Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Correct Commentator

Failure upon failure.

A commentator at TOO writes:

The way White people riot is by voting for a seemingly “politically incorrect” candidate like Trump. It’s a shame that the pro-White and “alternative right” movement have squandered the Trump campaign by simply playing cheerleader – a cheerleader his campaign never needed and didn’t want. 
If the pro-White and “alternative right” movement had, instead, leveraged the Trump campaign by, say, signing up people at his rallies, organizing among Trump fans, and the like, regardless of what happens we’d be in a better position in the future.
Yes, and not only that.  Flood the 'net with posts, comments, and Youtube videos underscoring the racial nature of the Trump campaign (which exists independently of Touchback the Fraud), etc. Community activism.  Be on hand to shift the debate more from an implicit to explicit racial direction. An efficiently run movement (no scare quotes) would have the blueprints for contingency plans ready, all the pieces ready to be mobilized for action. With foresight (and aren't all the "hunter-gatherers" running the show evolutionarily selected for foresight in harsh northern climes?) there could have been - should have been - a plan of action in the event of a right-wing populist candidate stirring the multicultural pot.  
Instead we get a few essays, Duke's endorsement followed by Trump's disavowal, some "robot calls" (better than nothing I admit), and Roissy's bizarre homoerotic fixation on a senior citizen with a bad haircut.
Note to "movement" - it is not too late to start planning for the possible outcomes of Trump's campaign and how to leverage it for racial nationalist benefit.  It's time to put down those calipers, close your copy of March of the Titans, forget about Savitri Devi and "the man who can't tell time," and start getting politically serious.