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In The News, 2/29/16

Leap Year News.

I agree with Orban here.  Also note how the controlled media constantly use pictures of women and children to depict “migrants” and “refugees” while most of them are invasive angry young men.  In any case, Chicken-wire Vik is correct – it is simply a matter of will.  The influx can be stopped today, immediately, if the desire existed.  Send them all back.  Build real walls (not Vik’s “hey if I erect some chicken wire, maybe folks will vote for us and not Jobbik"), or European police and military forces should just shoot the damn invaders.  Further, can Italy, finally, invade “Vatican City,” seize the land, and put the “Pope” on trial for the advocacy of White genocide? In any case, the situation reminds one of The Camp of the Saints in more ways than one.  In that novel, Europe could have stopped the Brown Desi invasion at any time, and had opportunities to do so.  But they just did not want to do so, and so Europe and the West died.  I also note that in Raspail’s book, a Chinese invasion of Russia was part of the destruction of the West; apart from a false note about Israel, it would seem that Raspail’s understanding of race and culture. including the facts of Russia vs. the Yellow Peril, is superior to that of some in the “movement.”  And, of course, we do not need Chinese girls with guns to “protect the West’s borders” – it is simply a matter of will.  If it is decided that the borders are to be defended, Whites can very well do it themselves, thank you very much.

Sessions finally endorses Trump.  Meanwhile, the media continues to talk about “Rubio’s momentum.”  I don’t know, after being endorsed by Christie and Sessions, and leading in the polls, one would think that the “momentum” is with Der Touchback, but, hey, let’s not be too judgmental of the media narrative now, shall we?  After all, we know that the real job of the news media is to create the news, not report it.  Similarly, opinion polling is designed to create opinions, not measure them.

At first glance, I originally thought that the painting accompanying this article was that of Rosie disciplining the Derb.  My mistake.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

More Trump Derangement Syndrome

Establishment makes no sense.

If Trump wins the nomination, that will mean that he has the support of more GOP voters than any other candidate.  These Trump supporters will be voting in the general election, not only for president, but for the open Senate and House seats.  This being so, running against Trump is going to antagonize the GOP base that is going to be out voting.

Are these Establishment types so deranged that they cannot understand that Trump is winning because people are voting for him?  And not only voting for him, but voting for him in the teeth of the most sustained political attacks in recent memory - attacks from the very foundation of his own party!  

This tells me that support for Trump is very deep and broad among the GOP base.  This tells me that a sane strategy would be for GOP Senate and House candidates to appeal to those voters, not dismiss and disrespect them.

This tells me that the most important thing to the Establishment is not winning - it is to signal to the System that they are anti-White, that they hate Trump's populist campaign, and that they hate, hate, hate working class and middle class White Americans. Republicans would rather lose than do anything - anything - that would tie them to what they perceive as the "vulgar White masses." Pandering to "Latinos" and other coloreds?  That they can do - with enthusiasm, despite that these coloreds are Democrat voters. Make even a token attempt to appeal to their own base of White voters?  To the GOP that is anathema, blasphemy.

When will Whites "drop the GOP like a hot rock?"

A Note For the HBD and Game Vermin

Enemies and allies of the Ottomans.

For the HBDers and gamesters, who worship at the Altar of Asia, and also at the Altar of the Yarmulke, a bit of history.  Several times, the Ottomans tried to conquer Europe.  The attacks on Malta and Vienna are two examples of this.  What happened?

Young aristocrats from Spain, Portugal, England, France, Germany and Italy enthusiastically joined the Knights of St. John…The Knights of St. John were recognized as the toughest soldiers in Christendom.

The Defenders On the Christian side, there were less than 700 Knights of St. John, 400 Spanish soldiers, 800 Italian soldiers, 200 Greek and Sicilian soldiers, approximately 3,000 soldiers drawn from the Maltese population, and along with other civilians who were given weapons, a total force of less than 9,000 men Relief The morale of the defenders of Malta was lifted when 4 galleys from Sicily managed to evade the Turkish blockade and land a small relief force of 42 knights and 700 militia.
The defense force certainly seemed to have enriched with inferior swarthoids.  A well-researched historical fiction book chronicling the siege, and the heroism of the defenders is this.

And of course, it was Polish cavalry that saved Europe at Vienna.  Meds and Slavs, Slavs and Meds…oh the humanity!  Better it had been some nice Jews and Chinamen instead!

Well, what were the Jews and Chinese doing during that period?  Let's see.

Still, Jewish culture flourished in many places. The early modern period for Jews under Ottoman rule was a period of remarkable political and cultural success.  Given that the Ottoman Empire was engaged in military conflict with Christians, Sephardic Jews in particular were regarded potential allies, diplomats, and spies.

The Ottoman Empire was home to many large and vibrant Jewish communities.  

…when the Christian king and queen Ferdinand and Isabella finally finished reconquering Spain from its Muslim rulers, one of the first things they did was to force all of the Jews in Spain to leave. Some of these Jews moved to the Netherlands, but most of them sailed to North Africa, to the Hafsids there, or across the Mediterranean to the Ottoman Empire, which welcomed the Jews enthusiastically.

During the Ottoman Empire, relations between the two regions continued, with the name for “Ottoman” in Chinese (“Rumi”) appearing several times in historical documents and Ottoman tributary delegations traveling to China, especially during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Saturday, February 27, 2016

On Trumpery

Strom vs. Trump

This is a very good critique of the Trump fraud.  But Strom misses the point of using Trump in an instrumental fashion to destabilize the multiculturalist regime, in the manner frequently described at this blog.  For our purposes, the perception of Trump may very well be more important than the reality.

Of course, if a President Trump suddenly becomes a politically correct ultra race cuck, that would not be good news from the “inflame the coloreds” balkanization agenda, but it very well may be good news for the “radicalize the Whites who have been disappointed and betrayed one time too many” agenda – assuming Whites are bright enough to realize they’ve been betrayed, or are open-mined enough to listen to others tell them that, which is all very doubtful.  Regardless, one must try and take advantage of these opportunities as they arise.  Hasn’t the “movement” already squandered endless opportunities to advance the cause over the course of the decades since WWI?

Therefore, both extremes are wrong.  Investing in Trump as some sort of White savior (*) is a mistake.  But dismissing the Trump phenomenon as having nothing at all to do with our situation, and how we can improve it, is a mistake also.

A prudent and far-seeing “movement” leadership would be carefully planning for every contingency, plotting out approaches to take for various Trumpian scenarios.  Now, of course, they may very well be doing that, and keeping quiet about it, as they should.  But somehow – knowing the human material at hand – I very much doubt it.

*It is amusing that some of the people pointing out Trump’s defects and how we should not be hoodwinked by him are the same folks who fawned over “the White savior” Putin for years, telling us that Trad Vlad was involved in a “deep chess game” every time he did something anti-White and pro-Jewish/pro-Colored.

At the Intersection of Mainstreaming and HBD

Madness, it's folly and madness.

At Amren, a "White Advocate" commentator writes:
My understanding is that many AmRen supporters hold that both Jews and North Asians are more intelligent that gentile Whites. While the term Jewish supremacist won't work for a whole boatload of reasons, let's experiment with North Asian (or Oriental) supremacist. Imagine inviting the press to a North Asian Supremacy conference only to have them stumble in to a room full of white guys.

Paging John Derbyshire!  It's time for some "measured groveling" to our Asiatic masters!  If I wrote the above quote as a parody, some would think that I was going too far; unfortunately, that's a real comment and no parody. And it's reasonably consistent; after all:
He claims to be a "yellow supremacist" because he has theorized that Asian people are the most advanced humans (in evolutionary terms), followed by white people and those of African descent.

And it's not just that site.  A more radically WN site has recently been commandeered by an aggressively domineering East Asian female, who has got the henpecked White males there agreeing to a "Euro-Asian alliance" so as to "inflict pain on Russians" (you know, the most populous ethnic group in Europe) and to colonize the West with Asians so that Western borders can be defended by Chinese girls with guns.  Again, that's not a parody of their position, it's the actual position itself.

People wondering why I am so adamantly opposed to HBD can perhaps begun to discern the direction that HBD/race-realism inevitably leads us: worship of Asians, a "movement" based on "Oriental supremacism" with subaltern Whites groveling before the more "evolutionarily advanced" Asiatics.  In some cases, Whites are to grovel before Jews as well; in other cases, "movement" fears of "Jewish infiltration" never for some reason extend to the danger of infiltration by yellow and brown Asians.

Recently, the "movement" - including some of the pro-Asian sites mentioned above - has been harshly critiquing Roosh and the PUA stupidity.  While that criticism has been richly deserved, a question that goes unanswered is: why is being race cucked by a Chinaman any better than by a Persian?

And all talk about "alliances" is doubly ludicrous.  First, because we have all sorts of grand alliances being proposed by small groups of powerless bloggers, the sort of "fascist delusion" mocked by the likes of Roger Griffin (*).  Second, because it should be obvious that alliances should never be formed from a position of weakness.  In the mid-late 1990s, there was much chatter among the "movement" about forming "alliances" with Black nationalists.  To which more sane people queried: and what do we offer them?  Negroes under Farrakhan had just marched en masse onto the nation's capital, while White neckbeards have continuously proved unable to march down a side street without being out-numbered by crowds of hostile protesters.  Why should anyone form an "alliance" with the losing side (Whites)?  Such an "alliance" would be nothing more or less than the terms of surrender by Whites, negotiating from a position of perfect weakness.

But, then, the "movement" always knows better.  With such fine merit-based leadership, who could ever doubt their wisdom?

*Nothing wrong with proposing ideas.  But when it "jumps the shark" into grandiose designs complete with multiple maps and empty bombastic rhetoric then we have moved from reasonable advocacy to fever-dream delusion.


Thursday, February 25, 2016

In The News, 2/25/16

Three items.

First, another example of East Asian corruption and, more to the point, another example of the virulent hatred toward Whites exhibited by these Asiatics:

One supervisor, Leland Yee, took umbrage at the notion that only native species should be kept, and exotic ones eradicated, comparing it to racial cleansing or “xenophobia.”  
“Plants and trees without the proper pre-Mayflower lineage are called ‘invasive exotics’ and are wrenched from the soil to die,” Yee wrote in a local newspaper editorial. “How many of us are ‘invasive exotics’ who have taken root in the San Francisco soil, have thrived and flourished here, and now contribute to the diversity of the wonderful mix that constitutes present-day San Francisco?”
Second, here's a very interesting analysis of the 2016 presidential race, and the failure of the Establishment's "lesser of two evils" electoral strategy.

Third, an example how individual genes can spread while reducing fitness for the organism.

How does R2d2 escape natural selection? By cheating at female meiosis, the specialized type of cell division that produces eggs. Most animals and plants, including humans and mice, carry two alleles of every gene - one allele from each parent. When an organism reproduces, it passes along only one allele to each offspring. The "law of segregation," posited by Gregor Mendel in 1865, suggests that there is an equal probability of transmission of either a maternal allele or paternal allele. 
But in a previous paper, published in PLoS Genetics in 2015, Pardo-Manuel de Villena's team showed that some alleles of R2d2 distort meiosis to promote their own transmission to offspring in a process called meiotic drive. This advantage comes with a cost. 
"Female mice with distorted transmission of R2d2 also had fewer offspring," said co-author Andrew Morgan, a graduate student in Pardo-Manuel de Villena's lab. "This trade-off is what makes R2d2 selfish: if meiotic drive is strong enough, then it increases the frequency of alleles that decrease reproductive fitness."

Mainstreaming In A Picture, 2/25/16

Reality of a political fraud.

Mainstreamers are the deadly enemy of the White race; when will the dim-witted "movement" wake up to that fact?

Robots vs. Immigrants

Short-sighted policies ruining the West.

A frequent theme at VDARE is how automation is making immigration superfluous, even from the "cheap labor" standpoint, and this video clip is more evidence supporting that thesis. And it is not only manual labor, even much of "the professions" will eventually be automated as well (*).  We will enter a new age in which there will be too many people for too few jobs, which will necessitate a radical restructuring of society, likely (and hopefully) using some sort of "social credit" mechanism.

So, we are importing people, and destroying our EGI, our culture, and our posterity, for nothing. Actually, even worse than nothing, for once the automation revolution occurs, the descendants of all the imported cheap labor will be among us, as a permanent addition to our polity, demanding their share of the social credit, and displacing Whites from their own nations.

Isn't it grand to have such prudent and far-seeing political leadership in the West?

*That assumes technological advances continue, which assumes that Whites somehow escape their demographic death spiral, and retain control over their nations. Otherwise, we'll have another dark ages, this time lasting forever.  East Asians?  Why should they automate, they are already robots themselves.  All other considerations pale in significance - the White man if he continues to exist, can solve these other problems, but not the problem of his own non-existence, if that occurs.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hatred of Trump As a Proxy For Hatred of Whites

Attacks on Trump from the Left = Attacks against Whites.

With Trump’s latest impressive victory, this time in Nevada (expect breathless mainstream media accounts about “Rubio’s momentum” and how “Trump is finished”) we can take a look at an interesting Counter-Currents article.  The key paragraph, emphasis added:
For all Trump’s continual appeal to the buried racial instincts of despondent white Americans, he is still a civic and economic nationalist, and his centrist positions simply don’t warrant the outpouring of frankly insane rhetoric from all the bile-secreting organs. Trump has his own political correctness, whereby he places Negroes in his campaign adverts front and center when they align with his causes. He treads extremely carefully around language that could be construed as racially charged or insulting. His focus is on the rule of law and prosperity. So while UKIP and Front National could plausibly be described as inheriting BNP or anti-Semitic votes, the frothing psychopathy and “Nazi” slurs thrown at Trump don’t hold up and are purely emotional. 

Indeed.  Trump’s actual campaign, his actual policy positions, by no means rate the sort of “frothing psychopathy” spewed in his direction, a level of attack I’ve never before observed in decades of following American politics.  Even Trump’s most “extreme” positions are actually quite restrained and reasonable, and would not be out-of-place in the mainstream political discourse of not so long ago.  First, Trump campaigns against people entering the USA illegally (who are, after all, violating immigration law), he wants to prevent further illegal immigration, and he does not want to reward (at least directly) those who are already here illegally.  Second, in light of terrorism threats, he calls for a temporary – repeat, temporary – hiatus in further Muslim immigration to the USA.  That’s it.  And all other issues, he’s a moderate, a centrist, in some cases liberal enough so that his positions do not markedly differ from that of liberal Jewish icon Bernie Sanders.  Far from being a “racist,” Trump eagerly embraces the Negro and supports anti-White affirmative action programs.  Therefore, we ask: why all the hysteria from the mainstream and from the Left (which are, in truth, one and the same)?

Well, Trump’s immigration views are seen as being at least indirectly supportive of White demographic and cultural interests.  His base of support is from working class and middle class White Americans; thus, Trump is seen as running a right-wing populist campaign aimed at mainstream White Americans – a group considered anathema by the System and its supporters. So, we see filth like cuckservative David Brooks screech that Trump is all about folks “pining for a White America that’s not coming back” and that is part of the (not inaccurate) stereotype of Trump’s supporters being “older, angry White folks not comfortable with a changing America.”

Therefore, the reason why the mainstream/Left reaction to Trump is so out of bounds, so disconnected to what he actually believes, is that Trump is a symbol.  Trump, to their minds, is a proxy for Whites, a representative of the older, traditional White America that they hate.  To put it more bluntly: by hating Trump, they are hating Whites.  All the rage and vitriol hurled at Trump is precisely what these folks feel about White folks.  Their hatred of Trump is simply hatred of Whites. And all the hatred and rage against the pillow-smothered Associate Justice Antonin Scalia (“the devil has a new playmate in hell,” was one of the more mild expressions of leftist joy at Scalia’s death) is merely a stand-in for hatred against the traditional White America that Scalia’s judicial philosophy represented.

Trump Derangement Syndrome = Hatred of White Americans

It’s as simple as that.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Tale of Two Non-Whites

The second situation is just puzzling.

First, it's Johnson vs. Roosh, Part II. At some point, I hope that the "movement" gives up on all this PUA nonsense. The whole point of the "movement" - if we take their statements at face value - is "what is best for the White race." Therefore, of course, sexual activity needs brakes, needs controls. The idea that non-White men should NOT be sex-trolling around Europe is a feature of WN, not a bug. I thought all of this was obvious?

Second, here is a statement made by an individual claiming to be a Japanese female, concerning the upcoming "Brexit" vote in the UK:

Assuming that nothing about this insane situation changes by June, I will vote ‘Leave’ on the referendum when it is placed in front of me. I would have no other choice.

That can be interpreted two ways. The more charitable interpretation is: "IF I was a Briton living in the UK, I would vote to leave the EU." The less charitable interpretation, and the one more consistent with the wording is: "I live in the UK with the right to vote there, and I will vote to leave."

The first interpretation is a perfectly reasonable expression of opinion. The second interpretation, if true, essentially completely invalidates the entire blog/website on which it is found. Isn't the whole point of racial nationalism to have racial separation: nation-building based upon race (and culture)? This is WN, not Derbyshirian HBD.

Somewhat supporting the second interpretation is:

From my perspective this is all a complete disaster in the making, of a kind that will have far-reaching ramifications and probably will impact my purse directly in some measurable way.

Directly? Regardless of how this statement influences which of the abovementioned two interpretations is true, the statement on its face is bizarre. Do the British people need to worry about how their decision affects a Japanese woman's "purse?"

Wait, there is more:

However, I would not be angry with the British people if they chose to throw in the towel and give up on the European Union Project now.

The British people do not require the permission or approval of foreigners to decide the national future of the UK.

What is the main point of Brexit? It would seem that the two main issues are Sovereignty and Immigration. That being so, it would seem that the opinions and interests - much less votes! - of East Asians should be irrelevant. The idea that Japanese people should in any way influence this decision is the very thing Brexit is supposed to oppose.

Indeed, the only people who should be allowed to vote on Brexit are UK citizens whose ancestry derives from one or more of the following sources, and these sources only: English, Scottish, Scots-Irish, Welsh. No one else, regardless of "citizenship" or "place of birth," should have any rights in this regard whatsoever.

Buchanan Tells It Like It Is

What makes the GOP Establishment think things will go back to "normal?"

If Beltway Republicans think they can stop Trump and turn back the movement behind him, and continue on with today’s policies on trade, immigration and intervention, they will be swept into the same dustbin of history as the Rockefeller Republicans.

America is saying, “Goodbye to all that.”

For Trump is not only a candidate. He is a messenger from Middle America. And the message he is delivering to the establishment is: We want an end to your policies and we want an end to you.

If the elites think they can not only deny Trump the nomination, but turn back this revolution and re-establish themselves in the esteem of the people, they delude themselves.

This is hubris of a high order.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Left Behind: More on Bias in Social "Science"

I'm no fan of Shermer, but he's right here.

Article as follows, emphasis added:

In the past couple of years imbroglios erupted on college campuses across the U.S. over trigger warnings (for example, alerting students to scenes of abuse and violence in The Great Gatsby before assigning it), microaggressions (saying “I believe the most qualified person should get the job”), cultural appropriation (a white woman wearing her hair in cornrows), speaker disinvitations (Brandeis University canceling plans to award Ayaan Hirsi Ali an honorary degree because of her criticism of Islam's treatment of women), safe spaces (such as rooms where students can go after a talk that has upset them), and social justice advocates competing to signal their moral outrage over such issues as Halloween costumes (last year at Yale University). Why such unrest in the most liberal institutions in the country?

Although there are many proximate causes, there is but one ultimate cause—lack of political diversity to provide checks on protests going too far. A 2014 study conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles, Higher Education Research Institute found that 59.8 percent of all undergraduate faculty nationwide identify as far left or liberal, compared with only 12.8 percent as far right or conservative. The asymmetry is much worse in the social sciences. A 2015 study by psychologist José Duarte, then at Arizona State University, and his colleagues in Behavioral and Brain Sciences, entitled “Political Diversity Will Improve Social Psychological Science,” found that 58 to 66 percent of social scientists are liberal and only 5 to 8 percent conservative and that there are eight Democrats for every Republican. The problem is most relevant to the study of areas “related to the political concerns of the Left—areas such as race, gender, stereotyping, environmentalism, power, and inequality.” The very things these students are protesting.

How does this political asymmetry corrupt social science? It begins with what subjects are studied and the descriptive language employed. Consider a 2003 paper by social psychologist John Jost, now at New York University, and his colleagues, entitled “Political Conservatism as Motivated Social Cognition.” Conservatives are described as having “uncertainty avoidance,” “needs for order, structure, and closure,” as well as “dogmatism and intolerance of ambiguity,” as if these constitute a mental disease that leads to “resistance to change” and “endorsement of inequality.” Yet one could just as easily characterize liberals as suffering from a host of equally malfunctioning cognitive states: a lack of moral compass that leads to an inability to make clear ethical choices, a pathological fear of clarity that leads to indecisiveness, a naive belief that all people are equally talented, and a blind adherence in the teeth of contradictory evidence from behavior genetics that culture and environment exclusively determine one's lot in life.

Duarte et al. find similar distortive language across the social sciences, where, for instance, certain words are used to suggest pernicious motives when confronting contradictory evidence—“deny,” “legitimize,” “rationalize,” “justify,” “defend,” “trivialize”—with conservatives as examples, as if liberals are always objective and rational. In one test item, for example, the “endorsement of the efficacy of hard work” was interpreted as an example of “rationalization of inequality.” Imagine a study in which conservative values were assumed to be scientific facts and disagreement with them was treated as irrational, the authors conjecture counterfactually. “In this field, scholars might regularly publish studies on ... ‘the denial of the benefits of a strong military’ or ‘the denial of the benefits of church attendance.’” The authors present evidence that “embedding any type of ideological values into measures is dangerous to science” and is “much more likely to happen—and to go unchallenged by dissenters—in a politically homogeneous field.”

Political bias also twists how data are interpreted. For instance, Duarte's study discusses a paper in which subjects scoring high in “right-wing authoritarianism” were found to be “more likely to go along with the unethical decisions of leaders.” Example: “not formally taking a female colleague's side in her sexual harassment complaint against her subordinate (given little information about the case).” Maybe what this finding really means is that conservatives believe in examining evidence first, instead of prejudging by gender. Call it “left-wing authoritarianism.”

The authors' solution to the political bias problem is right out of the liberal playbook: diversity. Not just ethnic, race and gender but viewpoint diversity. All of us are biased, and few of us can see it in ourselves, so we depend on others to challenge us. As John Stuart Mill noted in that greatest defense of free speech, On Liberty, “He who knows only his own side of the case, knows little of that.”

This article was originally published with the title "Left Behind"

Orban and Trump, 2/22/16

In the news.

Cutting right through the chicken-wire fence.  More evidence that Orban's bluster is merely to take votes from Jobbik.  If he were sincere, he'd build a wall rather than a flimsy chicken-wire fence and/or give orders to shoot invaders on sight.

Another mainstreaming fail.

Another Look At the Yellow Fist of Hatred

The existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.

Excerpt, emphasis added:

A few months ago when Trump was beginning his incredible campaign, a minor politician in Vancouver, city councillor Kerry Jang, demanded that the planned Trump Tower in Vancouver have its name changed to signal disapproval of Trump's "racism". Jang, acting as if the Chinese were the new owners of Vancouver, said that Trump was a "bigot" who stood against the Canadian values of "diversity".  
People like Jang dislike any sense of White identity no matter how implicit it may be. What matters most to the Yin and Jangs is the utilization of White leftist ideas to promote the ethnic interests of Chinese in Canada, a people who come from a most racist culture, yet rarely waste a word about it. Moreover, despite all the myriad differences and disputes between non-White activists, at the end of the day they have a common enemy that unites them: European identity. 
Of course, Jang hates White interests. White man, don't be fooled by "Chinese maidens" and Japanese anime clones sent to racial nationalist sites to distract you from the Yellow Peril. Yes, the current, the immediately pressing, danger is from the Jews and the colored immigration flood they've unleashed, the Muslims, as well as racial integration. However, beyond that lurks the clenched yellow fist of hatred, perhaps the greatest long-term threat to White existence. The immediate danger has to be dealt with, but does not erase the long-term threat. Note though that the Yellow Peril also contributes to the immediate threat as well: if they can destroy the White man now, without a direct confrontation, all the better for them, eh?

Thus, Derbyshire can blah, blah, blah all he wants, but our "revealed preference" is no Rosies in America.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Two Syndromes on Display


It's more Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Trump wins big; the only media coverage is about how Rubio can beat him.  Trump wins big, and news stories abound about wealthy donors flocking to Rubio, and the Koch brothers plotting to bring Der Touchback down. Can't have those dastardly working class Whites getting any ideas about how their opinions and votes mean anything now, can we?

And now for White Republican Obligation Syndrome; from the comments section of the above-linked article:

CorrectMan 2 hours ago

America's white majority ain't getting any bigger. In ten years it will be a mere plurality, in twenty years it won't even be that anymore. Republicans need to win places like Florida and Virginia, and you won't do that with just white votes.

Yeah, that's great.  Here's a question for you, CorrectMan: Can Republicans win "places like Florida and Virginia" without a strong majority of "white votes?"  No, they cannot. Newsflash: There is no law of the universe, no binding obligation, no evolved instinct or compulsion, that forces White folks to vote Republican.  If Republicans continue to spit in the face of their White base, take the base for granted, assume their support while pandering to coloreds, then that base can sit at home on election day and/or vote third party.  They are under no obligation to vote for a "conservative Republican" who is as anti-White as a "liberal Democrat."

The GOP needs all the White votes they can get.  They'll never get more than a sliver of the colored vote.  Without a very strong majority of White voters, without a strong turnout of those voters, the GOP is dead in the water in any major election.

It's high time White voters begin to flex their political muscle and Trump, for all his faults, is teaching them to do just that  The fact that he humiliated Jeb and smacked down the Pope is just icing on the political cake.

Most WNs Motivated By Hatred?

Noted for the record.

Silver unburderns himself with criticism of WNs at Amren thus:

silviosilver  RobertWatson • a day ago
That is true, but it is undeniable that some WNs - large numbers of them, perhaps even a majority - do regard hatred of non-whites as a prerequisite to white political empowerment and racial salvation. We don't need to speculate about this; we only need read the comments that these WNs make

Putting aside for the moment Silver’s own very interesting language and slurs from Majority Rights, and the current pontifications of “Verlis” at Counter-Currents, we can observe how the comment above compares to his relatively recent previous comments at Amren and Radix.  Red font emphasis added:

silviosilver  Zachary O. Ray (aka Mike Lane)  7 hours ago
I prefer to encourage the use of epithets. I know full well how crude they can be, but there's nothing quite like a well-timed epithet to encapsulate and ingrain certain racial verities.

silviosilver  Baltikaa  2 days ago
It is not in our interests to prop up the criminal state of Israel and the moral filth of zionism.
More than this, the issue is effectively a litmus test of political maturity. No white can truly be thought of as taking his own side in racial politics if he insists on supporting Israel. Call that "manichean" if you wish, but some issues really are this simple.

silviosilver  9 days ago
Call me cynical, but I'm amazed that the white cop felt any need to get involved in the first place. Black 'kids' are beating each others heads in? Let them.

silviosilver  Jude_Fetzen  18 days ago
Exactly. Richard Spencer knows his stuff. He is keenly in tune with his roots. He'd never go for some filthy eastern wanna-be white slavozoid.

silviosilver  gerald carbonneau  4 months ago
I would rather live in Latin America than Asia, no two ways about it, even if it is more backward and more violent and its prospects dimmer and so on. All Asians are horrendously racially alien, while only some Latinos are. To me that matters.

A Question For VDARE

None dare call it hypocrisy.

My understanding of the VDARE consensus on immigration is that it includes the idea that illegal aliens should not be given amnesty, they should not be given citizenship, their children should not get birthright citizenship, and that all of them should be deported.

That is my view as well.  The only problem is with consistency.  The question is this:

Given VDARE's views, why don't they support having the illegal alien Mr. John Derbyshire, and his family, stripped of citizenship and deported from The United States of America?

After South Carolina

More Trump Derangement Syndrome

Basically, the only way you'd know Trump won yesterday is through this headline:

After South Carolina, who can stop Trump?

The media, the System, and the GOP Establishment are utterly consumed by hatred of Trump and his supporters.  It doesn't matter that "Der Trumpening" is actually a political centrist on most issues, that he grovels before the Negro to support affirmative action, that he has Jewish family connections, and that he is on (recent) record as supporting "touchback immigration" of wetback illegals back into the USA.

Because most of Trump's supporters are working class and middle class White Americans, because Trump has made some bombastic statements consistent with immigration skepticism, and, most of all, because of the perception that Trump promotes White interests, the deranged hysteria about the man and his candidacy continues.  Rather than openly proclaim his impressive victory, news sources can only run stories pleading with someone to "stop Trump."

Hey, White man, they really hate you.  What are you going to do about it? Football season is over, so you should have so more free time for political activism.  Just think what can be done when you are not busy jock-sniffing the Negro athlete.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Abandoning mainstream White Americans.

Of course the GOP Establishment (which includes Cruz, by the way) is eschewing Trump's White working class base.  Ever since the end of Reagan's Presidency, the GOP has been running away from this voting bloc and their interests as quickly as possible.  While still desiring their votes, the GOP absolutely loathes working class and middle class White Americans. Republicans hate their own base and wish for nothing better than to recruit the Democratic Party's coloreds to become pliant GOP voters. Further, the Establishment has nothing to offer the White working class anymore, not after Trump - in the absence of an alternative, the GOP may have hoodwinked the base with dog whistling "implicit Whiteness," but now that is becoming increasingly impossible with a real populist alternative in the mix.

What about specific criticisms in the linked article? Comments about Trump's economic policies assert that putting tariffs on cheap foreign goods will cause the increased prices to be passed on to the consumer.  Well, of course that will be the case, that is the whole idea: to make foreign goods relatively more expensive compared to what can be manufactured in the USA.  That is not a flaw in the program, but part of the program itself.  You know, there is no such thing as a free lunch (well, except maybe for colored schoolchildren).  The same applies to "higher supermarket prices" if we get rid of cheap immigrant stoop labor. Yes, until we have full automation, these changes will incur some economic costs (but economic benefits as well). So what?  That is to be expected.  If you want your country back, if you want America to be re-industrialized, if you want the aliens gone, you will need to make some sacrifices.  Yes, there will be some short-term pain for long-term benefit: better that than the other way around.  It is interesting that we ask men to go to war and sacrifice their lives to "save their country and preserve freedom" and yet to ask people to forgo having cheap Chinese junk in Walmart seems a sacrifice too much to make to win back their nation.

Similarly, we are told that Trump's policies would eliminate jobs making goods to be exported to China - as if the net gain in jobs wouldn't be substantial, given that we import far more than we export. We are also told that the Establishment "solution" to lost manufacturing jobs is "job retraining" - ignoring the fact that ability runs along a bell curve and that many blue collar workers simply cannot be effectively retrained to compete in the white collar market and, even more importantly, that the white collar jobs themselves are being lost. So...what? A White factory worker undergoes extensive retraining in "information technology," just in time to be laid off and be forced to train his South Asian H-1B replacement.  Yes, White folks are indeed naive but not, I hope, that naive.

Having created a secular conservative religion around the memory of Ronald Reagan, GOP cuckservatives now disparage Trump by pointing out alleged points of policy difference between Trump and the Great and Holy Saint Raygun.  This misses the point; in fact, the only candidate today truly similar to Reagan is Trump.  Both men are characterized as divorced and remarried celebrities, plain-speaking non-intellectuals with a visceral and somewhat race-based appeal to working class White "Regan Democrats."  Who else can say that?  Jeb?  Kasich?  Rubito the mechanical man?  Negro Carson? Who?  Cruz? Reagan campaigned for the B-1 bomber and against Soviet appeasement; Cruz campaigns for H-1B visas and against gluten-free MREs.  Any comparison is laughable.

Even though  I justifiably criticize Trump and his "movement"-HBD-game supporters, I still recognize the man's very real appeal to working class Whites.  I have to say: in all my decades of following politics, I have never seen any political candidate - not Nixon, not Reagan, nobody - who has been as consistently vilified as Donald Trump.  The reaction of the mass media, the Left, the GOP Establishment has been borderline psychotic.  I call it Trump Derangement Syndrome, and it is an indication that the man is doing something right.  It is also an indication that the fundamental basis of the System is a fundamental opposition to White interests.

Another related syndrome is WROS: White  Republican Obligation Syndrome.  I have written about this before: the bizarre belief that Whites are somehow obligated, by some mysterious iron-clad universal law, to vote for Republican candidates. Thus, the White voting bloc is a given, automatic, nothing that needs to be fought over, they have "nowhere else to go," they can be safely ignored as minorities are pandered to, as the GOP is redefined to fit "the majority non-White America of tomorrow," as Whites are considered the "dead past," and as Rubio-Haley are championed as the brown-tan future of the GOP.

Well, Whites have been such suckers in the past, but perhaps Der Trumpening (for all his faults) has awakened some degree of self-interest in feckless Whites (hence, the hatred of the elites for Trump) - and maybe, just maybe, the days when the White Vote was an automatic "birthright" of the GOP Establishment are long over.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Diversity and Social Cohesion Redux

More of the same, not that it would convince the Lunatic Left.

Only those moving into  diverse communities - presumably voluntarily - do not suffer the negative effects.  Although for even this group, I can imagine those forced to move toward diversity for economic reasons would suffer; thus, only those who move toward diversity because they (stupidly) value diversity itself would be unaffected.  The abstract:

Studies demonstrate a negative association between community ethnic diversity and indicators of social cohesion (especially attitudes towards neighbours and the community), suggesting diversity causes a decline in social cohesion. However, to date, the evidence for this claim is based solely on cross-sectional research. This article performs the first longitudinal test of the impact of diversity, applying fixed-effects modelling methods to three waves of panel data from the British Household Panel Survey, spanning a period of 18 years. Using an indicator of affective attachment, the findings suggest that changes in community diversity do lead to changes in attitudes towards the community. However, this effect differs by whether the change in diversity stems from a community increasing in diversity around individuals who do not move (stayers) or individuals moving into more or less diverse communities (movers). Increasing diversity undermines attitudes among stayers. Individuals who move from a diverse to a homogeneous community report improved attitudes. However, there is no effect among individuals who move from a homogeneous to a diverse community. This article provides strong evidence that the effect of community diversity is likely causal, but that prior preferences for/against out-group neighbours may condition diversity’s impact. It also demonstrates that multiple causal processes are in operation at the individual-level, occurring among both stayers and movers, which collectively contribute to the emergence of average cross-sectional differences in attitudes between communities. Unique insights into the causal impact of community disadvantage also emerge.

In The News, 2/18/16

Disappointment about Derb and Crush the Infamy.

Imagine my hope, the potential joy swelling up, when I saw a title suggesting Derbyshire being defenestrated.  Then, imagine my disappointment when said action was figurative and not literal.

Christianity must be completely destroyed.  A religion for slaves, for weaklings, for losers, a masochistic creed of self-abasement and racial surrender.

Yudell's Jewish Exponent

Breezy gets all worked up.

Sailer inconsistently (*) complains about the race denial chutzpah of something called "Michael Yudell."

Some items that can put Yudell into the proper context are as follows.

Lunch & Learn featuring Michael Yudell
OCTOBER 3, 2015 12:30 PM-2:00 PM
Join us for the first in a series of exciting, new, monthly Lunch & Learn lectures beginning Saturday, October 3 following 10 AM Shabbat services.

Social justice gathering!  Oy vey, make sure there is enough gelfite fish to go around!

Someone else with the same surname.  A star is born!  More Hyde than Jekyll, I think.

These Jews...Yudell wins the latest Ziv-Ignatiev award for anti-White Jewish meme construction.  A job well done, indeed.

*Breezy believes in citizenism, not race.  What matters racial classification then?  What matters ancestry, when Breezy's citizenism values a legally defined ingroup, and his HBD creed values proximate rankings of phenotypic traits over kinship-based identification?

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

In The News, 2/17/16

Some items.

It seems psychologically impossible for most Jews to comprehend that they have been partially responsible for their misfortunes throughout history, much like a lousy housemate preserves his self-esteem after being kicked out of house after house by convincing himself that the problem is with his housemates’ prejudices and intolerance, and not the fact that he dirties the house and is forgetful with the rent.

That is exactly right.  Deception and self-deception.

Europeans, namely those in Western Europe and the Anglosphere, on the other hand, are on far end of the other side of the spectrum.

Is there evidence that Eastern Europeans really have a more healthy attitude toward the Jews?

Robert Weissberg said that Jews prefer to support blacks over whites because they believe blacks to be “too stupid” to organize mass murder on the scale that Europeans were capable of in decades and centuries past.

Weissberg of course has been an honored guest - and speaker! - at Amren conferences.

Another example of this reluctant outreach to the goy can be found more in more recent times, where Ukrainian Jewish leader Vadim Rabinovich met with Marine Le Pen. Of course, they met so that they could discuss the need to “combat anti-Semitism.”

Gee, I must have missed Durocher talking about that.

Adolf Hitler, for one, insisted that patriotic Mischlinge be blended into the German gene pool by requiring any marriages be with pure-blooded Aryans.

And today's Nutzi Hitler worshippers obsessively reject even some European peoples.