Monday, November 30, 2015

Breaking News: Turkey Deal

Question: is Merkel the most destructive and evil individual in White history?

Breaking news is that the EU has brokered a deal with Turkey, in that Turkey will "help stem the flow of migrants" into Europe, in exchange for massive handouts, more visa access into Europe, and a fast-tracked admission to EU membership.

This is all Merkel's doing.

Putting aside for the moment that Turkey in the EU is worse than the current migrant invasion, how is Turkey going to "stem the migrant influx" - even if most are initially stopped by Turkey, won't they just find another way in? The ONLY SOLUTION is for THE EUROPEANS THEMSELVES to stop the influx AT THEIR OWN BORDERS, instead of being weak, flabby sissies who depend on Turks to do the job for them.

This is an unmitigated disaster. Merkel has to be - at least for the last 1,000 years - the absolute worst person, from a White perspective, in human history.

Just as the "movement" has an affirmative action program at the individual level, so does it have at an ethnic level. How's that all the working out so far?

Daniel S vs. Giacomo Vallone

Interesting exchange.

The key to the whole exchange is this from the webmaster (emphasis added):

DanielS, thank you for posting your comment. Giacomo, Slavic, SaraceN, James, Pavel, Josef, and Svetlana all have the exact same IP address. HMMM.


Asians are defined by their existential hatred of the West.  Fine, that's their nature, one cannot blame them.  One can blame those Westerners, those Europeans, those Whites who continue to support and enable devious Asiatics even after the facts are known.

Those White enablers need to ask: why this innate and urgent need to divide Europeans against one another?  Why the need to invent sockpuppets to "pile on" Daniel S with invented stories of inter-ethnic hostility. Cui bono?

The enablers should then ask why they continue supporting this. Being embarrassed and not wanting to admit to a mistake is an insufficient reason.

As an example of the viciously divisive and mendacious crap coming from that "exact same IP address" we see this:

Slavic OverlordWrong. healthy banter? ha! if you in fact did live in Poland (Im doubtful) my guess is Poles were too ashamed to tell you how much we hate Germans! Germans are worse than dogs! almost as bad as Jews! the fact you never heard this means you didn’t earn trust. WE DETEST GERMANS!

If that was an authentic expression of anti-German hostility from an actual Pole, it would be unfortunate, but who cares? - it is only one person. But that's not what it is. It is some ethnically ambiguous "pro-Western nationalist" from the UK impersonating a Pole in order to promote intra-European hostility and inflame German-Pole hatred.  It is juvenile stupidity with an anti-White agenda, from non-White sources which, for some reason which is not immediately obvious, are supported by genuine pro-White (and racially White) activists.

What the folks at TOO need to answer is - and this is not a rhetorical question - why do you support this?  If you do not support it, then you need to openly state it. Silence in the face of this is de facto evidence that you do in fact support it.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Switch-Hitter?

Varied tastes and preferences.

After frothing at the mouth over Chicken-Wire Vik, now about Marine Le Pen.

To be fair, there's a bit of criticism there of the lady Marine, more so than ever has been put forth about "I wish I could take a refugee family into my own home" Orban.

Does the switch-hitter prefer one side over the other?

Daily Stormer Comment

Some plain speaking:

Sven, that is weak. Sen is a blatant agitator. Listening to that section from 18-20mins is stomach churning. He's OBVIOUSLY pushing the anti-White narrative that race doesn't really matter that much because non-Whites can breed with Whites and still create White looking kids. And get this, they EVEN have blue eyes too! Well, that's me sold, screw recessive genetics and all that! It's like a F**king Daily Mail story! Sen, even has the gall to claim his kids are some of the most Aryan looking he has seen and all that just 1 minute after admitting his Grand Father was an Indian and that he himself has Indian blood too. Then he has a swipe at pure White men by more or less saying they are cucked and that he is more of a man than they are. His argument is that he puts his face out there. Okay. question for Sen, where are you getting your money from? You say you're putting your face out there but how do you support your family? How do you afford to do this Jack? How do you support your family with you being this brave savor of the White race? The reason other British men can't do this is because they'll loose their job. So tell us all how you do it so we can uncuck ourselves and not have to rely on an Indian man to sort out our mess! Sorry i am not dropping this one because i see through this cock and bull story and anyone supporting him is either deluded or not to be trusted either.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Guess Who Is Facilitating the Invasion of Europe

History repeats itself, endlessly.

But, to HBD, these are "high-IQ" demigods. HBD not only grovels (in a "measured" fashion, of course) to the Altar of Asia, but also grovels to the Altar of the Yarmulke.

HBD is another way of saying anti-White.

Tom Rogers on Jack Sen

Another view.

An individual calling himself "Tom Rogers" makes the following comment at The Occidental Observer:
Jack Sen is not white, so while I have no objection to his involvement in Nationalism, and would welcome his support generally, and also wish him well in his other endeavours, I cannot and will not support British Renaissance as long as he is leader or holds any prominent position. 
I will not accept non-whites in leadership roles in the pro-white movement. To do so is inconsistent, insincere, manipulative and hypocritical – and that is the charge I lay against those who support Jack Sen in this project, including the author of this article, who fails to make clear his connection to this new organisation, in that he holds the status of Patron.
Mr. Rogers would I think be even more adamant about this, and less charitable to Sen, if he were to peruse the material here.

But, even without that information, Mr. Rogers' instincts are sound.

Hermann Goering, 1923

Plain speaking.

In Hitler: The Path to Power, we read this from Goering (1923):

The most vigorous forms of terror must be employed; anyone who creates the slightest obstruction must be shot.  It is essential that the leaders decide now which individuals must be eliminated. As soon as the decree is issued at least one person must be shot immediately as an example.

A few years earlier, a Major Schulz unburdened himself thus, during the right-wing takeover of Munich after the brief Marxist regime there:

It is a lot better to kill a few innocent people than to let one guilty person escape....

All this is being presented in the interest of historical study only.  As a pacifist blog, EGI Notes in no way suggests that a future White ethnostate should follow such precepts; indeed, such would be denounced most vigorously!

Hitler Quote: Fascist Dictatorship in Germany

From the very mouth of Saint Adolf.

From Flood's Hitler: The Path to Power, a Hitler quote from 1923:
Germany's hope lies in a Fascist dictatorship, and she is going to get it...

Adolf's talking about himself and the NSDAP here. Contra to the idiots who believe there is no connection between national socialism and fascism, even the Sainted One himself understood that national socialism was a variant of the broader "fascist species."

Is Anti-White Discrimination Possible?

An example.

I have been reading some Negroes mocking White Americans for believing that anti-White discrimination is a serious problem. The Negroes scoff: "Nonsense!  Look at how well Whites are doing compared to Backs. They have more net worth, longer life spans, greater college attendance, etc. Those damn Whiteys just want to return to the 1950s, and oppress we beautiful people of color..."

The problem with that is the assumption that the races are equal in ability, and that differences in outcome that favor Whites must be due to a lack of discrimination against Whites, or even "White Privilege."

An example.  Imagine two populations, X and Y, sharing the same polity. X is an intelligent, disciplined, and productive race. Y is a stupid, useless, and violent race. In the absence of any outside influences, we can model a situation in which the per capita net worth of X will be, say, five times that of Y, with fifteen years longer lifespan, and 100% greater rate of college attendance.

Then assume the polity adopts an extensive and vicious program of anti-X discrimination, favoring Y in every manner. After decades of this, X now has only two times more per capita net worth, the lifespan difference is only five years in X's favor, and the rate of college attendance for X is 25% greater than that for Y.

Is X still better off - based on these metrics - than Y?   Yes. Is X still being viciously discriminated against?  Also, yes. Does X have a legitimate reason to complain about, and oppose, that discrimination?  Yes, most definitely.  If members of Y make comments that X faces no discrimination due to the smaller advantages still enjoyed by X as a result of X's own innate abilities, does that demonstrate the intellectual inferiority of Y?  Yes, it does. 

We live in an age of Black Privilege.

Thank you.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Bullied Into Submission

White male pansies.

According to the gamesters, your response should be:

damn, i’m torn. do i want a thriving society or easier access to sex? yeeeeah… i’ll take the latter and leave the self-sacrifice required of the former for the anti-poolside chumps

According to real men, the proper response is: SMASH THE SYSTEM.

Baby steps first: democratic multiculturalism.  First, weaken and undermine the system, be the termites eating away at the foundation, be the moles burrowing deep inside, be the biting pests always tormenting and then flying away.

Once suitably weakened, all the rotten edifice needs is a strong enough push, and it all comes crumbling down.

Another Divisive Non-White

More filth.

Excuse me, we do not need non-Whites such as Vox Day or Jack Sen lecturing us on our identities, how we perceive ourselves, and how we should interact with each other.

I cannot critique such malicious, self-righteous, and ethnically self-interested nonsense strongly enough.

Lunatic Raging With Frenzy

As Nietzsche would say: you need some chaos within you if you want to be a dancing star.

In Flood’s book, Hitler: The Path to Power, there is an amusing quote from a Professor von Muller, describing the reaction of 54-year old Dietrich Eckart to a speech by Hitler in the early 1920s:

After one of Hitler’s orgiastic cascades he jumped onto the table with a fiery red face screaming his song “Deutschland Erwache!” frantically…while a brass band performed the music roaringly: it was the picture of a lunatic raging with frenzy.”

I wholeheartedly approve of Eckart’s reaction.  What we need are more White men acting like a “lunatic raging with frenzy” and fewer of them being passionless, over-rational, effete pansies.

Now, my critics will accuse me of hypocrisy, not understanding my point.  They will say, “Hey, you routinely criticize ‘Nutzis’ and other ‘movement’ extremists and their reckless actions and stupid atomized violence, and now you are promoting ‘lunacy’ and ‘raging with frenzy.”

My response is that you cannot conflate Eckart’s reaction with some Nutzi or neckbeard doing something foolish.  After all, when Eckart was finished singing like a lunatic, what did he do?  Did he shoot up a beer hall?  No – he used whatever abilities and influence he had to support Hitler politically (up until their falling out, but that’s an irrelevant matter). 

One can be a “lunatic raging with frenzy” while, at the same, time being disciplined and focused, and channeling all that “raging frenzy” into political activism, like Eckart did.  The approval of “lunatic raging frenzy” is an approval of an attitude, not promotion of any specific activity.

It is a call to White men to sometimes heed the call of the blood, to follow irrational impulses to achieve rational goals, to unleash chaos in the service of ultimate order.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

In the News, 11/26/15

Some items.

A senior German police official says some of the migrants reaching Europe are Islamic State radicals planning terrorist attacks…The Austria Press Agency cited German federal police chief Hans-Georg Maasen as saying that some who blend in with the migrants fought with IS and are planning a "combat mission" once they arrive in Europe.

I'm right once again, and the leftists wrong, wrong, wrong. And then we read:

Scores of migrants stranded at Greece's northern border have clashed with police while trying to force their way into Macedonia.

The migrants from Iran, Morocco, Pakistan and several other countries...

Hey! I thought they were all poor, persecuted "refugees from Syria?"

2. The purple-lipped, jug-eared mulatto currently living in the White House today compared Syrian refugees with the Pilgrims, and that today we celebrate those people (the Pilgrims) fleeing persecution, and those people (the Native Americans) who helped them. Perhaps the teleprompter-reading idiot would like to re-think that comparison? How did all of that end up for the Native Americans, hmmmm?

3. The System is really getting hysterical over Throwback Trump. Of course, it doesn't help that Der Trumpening is a childish obnoxious buffoon.

Pathetic Durocher, 11/16/15

Perhaps he can move to Budapest and become Orban's butler?

You will have to forgive me if I risk turning The Occidental Observer into the Orbán News Network…

I don't know what is more laughable: Durocher's feminine man-crush on Orban or Roissy's homoerotic fixation on Trump.

And then we have a full paragraph of rambling suppositions trying to justify Orban's  ("the Prince*") despicably leftist cancelling of the NPI conference and deportation of Spencer:

I have no particular insight as to why the Orbán government – and it was certainly a ministerial-level decision – deported Richard Spencer for attempting to organize a pro-European conference in Budapest in October 2014. I continue to think that it is most likely that “the Prince” Orbán decided he would rather see the conference shut down than risk his regime losing political capital by association with marginal (to him) “American racists and Russian imperialists.” Admittedly, given all the things Orbán has done and been attacked for by Western elites over the years, this seems a very petty, even irrationally niggardly calculation. Given that Zsolt Bayer, Orbán’s close friend and co-founder of his political party, has explicitly defended White racial interests in the context of the migration crisis, one is tempted to think that if Orbán shut down a conference out of fear with association with White Nationalists, it may well because, as the media insinuates, he is in fact “guilty” of harboring similar ideas . . .

*Like Cinderella, Durocher will leave his shoe behind, ensnared in part of Vik's chicken-wire fence, and Prince Orban will go breathlessly searching for the right fit. 

The Only Reason to Consider Possibly Voting for Trump

The one and only reason.

Trump may be a fraud.  Even if he is not, he is not "one of us." Any WN who wastes time, energy, and money actively supporting Trump's candidacy is an idiot.

But there is a reason, one reason, the only reason, to consider making the trip to the polls to vote for Der Touchback if he's on a ballot (primaries, if you are a registered idiot [i.e., Republican], or in the general election if Trump is on the ballot as a Republican or an Independent).

It is not because "he'll do something about immigration."  It's not because you should have some Roissy-like heavy breathing sexualized fetish for "Der Trumpening."  It's not because an obnoxious, mercurial buffoon would make a good President.

No, it is this: whatever Trump really is, the public perception of him is that he is a pro-White, anti-immigration "fascist" right-wing populist.  Assuming that perception holds - and that "alpha male Trump" doesn't start groveling and moving to the Left out of desperation - then Trumps's success has certain advantages.

Assuming the public perception of Trump as a combination of Pat Buchanan and Huey Long, with a dash of David Duke thrown in, holds, then significant support for Trump will greatly increase racial and cultural balkanization in America, it will "throw a monkey wrench" into the smooth running of the multicultural regime, it will undermine public confidence that "we all can get along," it will enrage Coloreds and their White enablers, it will increase the animus between the GOP Establishment and the White grass-roots: in a word, it will cause chaos, Chaos, CHAOS, CHAOS, CHAOS.

If people really believe Trump is what he really is not, and if they believe a significant portion of Whites support that straw man image of Trump, then the System is weakened and undermined.

And for that, if for nothing else, a vote for Trump is useful (again assuming he doesn't start backtracking publicly, which would invalidate this whole thesis).

Whining Whites

No one to blame but themselves.

Well, that's real tough and all, and I feel the same way. But who is to blame?  Who voted in all the politicians who opened the borders and pandered to coloreds?  Who refused to vote for Pat Buchanan - a moderate mainstream Republican who nevertheless was and is sound on immigration and national identity - and instead cheered "Civil Rights Republican" Dole when stiff-arm Bob invited all 'dem dere bigots and haters to leave the convention hall?  Who continued to support Ronnie Raygun after the 1980s amnesty?  Who laughed off Duke's Presidential candidacy? Who supported John McAmnesty and "strap the dog to the roof of the car" liberal Republican Romney?  Whose votes can be taken for granted, an automatic given, by the White-hating GOP Establishment?  Who, even now, is afraid that "Touchback Trump" is a "fascist" and that we must have Jeb or Marco instead?

Hey, Whitey!  Feel alienated?  Blame yourself.

The Importance of Identity

Who to you identify with?

The great deeds of our ancestors, he writes, affect us because they are seen as our own deeds. The history of other peoples can affect us to a degree, but not nearly as powerfully as that of our own, because with their heroes we lack a comparable identification. The value of identification with the heroes of national history is that ‘grasping the Fatherland as a whole warns us to be true to its virtues’. ‘In the enchanted pictures of national history’, Fritz concludes, ‘we become clear as to which destiny our people must fulfill, what the task is that is given to it’.

Julian Young, Friedrich Nietzsche. Cambridge University Press.

That was the (at least, early) opinion of Nietzsche, and it is a correct one.

Christianity, on the other hand, will have us "all equal before God."

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sen's Enablers

Treason never prospers.

If one is charitable, one can say that the support for Sen in the "movement" is due to ignorance: some folks just didn't know Sen's full range of opinions, were not aware of the good and great Giacomo Vallone, just didn't know that Sen is an anti-WN "culturalist."

If so, then that of course doesn't reflect well on those supporters, who failed to do due diligence in studying Sen and his beliefs before endorsing him.  That failure is compounded by the fact that Sen hasn't been shy about his views, openly declaring opposition to White nationalism in various forums, promoting civic nationalist culturalism, and, of course, openly admitting his non-White ancestry.

Well, the ignorance is over; the facts are known. To still support Sen is nothing less than race treason.

Some Dumb Quotes From Sen, 11/25/15

It's time again to focus on Jack Sen, which will be an ongoing area of interest for this blog.
Some idiotic quotes with my comments:
This is probably the reason why I joined UKIP in the first place. UKIP’s positon on immigration is that ALL forms of mass immigration are wrong. Whether it’s from White or non-White nations, due to the impact it would have on Britain’s unique culture. As a British culturalist, I want to see Britain’s indigenous culture protected at all costs.
Of course he is a "culturalist" - he's not an ethnic Briton. Who is he to be lecturing anyone on who belongs or does not belong in the UK?
And this is where my opinions vary to a great degree from many self-described White Nationalists. I believe that whether mass immigration originates in Africa or Eastern Europe, it’s detrimental to British society. For me this is more about preserving indigenous people and culture, that happen to be White.
Note how this duplicitous Desi puts up a straw man of "White nationalism" to knock down. Hey, Gunga, it's not up to you to speak for White nationalists. Who among so-called White nationalists believes that the UK should be flooded with Eastern Europeans, or any other non-Britons for that matter? This is some sort of weird reflexive animus among some Anglosphere nationalists (and fraud-nationalists like Sen), this invented belief that "White nationalism" or "pan-Europeanism" asserts that all Europeans are completely fungible and that national identities are unimportant. That's an outright lie, and the fact that one may find one or a few exceptions (not "many") does nothing but prove the rule: WNs are in general indeed respectful of national identities, particularly in our European homelands, and do NOT believe that all Whites are identical. But...guess what?  If Eastern Europeans don't belong in the UK, South Asians and those with South Asian ancestry DO NOT BELONG THERE EITHER.  Yes, Poles should leave the UK. After Sen does.
People might not want to hear this...
What people? Kemp?
...but many South African Whites themselves have African ancestry and, by way of the one drop rule, have as much right to be in Africa as any full Black person. The fact that they present or self-identify as White doesn’t mean they aren’t African culturally or ethnically. 
That is the most silly, genetically ignorant and identity-obtuse stupidity imaginable.  So, if White South Africans are "African culturally or ethnically" then what does that make Sen? The Ganges beckons.
One need only spend a few moments in South Africa to know that racial lines are blurred. 
Blurred like in the "British Renaissance" "movement?"
Under Apartheid, families were often divided, with siblings from the same household attending different schools because of how mixed society in fact is.
That's due to a moronic phenotype-based view of race, instead of a kinship-based one. Of course (see below), Sen himself endorses the phenotype view (which by the way openly contradicts what he said above about White South Africans).
White nationalists...

Patel seems to be speaking for White nationalists again. But he says he is not a White nationalist. How about letting them speak for themselves, curry-muncher?

...seem to look at the White South African as some sort of pure White coloniser, when in fact many Afrikaners can trace their ancestry back to original settlers and their Malay, Indian and sometimes even Black lovers.

The Sen family would know all about this, no doubt.

If it suits the narrative for a mixed person to be Black, he will be. If it suits them to be White, he will be. I merely think of Barack Obama.

What an idiot.  Can Obama pass for White?  But, wait it gets better:

I think encouraging predominantly White people who present as White to identify as white and fight for European and White causes is a sensible course of action.

So, doesn't Obama "present" as Black?  And if phenotype is all important, why agonize over "drops" in White South Africans?  Aren't they "predominantly White people who present as White?"  And why talk about "European and White causes" when you openly reject White nationalism and identify as a British "culturalist?"

That this guy contradicts himself in the same interview doesn't bode well for his sincerity, does it?  Or maybe half the time it is "Jack Sen" talking and the other half it is "Giacomo Vallone?"

Ganging Up On Trump

"Der Trumpening" should run as an independent if he doesn't get the Republican nomination.

Let us for a moment ignore the possibility that Trump is a fraud, and take at face value the public perception of Trump as a pro-White, anti-immigration, right-wing populist.  What does it say that the GOP Establishment is so hysterically hell-bent on destroying Trump's candidacy?

Doesn't the poor deluded White man yet understand that the GOP Establishment hates its own base? Can't they figure out that if Trump is "beyond the pale," then the plurality of Republican voters who support Trump are also contemptuously dismissed by the GOP as "beyond the pale?"  But, and here's the rub, they still want their votes.  They know they cannot win without the "racist vote," but they take the attitude that this vote is a "given," it is locked in and "automatic," and "they have no where else to go."

Hence the absolute contempt: they know they can spit in the face of the White voter, over and over again, but that voter will still pick the candidate with the "R" next to their name.

Note to White man: just stop it. If you want to vote for Trump - even if he is a fraud - to "stick it" to the Establishment and to increase racial balkanization and chaos in America, go right ahead. There are sound strategic reasons to vote for Trump (but not to waste time, money, and energy otherwise supporting him).  But DO NOT vote for anyone else. 

What? The GOP Establishment sabotages Trump's candidacy?  Just walk away from them. If Trump runs as an independent, vote for him; otherwise, on Election Day, just sit at home. Let all the "people of color," all the "Latino natural conservatives," vote for the "R."  You are under no obligation to do so; in fact, you are under a racial obligation not to do so.

Against Free Speech

More White worthlessness.

Let's see. Younger more dumb than older; women more dumb than men; non-Whites acting in their racial self-interest, while objectively inferior Whites do not.  All consistent with the paradigm of White inferiority and worthlessness, the callowness of youth, and feminine stupidity.

Then we have the weaklings of Europe, with the krauts and wops being at the bottom (feeling guilty about WWII?). And Poland and Spain are right down there with respect to self-abnegating cowardice.

In any case, we need to understand that a significant portion of the White race is irredeemable.  They cannot be helped. Unfortunately, in their numbers, swarming like lemmings, they take down the healthy minority of Whites with them.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Against Jack Sen

Disappointing article by Joyce.

The scum Sen has written:
In fact, Pan-Nationalist movements calling for an international & cross cultural alliance along racial lines – often times espoused by the lowest elements of our community – are more akin to the communist expectation of the worldwide worker revolt the genocidal Bolsheviks had in mind, than either Nationalism or fascism – elitist ideologies that put one's nation first.  
White-Nationalists, typically rootless beta males hailing from outside of Western Europe, ask that we forget about our individual ethnic, linguistic and cultural borders in favour of an illogical alliance that transcends borders, language and culture.

Surprise - a mendacious South Asian hybrid who is hostile to White nationalism, opposes Whites of different nations working together, promotes division, expresses contempt for nationalists from "outside of Western Europe" (that "fightin' area" that is currently creaming in its pants in raptured joy at the thought of taking in more immigrants and "refugees"), equates White nationalists with "genocidal Bolsheviks" get the picture.

How about this as genocide - racial admixture, exemplified by Jack Sen.

How about this as an "illogical alliance" - allying with "Western European" "ethnic nationalist" groups that have non-White leadership.

How about this for rootlessness - Britons represented by someone who could be the equivalent of Razib's grandson.

How about this for "lowest elements" - the likes of Sen.

How about this for "our community" - indigenous Europeans, including those "outside Western Europe," but excluding folks who mix the Ganges with the Thames.

How about this for "beta males" - letting yourself be cuckolded in the nationalism of your own ethny by devious racially alien "leadership."

How about pointing out the mendacity of "transcends borders, language, and culture" spewed forth by an alien who himself transcends race and ethnicity.

The "movement" is really pathetic. What's next? Razib, Jayman, Derbyshire, and Bobby Jindal as the new leaders of a Western nationalist rebirth?

Also note the use of a wop name, Giacomo Vallone ("half S. Italian-half English"), as the anti-WN, White-hating sockpuppet. So, when WNs get infuriated at the Desi flim-flam, their immediate reaction will be: "who the hell is this dumb dago lecturing us about race?" That serves multiple purposes, dividing Europeans against each other, disrupting White nationalism, "proving" that "pan-nationalism" is "illogical," and, of course, hiding the brown hands of South Asia pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

It's Another Example of White Crime!


This picture has been making the racialist rounds (last seen at Amren comments threads), and it begs the question: how many alleged "White" criminals in the USA are actually European-Americans?

Monday, November 23, 2015

Bring More of Them In

My prediction about the Paris attacks will come true.

Instead of ridiculing Derbyshire as usual, I'll just link to his post, which reveals what we all know to be true: after every Muslim terrorist attack in the West, the reaction of the West has been to increase Muslim immigration. In the long run, count on that happening after Paris as well.

The White race: the most pathetic, weak, useless, flabby, inferior, tragicomic, contemptible, disgusting, maladaptive, and unfit form of life in the multiverse. The White race: an embarrassment. The White race: a bad joke in the annals of biological fitness.

Did Your Ever Notice: Media "Debate"

Debate, or the lack thereof?

Did you ever notice:

That news shows (the PBS NewsHour is the undisputed master of this), whenever they have a "debate" or "discussion" on any topic touching on race, immigration, multiculturalism, culture, hate speech, free speech, etc., NEVER include any viewpoints further to the right of Jeb Bush?

In fact, they often have "debates" between people who are in basic agreement on the fundamentals of an issue, always of course promoting a left-of-center anti-White viewpoint.

So, for example, if there was a discussion on immigration to the USA, they would include the following three debaters:

1. Someone who favors more legal immigration and wants to give a full amnesty to illegals, including citizenship.

2. Someone who favors more legal immigration and wants to give a partial amnesty to illegals, including permanent residency but not citizenship.

3. Someone who favors more legal immigration and is not sure about amnesty, but who wants to make illegal immigration irrelevant by a total open borders policy.

How about changing American demographics and an impeding White minority?

A classic debate between someone who thinks White minority status would be a great thing and that it will cause no problems vs. someone who thinks White minority status would be a great thing but there will be a problem with White racism and a White backlash.

Race relations in America?

A Black who blames everything on White racism and that Whites should be exterminated vs. a White who blames everything on White racism but all we need are more hate speech laws (White extermination optional).

Anti-Semitism in America?

A debate between the ADL, the SPLC, and the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Moving Toward the Core

What is the Christian core?

Christian apologists often make the argument that the weak, pathetic, deracinated, ethnomasochistic Christianity of today is an aberration, and they point to the role played by a more virile Christianity in centuries past as a defender of the West. We must all work together to return the faith toward that ideal, they argue, although one must question why they, as believers, cannot do that themselves, and why they insist that non-believers have to join in to save a religion they do not believe in (and often oppose).

Very well. But one must ask the question: which version of Christianity is truly the aberration?  The “surrender the West to the colored hordes” Camp of the Saints Christianity of today, or the muscular "defend the West" Christianity of the past?  In what direction is it easier for Christianity to move?  What is its default pathway?  What are the core beliefs of Christianity?  Is the pathetic Christianity of today moving toward or away from that core?

The core of that religion, as preached by its founder (or founders, depending on your viewpoint), was of that of extreme egalitarianism.  We are all one before God, “nether Greek nor Jew.”  Further, “the meek shall inherit the Earth,” and one must “love thy neighbor” and “turn the other cheek.”  Also – “judge not, lest ye be judged”…one can continue in this direction.  Nietzsche considered Christianity to be at its heart a slave religion, a religion of ressentiment, a revolt against one’s betters. Some have made parallels between original Christianity and Marxism; indeed, there is a reason why “liberation theology” fits so seamlessly into Christian teachings. This is the core of Christianity.

At the time this religion started to spread northwards in Europe, the Germanic peoples of that time were a strong, virile, healthy race, and their acceptance of Christianity was predicated upon its Germanification into more of a robust and muscular warrior religion (indeed, it was often imposed by the sword).  And so, this Germanized (“Aryanized”) Christianity served as a glue, holding the West together, particularly when threatened by non-Christian peoples from the South and East.

So, it was that Germanic virile Christianity that was the aberration, removed from the original “good tidings.”  Today, all Europeans, including and especially the Germanics, are effete pansies, and there is no longer any brake, any force, any incentive, to prevent Christianity from sliding back toward its egalitarian core of beliefs.  Therefore, the weak, self-hating, and self-destructive Christianity of today is indeed the true Christianity, moving toward the original core of belief. The traditionalists have it all backwards. The “modern” Christianity they hate is actually the true and authentic faith, and the warrior Christianity of the past was the inauthentic aberration. Forcing Christianity to return to the warrior ways is going against the tide, going against its core beliefs, a distortion of Christian realities. It would be a monumental waste of time and effort, for even if successful, it would do nothing but recreate the same artificial and unstable faux-Christianity always poised to return to its Bolshevist core whenever the tight control of religious doctrine is relaxed.

And the same holds for other reactionary, delusional fetishes. Those who want to return to the “American constitutional republic” fail to realize that a form of government based on the (Christian) premise “all men are created equal” contains within it the seeds of self-destruction: universal suffrage, aracial citizenship, and exaltation of civic virtues over ultimate interests. Again we ask: are we moving toward the core or away from it?  The degenerate America of today is moving toward the core of beliefs the nation was founded on, a core that may have been acceptable given the continuation of a homogeneous founding stock populating the nation, but which is now unacceptable given an extremely heterogeneous population all demanding their “rights” without any accompanying responsibilities

If we know the kind of society we want, we should promote memes whose core beliefs are consistent with that ideal society, so that the default movement of those memes will always be in the direction of the core beliefs we value.  It is stupid and useless to promote memes based on core beliefs incompatible with our ideal society, memes that would always need to be carefully monitored and controlled lest any relaxation of constant surveillance allows those memes to slip back toward their core and thus threaten social viability. Christianity, constitutional republics – there are all the dreams of the past, indulgences of a racial childhood. As adults, we need to face facts and separate the memetic wheat from the chaff.

Christian Filth

Behold a REAL enemy.

Read here.  In a rare spasm of good sense, much of the American people and some politicians oppose the "refugee" invasion. But, dem dere Christians know better!
About 70 percent of all refugees admitted to the U.S. are resettled by faith groups, according to the U.S. State Department office for refugees. The bulk of the work is done by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services. World Relief, the humanitarian arm of the National Association of Evangelicals, and Church World Service, representing Protestant and Orthodox groups, are each responsible for about 10 percent. The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and Episcopal Migrant Ministries also handle several thousand cases.

Most resettled by Christian groups. Only a few by Jews.  But, but, but...the "Evangelical" leadership is better, right?  No:
The Rev. Russell Moore, head of the public policy agency for the conservative Southern Baptist Convention, the country's largest Protestant group, said screening is crucial and "we should insist on it," but he said evangelicals should not "demagogue the issue as many politicians are doing right now."  
"Evangelicals should be the ones calling the rest of the world to remember human dignity and the image of God, especially for those fleeing murderous Islamic radical jihadis," Moore said.

But, no doubt, the "Orthodox" "traditionalists" are better, right?  No:
The Orthodox Union said "we encourage a sensible process of reviewing and enhancing security," with the goal of "getting to yes" on admitting asylum seekers. But the group said, "Neither partisan politics nor xenophobia can have a place in that debate."

Christianity is the enemy. Supporters of Christianity are the enemy. Christianity must be eliminated, root and branch, from the West. Crush the infamy!  Crush it!

Now, as a peaceful and pacifist blog. EGI Notes of course does not advocate a future White ethnostate Imperium to blow up the churches, put all the priests and reverends in work camps, and hang the Pope. No, never! This blog abhors, rejects, and eschews any hint of such actions whatsoever! Indeed, if an outraged White race were ever to do such things, I would shake my head sadly. Let there be no doubt about that!

Youtube Video: Prophet of National Socialism

An amusing and cheerful musical video on Nietzsche.

Better than Christianity, to be sure.

Why There Will Never Be Peace In the "Movement" Over the Christianity Issue

I guess I'm "nothing" then (my critics would approve, no doubt).

White people are nothing without Christianity,

This is the reason there will never be peace in the "movement" over the religion issue. The Christians are always the aggressors - not "some of the time," not "most of the time, " but ALL of the time.

Christianity trumps race for them. They ignore the fact that someone can be dedicated to the West and its heritage without being a believing Christian, they are completely intolerant, they conflate "being White" with "being Christian" (as in the quote above).

I must criticize such obnoxious and self-righteous nonsense in the strongest terms possible.

I therefore return the favor: only a person who is NOT a believing Christian can be an effective fighter for race and civilization. The Christians have divided loyalties and can never be fully trusted.

Academic Free Speech Killed by Diversity

It's getting so bad, even the Huffington Post writes about it.

If there is a common denominator to the complaints, it is students' expectation that they are entitled to a campus that is a "safe place" -- by which is meant an academic environment uncontaminated with ideas that they find "offensive." And by "offensive," students mean expression that deviates from a politically correct orthodoxy of received opinion. By this standard, any criticism, any dissent or disagreement, is not merely unwelcome, but actually threatening and harmful in a way that demands immediate protective measures by college administrators. This is a new and disturbing phenomenon. While the current generation of college students is not the first to be seduced by the power of censorship, it may be the first to insist on that power as a means of protection from viewpoints that are insufficiently sensitive to their self-image as victims. When did college students become so fearful of competing ideas? When did they become so emotionally frail that even the hint of criticism is seen as a hostile act from which they must be shielded (and for which perpetrators must be re-educated)?

The basic foundation here is White cowardice and White uselessness. Whites get cowed by affirmative action minorities most likely on race-based scholarships.  Student goes on a hunger strike?  Let them starve to death. Football team doesn't want to play?  Hey, Whitey, stop jock sniffing the Negro athlete.  White students cry when a professor criticizes affirmative action?  Laugh at them. Students get rowdy and suppress the freedoms of others? Expel them. Stop being prancing pansies, White Men.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Asiatic Traitor Released From Prison

Middle-Eastern invader of America.

Become nauseated here.

Stupid Lazy Sailer

Breezy as usual.

The affluent anti-Communist Cubans who took over Miami a half-century ago are of course highly white in ancestry.

"Of course"  After all, just look, look, look at Cruz and Rubio!  That's all the evidence you need!

More serious, and less lazy, people would actually check the data, including this study of Hispanics living in the USA, a study that includes Cuban-Americans.

The data are summarized in this table.  Now, Sailer may quibble whether the sample represents "the affluent anti-Communist Cubans who took over Miami a half-century ago," but based on the data we have, it doesn't seem like Cuban-Americans are that different from those in Cuba.

As far as Puerto Ricans living in the mainland USA, as opposed to those in Puerto Rico, the data in that study, and others, suggest they are a bit "less White," consistent with other data accumulated by Shriver and colleagues some time ago.

But don't let dem dere facts get in the way of a classic HBD story, based as it is on cherry picked data, personal opinions, and "look at these pictures of a couple of celebrities."  For shame, Breezy, leaving out the half-Cuban Cameron Diaz (*)!

*Breezy the liar doesn't tell you that Ted Cruz is only half-Cuban as well.