Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Feminist Destruction of Western Civilization

Behold the female; behold the Death of the West.

That is a very well made video, and I agree with all the points made.  It is also demonstrates how a responsible usage of "game" memes can educate about the current racial and civilizational crisis, as opposed to what one finds elsewhere: homoerotic fixations on Trump (hello, Roissy), "sitting poolside" (Roissy again), and making one's life's work manipulating a STD-infected bar slut into having sex (Roissy the third).

In any case, do watch the video and spread it around.  That's something that needs to "go viral." Indeed, better the video goes viral, then whatever the gamesters pick up from their bar slut conquest.

That Other Trump Effect

Der Movement means never having to ever admit being wrong.

Well, let’s hope all the unassimilable dagoes in upcoming Mid-Atlantic state primaries vote for Der Touchback, for it seems that the angels of destiny are voting for Cruz, Kasich, and (previously) Rubio.

The Lathe of Heaven Syndrome, 3/31/16

More nonsense.

Courtesy of TOO:

Minor correction—-berbers were not white. Don’t look at cherry picked images of kabyle berbers online who represent .001% of the kabyle population. These pics were carefully selected and disseminated by Berber nationalists attempting to garner sympathy for their cause in western circles. lololololol! While they are not true negroids, most would pass as 1/2-1/4 black folks here in the states. Yes, even the Kabyle. I already addressed this issue in a lengthy comment in part 1.
In fact the brachycephalic, straight-haired Turks of 90 IQ are by an order of magnitude more white, given their closeness to Sicilians and Calabresi(who are off-white caucasoid populations). Greco-Armenian “turks are mongols!” propaganda would have you believe otherwise. :-)

Any evidence to back up these assertions; that is, besides the decisive arguments of "lololololol!" and " :-)?"

The solipsist "movement" marches onward...right off the cliff.

Immigration Insurance Redux

From VDARE, a rather breezy analysis of a rather serious topic.

But, hey, if EGI considerations are built into the program, I’m all for it.

Someone owes White Americans a lot of money. Cash or check?

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

In the News, 3/30/16

As March comes to an end...

Sailer once again discusses the Asian cheating scandal. One thing that Breezy and his fellow HBDers do not mention is that senile retards like Richard Lynn use standardized test scores to "estimate" IQ, and, by doing so, Asian IQ is inflated since their ever-so-wonderfully-high test scores are inflated by rampant cheating.

The blood of the victims of the Brussels attacks had not even dried — their bodies were not even cold — before the political establishment, the Left, and the media added insult to injury by telling us lies and trying to shift the blame: from the Muslim invaders and the fools who brought them here — to the people who would have kept them out of Europe in the first place.

All true. But let us not forget: when the Belgian authorities turned water cannons against the White natives who has the temerity to protest NEC terror, the (presumably majority White) crowd cheered. The "movement" is up against a problem that I believe it does not fully recognize: Whites do not want to be saved. As Fanon predicted, the destruction of the West is taking place with the indispensable help of the European peoples themselves. What to do the about the Loser, Coward, Cuckold White race?

Trouble in paradise: mudshark Annie is despairing over the juvenile Beavis-and-Butthead "shitlord" antics of Der Touchback.

It's one thing to support Trump's campaign as a vehicle for disruption, and to also recognize that to the masses, Trump is a "racist fascist bigot" so that support for him tracks pro-White attitudes. It's another thing entirely for people who should know better to take Trump the man - a vulgar, ignorant buffoon - seriously. 

Speaking of support for Trump - are there many "Mormons" in Wisconsin? Well, one group is predominant. Paging Michael Lind!

Der Movement Marches On, 3/30/16

Stupid bastards.

Well, when a series on Moorish Spain was running at TOO, I just knew that someone from Der Movement wouldn't be able to resist commenting that Spaniards (or at least some of them) are mongrelized Moors.


Nowadays there is a strong movement trying to reclaim Andalusia to its moorish legacy, which culturally and racially is pretty strong.
The Arabian African conquest has moved so farther north that Paris now can be considered an outpost of Africa. Even the mayor of Paris is, ethnically speaking, moorish: The very Arab looking Anne Hidalgo, a hardcore leftist from Andalusia.
Curiously even the second part of the author’s name Fernandez-Morera relates to the moors.

Yes sir, even the author under discussion is compromised. since as we all know mulberry bushes are Moorish, hence the connection with the name. And, yes, Hidalgo is quite obviously a Moor, unlike that specimen of pure Aryan manhood, David Bromstad.

Yes sir, it's all the fault of the Mormon religion! Damn Mormons in Iowa, Ohio, Alaska, and Minnesota! Mormons, Mormons, that's the ticket!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Universal Nationalism vs. National Socialism: Know Your Investments

Arguments for NS.

In On Genetic Interests, Salter’s charts of genetic investment options has Universal Nationalism (UN) as Self>Offspring>Ethny>Humanity (although things may shift dependent upon context) and National Socialism (NS) as Self=Ethny>Offspring>Humanity=0 (no investment in humanity at all).

I’m not sure that the relatively depressed Offspring investment compared to Self for NS is accurate, as that ideology was pro-natalist, although I would agree that the relative depression of Self, Offspring, and Humanity compared to Ethny is accurate, at least for NS as practiced in Hitler’s Germany. Although the heightened emphasis on Ethny is a fundamental feature of NS, one may consider that this is context-dependent as is UN’s investments. Would the high degree of ethnic mobilization in NS Germany have continued if they had won the war? Or, more fundamentally, is extreme ethnic mobilization (and absence of any investment in humanity whatsoever) an invariant feature of NS, or particular to one regime at one period of time?

I could envision a stabilized NS regime whose genetic investment profile is typically Self=Offspring=Ethny>Humanity, where Humanity is very low, but greater than zero.  And of course, this investment profile could be flexible, morphing into a more Salterian NS profile in times of ethnic crisis.

The question then is: is my modified “peacetime” NS investment profile better or worse than that typical of UN?  Or, perhaps better: can my NS profile serve as a form of UN that is more ethnocentric than the Self>Offspring>Ethny>Humanity  variety?

This is, I guess, a matter of taste.  One could argue that in the absence of ethnic crisis, even a Self=Offspring=Ethny>Humanity regime exhibits excessive and superfluous ethnic mobilization, that such levels may not be sustainable over time, and/or that having multiple ethnies with such profiles increases the risk of conflict.

Those are reasonable arguments, and food for thought for future discussion.  I would argue in favor of the more moderate NS profile based on my ‘take” that UN may be dangerous for less ethnocentric ethnies that are prone to altruistic humanism (i.e., Whites) and in the absence of sufficient ethnic mobilization, the slide from UN to Humanism may be too easy to occur.  Of course, too much ethnic mobilization may “burn out” less ethnocentric groups, so that some oscillation over time may be required (which would necessitate a managerial regime with long-term strategic vision and social planning on a wide scale, over historical time).  However, knowing how “weak” Whites tend to be, I’m more comfortable erring on the side of more ethnic mobilization, rather than less – for Whites this mobilization could be tempered by humanist impulses (which, admittedly, did not occur in the Hitlerian regime). Bur we are currently dying out due to a complete lack of ethnic mobilization, so I would say, at least for now, worrying about too much mobilization should not be a concern until such time (if ever) that the racial situation is so stabilized over time that a more traditional UN profile can come into being.

Starting with NS and ending up stabilized at UN is better than starting at UN prematurely, when racial dangers abound, and sliding back into Humanism.  If UN is flexible, then flexibility toward the NS direction may be prudent for as long as legitimate racial danger exist (note: it is possible that they may always exist).

Monday, March 28, 2016

Belgium Gets Tough

But...against whom?

In the news today were some post-terrorism stories from Belgium. Apparently, the Belgian police decided to get tough, to the joy of the cheering crowd, by spraying with water cannon some individuals who have been labeled "scoundrels" by the Belgian political establishment.

Who are these dastardly scoundrels, who received their well-deserved punishment from the righteous authorities?  More Islamic terrorists perhaps, ready to set off additional bombs? Cologne-style refugee sex fiends?  The colored thugs who have made Brussels into a ghetto?

No, no, no - a thousand times, no!

The water-blasted scoundrels were White Belgians protesting against the terrorists. After all, NECs are supposed to blow up Europeans, that is their right, and, as we well know, the only just and proper relationship between the White West and the World of Color is that pictured here.

What nerve those protesters have!  Racists!  Bigots!  Haters!  Fascists! Nazis! Scoundrels one and all!  The proper attitude of Europeans toward NEC crime and terror should be, of course, humble acceptance - nay, gratitude!  Thus it is only right and proper that the same police who could not deter terror, and who are afraid to enter certain Brussels neighborhoods, should vent their rage against natives who only want to be left in peace.

Now, really, how can anyone doubt that the White race is the Beta race, the Omega race, the lower-than-Omega Leucosa race?  Even the lowest forms of life act in the direction of self-preservation, but the White subhumans are less fit than even a humble protozoan.

And that whirring sound you hear is Leon Degrelle spinning in his grave - with the velocity of a high-powered drill.

More Black Privilege

Meet the upper caste of the System's hierarchy.

What Churches May Not Do:
Endorse candidates directly or indirectly from the pulpit on behalf of the church.

What Pastors May Not Do:
Endorse candidates directly or indirectly from the pulpit on behalf of the church.

DETROIT (AP) — From the pulpit of an African-American church in Detroit not long ago, Bishop Corletta Vaughn offered a rousing endorsement of Hillary Clinton that went far beyond politics.

An Excellent Comment: Idiot Is As Idiot Does

Against Durocher.

A commentator at Counter-Currents writes (emphasis added):

Perhaps Durocher is imagining a scenario where Europe helps the Muslims re-take Palestine, in exchange for which Muslims agree to leave Europe. If Durocher thinks Muslims would ever accept that deal, then he’s an idiot and a naif. Muslims want Europe. That’s their top priority. I’m not sure why writers like Durocher can’t get this in their heads. The Muslims are the opposite of the Jews. The Jews will actually leave Europe in order to be in Palestine (i.e. Israel). The Muslims will not. The Muslims’ goal is conquest of Europe. The Jews’ goal is Zion. This isn’t that complicated.

Yes, he is an idiot.  Put it another way, Durocher is the Steve Sailer of White nationalism: breezy, superficial analyses that the dimwitted think are "erudite," but which fall apart like wet tissue paper upon even the most cursory of closer examinations.

All Hail Trump the Redeemer!

He has risen!

Would a Trump administration end these race-based humiliations? Most likely, though Mr. Trump would never publicly announce this policy reversal. It is now an officially sanctioned “truth” that whites are responsible for the misbehavior of blacks; this “truth” will not vanish even if the Donald appoints Chris Christie or someone like him as Attorney General. But at least under President Trump, Americans need not worry that common criminals will be celebrated thanks to their skin color while white police officers are demonized for doing their jobs. I believe that this unstated promise helps drives the passion for Donald Trump. He is a modern day Redeemer.

Kay talks about “disparate impact” as one of the racial humiliations Whites suffer from that the Christ-like Redeemer Trump will deliver us from.

Is Kay aware that Trump has heretofore expressed support for affirmative action, and criticized Danny DeVito-look alike Antonin Scalia for being “too rough” on Blacks because of that pudgy wop’s rather mild and very weakly race-aware remarks about what colleges may be best for the Imperial Negro?

Speaking of affirmative action, you know, when I accuse the “movement” of practicing it, there is a reason, as this post makes clear.

Meanwhile, we will all stand in awe of Trump the Redeemer, supporter of affirmative action, champion of the Negro, promoter of “high-skilled” immigration, and advocate of “touchback” immigration of wetbacks. 

Hallelujah, he is risen!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Humanity vs. Ethny: Know Your Investments

System hypocrisy laid bare.

In On Genetic Interests, Salter provides some impressionistic (qualitative) graphs interpreting how different ideologies distribute interests along the continuum of Self-Family-Offspring-Humanity.  Putting aside minor quibbles (both offspring and ethny can be more fine-grained categories with different levels of relatedness – offspring can be extended to the entire family, including distinctions such as brother vs. cousin; ethny can have ethnic group vs. race, etc.) this is a quite useful instrument to think about the relationship between memes and genes, and how cultural artifacts and social technologies affect our genetic interests. These charts are an underestimated and under discussed part of the book; besides myself, the only other person I know of who tried to discuss this in a useful fashion is Bowery on a blog post from several years ago.

I’ll likely have more to say about this in the future – including a defense of the national socialist interest distribution - but for now I would like to comment on a key feature of System-approved ideologies – that they skip over ethny as a legitimate focus of interest.  Included in the ideologies that Salter (justifiably) claims do this are: (radical) Christianity, Humanism, and Communism, as well as Multiculturalism as practiced by majority groups (Capitalism he has as skipping both ethny and humanity and it will not be a topic of this discussion).

One can attempt to look at this from a logical, objective standpoint, a standpoint that values consistency and a fair distribution of interests along the chain of biological relatedness.

Salter has (radical) Christianity not only eliminating all interest in ethny, but also suppressing interest in self and offspring, consistent with the life-denying, masochistic nature of the creed.  Communism depresses interest in offspring while eliminating it for ethny, also demonstrating maladaptive aspects.  Even so, for both, they at least pay lip service to a minimal investment in self and offspring (it is low, but not zero) – even the most radical of the System’s approved ideologies (yes, Marxism is approved – compare how a Marxist academic is treated compared to a “Fascist” one; and the form of Christianity most valued by the System is the most self-effacing and maladaptive kind) dare not completely eliminate self and offspring as categories of interest.  They may wish to do so, but that is a “bridge too far,” so to speak.  

Despite continuing far-left attempts to promote (White) self-abasement and to deconstruct (traditional) families, the natural impulses to preserve and protect self and offspring (even if Whites are not reproducing themselves) are still too strong.  Hence, the general lack of interest in radical Christianity and, even more importantly, the movement of the Left Core away from doctrinaire Marxism toward a more “cultural Marxist” memetic structure that emphasizes humanist and multiculturalist values that target ethnic interests for attack while for the most part preserving interest in self and offspring (*)

Thus, of greater interest for this discussion are “Humanism” and “Multiculturalism as practiced by majorities” as the major vehicles for the System’s Left Core ideology (apart from atomized Capitalism; see footnote*). Here, we see an acceptance of basic human nature regarding self and offspring (the most intense repositories of genetic interest – note, NOT the largest repositories, but most concentrated, intense, and linked to emotional responses). Instead, the target is specifically ethnic interests.  It is accepted that a (White) person should invest in self and offspring and also take a strong interest in humanity; but any interest in ethny is viciously attacked by social pricing, “hate” and “racism” laws, and social engineering to completely delegitimize the pursuit of group interests by European-descended peoples.

Given that we all agree on the importance of self and offspring, we need not talk about those any more now.  Instead, let us focus on the System’s meme that pursuit of ethnic interests is illegitimate but pursuit of pan-human interests is perfectly legitimate and, indeed, laudable.

We can consider a thought experiment that underscores the hypocrisy – and the ethnic aggression - underlying such arguments by demonstrating that there is no logical, objective reason for making this distinction.  Virtually every argument used to attack ethnic genetic interests can also be invoked, given the correct context, for human genetic interests.

Imagine an alien invasion of Earth, with these outer space aliens intent on displacing (demographically, socially, politically, in every way) humans as the dominant sentient species on Earth.  Imagine these aliens want to use some humans, particularly human elites, to assist them in their agenda of conquest.  Other humans fight the aliens; indeed, some sacrifice themselves in order to save humanity.  How would this scenario be viewed?

I guarantee that there would be near-unanimous agreement across the political spectrum: the traitors are despicable, the altruists are honorable, and “of course” we must fight for humanity and preserve the Earth for our patrimony.  Indeed, some may even say fighting for humanity is not truly altruism, since we as humans have a strong vested interest in the survival and prospering of our species.

Further, I assert that this position would be held as well by HBDers, Desi “cognitive elitists” and their White extended phenotypes, Salter-hating Jamaican mongrel bloggers, and all the rest, including the Left.

But we can ask: how is this different from the case of defense of ethny?  Why can’t we say that the self-sacrificing fighters for humanity will be outcompeted by free-riding traitors?  Why is preserving humanity adaptive?  Why, we may even have folks muttering about “green beard effects” and parsing the difference between “identical by descent” and “identical by state” (identical is not identical according to HBDers, you see) – all sorts of rationales.  Indeed, preserving humanity is simply “a preference” not more salient than a taste for toffee or an admiration for Mahler - right?  

The same people who argue against EGI on the basis that “human groups are virtually genetically the same” would probably be unconvinced by alien claims that dispossession of humans is no problem given that the great apes will be left unmolested and, by alien standards, humans and chimps are virtually genetically identical.  Further, if the aliens claim that there is “greater genetic variation within the human family than there is between humans and aliens” would that make the dispossession of the human race any more palatable to the same humanist-multiculturalist-HBD types who use all these same arguments to delegitimize Eurocentric activism?

Of course, the Left-HBD faction need to get their memes straight.  Take the argument that “there is more genetic variation within than between groups and there is virtually no real biological differences between human groups.”  Very well.  But, doesn’t that mean that investing in a single ethny has a great cost-benefit ratio?  After all, according to the anti-EGI crowd, a single ethny contains more genetic variation than that found between groups; indeed, we are told that the vast bulk of human genetic variation is found within single population groups.  So!  All you need to do is preserve one group and you have virtually all the genetic variation right there.  No need to preserve all humanity.  Why, after all, groups are all the same, aren’t they?  And isn’t it easier to invest in a single ethny, concentrating your investment there, than to dilute it over all humanity?  Indeed, if we are all the same, then investing in humanity is a superfluous waste of resources.  Save a single group, reap the benefits of all that internal genetic variation and diversity, and if the rest of humanity is lost, no problem – no differences between groups anyway.  QED.

However, that argument would never be made by the anti-White Left and the anti-White HBDers.  Instead, we’ll get talk about the “rich and diverse tapestry of humanity” – but when that tapestry is interpreted as including Europeans, watch the cognitive dissonance unfold and suddenly we are all the same and why be so concerned about individual groups.  Genetic and diversity arguments shift back and forth and the only unifying theme is that whatever bolsters investing in humanity over ethny, and more specifically, whatever delegitimizes the pursuit of White interests, is the meme promoted.

Getting back to the arguments supporting betraying humanity to aliens, of course, I doubt any of these Left-HBD specimens would dare make such arguments.  Therefore, we see a clear case of the legitimacy of the defense of ethny being specifically disregarded, specifically targeted.  For some reason – one that cannot be based on logic or objectivity – self, family, and humanity are considered worthwhile for defense, but the other link in the chain of interests – ethny – is somehow considered an illegitimate focus of interest or concern.  Well, let’s be honest – that’s not the case for everyone.  For most peoples, a concern for ethny is acceptable – it is ONLY for European-derived peoples that the ethny part of the chain of interests is skipped over, not legitimate, not considered as valid.  It is ONLY and SPECIFICALLY White ethnic interests that form a gap of interest, it is only for Whites that the chain goes self-offspring-humanity, while for every other group it is self-offspring-ethny-humanity.  This is proof positive that the delegitimization of White ethnic self-defense is not only illogical, but is an open attack against White interests, it is form of memetic warfare against the entire race as part of inter-group competition and as part of free-riding by White traitors.

Of course, the same arguments against ethnic genetic interests can be applied, following the course of “Left Logic,” to delegitimize pursuit of the interests of self and offspring, bringing us back to radical Christianity, extreme Communism, etc. - which promote decreased investment in those categories in favor of an indiscriminate humanism.  There is a consistency in leftist memes in which, ultimately, carried to their “logical” conclusions, every human distinction is eliminated (**)

To summarize: pursuit of genetic interests at every level of one’s continuum of relatedness is objectively and logically legitimate, and can be adaptive, particularly dependent upon context.  There is absolutely no objective or logical reason to pick one chain in the link, in this case ethny, to be specifically disregarded.  Arguments against the pursuit of ethnic genetic interests could just as easily be used, dependent upon context, against humanist universalism. Indeed, many of the same arguments can be made against the interests of self and offspring (a child that uses so much resources that it prevents its parents from producing more children – egads! – interfamilial free riding!).  Arguments that the pursuit of ethnic interests is wrong because of “wars, conflict, and bloodshed” ignore that the bloodiest ideologies in human history have been egalitarian humanist ones (starting with Communism at the top of the list), that multicultural diversity leads to conflict, and that even at the level of self and offspring, people have been historically violent (how many murders are committed for selfish and familial reasons?).  The hysterical denunciation of, specifically, ethnic genetic interests is illogical.  Given that this attack on EGI is most often targeted to Whites (usually implicitly, but sometimes explicitly - “Whites acting as Whites have caused unique oppression in human history, blah, blah, blah”), anti-Salterian attitudes are revealed to have an inner core of ethnic aggression against Whites and White interests.

*While Capitalism is not part of my analysis at this time, I note that the System likes to promote hedonistic, selfish, atomized individualism for Whites to the extent that Whites are not consumed by humanist values.  In other words, either be a Humanist who disregards ethny in favor of humanity, or be a libertarian Capitalist who disregards ethny and humanity (and to some extent interest in having children) in favor of self. 

**Which makes one wonder about human-alien distinctions – who would be overrepresented among the pro-space alien traitors to humanity – Leftists who deny the importance of human-alien differences, or atomized, hyper-individualistic Capitalists eager for their thirty pieces of silver?

Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Age of Intelligence

Another interesting Strom piece.

Instead of "out of the mouth of babes," we now have "out of the mouth of binary digits,"

One Picture That Summarizes the West

Crush the infamy!

If there is one single picture that summarizes the West of today, that clearly defines modern "European values," that underscores the complete worthlessness of the White race (*), it is this.

What else is there to say?  Repost that picture any time some piece of filth starts the conservative song-and-dance about how "Christianity must be the core of White, Western identity" or any other nonsense praising this desert sand religion, a faith carefully crafted by Levantine scum (were Peter and Paul European?) to undermine the Occident.

Christianity is a religion for losers, a religion of surrender, a religion of weakness.  And, no, don't cite instances of centuries past to argue otherwise, back when Europeans utilized an "aryanized" Christianity in an instrumental fashion as a civilizational glue against other peoples with their own unifying faiths.  Christianity has now returned to its life-denying, anti-White, anti-European and non-European roots, and there is no going back.

In an ideal "White Imperium" Christianity - and all other foreign religions - would be outlawed, the churches either demolished or turned into museums, the lower clergy sent to labor camps, and the higher clergy publicly hanged.

*The Pope is a South American (wop), and of course, many Catholics today are Third Worlders.  Nevertheless, we all know what the symbolism of that picture is, what the racial and cultural background is: Whites and the West pitifully groveling in the most pathetic and humiliating fashion to the strident world of Color (which includes Yellows, by the way).

Friday, March 25, 2016

More Chinese Cheating

Sailer doesn't make the connection.

Cheat, cheat, cheat...what's new?  Too bad HBDers like Sailer don't make the connection between this and the fact that East Asian "test scores" - used by some senile idiots to "estimate" IQ - are not very dependable, are they?  Remember that the next time Sailer starts his sweaty heavy breathing over "PISA scores."

The D and D Boys Are At It Again

Durocher and Daniel S (imitating Derbyshire).

Another pathetic and rambling bit of try-hard nonsense from Durocher the Untermenschen, scurrying around a topic, never coming to any definitive conclusions, promoting his own writings, including his imbecilic musinderstandings of population genetics. Note also how he tries to defend Hitler at Counter-Currents, while at The Occidental Observer these days it is Jews, Jews, Jews. 

Daniel S at Majority Rights has a new post that reaches new heights in the HBD NAMs meme, outdoing the likes of Derbyshire.  It includes this comment:
But yes, for one thing, in terms of EGI, Africans and Denisovans are arguably among the worst Europeans can mix with. Moreover, if you take my example as I actually meant it, not strictly about Paupuans but about blacks, plenty of mixing does occur - quite dangerous and destructive.

Yeah, plenty of mixing occurs with East Asians – quite dangerous and destructive. As I’ve always said, Majority Rights has always had a complete misunderstanding – or in some cases intentional misuse - of the EGI concept (no wonder certain academics avoid them). Fact is, East Asians are almost as genetically distant from Europeans as are Negroes and Papuans. The NECs that MR castigates are much, much, more genetically closer to Europeans than are East Asians. As far as net EGI goes – which takes into account the on-the-ground behaviors of groups that affect EGI – we can note significant East Asian immigration to the Anglosphere, significant interbreeding with Whites, and the seething Yellow Peril hatred of nations like China for the West. And, unlike Negroes and Papuans, the Yellow Peril constitutes a real and long-tern military and economic threat to the West.

Once again, my suspicions are aroused: that East Asians see their women as a weapon of war to be used against European Man (and I use the male sex there intentionally), to influence Whites to take pro-Asian attitudes against the interests of their own people. And before love-struck White Knights, defending Yellows, accuse this blog of “sucking Jewish cock” as part of a conspiracy to derail the budding White-Yellow alliance (an alliance that seems well consummated by Derbyshire’s “measured groveling” to his wife), I can point out that any cursory reading of this blog – and my work in its entirety – makes clear that I’m no friend of the Jews. Amazingly enough, it is possible to be against both Jews and East Asians at the same time.

I cannot consider MR a pro-White site. The “majority” they are concerned with is apparently East Asian and not European. The curtain descends there, leaving GW, Daniel S, and Kumiko to gibber among themselves.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Yellow Peril of Su Bin

Copy, copy, copy, steal, steal, steal.

A Chinese man has pleaded guilty in a “years-long” conspiracy to hack into U.S. networks to steal sensitive information, including data on the C-17 cargo plane and fighter jet aircraft, the Justice Department announced Wednesday. 
Su Bin, also known as Stephen Su and Stephen Subin, 50, a citizen and resident of the People’s Republic of China, pleaded guilty to the crime in the United States District Court for the Central District of California, according to a press release from the department. 
A China-based businessman who worked in the aviation and aerospace fields, Su is accused of playing a role “in the criminal conspiracy to steal military technical data, including data relating to the C-17 strategic transport aircraft and certain fighter jets produced for the U.S. military,” it states. 
The release didn’t specify which type of fighter aircraft, though American officials have long pointed to similarities in China’s latest designs as evidence of its successful theft of technical data from the U.S. 
During a congressional hearing last fall, Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia, noted that China’s Chengdu J-20 twin-engine stealth fighter resembles the F-22 Raptor made by Lockheed Martin Corp., while the Shenyang J-31 twin-engine multi-role fighter resembles the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter single-engine design also made by Lockheed. 
“I’m saying we know the J-20 is pretty much mirroring our F-22,” Manchin said. “We know that their J-31 is pretty much mirroring our F-35. We we know this and the cost to the American taxpayers … why wouldn’t we take hard actions against them? I just don’t understand why we wouldn’t retaliate from a financial standpoint.” 
Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work acknowledged that the Chinese “have stolen information from our defense contractors and it has helped them develop systems.” But he said, “we have hardened our systems.” 
As part of the plea deal, Su admitted to working with two people from China from October 2008 to March 2014 to gain unauthorized access to computers belonging to Boeing Co. in Orange County, California, to steal sensitive military information and illegally export it to China, according to the the Justice Department release.
Here’s how they did it, according to the document: 
“As part of the conspiracy, Su would e-mail the co-conspirators with guidance regarding what persons, companies and technologies to target during their computer intrusions. One of Su’s co-conspirators would then gain access to information residing on computers of U.S. companies and email Su directory file listings and folders showing the data that the co-conspirator had been able to access. Su then directed his co-conspirator as to which files and folders his co-conspirator should steal. Once the co-conspirator stole the data, including by using techniques to avoid detection when hacking the victim computers, Su translated the contents of certain stolen data from English into Chinese. In addition, Su and his co-conspirators each wrote, revised and emailed reports about the information and technology they had acquired by their hacking activities, including its value, to the final beneficiaries of their hacking activities.” 
Su was arrested in Canada in July 2014, waived extradition and consented to be extradited to the U.S. in February, the release states. He faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a fine of $250,000 or twice the amount he gained from the offense, whichever is greatest, it states. He is scheduled to be sentenced on July 13, it states.

An informed and insightful commentator writes:
MrWolf • 5 minutes ago
China has not one creative bone in their body. They innovate nothing and steal everything. But it's not their fault because US corporate greed is so out of control, US corporations are willing to have their intellectual properties stolen so they can continue to have access to China's cheap slave labor. And the reason the US Government does nothing is because those very same US corporations put enormous pressure on them to do nothing against China's blatant theft. This is why nothing is being done against China and their thievery. I find it funny how these same US corporations are the ones creating the very competition that will one day put them out of business. Talking to you Boeing & Airbus. Your days in China, & possibly your days in business are numbered. Once China learns how to clone your commercial Aircraft & start selling them really cheap to Airlines around the world.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Why Do Jews Look The Way The Do?

A hypothesis.

I have been seeing some “far-right” sites discussing the issue of Jewish physical appearance, and I remember one site having its members put up a rather extensive gallery of pictures of repulsive Jewish celebrities, which quite literally made me physically nauseous.  These sites usually discuss theories for the stereotypical physical appearance of (Ashkenazi) Jews, often invoking the “inbreeding” argument (see below).  Although I am really not interested in these HBD-style discussions, the trauma inflicted by viewing some of those faces has led me to propose my own ideas on this subject.

Two points.  First, this is not meant as any type of criticism or insult toward Jews.  It is instead a relatively dispassionate discussion of a very real phenomenon.  Most people, including I believe most Jews, understand that this is a group known for brains not beauty.  Of course, there are always exceptions; in biological phenomena, outliers always exist.  The existence of these exceptions by no means invalidates the reality that the typical Ashkenazi Jewish phenotype is very well represented by the likes of Anthony Weiner and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Second, this is a hypothesis, not a dogmatic insistence of reality.  Unlike the “movement” and HBD, I do not have The Lathe of Heaven Syndrome, there is no solipsism here.  Therefore, I do not cite data but merely provide ideas that constitute a hypothesis that requires more empirical testing.

I’m not going to bring up “Jewish inbreeding” as a mechanism for their physical defects, for the simple reason that some HBDers (e.g., Cochran) have been making a big song-and-dance about how the whole bottleneck/inbreeding thing for Jews is not true; I haven’t really looked at the data since I am not very interested.  I can make my arguments without invoking inbreeding and will therefore go ahead and do so.

Instead, here I assert that two major mechanisms account for the typically repulsive physical appearance of (Ashkenazi) Jews: their particular ancestral origins in the modern Middle/Near East coupled to admixture, and the lack of subsequent sexual selection for improved (mostly female) appearance.

Ashkenazi Jews are thought to have originated in the modern Middle/Near East in historical times, followed by entry into Europe and a significant initial degree of admixture with native Europeans (the paradigm is Middle Eastern males with European females; the Europeans initially were likely mostly Southern Europeans, with, later, Germanics and Slavs entering the picture as Jews infiltrated to the north and east).  The Middle Eastern origin of Jews is well revealed by the phenotypes of Jews such as Weiner, which betray (the nose! the nose!) the Near Eastern-Semitic-Araboid antecedents.  Many stereotypical Jewish physical traits, particularly facial traits, likely have their origin in this derivation from NEC Middle Eastern population streams.  However, that is not the full story.  After all, despite similarities, there are differences in appearance between Jews and Arabs; furthermore, the distinctive Ashkenazi appearance has more to do with an overall disharmonious, discordant, off-putting “affect” than it does with any grouping of single features (e.g., noses).  Therefore, it is not only the Middle Eastern origin that is the mechanism here, but the subsequent hybridization with European stocks, which led to a discordant mismatch of NEC and European features, a disharmonious combination of features that fit poorly together.  Even further, one can speculate that this combination never stabilized into a harmonious blend because of a lack of sexual selection for physical appearance, which is the subject of the next part of this analysis.

Many (most?) human groups have undergone some degree of sexual selection for physical appearance.  In many (Eurasian) groups, this is most directed at the female, but of course male appearance is also affected through inheritance of maternal traits.  Some HBDers (e.g., Frost) assert that this mechanism was most highly developed in the northern climes of Europe during the hunter-gatherer times (cue “movement” heavy breathing at the mention of hunter-gatherers), and this is likely true.  In any case, sexual selection for appearance occurred throughout Europe and in many areas of Asia as well.  It may well have also occurred in Negro Africa, but there focusing on male appearance (I do not speculate on Amerinds, but possibly they too partook in this mechanism, for which sex predominantly I do not know).

Jews, however, I see as different.  For them, sexual selection was about intelligence, ability, family connections, business or intellectual success.  A physically grotesque Jewess may very well have found eager marriage partners if she was the daughter of a successful businessman, rabbinical scholar, or some other sort of community leader. Thus, she would pair up with an equally grotesque male Jew, from an equally successful family, and they would produce ugly yet intelligent children, with a greater probability of survival than the children (if any were produced) of less intelligent Jews (of whatever physical appearance). Thus, for Jews, there was no “gracilization” of physical appearance that could have attenuated the distortions and unpleasant features derived from their unique ancestral origins. The Weiner and Bader Ginsburg phenotypes were thus perpetuated, along with high verbal intelligence, high ethnocentrism and neurotic intensity, and other stereotypical Jewish traits.

To summarize: The hypothesis is that the stereotypical (Ashkenazi) Jewish appearance is due to their origins rooted in the modern Middle/Near East, coupled to discordant admixture with European stocks, creating phenotypes that never became aesthetically stabilized and gracilized due to a lack of sexual selection for beauty.

Trump Wins Arizona, Gains Offset by Utah Loss

Trump loses Utah. Surprise!

Which has more explanatory power, EGI Notes or the “movement?”  Contrasting Trump in “liberal Massachusetts” to “conservative Utah” will leave the “movement” scratching its head and muttering about calipers and hunter-gatherers.  The reality is that these primaries are a referendum on the perception of Trump as a “racist” right-wing populist (putting aside the fraudulent reality of the man) - ethnic gap indeed. Republican primaries are a particularly useful tool to discern (state-by-state) intra-White attitudes, since the vast majority of Republican voters are White Gentiles, and so therefore the results can be analyzed without the large non-White vote that impacts the general election.

And oh yeah, Utah is a “strange state.”  Uh huh.

Minnesota, Idaho, Iowa, and Ohio are all “strange” also, I assume?  “Movement” jackasses. (Complete with the usual VDARE “cheesecake” picture.  Somewhere Beavis and Butthead snigger).

Of course, Arizona is ethnically similar to Utah (albeit without the Mormon ethnocultural component), but its severe immigration problems and controversies seems to have created a more “Southern White” attitude compared to other Western states.  Anyway, in human affairs no paradigm is perfect; instead we look at broad trends.  There will always be exceptions, always be outliers.  In the broad sense, Lind’s thesis has more predictive power than alternatives – it does not have to hold true in every single state. 

If Trump was to not garner the delegates needed to avoid an uncontested convention, the fault would lie primarily with the White voters of Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, Idaho, Alaska, and Utah.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Call Brussels

Good Counter-Currents video.

Spread this far and wide.  The pathetic, worthless, weak, sissified White race needs to have its nose rubbed into its humiliation over and over again.

Who knows?  Maybe Whites will one day stand up like men, and stop being shat upon by the colored world on a daily basis.  

Then again, Whitey's typical response to being slapped in the face by Color is to shyly blush like a cuck pansy and shriek, "thank you sir may I have another?!!!"

The Unbearable Breeziness of Steverino

More anti-Sailer quotes from MPC. Beautiful, beautiful.

Most from "Pleasureman" but a few other comments mixed in:

I don't know what Sailer's private thoughts are about Trump, but one of the annoying things about him is that he is frequently months behind the curve.  He's not a fast thinker.  He may be pro-Trump but is still computing his take on him.  I think he spent a long time before commenting on Barry being manic-depressive, but I'm not sure.

He also has the autistic urge to write about something that he is currently fixated with regardless of its timeliness or importance.  It's similar to the way he clogs up his blog with golf course s**t.  Or the time he spent three days complaining about Matt Weiner (of Mad Men fame) after the series had wrapped its final episode.  He's like Slow Motion Man, interjecting his views about a conversation his dinner companions were having 30 minutes ago.  And what can't he work a mention of the 2008 mortgage crisis into?

Absolutely atrocious writing from one of Sailer's flabby blog posts.  He simply refuses to write in a precise, direct way about anything.  You would need 12 hours of sleep and several shots of espresso to come at this blog entry without flagging.  If Sailer announced he was going to steal all my ideas and publish them in his own book, I would sleep like a baby, and so would anyone who tried to read it.

The flabbiness is not atypical, or reflective of his thought process.  His only job is to write and he does it with visible lack of effort. 

Sailer seems to be getting worse. I worry the man is slowly going mad. 

Judging from what I saw in stores during my annual two days of Christmas shopping, America is apparently going through a sock phase, with lots of people getting fancy socks to express their individuality.

If I were going to write a vicious parody of Sailer's most asinine writing, it would be really hard to come up with something that tops this opening paragraph. 

"happily married white people vote republican", the stupendous insight of a very conventional man who would be content with more conventional Republican presidents (and defending them against media editorials)

Sailer is part of the problem for exactly that level of "insight", he's always wanted to fit into the National Review crowd but they rejected him and he's a pundit without a real home now

he has no thoughts other than marketroid musings, and even those are few and far between--more often he just sticks two or three lines under a big news article quote, Instapundit style...I'd honestly rather read reddit, conservadad is boring boring boring

Sailer reaches people with low quality and in many cases wrong ideas.  He's a part of the modern conservative passivity of complaining about the news coverage but having nothing to say other than bland truisms.  And he nurses inane HBD viewpoints.

You should stop and think why conservatives have such poor leaders.  It is because (and can only be because) they ask for no better.  They are fiercely loyal to mediocre men with even minor authority cachet.  Accepting dull men like Sailer is the same as demanding their dullness.

Sailer occupies a spot in the ecosystem and largely wastes it.  You are stuck in a fog of haziness with regard to him (it's clear in your half-hearted praise), so you can't see that he needs to be replaced with a more compelling writer and thinker--he's not good enough.  For once I would like to hear conservatives demand that someone step it up instead of settling for s**t.

In the News, 3/22/16

More stupidity.

From a "game" site, but the usual "movement" stupidity:

I don’t know if it is obvious or unimportant but, I just thought I would add in that Kevin Williamson is mulatto.

Proof? Evidence? That’s EXACTLY the “movement” Lathe of Heaven mindset – the very thoughts of “movement” “activists” suddenly become reality. Even when they post on “game” sites as well. It all works the same! The solipsist “movement.”

Another moron:

And i didn’t have to give my DNA to some cultmarx biotech company, that just wants to help you (yeah.right) discover your heritage, to figure THAT out. I wonder (((who))) really owns those biotech companies anyway.

There are many things wrong with the DNA testing companies, but paranoid bullshit (other than Cobb and Watson, who likely have real cause for complaint) doesn’t cut it. The answer is better testing – WHICH FOCUSES ON GENETIC KINSHIP NOT ON OTHER (MORONIC “MOVEMENT”) METRICS – rather than relying on the “movement’s” “our thoughts equal reality” viewpoint.

Yeah, Belgium ban the Vlaams Blok - that has saved you. Now enjoy the vibrancy! A nation of cucks.

Trump is “playing a deep chess game,” eh, “movement” and game/HBD? Donald the mohel?