Monday, March 28, 2016

An Excellent Comment: Idiot Is As Idiot Does

Against Durocher.

A commentator at Counter-Currents writes (emphasis added):

Perhaps Durocher is imagining a scenario where Europe helps the Muslims re-take Palestine, in exchange for which Muslims agree to leave Europe. If Durocher thinks Muslims would ever accept that deal, then he’s an idiot and a naif. Muslims want Europe. That’s their top priority. I’m not sure why writers like Durocher can’t get this in their heads. The Muslims are the opposite of the Jews. The Jews will actually leave Europe in order to be in Palestine (i.e. Israel). The Muslims will not. The Muslims’ goal is conquest of Europe. The Jews’ goal is Zion. This isn’t that complicated.

Yes, he is an idiot.  Put it another way, Durocher is the Steve Sailer of White nationalism: breezy, superficial analyses that the dimwitted think are "erudite," but which fall apart like wet tissue paper upon even the most cursory of closer examinations.