Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Is Orban the New Putin?

Heavy breathers shift their attention from Russia to Hungary.

Here is the on-the-ground reality of what's going on in Europe.

And here is how the "movement" sees it.

It seems the amorous attention of the "movement" is shifting from Trad Vlad to Saint Viktor.  The reality is that Orban is constantly waffling, with his finger up in the air to see which way the wind is blowing. He'll make bombastic remarks against immigration, and then say he would like to have an immigrant family stay in his home (if it wouldn't encourage others).  He erects some flimsy chicken wire fences and then orders some of it taken down. On the one hand, you'll see Hungarian authorities shooting water cannons (and why not real cannons?) at migrants, on the other hand, you'll see Hungarian police doing nothing as smiling migrants go over and under the chicken wire fence. Saint Viktor as the savior of Europe vs. the Budapest train station stuffed to the gills with invaders, which Vik dutifully shovels to the west.

Maybe Vik just needs to go to the border and erect (a word to get the "movement" loins a-stirring) some more chicken-wire fence, and do it bare-chested. Then it would be: "Vlad who?"

So fickle!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Wages of Sin

Strom on race-mixing.

That's all good, but when is Strom going to talk about, and denounce, White-Yellow mating? The White-Black thing is a bit too easy, real "low hanging fruit."

Mainstreaming News: Orban's Surrender

Mainstreaming filth acting as expected.

Read here.

Hungary announced it had removed spools of razor wire from a section of its border with Slovenia, a barrier that breached EU rules about unrestricted travel within much of its territory...  
...Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban also changed his tone. He promised to consult with others before Hungary completes a razor-wire fence along its border with Croatia, a move that would insert more confusion for migrants.

Mainstreamers will always compromise, always move to the center, always agree to the anti-White position. For them, it is all politics, all rhetoric.

Mainstreamers in the "movement" - all the scum who praise Saint Viktor - are traitors and should be executed by a White ethnostate, after a trial in which their stupidity and mendacity are exposed to an outraged people.

Is Miscegenation a Manifestation of Oikophobia?

A stunning lack of self-awareness.

Yeah, that's great Derb. You know, some people may think that one example of extreme "oikophobia" is someone who marries outside their race and produces mixed-race children. Something to consider.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Crush the Infamy!

Christianity must be destroyed.

The Pope's remarks are not an anomaly.  This is the core of the suicidal death cult of Christianity, the slave mentality, the creed of ressentiment as Nietzsche would say, a pathetic old man wearing a dress preaching racial and cultural self-immolation.

There are some who say that you must be a Christian to be a fighter for the West, for race and culture.

I say the opposite: you must be an anti-Christian to be a fighter for the West, for race and culture. This masochistic cult of pathological self-sacrifice for the other must be dispensed with once and for all.

I care not what role Christianity may or may not have played in the past. The relevant questions are:
1) What is the ideological core of this creed? and 2) What role does it play today and what role will it play in the future?

Crush the infamy!

A Million Sheep

The pathetic leuocosa race

Actually, much that happens in the real world of current events has much in common with typical schoolyard bullying. If you never stand up for yourself, the bullying will endlessly continue, and only get worse. If you stand up for yourself - even at the possible cost of getting beaten up by the bully - it will usually stop.  You just need the courage to say, "enough is enough."

Whites, obviously, lack that courage.

Another Brilliant Move in Putin's Deep Chess Game!

Another bold traditionalist stroke!

Read here.

Will Putin hunt tigers bare chested there?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Orban vs. Merkel

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Readers of this blog know that I've been very critical of Orban, and I will continue to be so. However, compared to Merkel the anti-Hitler, Orban is some sort of nationalist demigod.

I've been urging Hungarians to stand up to German bullying, and if no one else will do it, then Saint Viktor will have to do. The days of Horthy sons being kidnapped and other thuggish intimidation (these days with economics and moral posturing) are over.

But it's not only the Germans to blame. At the other end of Europe, dumb swarthoids in Greece and Italy are unable to police their border and are facilitating the invasion and channeling it north. It seems that only Central Europeans are relatively healthy these days, with the Northerners beset with pathological altruism and Nazi blood guilt, the Southerners too lazy and stupid (and in the case of the Greeks, too spiteful) to protect Europe, and Easterners like Trad Vlad pushing Eurasianism and a Yellow-Brown Russia.

Are Central Europeans the new master race, the "golden mean" of Europe?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Asians in Canada

Comment from The Occidental Observer, emphasis added.

Mr. Sunic mentions the success of East Asians in Western societies. Successful for them and mildly irritating to devastating for Whites, at least in Canada where Vancouver seniors are picking through garbage cans, unable to afford both housing and food, Chinese speculators having priced even the meanest dwelling out of their reach. Vancouver where rude and arrogant Chinese have turned a once beautiful coastal city into an ugly soulless Chinatown. Surrey and Richmond B.C. once quiet white rural communities now overcrowded East Asian enclaves, falling into decay and squalor. No White person venturing into these communities feels welcome. 
Ontario is just as bad, Brampton, or Bramladesh as the locals call it, East Scarborough, Rexdale, and Malton, all colonized. Here too, White Canadians are the outsiders, made to feel unwelcome in the neighbourhoods their parents and grandparents tended.  
The effect on Canada’s once fabulous health care system is tragic. Long waiting lists for cancer treatments, surgeries and general medical care, and no priority given to those who’ve worked a life time paying heavily into the system, while immigrants only a few months in the country recieve the benefits.  
The irony is that the only city where the immigrants integrated and Whites and newcomers get along is Windsor Ontario and the immigrants are Middle Easterners, many of them Muslims.
But, but, but....Derbyshire would find lots of China doll sex toys in the influx, Lynn would praise these "high-IQ" saviors of Western civilization, and Jones would blame it all on the Meds and Slavs, with nary a word for these sweet Asiatics.

Play the piano, fellows, play that piano!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Playing the Piano

What does the term mean?

At my various blogs, I make reference to "playing the piano" and it needs to be stated, for those who do not understand, that this refers to hanging miscreants from meathooks with piano wire. Very well, but I think more analysis is needed.  Thus, read here, excerpts, emphasis added:

They were not hanged with piano wire. This is a myth as is the idea that they were impaled on butcher's hooks. They were hanged using nooses of thin cord, double-looped with slip knots. One loop went around the victim's neck, the other over a butcher hook which was affixed to a steel beam imbedded at each end in the brick walls of the execution chamber. The noosed victim was lifted by two assistants and the executioner, in this case Wilhelm Rottger, slid the other knot of the cord over the hook. The victim was then lowered, the knot tightened and the victim strangled. 
The conspirators were not hanged with piano wire. Thin cord was used. Piano wire would have cut the jugular, causing rapid death, exactly what Hitler did not want. The thin cord and the short drop would not break the neck (causing unconsciousness) and would produce maximum suffering. See Hoffman's benchmark book on the resistance for details provided by witnesses at the executions. 

So, what I have in mind is the slow execution that would result in "maximum suffering." Therefore, piano wire per se may need to be replaced by a "thin cord" - but I have a possible compromise that could optimize the procedure.

What if piano wire was bundled into a cable?  What I have in mind is an instrument with the following properties: first, like the thin cord, the cable would NOT cause a quick death, but instead result in a slow, agonizing, maximum suffering strangulation death (if performed as described above). Second, a piano wire cable would cut into the neck to some degree (this is what I hope to be the case), but not so much as to cut the jugular and cause a quick death. Instead, I envision the cable as cutting into the neck in a non-lethal fashion, to add a further layer of agonizing pain and suffering, but not in any way detracting from the main event of slow strangulation.  Indeed, the opposite is the hoped-for outcome: the cable slowly cutting into the neck would amplify the incredible agony of the slow strangulation as described above. Here we have the "best of both possible worlds."

Thus, "playing the piano" should be construed as a short-hand description of the procedure outlined in the preceding paragraph.

Before using on anti-White lefties in a future White ethnostate - all of course having been properly convicted in a trial by a legally convened tribunal - the technique should be perfected through experimentation on other enemies of the state who also would have gone through trial by legally convened tribunals. Here I have in mind various VDARE HBD conservatives, HBD academics, HBD bloggers, "game" advocates who promote nihilistic hedonism, trolls who haunt pro-White blogs - the "label" for this post gives the flavor as to who would be standing trial - all perfectly legal and proper! - to provide subjects for experimentation.

Thank you.

Excellent Comment Against the "Lesser of Two Evils" Philosophy

Also an indictment of mainstreaming.

Read here.  Excerpt, emphasis added:

As for Orban “doing the best that he can under the circumstances,” my own feeling is that we need to stop making excuses for politicians. So many people on the Right will excuse their favorite politicians with the reasoning that, yes, they’re doing some reprehensible or negligent things, but it’s all an elaborate cover to keep them in power so that they can enact their REAL agenda. And some people will stick to this line no matter how many times a politician will violate the alleged principles that they supposedly stand for. “It could be worse,” seems to be what the argument boils down to. But I think we should stop settling. That sort of logic is why so many people continue to vote Republican in the US – “Sure, they don’t ever actually do the things I think they should be doing, but they’re still better than those nasty liberals” – in spite of the fact that they’re virtually indistinguishable. I’m not saying Orban is as bad as that, but at the same time, I don’t regard him as being “one of us.” We need to expect more from, and have higher standards for, people who claim to be our leaders.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Comment on Sir Viktor, King of Mainstreaming

Some useful comments.

Read here.

Wrong attitude. That softly softly approach is the exact attitude that has created this crisis. Those “migrants” effortlessly walking round the small numbers of Hungarian police initially posted on the border were already breaking the law. Remember this is a country that is prepared to use large numbers of police to arrest and expel one White Nationalist for trying to have a drink with a few friends before a conference. Cracking a few heads at the start of the crisis would have been well within Hungarian law, however much elements of the media screeched about it. Thanks to the initial laxness a lot more heads will have to be cracked, while those already in have already started to burden Europe in countless ways. This invasion happened on Obran’s watch. I’m not really sure he can ever make amends for that although it’s good to see him now trying. There are also problems with Hungary’s number two party, Jobbik, who tend to view the Islamic and non-European world sympathetically while maintaining revanchist claims against Hungary’s European neighbours.

I agree with both points.  First, Sir Viktor is a fraud - using excessive force to shut down a nationalist conference and harass Spencer, while having police stand around as laughing migrants crawl under and over the chicken wire "fence."  And as regards the "horrors" of the "water cannons and tear gas" - remember the migrants were physically attacking the Hungarian forces - throwing rocks and concrete slabs that can kill. The Hungarians were well within their rights to shoot to kill. But, hey, maybe they're saving their bullets for the next NPI conference. And the comments on Jobbik underscore the problems of "petty nationalism"/ethnonationalism, a concept which should have been dead and buried with World Wars I and II.

How Come Breezy Gets It Right?

Answer: he's not part of the "movement."

The "movement" really needs to ask itself why an unmitigated idiot and outrageous hypocrite like Breezy can understand what's going on in Europe now, while the "movement" fails spectacularly. Perhaps the "movement" needs to apply its principled opposition to affirmative action to itself? Maybe it is time to end the ethnic fetishism?  And end the Hitler worship?

You know, Germany, you are supposed to be in a Union with other Europeans. If you choose to betray Europeans for the denizens of other continents, it’s a little rich to act like you are upholding European unity.  
So far the Serbs have been trying to be the perfect EU candidates, passing along the Muslims with a smile. Now, though, the Serbs are asking the EU powerbrokers: Please tell us what European Values means you want us to do. If you want us to help the Muslims along, we’ll do that. But if you want us to be not nice, please spell it out for us, we’re not that clever. We’re just poor dumb tough Serbs. 
Maybe the endgame is that the Germans and Austrians are setting the Serbs up to be the Fall Guys for Merkel’s Boner. Payback for 6/28/1914 and all that. Maybe ultimately, the Serbs are going to have to go all 1389 on Merkel’s Muslim invaders, and then the Austrians and Germans can gasp and fan themselves and blame it all on the backwards Serbs and set back Serbia’s EU application by decades, while inwardly thanking fate that they dodged this idiotic bullet they shot at themselves.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mainstreaming in the News, 9/17/15

Syriza supporter Marine Le Pen will be unhappy.

The most popular party for 18-24-year-olds now is the far right Golden Dawn, while Syriza languishes in fourth place, data by the pollster Alco show.

Thus, you give the people, including the youth, an "extreme" far-right alternative, and, given the proper circumstances, they'll flock to it.

Further, in an "open marketplace of ideas" scenario, in which there is no constant state oppression against the "extreme far-right," you won't even need to wait for those "proper circumstances" - support for the "extreme far-right" will be the default position.

At some point, when the mainstreamers fail, hopefully there will be "extremists" to pick up the pieces.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hello Dolly!

White-hating yellow filth.

Come now, we must understand!  Do we want "awkward squad" pathetic White males (not "men") to stay alone in their basements, masturbating to Asian porn?  No! A thousand times, no!  Instead, in order to allow every semi-autistic nerd to have own own living, breathing China doll sex toy, we must allow "high-IQ" Asian immigration to the USA.

I mean, yeah, it'll help destroy America and all that, but we must make sure all those "awkward squad" prostates are cleaned out, right Derb?

An Accurate "Game" View of Merkel

More honest than the "movement."

Gamester commentator:
Merkel’s adopting of the third world is her subconscious attempt to have the children and grandchildren her barren womb never produced. 

That’s correct, but the “movement" would disapprove. 

After all:

Sie kritisieren nicht ein Mitglied der Herrenrasse !

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Against Free Trade

Smashing the free trade myth.

I particularly enjoyed:
Yet the internet developed from military technology and even Google, “the ultimate better-mousetrap free-market success story, was based on research done by founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford while supported by National Science Foundation grant IRA-9411306-4 to research digital libraries” (p. 203). 
Which is consistent with what I wrote here previously.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Mainstreaming Comedy Gold

Viktor Orban speaks his mind.

Hungary's leader Viktor Orban…told a German newspaper that he would take a refugee family into his own home if he was sure that this would not encourage others to make the journey to Europe. Asked in an interview with Germany's mass-selling Bild whether he would put such a family up, Prime Minister Orban said: "Yes, if migrants did not take that as encouragement to come to Europe. That wouldn't be advisable at the moment." 
He said his wife and children were already actively helping the refugees.  
Orban, a conservative populist always keen to undercut his main political rival, the far-right Jobbik party

Translation: Orban is actually a humanist whose "tough" rhetoric and modest actions are designed to win votes from Jobbik. If Jobbik wasn't around exerting political pressure from the right, would Orban be another Merkel?

Another question: is Durocher's heavy breathing over Orban calming down a bit?

Taylor on the Refugee Crisis

Taylor on the refugee crisis.

We may debate on Counter-Currents and elsewhere the validity of the Amren model, but Taylor does produce good videos (although I disagree about Orban and Le Pen...words are not enough).

This is an example of folks in the "movement" being useful by leveraging their particular strengths. Some are good spokesmen, others are good theorists, others may be "men of action."  The problem occurs when folks step outside their skill set.

In any case, this is mostly a good video.

German Moral Rearmament

One picture is worth a thousand words.

The "movement's" heroine in action.

Let the sputtering begin: "but, but, but, she's...German."

When even Breezy Steve is more "on the right" (in both senses of the word "right") on an issue than is the "movement" then we have really uncovered another specimen of "movement" pathology.

And by the way, Steverino, if we are speaking about "boners," are you ever going to repudiate "citizenism?"

Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Useful Yahoo Comment

Pay attention, "movement."

Herr Faymann: The last peoples on Earth who should be using and abusing Holocaust analogies in order to demonstrate their own imagined moral superiority (and score political points) are the Germans and the Austrians. Germany's postwar guilt trip has, I think, turned into something sinister and dangerous with their open invitation to these migrants.

Gasp!  Criticism of Germany and Austria!  What would Saint Adolf think? After all, we must agree to the extinction of Europe, because the "movement's" chosen people tell us we must.

More Exposing Derbyshire, 9/13/15

What utter filth.

Nothing wrong with being an immigrant. I’ve been one myself, more than once. 

Yes, Derb...you've been an illegal immigrant (*), something you think is worth joking about. If we reject amnesty and support deportation of illegals, then we must demand that Mr. John Derbyshire, former illegal immigrant, be deported.

I mentioned Mrs. Derbyshire above. This is an independent-minded lady who does not take her opinions from me...

Yes, well with all the "measured groveling" going on in the Derbyshire household, it is more likely he gets his opinions from her.

...and who keeps up with current events at an ordinary-citizen level via newspapers and the internet. In elections she votes Democrat; the family joke is that it’s a waste of our time to go to the polling booth as we cancel each other out.

Yes, that's real funny Derb. Almost as funny as an ethnocentric Chinese who views Americans as "foreigners" (**) despite living in America being a citizen with the right to vote. Note the anti-American Chinatrix votes Democrat, just like her fellow "people of color," the Blacks and Hispanics.

She does have some robustly conservative opinions in certain areas, though. Like most of the Chinese-born people I know, she strongly favors capital punishment. She is a frank race realist. And she has that very pronounced Third Worlder wariness about being taken advantage of.

A "frank race realist" who votes Democrat. Hey, Derb, I guess "Rosie's" anti-American animus (by Derb's own words **) trumps the "race realism?"  At least Derb is honest enough to label his wife as "Third World."

So I was not too surprised to find that she is an utter cynic about the “migrants”. I was somewhat surprised, because the Narrative collapse I spoke of earlier is mainly visible at websites like VDARE.com, on comment threads, and among people like me who dig around obsessively in news stories to try to figure out the reality behind the news photos. At Mrs. Derbyshire’s ordinary-citizen level, watching TV news and browsing for health tips and celebrity gossip on Yahoo, the Narrative is being firmly shored up. 
Yet she sees through it. If she does, a lot of others do, too—not just news freaks, conservative partisans, and angry contributors to comment threads, but ordinary citizens like Mrs. Derb.

Whites, not being ethnocentric Chinese, are not expected to exhibit the same "Third Worlder wariness," now are they?

*Quote from link:

Despite his oft-voiced opposition to illegal immigration, Derbyshire has admitted that he was an illegal immigrant himself in the U.S. before achieving legal residence and eventual citizenship. He has even joked about his former illegal status...

**Derb wrote about his own wife thus:

Rosie: "Nonsense! China give an apology to America? You're mad! What was that plane doing so close to our shore? Spying, that's what! You foreigners think you can just do as you like in China!" In less time than it takes to hit the Mayday button on an EP-3 control panel, we were into the Opium War and the suppression of the Boxers. Dialectical materialism may have passed undigested through Rosie's alimentary canal, but the xenophobic stuff went direct into her bloodstream.

More on the Stupid Altruism Argument

Some generalized common sense.

One needs to also move on from abstract theory about putative "alleles for altruism" (which insofar as I know have not been discovered) and ask practical questions.

Joe votes for an anti-immigration political party. Jim votes for a pro-immigration political party. Jim and Joe are both native co-ethnics. In what way are 'alleles for altruism' being selected against?

Better yet and a bit more generalized: why is activism in favor of EGI necessarily altruistic?  Why is activism in favor of non-ethnics called "pathological altruism."

My point and this is important: talking about "altruism" can favor a EGI standpoint, since it seems defending EGI is more "selfish" and surrendering genetic interests to help the unrelated is altruism.

In today's Germany who is showing altruism - leftists who want more refugees or rightists who do not want them?

To put it simply: non-ethnics can free-ride on altruism as much, or more, than co-ethnics. Altruism in favor of free-riding non-ethnics imposes a double cost: counter-selection to all these majestic yet completely theoretical "alleles for altruism" AND the loss of genetic interests due to less representation of the entire genome. Altruism in favor of co-ethnics - in the context of ethnic competition (which is THE WHOLE POINT of Salter's work) - at most may impose a cost on these "alleles for altruism" but is adaptive for the entire genome.

One can argue that favoring non-ethnics is more of a "sacrificial altruism" than favoring co-ethnics in any case.

And why does support for genetic interests have to be conflated with "self-sacrificial altruism" in any case.  In the Joe/Jim example above, how is Joe "self-sacrificing?"

This is all missing the forest (genetic interests) for the trees (theoretical arguments about putative "alleles for altruism").

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Putin's "Deep Game"

Another brilliant chess move!

Give Russian citizenship to a Negro athlete. Throw Russian nationalists into jail. Make an ethnic Siberian your defense minister. Denounce Ukrainian nationalists as "fascists" and "Nazis"

It's hard to keep up with all these "deep game chess moves." Anyway, the only thing the "movement" wants to know: does Trad Vlad play chess bare chested?

EGI in the News and Some Advice for Saint Viktor

Several items.

Salter describes the need for an Australian Ministry of Emigration.

You'd think that with recent published scientific work, the anti-Whites would stop their anti-Salterian song-and-dance about "evolution of altruism," "ethnocentrism is maladaptive" and such patent nonsense.  The scientific approach is to analyze the data and try and refute it, while proposing alternative models.  In reality, they cannot refute it, since the mathematical modeling matches the results of the entire spectrum of human history, and makes logical sense as well.

We have reached the point that critics of Salterism have run out of excuses. Their opposition is clearly political and not scientific. They have no scientific argument, other than to endlessly repeat already refuted assertions over and over again.

At the current time, the only thing that can be done is to debate these liars, expose their mendacity, and hope third party observes discern the truth - the truth in this case meaning not only the validity of EGI but also the sociopolitical motivations of the liars opposing Salter's thesis.

In a future White ethnostate?  This scum should be captured, put on trial to expose their perfidy to the public, and then executed to the delight of the watching, cheering crowds.

Then we have the patron saint of mainstreaming nationalism, Viktor Orban, whining like a baby.

Some free advice for you Vik.  This is what you need to do. Send the Hungarian army to the border and shoot anyone invading your country. Men, women, children, it doesn't matter, shoot and kill, kill them all. Once word gets out, they'll stop coming. Who knows?  Do that and you may win all those Jobbik votes you've been lusting after.

Oh, yes, the EU and Germany will complain.  Leave the EU and tell Germany to go stuff it. Haven't Hungarians been bullied by Germans throughout their history long enough?  If the US mouths off, say the same to them. What business does a country that can't control its own borders have dictating to a nation that acts on behalf of its sovereignty?  Oh, yes, someone at "the Hague" will accuse you of "crimes against humanity." Answer to that: send some Hungarian commandos to capture that person, and bring them back to Budapest for trial. Hey, if it worked for the Israelis with Eichmann, why not for you?  And do you think the EU or the USA will "have the balls" to bomb Budapest if you shoot the invaders?   I doubt it. Anyway, how about Hungary develops its own nuclear weapons? I'm sure you have the scientific expertise. Have some nice ICBMs on your soil, tipped with thermonuclear warheads, and see if attitudes toward Hungary change. I bet they'd change real fast.  That's my advice, Vik. You're welcome.

Friday, September 11, 2015

In the News, 9/11/15

Two more pitiful items of White pathetic weakness.

Number one.   True enough, these balkanoids do not belong in Germany. But to deport indigenous Europeans to make room for NEC filth, Africans, and other third world invaders is just the sort of Merkelite Germanism cited in my last post.

And then, for number two,  we have something from the patron saint of mainstreaming, Saint Victor.

Instead of giving this heroic woman a medal for trying to do what Orban's chicken-wire fence and stand-around police do not do, the Hungarian authorities want to prosecute her! They're lucky the NPI is not trying to have a meeting there now, or else they'd really be over-loaded arresting patriots and nationalists - while migrant invaders swarm through Budapest with absolute impunity, and as aggressive NECs easily pass under and over Viktor's flimsy "vote for me and not for Jobbik" "fence."

Viktor Orban: left-wing. pro-immigration, anti-patriotic leader of Hungary.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The "Movement's" Merkel Problem

The Chosen One Angie Merkel.

You know, only 3 governments — Germany, Sweden, and Austria — of the 28 in the European Union are enthusiastic about Ms. Merkel’s unilateral putsch against Europe’s indigenous people. So Jean-Claude Juncker is calling for the great majority of European governments to surrender to the German state’s demographic blitzkrieg on the European people. Why does German (passive) aggression against what had been the European consensus somehow represent unity?

[Note: those three nations represent the top “movement” favorites – along with England of course]

In any future history of the White race (written from a pro-White perspective) scum like Merkel and Juncker will rate among the leading villains. Let’s consider Merkel – a grotesque harridan, a monstrous bag of excrement, not only promoting genocidal race replacement of her own people, but using German power and prestige to bully the rest of Europe to go along.

And this is nothing new. Despite having once declared multiculturalism a “failure” (to the applause of the heavy-breathing Teutonphillic “movement”) Merkel has steadfastly promoted such multiculturalism not only for Germany but for Europe as a whole. As a way to expunge their Nazi-era bloodguilt, Germans are engaging in a national ethnic cleansing of themselves that they wish to make “compulsory” for the entire European continent.

And yet, is there any significant “movement” criticism of Merkel?  No. Why not?  Let us be honest: it is because she is German.  That’s it. That is why, despite the Merkel-led German drive to turn Europe to an Afro-Asiatic colony, we get, instead of criticism, articles such as this.

To which I commented:

Merkel gets extra credit “movement points” for being ethnically German (Putin gets his for wrestling tigers with his shirt off). Forget about this financial crisis for a moment – Merkel advocates, supports, and celebrates the biological and cultural replacement of Germans by alien immigrants. Merkel denounces even the centrist moderates of PEGIDA. A real German moral rearmament would include voting Merkel out of office and then putting her on trial for treason 

In comparison, any time a story positively describing Golden Dawn appears on a “movement” site, there is the inevitable series of comments about “racial admixture in Greece” or “hey, that Golden Dawn leader looks like a Near Easterner” and such other tidbits of “movement” dogma, irrelevant to what the original story was about.

Fact is, whatever you may think about Greece and Greeks (and I gave a tongue-in-cheek but legitimate extreme criticism here), it’s not the Greeks or any Greek leader that is predominantly responsible for facilitating the demographic invasion of Europe. Put that on the head of Merkel, many of her countrymen, and those peoples in Europe foaming the mouth in favor of self-extinction. Of course, all Europeans are in part to blame - the Italians and Greeks rescuing migrants, the Hungarians with their phony blowhard leader Orban shipping off their migrant hordes to the north and west, the Poles willing to take more migrants as are the Spaniards, and the UK cowed by the picture of one dead Syrian child, never mind the poster-child of European multiculturalism, France. Still, though, it is Merkel and her Germans leading the charge to extinction.

The Germans are a superior people in most ways, perhaps the best of Europe. But no one is perfect, and the Germans have flaws. When they try to bully Europe and impose their will, they usually muck things up (see World Wars I and II), and, like the Jews, when their formidable abilities are applied in the wrong direction, they are very dangerous indeed. Maybe they need to step back and stop acting like the demented conscience of Europe.  Maybe they need to understand that their fanatical need to atone for the "sins" of Saint Adolf springs from the same monomaniacal ethnic tendencies that caused those alleged sins to begin with.  Killing Europe will not make “killing six million Jews” become any more morally acceptable.

German moral rearmament?  Yes, but it needs to include a bit of humility, and the recognition that they cannot bully the rest of Europe to go along with whatever it is they are currently indulging in, be it good or bad.

It’s said that one can properly judge the character of a person, a group, or a nation during a time of crisis. Well, it is crisis time in Europe and there is much to judge there.  There is much to judge about the “movement” as well, and its reticence to denounce real villains, who get a “free pass” – talk about a “chosen people” – the Jews are not the only ones it seems.

It’s time for the “movement” to grow up a bit and “put those big boy pants on.”  Get over the Saint Adolf obsession, the ethnic fetishism, and recognize Queen Merkel as a prime enemy of the White race.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Again Refuting Ethnonationalist Mendacity

Against narrow ethnic nationalism.

"But Vox did seem to be saying that most White Americans would more likely than not identify with a single national-ethnic identity rather than the broader racial identity White"

That's the sort of nonsense that I've spent years refuting over and over again, apparently to no avail.

There are solid reasons for differences in the "success" (*) of ethnoracial nationalism between the USA and Europe, other than the majestic "superiority" of narrow ethnonationalism. These include but are not limited to:

1. The greater professionalism and competence of leadership and membership cadres in Europe.

2. Within Europe itself, continental Europe has always had more developed nationalist parties and movements than the UK, for reasons which are likely deeply rooted in cultural and historical phenomena. The overseas anglosphere, including the USA, have seemed to inherit the more muted propensity for nationalism of the UK.

3. As discussed by Le Brun in a podcast, social pricing is much weaker in Europe than in the USA. Yes, Europe has "hate speech laws" but I believe that social pricing is a far more potent force in stifling dissent. Even with factor #2, if you relieved social pricing in the USA, racial nationalism would flourish. But defeating social pricing would require real leadership (see #1).

4. In America, social pricing is strictly reserved for White racial activism, which is what the System fears.  You want to organize an Irish-American, German-American, Italian-American, etc, club at your school or place of business?  No problem!  Looked on benignly.  Organize a European-American club?  Oy vey, the racism!  Then Day's SJW's would really come out. Don't you think people know this?  Don't you think we need to break that barrier to have success?

*I put "success" in scare quotes because people are grossly overestimating the power of ethnonationalism in Europe where an outright invasion by young NEC and African males is being greeted with the enthusiasm of a sex starved female virgin getting screwed by a lustful alpha male.

Mainstreaming News, 9/9/15

More news.

I'll pass over the endless media reports of migrants flooding into Hungary, making a mockery of Orban's chicken-wire fence and his bombastic mainstreaming rhetoric, and instead focus on:

An analysis of the Trump mirage.

Restoring (Jewish) America, another batch of mendacious flim-flam from that grand levantine trickster, Prof. Hart. The picture accompanying the story is in itself a refutation of "movement" mainstreaming.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Alleles for Altruism, Blah, Blah, Blah

Something to remember.

In many cases, pursuit of EGI correlates with proximate measures that increase fitness, so no altruism is involved. After all, why is pro-immigration and pro-refugee activism termed as (pathological) altruism?  Keeping out immigrants can enhance wages - selfish!  Keeping out immigrants allows for more space and better schools and neighborhoods - better for family formation - selfish!  Ethnocentrism is selfish, not altruistic.  Will free-riders take advantage?  Sure. But what about immigrant free-riders taking advantage of the open-borders altruism of the native population?  That's s double blow - less overall genetic representation AND decreasing "alleles for altruism" by allowing selfish free-riding immigrants to prosper at the cost of altruistic "let them all in" natives.

Taken For a Fool

Two Youtube Videos

Germans and all other Europeans taken for fools.    "Refugees" - young, aggresive, well-fed, well-clothed young men.

Hey!  I thought Desmond Jones says Italy is absolutely demographically secure, forever and ever, to the ends of time, amen.

The "movement" answer: those shown in the second video (the first one too!) are all just native S. Italians.

Monday, September 7, 2015

A Riposte to a Comment on My Recent Deluge Piece

Answering stupidity.

Comment: "You guys pretend debate your strategies in the internet**"


No, actual planning must not be done on open Internet forums which are actively read by opponents. That's the sort of ludicrous thing that the "movement" has done for the past 15 years.  This essay is just a public declaration of the problem, asking the question, with a very broad-based and highly generalized suggestion being made.

Details would need be discussed in private.  But no one need worry, there is really NO interest in the "movement" for any of this.   Let's instead discuss calipers and Kali Yuga, admixture components and "Aryans from Atlantis," Ostara-like "racial histories" and Asia-worshiping HBD.

Practical matters will be, of course, such things as "establishing all-White towns," to be discussed on completely public forums, with the most minute planning details revealed to any anonymous poster who purports to be a supporter.  And, no doubt, financial files and the like will be available to any person who has an email handle of "HitlerSSMan1488Aryanlonewolf" who is willing to travel to the middle of nowhere to build a chicken coop or lay the foundation for a "fuhrer bunker" in a gopher hole.

Hey, if it ain't broken, don't fix it.  Stay classy, "movement," stay classy.

Vox Day Against Mainstreaming Moderation

This can describe her majesty Marine for example, attacking her own father as well as Golden Dawn, while praising leftist Syriza.

As I have noted on several occasions, for reasons unbeknownst to me, moderates are always more focused on firing on their own side than on the enemy. They are also always more open to negotiation and dialogue with the enemy than with their own extremists.
This is one of the reasons why moderates never accomplish anything. Ideally, moderates would stay out of the way, let the extremists lead the charge, and then show up after the victory is won and handle the negotiations using the extremists as leverage.
"Do you want to surrender to me or do I stand aside and watch as my very good friend here follows through on his promise of no quarter?" Accepting surrender is the true and proper role of the moderate. Policing those engaged in positive action is not.

Hero's Welcome

The leucosa race: lower than omega.

What can one say?  A people are being invaded, they are being destroyed, they are being genocided, they are being genetically cuckolded in their own historic territories, and their response is to cheer, to embrace, to celebrate the hate-filled invaders, who strut through European streets with their chests puffed out, the winners celebrating their victory over the weak, delusional, parasitized losers.

On top of that, the greasy swarthoid alien Turks, long the enemy of Europe and the West, have the nerve to criticize Europe for not taking enough invaders (!), while the UN chastises Europe for not committing demographic-cultural suicide fast enough.

To say that the White race is objectively worthless is an understatement.  One needs to find new and more powerful ways of expressing the depths of utter inferiority, the most despicably disgusting weakness, that represents the dregs of humanity known as "the White race."

Note to European nationalists: it may be advisable to shut up in your criticism of America and Americans, and of American nationalists, given the pitiful displays occurring in your own continent.

Note to mainstreamers: when are you gong to admit that you are failing?

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Israel and the Migrant Invasion

The chosen ones choose a different path.

Speaking at the weekly cabinet meeting, Netanyahu also announced the start of construction of a fence along Israel's border with Jordan, according to his office.
"We will not allow Israel to be submerged by a wave of illegal migrants and terrorist activists," Netanyahu said.

It is, however, fine for Western nations to be so submerged, with Jews helping to promote the crisis. By the way, one can justifiably assert that the current crisis was in large part precipitated by the meddling of an America controlled by Jewish neoconservatives aimed at making the Middle East safe for Israel.

 "Israel is not indifferent to the human tragedy of Syrian and African refugees... but Israel is a small country -- very small -- without demographic or geographic depth. That is why we must control our borders."

Are European nations large?  Most European nations are overcrowded and the size of single American states. Do European nations have "demographic depth?"  They already have large minorities, and an aging native population with low birthrates.  Many Euroepan nations have smaller populations that do the countries that are the source of the invaders.

Opposition leader Isaac Herzog on Saturday said Israel should take in Syrian refugees, recalling the plight of Jews who sought refuge from past conflicts.

The leadership does not listen to him. Note that in Israel, the "right" is opposed to taking in migrants, while in Europe and the USA, the "right" is eager to be flooded and dispossed.

There is already hostility in Israel toward asylum-seekers from Africa and a concerted government effort to repatriate them.

Rights groups say thousands of African asylum seekers have been coerced into "voluntary" departures.

in Europe, the Western populations welcome the invaders, and no one is deported.

The start of construction of the 30-kilometre (19-mile) fence announced by Netanyahu involves extension of a security barrier to part of its eastern border with Jordan in a bid to keep out militants and illegal migrants.
Netanyahu said when it was approved in June that the new fence was a continuation of a 240-kilometre barrier built along the Egyptian border which "blocked the entry of illegal migrants into Israel and the various terrorist movements".

In its first stage, the new fence is being built along Israel's eastern border between Eilat and where a new airport will be built in the Timna Valley.
"We will continue the fence up to the Golan Heights," Netanyahu said.
Israel also has a fence that runs along the Syrian frontier through the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.
Those fences are in addition to a barrier that runs through the West Bank, which Israel began building during the second Palestinian intifada, or uprising, which lasted from 2000-2005.

But, we are told that fences "don't work" or are "too expensive" or are "contrary to civilized values" when the fences are for Europe and the USA.  Some of those opposing fences in Western nations are Jews.

Israel seized 1,200 square kilometres (460 square miles) of the Golan from Syria in the 1967 Six Day War and annexed it 14 years later, in a move never recognised by the international community.

The USA for some reason doesn't bomb Israel to make them give give land back.