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Costello: Not "Who We Are"

Lindsey Graham - Ja!  Joe Costello - Nein!

Strom discusses the early days of ADV and who was against the show, and who gave the show a forum to exist (emphasis added):

And we made some powerful enemies. To keep us off 50,000-Watt shortwave station  WRNO, organized Jewish groups boycotted the station and withdrew their advertising from it and its FM sister station — but Joe Costello, the station’s owner, believed in free speech and kept us on the air even though it cost him a huge amount of money. Then they “outed” Joe Costello as a so-called “racist,” and published in their newspapers that he had given money to — horror of horrors — David Duke’s political campaigns, trying in yet another way to ruin him financially. But Joe Costello would not bow down. American Dissident Voices stayed on WRNO — for many years.

Survivors include his mother, Josephine Cortese Costello, and three brothers,
Martin Joseph, Donald Mario and Michael Angelo Costello.

His father, Joseph Costello Sr., emigrated with his family from Italy in 1882…

Dat dere no good Negroid swarthoid Mafiosi!  Instead let’s focus on good, hearty, real HuWhite men of the West, such as the high-IQ Jews who tried to force the show off the air, and those real White men like Lindsey Graham and John McCain.  That’s the ticket!  Der Movement knows real racial quality when it sees it!  Who We Are, indeed!

Random Observations, 12/31/16

Four items.

I encourage the reader to listen to Europa Terra Nostra podcasts.  One thing that struck me while listening to their latest is how different serious European nationalists are from their LARPing American counterparts.  While the Americans bloviate about Kali Yuga, sub-fractional admixture percentages and varied misinterpretations of population genetics and ancestry testing, gnostic esotericism, the cephalic index of Julius Caesar, pussy-pedestalizing “game,” Hitler worship, juvenile trolling, self-interesting happy penguin money-grubbing, moronic feuding with baked alaskas, and other stupidities, the Europeans are engaged in thoughtful political organizing, pan-European cooperation, how current events affect the nationalist cause, and implementing real-world conferences that out-do their American counterparts in seriousness and accomplishment by an order of magnitude. Granted, the Europeans could talk more about long-term objectives (if such is not illegal due to EU “hate laws”) and they need to incorporate into their worldview Salter’s ethnic genetic interests concept (which is serious real-world biopolitics based on kinship, not the EGI talisman of Der Movement); but still, even with those deficiencies, what a world of difference between folks who want to get things done (ETN and APF) and folks who are play-acting (Der Movement).

Next, for new readers, something I have discussed before – my opposition to comments sections on blogs.  Unmoderated comments descend into the sewer, they are full of stupid trolling, typical “movement” obsessions, feuding and flamewars, a form of Gresham’s Law in which the bad comments and commentators drive out the good ones (look at Majority Rights, for example). Moderated comments seem to be better (although that depends on the site owner) but there’s a problem there as well, beyond that of the time and effort wasted doing the moderating. Moderated comments leave the site owner open to suspicions of intellectual dishonesty.  As an example, assume that two commentators, Jim and Mark, are engaged in a debate in a comments thread.  Jim espouses a view favored by the site owner; perhaps Jim is the site owner.  Mark, on the other hand, puts forth an opposing viewpoint. After some back-and-forth, Mark makes a devastating refutation of Jim’s position, effectively disproving the validity of the Jim/site owner viewpoint.  Except that Mark’s comment never makes it online, the site owner censors it through moderation, leaving Jim and Jim’s position to have the last word. Such things can happen (and have happened).  If Mark is serious about his position, he should express his views on his own blog.  Indeed, if someone has many valuable comments to make on someone else’s blog, that material would be better suited as the foundation for their own blog.  In a “movement” with such rigid memetic conformity as Der Movement, the more intellectual diversity, the better.  More blogs expressing more viewpoints is better than an unmoderated sewer, or a moderated censored “discussion” skewed in the direction of the site owner’s preferences and viewpoints.  Create more groupuscules!  Ted Sallis is a groupuscule of one, in opposition to Der Movement; you, dear reader, may be so included to create your own little memetic nexus of self-expression. Blog rather than comment.

Here we see one of the several Asian females who pry their way into pro-White activism taking advantage of the latent (and in some cases, not so latent, eh?) yellow fever extant there:

Chinese Nationalist Maiden

December 30, 2016 - 8:46 am | Permalink

By traditional Chinese standards, anyone who does not respect social relations (mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, ruler) is evil. Clearly the Jews are not respecting Specter’s family relations here, and undoubtedly assume the role of moral villains. Chinese don not respect people who are like this, and Whites should not either lest they be taken advantage of.

Traditional Chinese standards = rigid social conformity.  Sorry, Whites are different, and do not need Chinatrics (or Japotrices for that matter) pontificating to us.  Who is “Specter” by the way?  Can you even get Rich’s surname right?  And, yes, Whites shouldn’t be taken advantage of, including by Asiatrices peddling, in one form or another, Silk Road White nationalism. I’m not surprised though that this creature finds a congenial home at TOO. To HBDers, China is The Land of the Gods, after all.  Although I doubt any of these pontificating Asiatrices actually live in their ethnoracial homelands. Isn’t ruining White EGI by their presence an example of Asians taking advantage of Whites?

So, here we see two more candidates for leadership positions in Captain Chaos’ upper Midwest ethnostate of Cuckmerica.  In addition to Romney as dictator, Lindsey Graham can be in charge of immigration and homeland security, and McCain can be Secretary of State. Lulz.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Racial Odds and Ends, 12/30/16

Several points.

Breezy gets upset that one of his Asian gods (a Chinatrix, cue Derb’s heavy breathing) stupidly attempts to delegitimize the concept of race.

The moronic flim-flam about Asians and Africans possibly being more genetically related to each other than to members of their own race was (easily) refuted years ago.  Further, the real weaknesses of these ancestry tests, and their strengths (kinship), was discussed as well.  But, perhaps dear reader, you are aware that the petty Sailer has never brought himself to link to any of my articles over the years, including the early science-enriched ones at Amren and TOO.  That tells you all you need to know about HBD lies and mendacity. Sailer would rather flop around trying to answer the Chinatrix with guesses and snark rather than quote the deplorable Sallis.  Of course, he could just skip Sallis and directly quote the Witherspoon paper, but that won’t do either, since genetic kinship is the enemy of HBD.

Here we see a Happy Penguin who doesn’t look very happy at all.  Boo-hoo, Pete, what’s up?  A six figure salary won’t be in reach for 2017? Maybe folks would be more willing to donate to VDARE if they knew exactly where the money was going.

Here we see how genuine Pan-European cooperation, pooling resources among European nationalists, have allowed great progress for APF and ETN in 2016.

Random Observations, 12/30/16

Four items.

1. That’s what happens after you apologize.  The sharks start circling, smelling blood.

2. A HuWhite Man of the West defends Spencer; interesting that a number of At Right and Alt Wrong figures haven’t uttered a word about Mom Spencer’s problems, but this Jew can do so (at TOO no less).

3. It appears that the Beavis-and-Butthead Brigade has been triggered by my recent Der Movement Dictionary post:


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If Michael Ravioli is in, then so am I. Mafiosi style cyber vendettas should not be tolerated.

Don’t know what the Captain has his panties in a bunch about.  I support his plan, as discussed at Age of Treason, to set up Upper Midwest Ethnostate for his kind; it can be called Cuckmerica and have Mitt Romney as dictator. Meanwhile, the “Northwest Republic” will be set up by guys like “Robert ‘Bobby Bells’ DiBella.”  As Cap would say: lulz.

Seriously though, it is interesting that all of the significant “Mafiosi style cyber vendettas” and other “movement feuds” of the last two decades or so have involved folks with surnames like: Pierce, Covington, Roper, Gliebe, Strom, Spencer, Taylor, Johnson, Miller, White, Black, Jobling, etc. – not many Raviolis mixed in there.  That’s the same leadership that’s produced such stirring progress that we had to wait for Donald “Jewish family connections” Trump to decide to run for President after being publicly mocked by Obama. And then, even after the free gift of Trump and the Carpet Muncher’s publicity bonanza of denouncing the deplorable Alt Right, Der Movement finds a way to continue to muck things up with all their petty, internecine Mafiosi style feuds.  Eat that with all your Baked Alaska, “movement” dimwits.

4. You can always tell that you are reading a van Vogt science fiction book when you see that the characters are described as “frowning” on every other page.

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Der Movement Dictionary

Dictionary for the American “movement.”  Possibly more to come in the future if I can think of any more.

Der Movement terms on the left, real-world translations of what Der Movement is really talking about on the right.

The American Movement: Nordicism

Nordicism: The American Movement

White nationalism: Nordicism

Pan-European: Europe to the north of Vienna and west of Berlin

March of the Titans: Sci-Fi/Fantasy literature that is the “movement’s” New Testament to Mein Kampf’s Old Testament

Who We Are:  Who We Aren’t

Population Genetics: Tarantino’s movie True Romance

Jews: Either (1) devils to blame for all our ills, or (2) superior HuWhite men of the West

Africa: Southern Europe

Asia: Eastern Europe

Negroes: According to Der Movement, a step above Southern Europeans, racially speaking

HBD/race realism: Yellow Supremacy, measured groveling of Whites to Asians, Jew worship, pseudoscientific and anti-White memetic poison that attempts to delegitimize kinship-based racialism

Silk Road White Nationalism: Putting the interests of Asians ahead of those of Europeans, letting Asians colonize the West, thinking that Chinese girls with guns will guard the borders of Europe, hating Russians, accusing anyone who disagrees with you of “sucking Jewish cock”

The Mountaintop: Where you engage in serial monogamy, living off the donations of folks you mock as “soft, city-bred Whites”

Watchdog groups: Where your organization’s “secret” files end up after being stolen by an obvious infiltrator

Truth: Laughably stupid fossilized “movement” dogma

Rock Star: A “movement” personage considered infallible and immune from criticism (except from Shit-Stirrers)

Shit-Stirrer: A racial nationalist who rejects Truth and criticizes the Rock Stars

Trump: The Holy God Emperor

Mitt Romney: America’s Dad

Traditionalism: Moronic rantings of demented hags (Savitri Devi), rambling butthurt swarthoids who invent “spiritual race” concepts because they lack the knowledge and common sense to effectively refute retarded Guntherism (Evola), and all other manifestations of imbecilic gnostic esotericism that is an obvious substitute for religion for those weak-minded individuals who cannot accept empirical reality

EGI: A talisman to invoke (usually by people who never read On Genetic Interests) to explain everything from bad weather to the price of milk

Ethnic Genetic Interests: A vitally important concept that most in Der Movement (1) never heard of, (2) do not understand, and/or (3) willfully misrepresent

Science: Pseudoscience

Jeurasian: The planned outcome of HBD/race realism

Hitler: Der Movement’s God

White: Northwest Europeans

HuWhite: Jews and Northwest Europeans

The Land of the Gods: China (more broadly: Northeast Asia)

Ethnonationalism: Concept that destroyed the White world through two world wars, typically promoted by folks who reject true Pan-Europeanism because well, you know, we can’t make common cause with those types….

Happy Penguins: Making a good living promoting trash like Sailer and Derbyshire

Child Porn: Something Derbyshire questions as to why it is illegal

Measured groveling: Something Whites must do to Asians

Arthur Kemp: Often mistaken for Joe Pesci

The Good Shepherd: Movie that includes a scene with Matt Damon and Joe Pesci that Der Movement, in its sweaty obsessions, misunderstands

Racial science: Bizarre, obsessive ethnic fetishism

Racial history: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Podcasts: A form of communication that some activists go on with different names but with the same voice

Game: A manosphere concept in which men must change their personas, and modulate their every word and action, in order to appeal to ditzy, STD-infected, mudsharking sluts

The Lioness of the Right (aka “The Goddess”): A Desi-loving mudshark several decades past her SMV prime

Chateau Heartiste: A HBD-Game site led by a sneering weasel-face who pretends to be pro-White, but who brags about his past Negress girlfriend, and who believes that miscegenation can increase a White man’s SMV, and that we should “sit poolside” and let “suckers” save Western Civilization

Latrine Flies: Term used to describe pro-White Amren conference attendees, given to them by folks invited to speak at such conferences

Hart’s White Separatist State: Multiracial America minus Negroes (and only Negroes)

Affirmative action: What Der Movement opposes for coloreds but practices itself

Der Movement leadership: Quota Queens

Der Movement rank-and-file: Ethnic fetishists, defectives, trolls and infiltrators, morons, and a fraction of good and intelligent sincere activists

Codreanu: A historical figure Der Movement plays lip service to admiring but who would be rejected if he ever showed up in the American scene, because well you know…

Joe Tommasi: American National Socialist activist murdered because well you know…

Rockwell: American National Socialist leader whose murder by the swarthoid Patler is focused on by a “movement” which (1) ignores the role played by Pierce in antagonizing the Rockwell-Patler working relationship, and (2) studiously ignores the murder of Tommasi

Francis Parker Yockey: Man whose fundamental vision of a Pan-(Western)European Imperium is rejected by those who profess to be Yockey adherents and admirers

Shit-stirring trouble-making crazy no good swarthoid: Ted Sallis

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Der Movement devours its own tail.

...the sense of something constantly re-creating itself. It also represents the infinite cycle of nature's endless creation and destructionlife and death and despair.

Relevant here: Endless cycling of creation and destruction (with no progress), with one cycling endpoint of death and despair.  

Its...Der Movement.

Now, I endorse Greg Johnson's points here, but note the examples of "movement" perfidy cited in the article.  The fact that such an article, with its accompanying proposed guidelines, is even necessary, is demonstrative of a "movement" devouring its own tail.

Also of relevance see here.  If the Alt Right is going to have any sort of long-term coherent relevance, it needs to ditch both the Alt Lite as well as the Alt Wrong, both of which are hostile to WN (and, not coincidentally, both of which threw Spencer under the bus, re: "Hailgate").

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Fight Club

Der Movement’s empty soul exposed.

Fight Club has to rank – perhaps only after True Romanceas Der Movement’s favorite movie.  Before recently, I never saw it.  But, finally, I decided to watch it and see what all the fuss was about.

I shouldn’t have been surprised by how boring and stupid I found the film – pretentious, juvenile, moronic, shallow, so bad I almost shut it off multiple times but forced myself to finish it.  What absolute crap.  I shouldn’t have been surprised because that is how I view most of Der Movement these days – pretentious, juvenile, moronic, shallow, absolute crap.

So, my advice to serious racial nationalists – if you want to bore yourself to tears for more than two hours watch this train wreck of cinematic flotsam and jetsam.  And then wonder about a “movement” that considers such stupidity as some sort of life-altering high art.

Der Movement: Devoid of a soul, devoid of common sense, devoid of a higher calling, devoid of anything worthwhile of a higher humanity.

Raciocultural Odds and Ends in a Failed Movement

Der Movement is a pathetic joke.

Very cognitive. Very elite.  It is incumbent on the HBDers (as well as the Silk Roaders) to explain to the rest of us why The Land of the Gods is a polluted and overcrowded dystopia whose wealthy want nothing more than to buy their way into US citizenship. Indeed, even the racially inferior, low-IQ swarthoid regions of Europe have a better overall living standard than does the smog-ridden sardine can of China.  One finds Chinatowns in Italy but no Dagotowns in China.  Curious, that.  Maybe Breezy’s analyses of PISA scores, real estate, and golf courses can shed some light on that apparent paradox.

More cognitive elitism.  Never forget that GNXP stated they wanted “hundreds of thousands” of such cogelites to enter America every year.

Leftist professor advocates for White genocide.  Why hasn’t he been terminated by Drexel? Until such time that Drexel fires him, Whites should look elsewhere for college and White Drexel alumni should withhold donations.  Surely, if Drexel implicitly supports White genocide (which they do unless they take action – “free speech” arguments don’t hold water when “far-Right” speech is met with ripostes such as “speech has consequences, private institutions are not beholden to the First Amendment, and the constitutional right to free speech only applies to government regulation, not that speech should otherwise have no consequences”), then I see no reason why White kulaks need to support Drexel economically.

Interesting story.  Note that although the natives are now getting restless, they originally strongly supported the influx, and some still do.  But, but, but…I thought they are all non-hunter gatherer clannish ethnocentrics? What happened?  Note also British and Irish volunteers dumping Third Worlders into Greece, analogous to another story, previously chronicled at this blog, of Norwegians dumping Africans into Sicily (and an even earlier story of Germans doing something similar).  One can only imagine the hysterical howls of Der Movement outrage if those stories were reversed.  The reality, however, goes against the “movement’s” narratives and. as we well know, it is not only the MSM that has its Megaphone.

Pro-Trump hysteria in Der Movement jumps the shark as TOO of all places tries rationalizing the vehemently pro-Jewish and pro-Israel stance of a White public figure.  Why, I don’t know, maybe the first thing such an article should note (if it were honest) is that Trump has children married to Jews, Jewish grandchildren, his daughter converted to Judaism, and his closest personal advisor is his Jewish son-in-law.  That’s not the whole story, to be sure, but, also surely, it is relevant?  TOO has not only jumped the shark, it has jumped Moby Dick as well.

The American “movement” – always defective and conformist – is losing whatever little ideological diversity it has had.  It is all converging onto a memetic point that is a strange mash-up of: Trump worship, Alt Wrong HBD “race realism,” flirtation with civic nationalism, Nordicism, “game,” and juvenile Alt Right millennial snarkery.  Indeed, the future of the American “movement” is best exemplified by the image of a weasel-faced Roissy sneering at us forever (while having sex with a Negress whose rear end “defies gravity”).

It’s time for a change.  Long overdue in fact.

Monday, December 26, 2016

A Clear Case of Negro Superiority

Negro superiority in the racialist sphere.

First, note how the NOI is labeled “separatist” (*) while White groups are “supremacist.”  A study of the memes generated by both sides would suggest that those labels should be reversed, but, then, when doesn’t the MSM lie?

The Nation has been largely closed off to outsiders, making it impossible even for those who follow the movement closely to gauge its strength. Neither Farrakhan nor the head minister of the movement’s Mosque Maryam in Chicago, Ishmael Muhammad, responded to interview requests.

White groups on the other hand are completely and naively porous, infiltrated, and have “leaders” who grovel to the media for 15 minutes of fame.

Still, Farrakhan and his message of black empowerment clearly have an ongoing impact. The Million Man March he organized in 1995…

White leaders have trouble organizing dozens.  Yes, I know the System really doesn’t fear their Negro pets and there is a social pricing difference involved.  But still….

…drawing hundreds of thousands to Washington, remains a cultural touchstone, and hip-hop artists praise him in their music. The Nation has an extensive prison ministry, along with health and social service programs, and the movement’s militia, the Fruit of Islam, provides security at public housing and elsewhere.

I’ve previously discussed how the allegedly inferior Negroes have more intelligently organized (**), and have demonstrated more long-term strategic patience, than have “the boys” among the White “movement.”  This is a flaw with HBD and “movement” dogma: “studies” and rhetoric are all well and good, but when push comes to shove, and serious racial politics are at play, Negro racial nationalists out-perform White nationalists by a large margin (***).  The margin is so large it CANNOT all be explained by System preference or social pricing (****).  There’s an underlying difference there.  Is one reason a lack of an internal affirmative action program among the Black dissidents?  Or are they all serious while the Whites are LARPING?  Or are the Negroes genuine while White leaders are “happy penguins” raking in their 170K/year salaries (*****)?  Happy, indeed.

This is a “movement” specific problem.  In almost every other area (except sports), Negro performance is markedly inferior to that of Whites; but when it comes to racial (nationalist) politics and activism, the Negro far outshines the White.  As I’ve said, the fact that the System has its thumb on the scale to favor the Negro is only a part of the explanation, and, in my opinion, NOT the most important part.  The fundamental problem is inherent within Der Movement itself.

That name recognition and high level of organization has left the Nation well situated to take advantage of the current political moment, including the emergence of Black Lives Matter protests over police shootings of black men.

And the White “movement” flops around incoherently even after the gift of Trump, attacking each other over stupidities like “Hailgate.”  Are they squabbling over all dem dere tax exempt donations?  The penguins pecking each other so as to “wet their beaks” (as the lowly swarthoids would say)?

This nonsense will continue until the rank-and-file of White activists demand better, and stop enabling the antics of the quota queens, happy penguins, and the rest of “the boys.”

We need fewer happy penguins and more angry eagles and more vicious vultures.


* The question remains whether these Negroes are truly separatist or whether they simply want to extort more goodies from White SWPL and SJW types.  Do they really want to give up the exploit-Whitey gravy train?

** This in a relative sense, compared to White ineptness. In an absolute sense, the Negroes haven’t made huge progress either. I can clearly remember hearing Negroes talking excitedly after the Million Man March about “we are going to organize across the country and in 10 years we’ll be an unstoppable force.”  Didn’t happen.  The System co-opts the Negro like everyone else.

*** I’m not saying that racial science (forget about HBD flim-flam) is wrong about the Negro.  In general, Negroes are far less capable than other races. But thus the point: if the Negro is so incompetent, and yet they outshine Whites with respect to racial nationalism, what does that say about Der Movement?  Even if one takes into consideration pro-Negro and anti-White external factors, it is still obvious that the White “movement” is shockingly incompetent and ineffective.

**** And not only (economic) social pricing.  Can you even imagine “antifa” types trying to physically break up NOI meetings the same as they do to Der Movement?  The very idea is laughable.  No one dares lift a finger against the Negro, while the White man is considered easy prey, weak and unable to defend himself.

***** I have previously written about how it will be a turning point for Der Movement when full-time activists can lead stable, middle-class existences, since that would be a blow to social pricing, and allow more competent Whites to dedicate themselves to the cause.  To paraphrase Joe Biden: racialism is great, but you can’t eat racialism.  But, alas, it are the wrong activists living an UPPER-middle-class existence.  Brimelow?  And where is the money coming from?  That it is the Jew-friendly Alt Wrong that gets the most donations suggests that Jewish money is a factor there.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas Suckers!

Even I’m shocked and disgusted, and that’s saying something.

I mean, look at this. Emphasis added:

…four groups at the forefront of the white nationalist movement to register as charities and raise more than $7.8 million in tax-deductible donations… 
The Connecticut-based VDare Foundation is led by Peter Brimelow, founder and editor of an anti-immigration website. Brimelow, who spoke at the National Policy Institute's conference last month, founded his nonprofit in 1999 and raised nearly $4.8 million between 2007 and 2015. 
Brimelow received $378,418 in compensation from his nonprofit in 2007, accounting for nearly three-quarters of its total expenses that year. Brimelow says his salary that year was $170,000 and the rest reimbursed him for travel, office supplies and other expenses. 
From 2010 through 2015, VDare Foundation didn't report any compensation directly paid to Brimelow. But, starting in 2010, the nonprofit began making annual payments of up to $368,500 to Brimelow's Happy Penguins LLC for "leased employees." Brimelow disclosed his ownership of that company on tax returns.

Yeah, well, life’s expensive in Connecticut for all those happy penguins, no doubt.  And what are you getting, my dear “movement,” for that $4.8 million? Let’s see: Derbyshire promoting miscegenation, attacking White nationalism, and asking why child porn is illegal.  Sailer pontificating about real estate, golf courses, and PISA scores.  Pathetic civic nationalism, Judeophilic and Asia-worshipping HBD, and Brimelow posting pictures of his young wife and kids (and his mop of white hair) to showcase his highbrow virility.  And let’s not forget: throwing Spencer under the bus.

New Century Foundation, a Virginia-based nonprofit, has raised more than $2 million since 2007….

Two million dollars (that’s twice Dr. Evil’s original asking price in Austin Powers).  Which gives us: Jew and Oriental worship (Yellow Supremacy), blaming America’s race problems on 19th century founding stock abolitionists instead of on 20th and 21st century Jews, stating Italians are dumb North Africans (hey!  aren’t they?), throwing Spencer under the bus (and running him over), denouncing NS, and claiming the Jews are huWhite men of the West.

Notice that at least 6.8 out of the 7.8 million dollars went to pro-Jewish and pro-Asian HBD Alt Wrong groups.  Money well spent, “movement!”

Can you imagine the good that could have been accomplished if that money went to more productive directions?  Instead of giving Brimelow $170,000 (can you believe that!) in one year, plus even more for “expenses,” or giving him $368,500 annually (!!!) for “leased employees” (who are?), that money went instead to theorists like Salter or to more hardcore activists like Spencer (whose fraction of that $7.8 million was microscopic compared to Brimelow’s) or to Counter-Currents (I won’t mention this blog - I’m not asking for anything and I’m well aware that Der Movement won’t give anything to anyone who is not “one of the boys”).

Der Movement is a pathetic joke, and the wasteful squandering of millions of dollars of tax exempt money proves that categorically.  Attention: the only “progress” made by Der Movement was the accident of Trump’s candidacy and that he read mudshark Annie’s book. All those millions flushed down the Bowel Movement’s toilet achieved absolutely nothing.

Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement marches on.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Topic For Spencer's Book


On Twitter, Spencer asks what should be a topic for his book.

How about this: a full-blasted, no apologies defense of Big Europe pan-Europeanism as opposed to petty nationalist ethnonationalism.

Make a comprehensive statement on the matter.  Future generations of the peoples of Europe will thank you.

Toward an English Republic

And Scottish and Welsh ones as well.

Wanna-be tampon "Prince" Charles has expressed his hatred of Europe and the West, so to be fair let's express our hatred of parasitical "royalty" existing in 21st century Western nations.  How about an English Republic (and Scottish and Welsh ones as well), with the infestation of "royal" losers set to do productive work?  The "men" can dig ditches and the women can be scullery maids.

Yes, I'm sure some English/British "rightists" will flip their lids about this, that someone (a swarthoid no less!) dares to suggest doing away with their precious monarchy, their tradition and all that.

Grow up.  Things change.  Just as religion, a crutch for the weak-minded who cannot face the harsh realities of the universe without some sort of Big Daddy figure to comfort them, the monarchy, another set of Dad/Mom figures for a child-like population, have been irrevocably corrupted into a force for White/Western dissolution. Is a monarchy necessary?  What price tradition?  How about Futurism rather than Tradition?  If you need a Big Daddy here on Earth, let it be a National Socialist leader, rising through merit, than some enfeebled relic passed down from the ages of past glory.  

The kings of England's past would piss on pathetic manlet-tampon Chuck and the rest of that moronic clan. That time is over.  How about making our own history, instead of living in the dead past?

Stability of Collective Welfare Systems

HBDers weep.

I have previously written about computational analyses that support the stability of ethnocentric cooperative strategies and the instability of atomized individualistic free-riding strategies.

In doing further online searches on the topic of collectivism vs. individualism as group strategies, I came across this interesting theoretical paper (emphasis added):

We propose quantization relationships which would let us describe and solution problems originated by conflicting or cooperative behaviors among the members of a system from the point of view of quantum mechanical interactions. The quantum analogue of the replicator dynamics is the equation of evolution of mixed states from quantum statistical mechanics. A system and all its members will cooperate and rearrange its states to improve their present condition. They strive to reach the best possible state for each of them which is also the best possible state for the whole system. This led us to propose a quantum equilibrium in which a system is stable only if it maximizes the welfare of the collective above the welfare of the individual. If it is maximized the welfare of the individual above the welfare of the collective the system gets unstable and eventually it collapses.

"...maximizes the welfare of the collective above the welfare of the individual. "  Sounds rather National Socialist, doesn't it?

Now, this paper describes theoretical proposals and not “evidence” per se, but it is still thought-provoking, and the fact that collective well-being ends up as more stable than individualism is consistent with the more biologically-relevant computer modeling linked to above.  Of course, in this latter paper, one could define “collective” in leftist (any aracial group) as well as rightist (a defined biocultural group) terms.  However, when one combines the proposals of the latter paper with the stability of kinship-based ethnocentrism in the computational study, the conclusion must be that inherently rightist collectives based on race, ethnicity, and culture will be those that are most stable.

This is another blow to the anti-White/anti-racist/anti-Salterian/HBD school of thought and their “ethnocentrism for me but not for thee” self-interested memetic flim-flam.

On a more general basis, I have been unaware of lines of study that attempt to describe biological phenomena using the language of physics (and vice versa?), but this would seem to be a fruitful area of analysis that I need to look more into.  Viewing the major areas of science as disjunctive/orthogonal is, it seems, short-sighted and in error.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Gefilte Whitefish

In support of Spencer.

I supported Spencer in “Hailgate” (although, as I stated, there was I believe some lack of judgment on his part, just really not that big of a deal), and now I come out strongly in support of Spencer and his mother in their persecution from the Whitefish Bolsheviks.

Several points:

1. The SJW leftists here and elsewhere are not slowed down at all by Der Touchback’s election. No hesitation for them to just continue exactly as they have been before, despite the fact that in a month a new “racist” administration will be in power.  Of course they know, as does anyone not afflicted by Roissy’s homoerotic fixation on Donald Trump, that the vulgar buffoon will throw his supporters under the bus as quickly as he can (Chris and Rudy can explain it all to you, as mainstream examples of this).  No one expects Don and Jeff to overtly support the “far-Right,” but at least can we have the rule of law and an end to political persecution?  We’ll see what happens, but I’m real doubtful.

2. Anyone traveling to Whitefish should give Spencer’s mother some business.

3. While The Daily Stormer is not my cup of tea so to speak, I see nothing at all wrong with what they’ve been doing with this.  Anglin has broken no law that I am aware of, he’s been careful to urge his readers to follow the law, and the Bolsheviks deserve everything that’s coming to them.  How can you persecute the mother of someone you disagree with politically?

4. My understanding of the law (such as it is) tells me that what was done to Spencer’s mother is illegal, and borders on extortion – “sell you property (from which I’ll make a profit) or else I’ll do XYZ to you and ruin your business and your property value” – come on, that’s in writing (!!!) and clear-cut.  If that was done to anyone else, there’s a good chance the individual making those extortive threats would have been arrested.  As it is, there’s a good case for Mom Spencer to file a civil suit against Gersh and associates. I don’t know if Spencer reads this blog, but, hey, Richie, why don’t you contact (if you have not already done so) Kyle Bristow and his group and see at least if you can get some legal advice.  It’s not my place to tell Richard or Kyle what to do here, but it’s a legitimate idea.  Why not take advantage of whatever limited legal resources our side has?  After all, it can’t be that all of Montana’s founding stock population are a bunch of cucks, can it?  Some can be found for a jury who would find in favor of Sherry Spencer against the Levantine aliens, right?

5. For the most part, I endorse Spencer’s activist plans for 2017, as outlined here.

6. Andrew Joyce is an excellent writer, but he needs to explain his promotion of Jack Sen over at TOO.  What will Giacomo Vallone think?

7. After the dust settles, I hope Richard remembers who on the Right supported him during these tumultuous times, and who threw hum under the bus.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Der Movement Odds and Ends, 12/21/16

Several items.

Spencer is a man of character, as opposed to the Jew filth attacking his mother.

So what is wrong then with a few “hails” at the NPI conference?

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Pan-European Legion Redux

An elite cadre.

Before my main point, a short digression:  Another asinine and dishonest Derbyshire post. An Arctic Alliance?  More “Silk Road White nationalism?” Well, not only is the east end of Eurasia NOT being subjected to the same displacement migration as the west end, the east end is actually contributing to the displacement of western peoples.  Hey, Derb and MR Silk Roaders: the first step to any honest settling of accounts between East and West is a repatriation of all East invaders from the West.  What kind of “alliance” can there be between invaders and invaded?  And that is relevant to Derbyshire wanting his “children and grandchildren” to enjoy Western civilization – well, they can enjoy it long distance, while living in Asia, not living in the West, thank you very much.

And now my main point.  Something to consider once again:

I…suggest an approach based at least in part on Codreanu’s Legionary movement. One could envision a pan-European, trans-national movement, highly elite, comradely and collectivist in orientation, with an emphasis on productive action, creating a higher form of man, with a defined style of living. In a sense, this legion would be analogous to some of the trans-national and pan-European crusading orders of the past as well as recreating the best aspects of Codreanu’s movement, adjusted for modern times (e.g., pan-European, rejecting universalist ethos, etc.)…Such a movement would provide the elite leadership…help to bind Whites worldwide in a brotherhood of solidarity – while of course absolutely rejecting White traitors – and will draw a hard line against any miscegenation between ethnic Europeans and those newcomers who have invaded White lands. With this Legion at the head, Whites – or at least racially conscious Whites – would be bound to each other through ties of race and culture and of a shared history, as well as of shared problems and the shared sacrifices necessary for survival. While respecting and preserving the distinctiveness that exists between different European groups, and honoring the histories of the lost nations of Europe, this Legion and the masses it leads will absolutely reject the intra-European divisiveness that led the race and civilization to their sorry state…

So, here we see a pan-European leadership cadre, an elite that transcends petty nationalism and the provincial narrowness of extreme ethnonationalism, and an elite that must absolutely eschew the “movement” attitude of “any (White) person who professes the slightest adherence to our creed must be absolutely accepted and given 'the keys to the kingdom' right away."  Err…no.  We need extreme vetting; better to reject someone sincere then accept a fraud, a troll, an infiltrator, or a defective. Der Movement, as it exists, with its quota queen “leadership,” lacks the most rudimentary common sense notions of security, so the Legion in question cannot and must not grow out of the existing “movement,” but instead out of the New Movement that I envision and that I am promoting.

Thus, one can envision for this elite group a cadre of political soldiers, akin to a pan-European SS, responsible for coordinating racial nationalist activism on a global level.  This group would require individuals of different skill sets, knowledge bases, occupations, personality types, etc. in order to create a broad-based foundation for moving forward the interests of European people world-wide.  That was, ultimately, the idea behind Legion Europa - the fatal error there was trying to create that out of a failed "movement" that is innately hostile to any pan-European endeavor.  You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, indeed.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Fair is Fair, 12/16/16

Celebrating some reasonableness.

I have been critical of Durocher in the past (and will no doubt be so in the future), but one must be fair, and I see nothing at all wrong with this – actually, I would strongly endorse most of it.  It is of course interesting that he chooses Radix – the site of Richard “Big Europe” Spencer – to promote this very pan-European vision, but never mind.

Of course, there are some commentators who are unable to distinguish a confederation of autonomous states from a “Roman Empire,” but then extreme ethnonationalists have never been a very impressive lot.  Who says Bavaria can’t have its own local autonomy?  The point is, without Europe, Bavaria is virtually meaningless on the world stage. Rest assured, China cares not one bit about the bucolic charms of various European locales (even though they may want to copy them in a bizarre fashion to make a buck), and would not hesitate to move against atomized micro-states.  And if “the people just want to be left alone” then why don’t they vote that way?  To start with, the Germans, including all those wanna-be autonomous Bavarians, can stop voting for Merkel and start voting for Alternative for Germany (putting aside why they never supported the NPD).

Further, not only has Durocher written a reasonable post, Silver has written reasonable comments to that post.  What’s the world coming to?  Anyway, fair is fair, I must encourage reasonableness as well as discourage unreasonableness.  I’m still very wary and suspicious, however.

In any case, I don't see why a person cannot be, at the same time, a Bavarian and a German and a European.  Where's the problem with that?

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Racial Odds and Ends, 12/15/16

Items and observations.

Observation: The ethnonationalists of Europe show more genuine pan-European cooperation than do the so-called “pan-Aryan” factions of the American “movement.”

While I am loathe to buy into the notion of the “superiority” of European compared to. American activism, there is an argument to be made in favor of such superiority.

We stand for a Europe of sovereign nations in which the independent states work together on a confederated basis to address the great challenges of our time …

Liberals before election: Trump not accepting the outcome of the election threatens the very fabric of our democracy!

Liberals after election: Trump saying that we should accept the outcome of the election threatens the very fabric of our democracy!  We need to investigate, investigate, and investigate!

Leftist hypocrisy is breathtaking, but it does wonders to promote the Sallis Strategy, so, yes please, keep it coming.  The Left is doubling down on all the behavior that caused folks to flock to the vulgar buffoon Trump; the Left is congenitally unable to learn from its mistakes, because such learning conflicts with its ultimate foundation: hatred of Whites and of the West (which is why Asians vote liberal Democrat).

The Left would respond that Trump is being hypocritical as well, now quick to accept the vote’s legitimacy since he won.  My own riposte to that is if you want an “investigation” into the election, then “investigate” everything, not just “Russian hacking.”  Let’s investigate media collusion with the DNC and the Clinton campaign, as well as illegal alien voting and busing voters across state lines, thugs hired to disrupt Trump rallies, and countries such as Mexico attempting to influence voting in Clinton’s favor.

All those folks attacking Spencer about “Hailgate” – how about listening to how he effectively answers that rabbi?  What would should he have done instead?  Talk about Pepe and Kek?  About Savitri Devi and Kali Yuga? Sub-fractional admixture percentages or the cephalic index of Julius Caesar?  I’m critical of Spencer where it is warranted, but the Hailgate Hysteria says more about the hysterics than it ever does, or did, about Spencer himself.  Who else is an effective WN spokesman?  Alt Wrong folks who would have groveled to the rabbi and praised the Jews as huWhite men of the West?

If Spencer does real wrong, I’ll criticize him, but the current attacks are simply stupid and self-destructive tearing down of someone who may evolve into an effective White leader.

A different, non-Der Movement view of “St. Lucy’s Day” with a (unfortunate from Der Movement’s perspective) pan-European focus. Down the memory hole with dem dere inconvenient facts!

And guess what – pagan pre-Christian influences in “Christian festivals” are found throughout Europe, not only in Der Movement’s favorite parts.

Unfortunately, unlike NEC flim-flam, verbal and physical attacks against Whites are not hoaxes.

Alt Wrong hypocrisy: On the one hand, they tell us that we cannot blame Jews for America’s racial problems because Jews are such a small percentage of the population; on the other hand, they tell us it is vitally important that we have Jewish support (“you need at least some of the powerful and wealthy New York Jews”) because Jews are so influential and we cannot succeed without them. Even the most fundamentally dishonest Alt Wronger must know that we can see through their mendacity.