but sure some could do better!  When I go to church the pastor tells us pride is a sin, so I'm not boastful.

Finkelstein: You know, there's the family in China named Chang - I can prove to you they are better for optimizing economic growth than you, your wife and children.

Smith: Sure, China's a big country, lots of people. No doubt some are better at business than we Smiths are. So?

Finkelstein: Well, the economic growth of the Smith family would be maximized, the Smith standard of living would be improved, if the Changs come to America, move into your home, replace you, and take over your lives.  Why, they'll even change their name to Smith!  Mr. Chang will take over your business and the Chang kids - well, now they're the Smith kids - will take the place of your own children in school. They'll get better grades, I'll tell you that for nothing!  Just read Lynn and Derbyshire - good conservatives! - and they'll tell you!

Smith: Wha?  What happens to us?

Finkelstein: You're out. Does it matter?  You're the past.  Just fade away, die out.  Look, just sign on the dotted line here, and we can begin the process of importing the Changs here.  Don't you care about the well being of the Smith family?  Don't you want the best growth, the best living standards, for the Smiths?

Smith: But it won't be us!  Someone else will be benefiting!  All this growth and standards will be accruing to someone else! What difference if they call themselves Chang or Smith?  This is crazy!

Finkelstein (shaking his head sadly): You are really narrow minded, a relic of the past. You  are on the wrong side of history! The future of the Smith family beings to the Changs - what are you, a racist?

Smith: No, but I...,

Finkelstein (pointing and sputtering): I can't believe what I'm hearing.  Out of your selfishness, your bigotry in favor of your family, your fear of competition, you want to prevent a better qualified family to have the opportunity to build the Smith name, to create new economic growth for the Smiths and for the community!  I'm reporting you!  Racist!  Bigot! Hater!  To your church! The media! The watchdog groups! It's a hate crime!

Smith: Now, wait, I'm no racist, I just want to protect my family.

Finkelstein: The Changs are your family now.  Why don't you protect them?  

Smith: I guess you are right.  We'll prepare to move out, give all we have to the....well, to the Smiths.

Finkelstein: It'll all turn out right.  Maybe future generations of the new Smiths will listen to country music and watch NASCAR just like you do.  It's all good!

Smith: I have a question. I'm sure there are other families like the Changs/Smiths.  Maybe the Finkelstein family would benefit by being replaced by them?

Finkelstein: YOU ANTI-SEMITIC SCUM!  Lock him up!  Hate crime! Oy vey, I've been assaulted! 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Two Facets of Leadership

Effective and responsible exercise of power is essential.

There are two very basic facets of leadership:

1. The ability to obtain (and maintain) a position of leadership.  This ability may be innate - extroversion, ambition, aggressiveness, all the "dark triad" traits much admired by the "gamesters," the ability to play the political game, a ruthless cunning, a "Machiavellian" mindset, etc.  This ability may be at least in part tangential to one's self - a de jure or de facto affirmative action policy, nepotism (including hereditary monarchy), sexual favoritism (e.g., attractive and incompetent females pushed forward by male prurient interests), etc.

2. The ability to be an effective leader, and achieve goals and objectives, once in a position of power. This is for the most part derived from innate ability, although of course "circumstance" can sometimes play a role.

The vast majority of people are deficient in both aspects of leadership.  Very rare is the individual who combines both aspects to a high degree, such historical figures such as Napoleon and Hitler come to mind.  Also extremely rare are individuals who are strong in #2, but deficient in #1, but who nonetheless find themselves in positions of authority - such "happy accidents" may be due to real accidents of history, or perhaps such an individual finds themselves appointed to a leadership position by a higher authority who recognizes their competence.

The major problem in any organized society are those strong in #1, but deficient in #2. Such are those who fill the overwhelming majority (close to 100% in most cases) of leadership positions in a wide variety of enterprises: political and metapolitical, military, business, academia, private organizations and clubs of all types, etc. These make up virtually the entire political class in America - White politicians in any case - idiot savants whose only ability is self-promotion, the treasonous elites of the contemporary West. The "movement" has long been plagued by this phenomenon - the "wrong people in charge" problem.  This has done more to hold back human progress than anything else, this is responsible for the work-wasting friction of "office politics" that bedevils every organization under the sun, this is the pernicious aspect of human nature that a future re-ordering of society must, to the extent possible, correct.

Perfection in these matters is likely impossible; nevertheless, there is room for considerable improvement.  A re-ordering of the "movement," preceding a re-ordering of society, must have as a foundation that leadership must be reserved for those who are strong in #2.  The top leadership will no doubt be those who combine strong aspects of both 1 and 2, but those strong in 1 only must be weeded out and replaced by those at least strong in 2, who can, at least, fill the bulk of leadership (as those strong in both 1 and 2 are rare, and will, by their nature, rise up toward the pinnacle positions at the top of the hierarchy).

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Der Movement, 7/23/15

Three notes.

1. Here we see Fulford acting like a juvenile, Beavis-and-Butthead, snickering jackass once again.  Although, instead of "look at dem tatas," he's now moved on to "look at dat booty." What can one expect from a website that features the lines of self-absorbed hypocrite Sailer or the mendacious piece of filth Derbyshire?

2. I'll pass over without much comment the ongoing "Battle of the Billboards" going on in Hungary, except to say that, not surprisingly, Orban is losing, the Left is winning, and once again "mainstreaming" is exposed as a useless and cowardly fraud.

3. In response to my comment here, we get this response here. The lack of self-awareness in the "movement" is quite curious.  While I agree with the last two sentences of the comment, the rest of it is quite interesting:

People sometimes erroneously refer to Gypsies as Romanians. So this failure to distinguish Romanian people from inbred degenerate Gypsies may cause some misunderstandings. However, people who are truly ethnically Romanian demonstrate typical Slavic phenotypes. Some swarthy but many fair skinned with light hair. In our current situation sons and daughters of Europa must put down their petty regional differences and realize we all face annihilation and must work together to ensure that does not happen. We have been able to band together in the past, like at the Battle of Vienna, so we must do it again.

Putting aside that Romanians are not Slavs, and that many in the "movement" do not like Slavs or "Slavic phenotypes" either, note the attempt to support Romanians by saying that although some are "swarthy" (like many of the Legionaries whose images are preserved in photographs), some are "fair skinned with light hair" (although minor differences in skin tone are hard to fully discern from old photographs, hair color is more clearly distinguishable, and I don't recall ever seeing even a single Legionary with light hair). 

Indeed, the comment more or less actually supports the point I made in my original post, although I was talking more about ethnic ancestry than phenotype (although the general point still holds).   Forgetting a moment about Codreanu and his Bavarian mother, one can imagine Mota and Marin in the American "movement" - "Sure, they make sense and all, but they're Romanian and they're...swarthy. Forget about that!  Let's listen to what SmokyMtn SS and AryanBlood1488 have to say instead!"

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Trump Supported Amnesty and Colored Immigration

Has the White Knight fallen off his horse yet?

Read this.

Excerpt, emphasis added:

The Republican Party will continue to lose presidential elections if it comes across as mean-spirited and unwelcoming toward people of color, Donald Trump tells Newsmax. 
Whether intended or not, comments and policies of Mitt Romney and other Republican candidates during this election were seen by Hispanics and Asians as hostile to them, Trump says. 
“Republicans didn’t have anything going for them with respect to Latinos and with respect to Asians,” the billionaire developer says.  
“The Democrats didn’t have a policy for dealing with illegal immigrants, but what they did have going for them is they weren’t mean-spirited about it,” Trump says. “They didn’t know what the policy was, but what they were is they were kind.” 
Romney’s solution of “self deportation” for illegal aliens made no sense and suggested that Republicans do not care about Hispanics in general, Trump says. 
He had a crazy policy of self deportation which was maniacal,” Trump says. “It sounded as bad as it was, and he lost all of the Latino vote,” Trump notes. “He lost the Asian vote. He lost everybody who is inspired to come into this country.” 
The GOP has to develop a comprehensive policy “to take care of this incredible problem that we have with respect to immigration, with respect to people wanting to be wonderful productive citizens of this country,” Trump says.

Of course, people can change their minds, but perhaps all the heavy breathing, hands-moving-on-crotches, Trump-Onan crowd had better calm down and see what develops, rather than anointing "The Donald" as the White Messiah.

Essentially, we have:

1) The Trump-Onan cream-the-pants crowd, consisting of the likes of rabid anti-racialist HBD conservatives (Derbyshire), moderate pro-Jewish HBD-oriented racialists (Amren), and HBD-obsessed juvenile "gamesters" (CH/Roissy).  Note that the rabid pro-Trump group all have HBD in common.

2) The Trump-Skeptic crowd, consisting of radical (anti-HBD) national socialists (Sallis), nationalist traditionalists (Parrott), etc.

3) Folks who have moved from moderate enthusiasm to moderate skepticism (MacDonald).

I believe that in the long run, the skeptical groups 2 and 3 will be seen as more mature and prudent - even if (highly unlikely) Trump proves to be the "real deal."  After being burned so many times, isn't prudence...prudent? And if the other shoe drops on "The Donald" and the "movement" ends up having egg on its face as usual, you'll know once again who shows good judgment and who does not.

They Just Don't Get It

Naive Whitey.

They think their testimony will make Congress "do something" to stop illegal immigration. If anything, that testimony will prompt Congress to enact amnesty and open the borders more. White folks just don't get it.

Imagine "our" ruling elites had two options to choose from:

1. 99.9% of the Earth's White population - men, women, and children - all Whites except for the top White elites themselves will be painfully killed, OR

2. A single Colored person experiences one microsecond of inconvenience.

You had better believe that all the elites would pick #1.  Not only would they pick #1, they'd all fight with each other for the honor of enacting it.  Imagine Merkel, McCain, Cameron, Sarkozy, Miss Lindsey, the entire political, financial, and media elites of the "West," all fighting and clawing at each other to be the first to "push the button" to enact #1, and spare the poor "person of Color" the slightest discomfort or inconvenience.

Yes, I know, you'll say this is over-the-top hyperbole.  But doesn't it capture the essence of reality? How do the elites actually behave?  Don't they consistently ignore White interests to favor Coloreds? Don't they respond to stories of illegal immigrant crime and depravity by campaigning for amnesty? Aren't they attacking Trump (a rare elite who is a bit more truth-telling than the others) for simply stating the facts on illegal alien crime?  Is the scenario outlined above really that far-fetched?

In the News, 7/22/15

Two items.

Paging Desmond Jones!  Lots of homogeneity and demographic stability there, indeed! Well, the explanation would be that these migrants, including those pictured in the story, are simply S. Italians moving north.  That's the ticket!

Here we see MacDonald expressing some much needed skepticism about the "movement's" new "man on white horse" Donald Trump and sidekick "more legal immigration" Cruz.  As long as Trump continues to critique (at least illegal) immigration, and as long as he continues to bash psycho John McAmnesty and the pink-frilled Miss Lindsey, he's doing good, but anyone who is getting so breathless over "the Donald" (mostly the HBD and "game" factions of the "movement") is going to be disappointed in the long run.

Speaking of HBD, look at the main themes of MacDonald's article - the seething animus and genocidal hatred of Jews toward White Americans, particularly rural White Americans. Yet, HBD says that Jews are demigods and Whites' natural and rightful masters. And "movement" "activists" derived from the same populations reviled by Jews will continue to flock to HBD, as long as the "right" populations are praised, and the "wrong" populations (see lead news item here) are "rightfully" blasted. What's the term? Goyishe kop?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Affirmative Action Report, 7/21/15


"SmokyMtn SS" - certainly better than a "Tomato Joe, " indeed.  

Monday, July 20, 2015

General Mills and the GOP

Two of a kind.
The $32 billion packaged-food company this week reported its sixth straight quarterly sales drop -- the worst such slump in 20 years.

And here we see the “struggling” Cheerios brand. Fancy that!

I’m not saying the company’s promotion of White genocide led to their sales slump (but it obviously didn’t help) – Whites are too pathetic and masochistic to act upon a call to boycott. But I speculate that there is a correlation, that is, both the propaganda and the sales collapse are correlated because both have the same cause: piss-poor management and a lack of understanding of who the base customer is.  Attention General Mills morons: coloreds in general, and Negroes in particular, do not care about “healthy eating.”  The possible cardiovascular benefits of eating Cheerios will not influence the eating habits of a race that fattens itself on high-fat, high-sodium, high-sugar junk food, a race of grotesquely obese fatties who blame their poor health and high blood pressure on “racism," rather than on their undisciplined lifestyles and poor eating habits. Sorry, General Mills, commercials featuring mixed race couples and brown, frizzy-haired little mulattoes will not make Blacks stop scarfing down tasty Big Macs and fried chicken, and start eating cereal with the taste and texture of small cardboard rings.

General Mills is a lot like the GOP.  Both ignore their base of support to pursue the pipe-dream of appealing to those who have no interest in what they are trying to sell.  General Mill’s customer base, particularly for products such as Cheerios, is White; instead of appealing to that base, they pointedly spit in the face of their own customers.  And now they are losing money.  Are we surprised?  Whites may be pathetic and masochistic, but the “White flight” phenomenon of running away is all too real. And, apparently, Whites will take flight from bad companies as well as from bad neighborhoods.  So, Whites are not directly boycotting – they are much too passive and aracial for that – but they instead become passive-aggressive and simply (without articulating why or perhaps even consciously understanding why) drift away.

Speaking of the GOP, the withering abuse that Trump is being showered with underscores the points made here. McCain labels his own constituency - Republican voters in Arizona - as “crazies,” while he and the entire System – Republicans and Democrats, big business and the media – heap abuse on Trump in a hysterical effort to defuse Trump’s right-wing populism. General Mills would rather lose money than appeal to their customer base. The GOP would rather lose elections than appeal to their voter base. And all because appealing to Whites, even indirectly, has somehow become forbidden in the madhouse this country has become. Indeed, America has really become hysterical about race. You could just imagine a candidate being castigated for implying that White lives matter. Hey, wait a minute….

Sunday, July 19, 2015

All Hail the Movement!

Always good when the "movement" goes "viral," no?

That one picture sums up, in its totality, the American racial nationalist "movement."  That one picture sums up decades of unremitting failure, endless embarrassment, purified uselessness, tragicomic buffoonery, and the wages of strict affirmative action "leadership."

Most likely, in addition to the HBDers and gamesters, some of the "movement leadership" would need to be put on trial by a future White ethnostate as well.  Afterwards, they can all "play the piano" together, so to speak.  

A Valid Question for 7/19/15

A different immigration flow.

Re: this article, a question: if the migrants invading Europe were predominantly Chinese (and other East Asians), would "the Derb" be writing critical articles about it?  Or would such an invasion be lauded as "increasing national IQ" as part of an "Arctic Alliance" between big-brained Orientals and cringing Europeans?

My vision of a future White ethnostate: where all the HBDers are put on trial for race treason, and then publicly executed by being hanged from meathooks with piano wire.  And escape overseas would not help in this scenario, as I envision - similar to the Israelis with Eichmann - commandos hunting down the HBDers and bringing them to the ethnostate for trial.  In this vision of a better and brighter future, no place on Earth would be safe for the HBDers, there would be no place for them to hide from the justice meted out by outraged and long-suffering Whites.

Behold the Derb: Measured Groveling

A comprehensive evaluation of John Derbyshire.

Read here.

Excerpts, emphasis added:

Rosie: "Nonsense! China give an apology to America? You're mad! What was that plane doing so close to our shore? Spying, that's what! You foreigners think you can just do as you like in China!" In less time than it takes to hit the Mayday button on an EP-3 control panel, we were into the Opium War and the suppression of the Boxers. Dialectical materialism may have passed undigested through Rosie's alimentary canal, but the xenophobic stuff went direct into her bloodstream. 
It's okay. In the style of Mao Tse-tung, who was fond of comparing crises in the Party with earthquakes, this is no worse than a 4 on the Richter scale. It certainly doesn't compare with last Aug. 6, a Sunday, and a day that will live in infamy, when I woke early with the horrible realization that it was our wedding anniversary, crept out of the house, spent a frantic hour trying to find a card store that was open, and got home...too late. Harmony will reassert itself. I just have to follow the President's example: be patient, and do some measured groveling.

Important takeaway points:

1. At this point in time, Derbyshire's wife "Rosie" (not her birth name) had been living in the USA for some time. She is currently a naturalized American citizen.  She is married to a person physically White and politically right-of-center. She belongs to a group literally worshipped by the HBDers, a group Derbyshire conflates with Whites as "non-Blacks."  And what do we see?  Extreme ethnocentrism. Allegiance to China.  Viewing America as alien and Americans as "foreigners" (note: she labels Americans as foreigners while she is living in America).  She labels her own husband as one of those "foreigners."  China is "our." That's the sort of cogelite loyalty we should expect from the Yellow Peril Fifth Column imported to these shores.

2. Derbyshire's relationship with his wife is defined by his "measured groveling."  Indeed, "harmony" is defined - in his own words - as his groveling subservience to his xenophobic Chinese wife.

3. This whole episode, including and especially the "measured groveling," is a perfect representation of what HBD as a political movement is all about: the groveling subservience of Whites toward Asians and Jews.  Is it no wonder that Derbyshire himself is a leading proponent of that philosophy?

Exposing Derbyshire:

A summary. 

He writes:

...given enough advance warning, I can probably get my own wife and kids out to the comparative sanity and freedom of China...

Let's see. His wife is Chinese and his children are half-Chinese. His wife is ethnocentrically Chinese and considers Americans as foreigners. He thinks China is comparatively more sane and free than America.  Why again is he and his family living here then?

And then we have this crypsis.  Wife's name is Qi Hongmei, not “Lynette Rose” or “Rosie.”


Derbyshire said of his family, "Our two children are, as they are already tired of being told, half English coal miner, half Chinese peasant, 100 percent American."

The last part there is his opinion, of which there will be considerable disagreement.

Despite his oft-voiced opposition to illegal immigration, Derbyshire has admitted that he was an illegal immigrant himself in the U.S. before achieving legal residence and eventual citizenship. He has even joked about his former illegal status...

Enough is Enough With Derbyshirian Hypocrisy


This is the same fellow who debated at Amren 2015 that we can solve the race problem by "working within the system."  He then describes how System conservative Cameron fooled British voters by promising drastic cuts to immigration while, after being elected, allowing for mass immigration to continue.

As this is the same strategy pursued by the GOP in America, and by every System candidate in every White nation, and as this is obvious to all, then how can any sincere person champion "working within" such a corrupt system?

Enough is enough with this specimen, with his lies, distortions, HBDism, and efforts to conflate Whites and Asians with his "Black/non-Black" flim-flam.

The ONLY person involved with the "movement" that I've seen directly and forcefully denounce Derbyshire has been Greg Johnson.  With the silence of the HBD-entranced "movement" on this subject, my next post will be a more comprehensive summary of the Derbyshire threat.

Trump vs. Manchurian McCain

POW or traitor?  Or just insane?

There's a third possibility - as I've suggested in the past, if we assume McCain's story (POW who was abused) to be true, then it is possible that he went mad as a result of his treatment, was mad upon arrival to the USA, and remains mad today.

One can look at his behavior, including his rages, which points to this. Perhaps - who knows? - sitting in his Vietnamese cell, McCain "broke" mentally, and blamed America - specifically traditional White America - for his imprisonment and torture.

Perhaps, in his demented mind, he is "getting back" at traditional White America by championing open borders and the race replacement of those who "abandoned him in Vietnam."

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Negro Helps Nazi

More fine publicity.

See here.

The story notes:

During the rallies, State Trooper Leroy Smith, who is black, was seen helping a white man wearing a T-shirt bearing a swastika get out of the heat.

See picture accompanying article. Der Movement marches onward!

Well, a cynical person can just view that picture as one affirmative action beneficiary helping another. Certainly, the "movement" has the "sure touch" when it comes to public image and propaganda.

Good going guys!  Did anyone "movement" protesters show up with Chinese wives as well?

McCain vs. the "Crazies"

Vintage Republicanism.

In other words, your own base, your own supporters, your own voters, are "crazies" who you must "purge" from your party.  In order to appeal to people who might vote for you and, more likely, to appeal to people who will never vote for you, you viciously attack, denounce, and reject those who do vote for you.

I'm skeptical of Trump and all "am on white horse fantasies," but, as of now, the only GOP presidential candidate who a White person could vote for without people losing all respect for that voter, is Trump.   Any White person who votes for any of the others is a despicable turd.

GOP Reaches Out to Jews

Whites ignored again.

The GOP is now wooing Jewish voters (with the Latino fantasies still there, but in flux because of Immigration and Trump) as part of their “we take our base for granted and grovel to the fringes” strategy. Do you enjoy having your interests ignored, White man?

A Riposte: Strom On Pierce


Strom usually produces good stuff, but he’s hit a new low this week with this love fest for Pierce and Pierce’s Ostara-like scifi/fantasy work "Who We Are.”  Now, I don’t want to be too hard on Strom. Usually his material is good (when he’s not obsessing over Pierce or Putin). Strom is an intelligent, sincere man, who has worked for decades for the cause and who has suffered greatly for it. I myself was greatly influenced by Strom’s old ADV broadcasts. So, this can be viewed as constructive criticism. No doubt Strom has much personal admiration for Piece and a great deal of personal loyalty. The “Pierce Cult” is no doubt also useful in getting the “new National Alliance” on its feet. Strom may well agree with Pierce on most matters (but I’ve always sensed that Strom was always a bit more reasonable on a number of things).  However, he does need to understand that there are many important areas of legitimate criticism of the Piercian legacy, and the man’s Guntherite racial views is the least of this. The more overarching problem is the lack of progress made, for decades, despite large levels of resources.

Some may argue that the way Pierce did things – living in isolation in the mountains of West Virginia, with a hyper-centralization of National Alliance activity which smothered almost all initiative and accomplishment of the local units – was a “necessary evil” to allow his organization to survive in a hostile environment of persecution and infiltration. There are of course some points in favor of that argument. Nevertheless, it doesn’t explain all. There remains the – in my opinion justified – sense that Pierce recklessly squandered decades of hard work, "movement" good will, and significant resources simply because he personally preferred to live out in the woods, supporting himself through membership dues and book sales, and enjoying serial monogamy with several Eastern European mail order brides. Indeed, despite the limitations any such organization would face in multiracial America, Pierce had two major advantages:

1.  Through his effort and those of others (*), Pierce’s National Alliance had – by a large margin – greater resources at its disposal than any other such American racialist group/leader since at least the end of WWII.

2. Pierce had time. He was head of the National Alliance for 28 years, from its founding in 1974 to his death in 2002.  That’s an entire generation of stable leadership of a relatively well-funded organization.

What was the result?  The equation was 1 + 2 = 0.  With the two advantages listed, with nearly three decades to form a deep infrastructure and plan ahead strategically, at Pierce’s death there was little, and that little was quickly dissipated in the years following his death.  Twenty eight years!   An annual income for the group reported to be ~ $1 million/year.  That’s not trivial.  All the efforts and resources provided by members and supporters. All for nothing. All so that the organization needs to be painstakingly recreated almost “from scratch.”  I’m sure there will be the “in the arena” riposte – better to have done something than stay on the sidelines critiquing. By that logic, one cannot criticize any political leader for, say, opening the borders to mass immigration.  After all, are you a president or senator? The “in the arena” argument also fails because some of the critics have in fact tried to do something, and have come up against the stupidities of the “movement” – including the “movement’s” affirmative action policy, which may have in part informed the support given the likes of Pierce in decades of failure (**).

*Pierce, it must be said, did not create the National Alliance out of nothing. The organization was derived from Carto’s National Youth Alliance, and also, for better or worse, inherited some continuity from Rockwell’s efforts. The National Alliance was also built upon the work of people like Strom, and (at least ideologically and spiritually) upon the martyrdom of Robert Mathews. To what end?

**Consider Joe Tomassi.  I’m not saying that Tommasi’s NSLF guerilla warfare was the right approach.  I am saying that Tommasi was an impressive figure in the “movement,” with dedication, intelligence, imagination, and courage.  If he had lived, and if the “movement” had fully accepted him, he could have risen to a leadership positon that would have enabled progress, rather than squandered opportunities and wasted decades.  But, affirmative action is a zero sum game, and “Tomato Joe” didn’t meet the quota requirements.

Friday, July 17, 2015

In the News, 7/17/15

Four items.

A defense of proportional representation. I generally agree, but why does the AFP need to justify it in terms of "those poor colored minorities are under-represented?"  More mainstreaming nonsense. If the only way a nationalist party can appeal to Whites is through such degenerate universalism, then it's more trouble than it is worth.  Or, is this just another example of those "high-trust hunter-gatherers?"

Devlin's book reviewed. Keep in mind that the current nightmare, which Devlin ironically labels "utopia," is in fact considered a real utopia by the gamesters, who exploit the collapse of the West for their own selfish hedonism.  Folks like Costello read Devlin for the right reasons - to understand the current disaster so as to oppose and overthrow it; folks like CH read Devlin to learn how to take advantage of feminist hypergamy in order to lay as many sluts as possible, while "sitting poolside."

That this NEC filth and family are considered an "average Chattanooga family" tells all you need to know about the utter degeneration of America. Authorities are trying to establish a motive. A real mystery it all is!

ET phone home!  Still think "they are just like us," White man? Who should you believe - pathetic semi-autistic socially awkward HBD nerds with their living sex dolls or your own lying eyes?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pandemic Flu Vaccine, Side Effects, and the East Asian Threat

Why can't we just avoid disease-ridden Asiatics?

A real vaccine side effect.

This demonstrates that the medical community is willing to discuss vaccine side-effects, when such are real.  This also demonstrates the danger to the world, and to Whites in particular, posed by East Asians. Diseases such as flu typically originate in the filthy and overcrowded colored sewers of East Asia, particularly China, where “people” living in close proximity to pigs and fowl produce the ideal conditions to generate and disseminate viral pandemics. Rather than giving Europeans narcolepsy-inducing vaccinations, perhaps East Asia should be quarantined off from the civilized world?

Mainstreaming News, 7/15/15

Orban backs down.

More asylum seekers for Hungary, as Orban collapses like a cheap camera.  We'll see how long that wall lasts against EU pressure.

Mainstreaming is a farce, promoted by idiots and traitors. It's a lose-lose situation. First, it doesn't guarantee political success; for example, there is no certainty that her majesty Marine is actually electable and the great Orban is losing popularity to those further to his right. Second, even if elected and in power, the mainstreamers, who have no solid foundation of conviction, and with support that's an inch deep, will compromise endlessly and collapse before any pressure from the System.

Monday, July 13, 2015

In the News, 7/13/15

Two items.

First, we see the state of conservatism today.  How's that "working within the system," working out for you, White man?  Even the "Right" castigates you for being White. Had enough of listening to the self-interested lies of race-mixing "awkward squad" semi-autistic HBD nerds?

Speaking of HBD, we see this.  The HBD's second god-like race, the Jews, whose only competition for godliness is the Holy Orientals, call the police against a private flea market on private property, because they object to certain historical artifacts being sold there. Oy vey! The goyim are getting uppity!  I'm sure these levantines look back fondly on the good old days, when the NKVD could just eliminate the Gentile filth. 

After all, HBD as a political movement is all about the complete enslavement of Whites to Jews and Asians, so why should lowly slaves be allowed to offend their imperial, big-brained masters?

When will you oppose and destroy HBD, White man?

Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Sick and the Dead

Another excellent Strom piece.

Meanwhile, HBD filth keep on telling us we can solve all our problems by "working within the system."  

When will Whites wake up to the fact that HBD is a political movement with the objective of enslaving "dumb Whites" to the "cognitive elites" of Judaism and Asia?

A Bit of Surprising Truth Telling From the Year 1968

Political efficiency.

Read here. 

Gill, barely coherent, explains that he initially imposed a form of Nazism/Fascism
 upon the lawless Ekosians because he believed it to be the most efficient system of government ever devised. Spock concurs, stating National Socialism enabled a defeated and bankrupt Germany almost immediate governmental recovery to the level of near global domination. 

Crying Out For Help At Stanford

Attempted murder, scientific sabotage.

Hey, "Rosie" had better worry, this one looks like some "fresh meat" for "the Derb."

Let's see now: criminal behavior, covered up by the System. What does that sound like? Yes, the Negro! Colored is as colored does. Sorry, Derb, it's not Black/non-Black, it's White/non-White. A more intelligent form of Negro, indeed.

And yet schools like Stanford are full of things like this. Scientific progress marches onward!

Another reason why HBD must be mercilessly destroyed.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Asians Acting Like Negroes, 7/10/15

A more intelligent form of Negro.

If Negroes did this, HBD filth like Derbyshire would endlessly pontificate about "Black" picking on "non-Black."  Let the Holy Orientals do it, and it's all OK.

HBD is the deadly enemy of the White race, and Whites will be free only when HBD is totally destroyed.

And...Asians HATE,HATE, HATE Whites and Western civilization. Never forget that, White man.

Working Within the System

Another "fail" for the conservative cowards who tell us we should "work within the system."

An institutional failure of democracy is that a highly mobilized and organized minority that receives concentrated benefits can easily defeat a loosely organized majority which pays diffuse costs. 

Trump faces a coalition of groups, including the ethnic lobbies, cheap labor lobbies, and specific Republican donors, who are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure America never enforces its immigration laws. In contrast, Republican primary voters are loosely organized, distracted by more than a dozen other competing candidates, and brow-beaten by a hopeless Beltway Right that immigration is less important than issues like the Export-Import Bank.

What’s worse, Trump faces an interlocking series of academic, media, and political institutions that consistently promote an Open Borders narrative and create online mobs to punish dissenters. “Mencius Moldbug,” aka Curtis Yarvin, has coined the term “The Cathedral” to describe the institutions that function as a 21st century equivalent to an established church. The Cathedral has the ability to create an artificial consensus on issues, even when the vast majority of people disagree with the opinions of the media and political class. The result is a culture of fear where anyone, at any time, faces economic destruction at the hands of unstable people whipped into a frenzy by the media.

So, who should you believe: pathetic Asian-worshiping HBD conservatives or your own lying eyes?

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Race Replacement is Not a Snapshot

The fetishists wrong again.

Read this.  

Excerpt, emphasis added:

Greece has one of the smallest population in Europe. Along with Italy, which I recently visited and was awed by the sheer number of immigrants in the center of Rome, it is accepting one of largest proportionate influxes of aliens.

Greece, Italy, and France, which already has a huge issue due to its immigration from its former colonies, might well be the first countries in Europe to see their indigenous populations becoming a minority.

Of course those of us with long memories remember "Desmond Jones" and his endlessly repeated outright lies about how countries like Italy, Greece, etc. are safely homogeneous, with no immigration problem, demographically secure until the ends of time.  As if taking a "snapshot" of a nation's demographics at one defined moment in time, and completely ignoring trends and ongoing changes, is somehow a rational, sane thing to do.  Focusing on, for example, Greek demographics in the year 2000, and stating that this defines the future of that nation for all time, makes as much sense as using English or Swedish demographics from the year 1960 to make assertions about those nations' racial futures.

There are many reasons for the ongoing failure of the "movement," but no doubt one reason is that so many "activists" - particularly those enriched in certain precincts of the "movement" - are dishonest liars, demented lunatics, sweaty obsessive ethnic fetishists, or otherwise downright stupid and/or crazy. And these types are accepted and enabled by others who make a show about "rejecting defectives" but who do nothing but help build the foundation of the "movement" on those selfsame defectives.  

By the way, the "mainstreamers" are another bunch of "movement" defectives - let us not forget that their heroine Marine Le Pen endorsed the SYRIZA party while simultaneously rejecting Golden Dawn. 

The "movement" must be destroyed.  Crush the infamy!

Monday, July 6, 2015

In the News, 7/6/15

Some items.

So, the Greeks picked being unreliable deadbeats over being slaves to international globalism. Whether or not that choice is good or bad for Greece I cannot say, but it is good for our purposes. In the current situation, chaos is good, chaos is our friend, the status quo is a deadly enemy. There certainly is chaos in the EU today, and for that we should be grateful. If only the Right knew how to properly capitalize on that (they don't).

As far as miscegenating, semi-autistic commentators and their calls to "work within the system" go, I cite these two items:

Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Pontian View: Yes

Golden Dawn thinks differently.

Dienekes argues against a "No" vote on the current Greek referendum. Not surprisingly, Golden Dawn supports "No" - not surprising since the contrast is between Greek nationalists and a blogger who believes (or has believed in the past) that someone who is 31/32 Nigerian and 1/32 Greek has just as much right to be a "Greek citizen" as someone who is of 100% Greek ancestry.

Unfortunately, both sides are wrong in this instance.  A "Yes" vote, favored by racially liberal Pontians, means that Greeks are slaves to International Finance and to the anti-European EU monstrosity.  A "No" vote means that Greeks continue to live up to the stereotype of being carefree, incompetent, immature, undependable, undisciplined, parasitic Medish deadbeats, who refuse to pay their debts and who lazily leach off of those who are more productive.

Ultimately, the Greeks are at fault for getting themselves into this mess, endless years of mounting debt ignored to enjoy an "easy life in the sun."  But, we can't let the Germans off the hook either. The current White-hating EU is primarily their "baby" (as well as that of France and other such relatively well off Western European continental nations that favor globalist integration). The EU being the latest German hegemonic project, they need to accept the bad as well as the good.  It should have been obvious that, in the absence of a complete biocultural renaissance, there would be no way for Greece to be as productive and responsible as Germany.  But then, a people who support mass importation of Turks and Africans to replace their own dwindling population are, in their own way, as defective as the Greeks.

Europe is on fire, and the moronic EU "leadership" and the sheeple under them are throwing gasoline onto the flames.

Friday, July 3, 2015


Behold der "movement."

"AryanBlood1488" - the sort of name I would make up as a joke to sarcastically tweak the "movement's" nose - but all too real. The "movement" (has long ago) become a parody of itself.  It's time to pull the plug and start anew from first principles.  But then, if such an impulse existed within the "movement" - if such self-awareness existed - then all the problems would not have manifested in the first place. To quote a famous Negro - "the chickens have come home to roost."  Such are the wages of affirmative action, which, as a hypocritical criticizer of that for Coloreds, is practiced by the "movement" with unerring consistency.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Questions on Polling


"Opinion polls" tell us that the majority of Americans - including a majority of Republicans - wholeheartedly support illegal alien amnesty. That's the drumbeat of news reporting on a weekly basis.

If that is so, if that is true, then why do other polls tell us that Donald Trump has risen so sharply as a candidate among Republican voters after making strong remarks against illegal aliens, remarks that the usual suspects complain are "offensive?"

You'd think the opposite should be true, no?  

I don't watch "FOX" or read any mainstream conservative papers, but I wonder if any of those conservative sell-outs have even noticed this inconsistency. The reality is of course that opinion polls on controversial subjects are designed to create opinion, not measure it.

All you need to do is (1) craft the questions in such a way as to lead the polling subjects to the desired answers, (2) pick a polling sample which is as non-representative as possible and skewed in favor of the desired answers. and (3) report the results in a breathless and misleading manner.

Given the most folks are conformist sheep, hearing that others allegedly believe "X,Y,Z" will make these folks also inclined toward "X,Y,Z."  The same principle holds with news reporting, editorials, etc. Jeb Bush has been created into a "front runner" by virtue of the mass media repeatedly reporting him as such, even before he officially announced a candidacy.  It's the "jump on the bandwagon" herd mentality. As another example: ever wonder why, in election time, people put signs on their lawns and stickers on their cars proclaiming their adherence to a candidate?  What's the purpose?  Simple: to create the sense to the lemming observer that "hey, lots of people are supporting this person, that's what everyone is doing, they must be right and good, so I had better support the candidate myself." Why else spend the time and money on something so stupid?

As well: let's assume for the moment that opinion polls (at least sometimes) do reflect public opinion. What does that tell us about the public that their opinions on major issues and personalities are so fickle and can be so easily swayed by recent events and propaganda? It always amazes me when a President's approval ratings move up and down so quickly, based on some sort of recent event or speech.  Don't the people being polled have any convictions whatsoever?  For example, imagine a President who represents everything a person opposes, whose actions and speeches work against that person's interests. You'd expect that such a person would, when polled, give the President a rating of "disapproval."  Why then should that suddenly change a month later to "approval" because "the economy grew by 0.001% this quarter" or "employment rates increased by 0.25%" or something or other happened which does not in any material way change the underlying reality of what is happening? 

And some people still support "democracy?"